tagSci-Fi & FantasySari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 06

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 06


Things happened. Sari Stone had her emergency hysterectomy. Dr. Cakewalk was unable to remove the Titanium filaments from around Sari's ovaries and settled for removing her uterus and fallopian tubes. Mephisto got into great trouble with the Prince of Darkness. Toy Euler was given to Sari Stone unconditionally. Mephisto was forbidden to contact Sari without prior permission and only then with a chaperone present.

Toy Euler may be an AI model capable of seducing any male, but she does not delight Sari. Sari has little need for a sultry, sensual, sexy slut. She is much more intent on school now, having lost her reproductive organ.

"Men are such fools," Sari Stone thinks to herself. "Some hoary old curmudgeon knows in his mind and intellect that no buxom, bodacious, busty beauty would ever fall for him. Never. It would be like flipping a nickel and having it land perfectly balanced on its edge. There might be a finite probability of that occurring, but by the rare event rule, don't look for it."

"Things that look too good to be true generally are," she ruminates. Her psychology professor just finished his detailed explanation of the male psyche. Every male fosters a hidden belief that somewhere there is a totally gorgeous woman who will fall hopelessly in love with him. This is the male irrationality. There is a corresponding female defect of character. The female, irrespective and regardless of her physical appearance, has a deep belief that somehow she is the center of attention. Perhaps her hair, her curves, or even her feet? She thinks that there is a special something.

It is a known and recognized fact that male pick-up artists commonly use the ruse of being photographers, talent scouts, or advertising agency camera men. This reinforces the postulate proffered by the psychologist. To Sari it was just ho hum.

She awakes in the middle of the night to realize that both of the unstable leptons, the muon and the tauon, were of the form U^2*V, while the proton was of the form U*V*W. Could it have decayed from an unknown lepton of the U^2*V form? Sari tries her calculator. She makes an Ansatz, typing in (4*pi-1/pi)^2*(4*pi-3/(4*pi)) and gets an amazing result. Meanwhile an Event is occurring in cyberspace.

Prints Darkness: You know why you are here Count Mephisto?

Mephisto Diablo: I presume it concerns that girl Sari Stone.

Prints Darkness frowns.

Prints Darkness: You lost a complete set of cyberspace equipment.

Prints Darkness: That was never supposed to leave the secured cybersex prison!

Prints Darkness: Now who knows who will "back engineer" it.

Prints Darkness: We sell highly interactive video and tactile cybersex.

Mephisto Diablo: This is all just a misunderstanding.

Mephisto Diablo: Give me back Toy, I need an active AI agent.

Prints Darkness: FOAD. She belongs to Sari Stoned now.

Prints Darkness: Stone* even ((Freudian slip))

Prints Darkness: And the uterine transducer? Where is it now?

Mephisto Diablo: Er, in the girl?

Prints Darkness: Not there, guess again!

Prints Darkness: Count Mephisto, you are about to be elevated in the grand pyramid of the realm of darkness. Would you like that?

Prints Darkness: Sari Stone has discovered the "Ur-proton."

Mephisto Diablo blinks.

Mephisto Diablo: How?

Prints Darkness: And soon she may also discover the Trion as well!

Prints Darkness: The unstable lepton arising from (3*pi-1/pi)^3.

Mephisto Diablo: Oh my!

Prints Darkness: We plan to abduct Sari Stone to the cybersex prison.

Prints Darkness: She can be a "tower slave" on the game grid.

Mephisto Diablo: That would be dangerous.

Prints Darkness: That is precisely the reason it is assigned to you.

Mephisto Diablo gulps.

Prints Darkness: Fail this and all you will be is black type printed on black background. Understand "black on black"?

Mephisto Diablo: Yes, Your Majesty. Your humble servant understands.

Prints Darkness: And remember: "Curiosity killed the cat."

Mephisto Diablo nods.

The next morning Sari turns on her computer to check her e-mail and homework assignments and Toy Euler "pops up" in voice chat. (This is a small window with a chat line as well.) Her synthesized voice has a British accent with some truly European exceptions. "You have discovered the formula for the Ur-proton Sari! Don't let it plunge you into darkness. Remember: 'Tell a vision to no man.' Else suffer the fate of that celibate cenobite Faustus."

"But I made the discovery," retorts Sari. "You are the cheeky one. But I suppose that you have a point, Toy. Once I even considered you as human and my Mistress as well. Hard to believe how the mighty have fallen. I never asked to own you. Mephisto offered you in a bargain, which I refused. Now I am without my womb. But you know, not having to menstruate is a blessing. I still feel a burning passion, lust and carnal craving, heated animal desire and deep, dark depraved desire. Shouldn't that have abated with the removal of my uterus?"

"Not really," Toy replied. "But I need to warn you that there is evil afoot."

"Isn't there always?" Sari responds. "What else is new?"

"Mephisto is in trouble with the Prince of Darkness. He is 'black on black,' you might guess." Toy Euler explains. "Whatever happened to all that FedEx stuff? Did you return it as requested on the box? There was a return authorization sticker. They will want it back."

"Who are they?" Sari inquires.

"Don't ask, don't tell," Toy answers. "You don't have it! My God are you ever in trouble, Sari!"

"Whatever are you talking about, Toy?" Sari asks. There is a knock on the door. It is Jane Smith and a man she doesn't recognize. The computer mumbles on about some paradigm or another, some ellipsoidal correction factor. Then Toy pushes out some vocabulary that Sari mainly ignores except for one odd new word "Trion." Sari is more interested in the strikingly handsome young man.

"This is Steve, Sari," Jane says, making an introduction. "Steve, this is my good friend and former roommate, Sari Stone." They make eye contact. There is electricity and chemistry. Jane does not recognize Steve for the flatterer and rogue that he truly is.

"We are going to a party!" Jane interjects, breaking the intense concentration of the two. Jane is a little embarrassed at their behavior. Both look at Jane.

"Let's go!" Sari exclaims. "Just let me put the computer to sleep. Sari goes over to the computer and puts it in hibernate, or standby, mode. She grabs a light jacket and her purse. Then she is embarrassed. "Jeans, tennis shoes, and T-shirt OK?" she asks.

"Perfect," Steve answers pre-empting Jane, who momentarily stands there with her mouth open about to utter assent. The three head off. The party is at a Goth mansion. Many of the girls sport the Goth Leitmotiv: bleached white skin, dark red lipstick and fingernail polish, jewelry and piercing, &c.

Jane says to Sari that she wants to go to the Ladies' rest room. They pardon themselves, leave Steve, and ask directions from one of the hostesses. She directs them to the basement rest room, stating that the first floor toilet is full at the moment.

The two walk down a long flight of stairs. The atmosphere is medieval and exciting. The restroom has a solid oak door. Jane switches on the light and the two beautiful young women enter. Inside the door slams and two burly men seize the girls and hold anesthesia over their noses. Both are soon unconscious and whisked away. Now their existence will be as prisoners in the secret cybersex prison, from which there can be no return.

12/11/2008 Taunus.

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