tagSci-Fi & FantasySari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 07

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 07


Sari Stone and Jane Smith were tricked into an isolated rest room in a Gothic estate, anesthetized, and spirited away to an isolated air field. There they, and ten other girls, were chained together in a circular coffle, their hands were cuffed behind their backs, and they were loaded into the hold of a jet airplane. The huge soviet-era turbine engines roared as the night flight took off. It paralleled a commercial flight and squawked the other plane's aircraft ID. The air traffic controllers saw a double path. They assumed a software glitch.

Once over open water and out of Air Traffic Controller (ATC) surveillance, the jet dropped altitude and re-routed itself to the vast northern region. It was headed to an isolated detention facility called the Internet Cybersex Prison. Girls were brought there for the most severe crimes and never returned. It was a vast dumping ground for those whom society chose to forget. This is a modern version of the oubliette, a place of forgetting.

Each of the dozen girls is nauseated from the anesthesia. Several, who had food in their stomachs, threw up. The flight lasted a long time. The girls are bound in a very dark cargo hold and unable to move around very much. Eventually, as time passes, they wet themselves. The girls in dresses fare better than those wearing blue jeans. One girl is having her period and "leaked" into the crotch of her blue jeans. Their calls for aid from the crew are unanswered.

The jet plane lands in a blizzard and taxies into a heated hanger. The cargo hold is opened and the girls prodded out with electric shock sticks. A clean-up crew of slave girls is allowed in to clean the mess of the new arrivals. Once in a processing room the girls are uncoupled from the coffle, stripped naked, and chained to chains hanging down from the ceiling, hands high above their heads.

Sari and Jane are girls numbered eleven and twelve, respectively. They watch as the girls in front of them have their heads and hypogastric bush shaved away. The clippers leave unsightly stubble, but the attendants don't seem to care. The two girls notice that the attendants have armpit hair and shaved heads. The Mistress in charge has a full head of hair. It is immediately clear what the "pecking order" is here.

One by one the girls are hosed down with a pressure hose and put on a gynecological examination table. There each is rudely examined: mouth, vagina, and rectum. One of the girls is a virgin. This is noted and a white sash is tied around her waist. When Sari is put on the table the attendants immediately notice her hysterectomy scar. The examination is quickly done and she is sent to the X-Ray station. A horrified nurse comes out and orders Sari taken away to isolation. There are Titanium wires, of the type embedded in prison girls, in her ovaries. She must have had a uterine "egg" device, which was later surgically removed.

Sari is in a bright, white sterile room. The guards have chained her hands high above her head so that she must stand on the balls of her feet. When she tires, she suffers the tension on cuffed wrists. She is left in that state for an hour, which seems like an eternity for her. At last a heavy-set man in a white lab jacket with two female assistants enters.

"You have had a hysterectomy," the fat man remarks. Sari, obviously uncomfortable, nods her assent. "But there are remains of something else. You will elaborate and explain in detail or my two assistants will motivate you with their favorite toys. Show her Sasha!"

Sasha walks behind Sari and takes a leather strap, actually a wide belt, from a cabinet. She strikes Sari three times, once across her shoulders, once across her back, and once across her buttocks. Sari screams, cries, blubbers, and retches---but her stomach is empty.

"Now," the fat man checks the manifest and explains, "Sari, that is your name, Sari Stone, Sasha here has all afternoon to use that belt on you. My other assistant, Labia, enjoys the more private tender parts of a girl. You will tell us everything before the day is done." Sari looks in his eyes with pain and disgust.

"It was Mephisto and Nurse Warren who implanted the device." Sari responds. "Dr. Cakewalk removed it, but couldn't remove the Titanium wires. The device is the devil himself. It could hurt me or make me cum."

"What?" the fat man, whose name is Dr. Teufel, "I was not done here? My God, this is serious. Who has it now?"

"The FBI," Sari blurted out. "Please don't beat me any more."

"Put her in solitary right now," Dr. Teufel orders. "She talks to no one. This is a serious breech of security. No mention of this to anyone." The two attendants respond in unison: "Yes, Sir!" They uncouple Sari and spirit her away.

Doktor Teufel: We have a problem. Sari Stone has had a hysterectomy!

Prints Darkness: And this means what to me?

Doktor Teufel: Our uterine "egg" has been seized by the FBI!

Prints Darkness: I was aware of a compromise.

Prints Darkness: I feared a commercial concern, who might "back engineer" it.

Doktor Teufel: Eh?

Prints Darkness: A government agency will hide the device and then ruin it with ineptitude. They will destroy it trying to take it apart. They have the bureaucratic mentality of opening a padlock with a sledge hammer.

Doktor Teufel: I feel better. That girl worried me. I thought that she was an escapee. But that's not possible.

Prints Darkness: It is good that you have her. Of course, if the government agency had, say a dozen devices, but luck and error they might be able to disassemble one correctly. With good luck that is. A porn site would employ the finest hackers and crackers and within a month a product would be for sale and mass produced.

Doktor Teufel: How did this girl Sari Stone come to have the uterine device?

Prints Darkness: Witness.

Mephisto Diablo is on line.

Mephisto Diablo: Hello boss, hello doctor devil.

Prints Darkness: Sari Stone is at the prison.

Mephisto Diablo: I hope she is on the cybersex girds soon.

Doktor Diable: We are holding her in isolation for the moment.

Prints Darkness: For the moment, only. She should be on the game grid. Then Toy Euler can find someone to cyber with. Toy is, after all, a sentient computer program.

Doktor Teufel blinks.

Mephisto Diablo coughs.

The room is about twelve feet cubed. The ceiling is thick Plexiglas in front of incandescent bulbs and video cameras. Sari is naked. There is a large brown wool blanket. The concrete floor is surprisingly warm. The room has a single hole in the floor; clearly this is where Sari is to relieve herself. On the opposing walls are upper and lower vents, circulating sanitized air. There is a massive steel door with a waist-high window. Food and water can be given. Or, Sari can place her wrists to be cuffed. Girls in this facility are never let out of a cell without shackles.

Each girl has a similar situation. For those in the general population, there is the daily body cavity search and time on the game grids. They work staggered shifts. But Sari waits. Doktor Teufel has been tasked to interrogate and examine her. Prints Darkness has some unanswered questions.

Sari hears some noise outside her cell door. A female guard, a Matron, is speaking: "Come to the door and put your hands behind your back for handcuffs." Sari stands up suddenly, letting the brown blanket puddle about her ankles. She suddenly realizes that she has a need to urinate, but that will have to wait.

The Matron locks Sari's wrists in cuffs and locks them painfully tight. Sari always feared the cruelty of another woman, now it has become real. The door opens and there is a female uniformed guard and two burly men. The Matron begins by inspecting Sari's mouth. Then she squirts water from a syringe into Sari's mouth and brushes her teeth and tongue. Another squirt and Sari spits, relieved at finally having some oral hygiene.

The Matron motions the guards, who force Sari to bend over. The Matron gropes Sari's vagina and shoves two fingers deep into her rectum. Sari gasps at the lewd intrusion. Convinced she is hiding nothing, the four proceed to the sterile white examination and prep room.

The two burly guards strap Sari onto the gynecological examination chair. Several other inmates, clearly inmates on account of their shaved heads, begin to prep Sari. An indwelling catheter is inserted into her bladder and the first of three warm, soapy enemas is administered. Sari is embarrassed at having to defecate in front of an audience; but it seems so "matter-of-fact" to them.

Following the enemas and washing, the attendants insert inflatable plugs, fore and aft, into Sari's vagina and rectum. Sari knows what these are and how they work. This time there is a urethral catheter and colon tube in addition. The cybersex bra and Virtual Reality helmet are attached and locked into place. Sari is led to a computer terminal and plugged into. Massive wires, pneumatic tubes, hydraulics, and the like are attached. The screen flickers and come to life. Toy Euler is there.

"This time I am your Mistress," Toy Euler explains to Sari Stone. "The Prince has many questions for you and I will ensure that you answer them all, each and every one. You see, I never need sleep, only a few hours down time each month, but you will only stand so much on the VR grid. Does a girl understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," Sari answered. She is trembling with fear and reprehension. With a wicked catheter in her bladder and an enema tube in her rectum, she knows Toy has much more control than before. Sari feels the inflatables expand in her pussy and ass as Toy gains her undivided attention. Ice cold water is pumped into her vagina and rectum.

"So, chill girl," Toy jokes, "And tell me how you got the VR cybersex stuff to the authorities. You should have known that Mephisto would be pissed off. How did you pull it off?" She smiles again at the obvious reference to Sari's present condition.

"This girl went to the University Medical Center and got Dr. Cakewalk to help." Sari explains. "Mistress, a girl is too cold. Please have mercy and a girl will tell you all."

"Oh you will," Toy states as she activates some hydraulics pinching, pulling, and twisting Sari's nipples. "Did you think that you could just walk away from us? You are above the Arctic Circle and there is nothing nearby. Even if you were released the outside elements would freeze you to death. The other girls are entertaining clients. But you are mine, for as long as I wish." Toy applies electric shock to Sari's clitoris.

Sari Stone cries out: "Please, Mistress!" Toy undoes the actions and allows Sari's bladder and colon to drain. "This can be fun, girl," Toy promises. She begins to bring the inflatable penis to full undulation mode and massages Sari's breasts. The breast massage is thorough and comprehensive, starting at the chest ribs and working to the areolas. Veins, mesentery, arteries, milk sacs, and milk ducts are poked, prodded, pinched, pulled, and rubbed. Sari is becoming aroused.

The VR helmet works on the patterns of brain waves. It has a vast array (4096 to be exact) of highly accurate, precision aligned, extremely sensitive magnetic vector detectors. The longer the helmet is worn, the more it becomes away of which transfer function to apply to elicit pleasure, pain, pressure, a sense of well-being, fear, serendipity, and---most of all---the total ability to sexually arouse and induce an earth-shattering, mind-boggling female climax.

The VR helmet can induce an orgasm very quickly, too quickly even. Toy likes to tease a girl by first having her cum with a pre-mature climax and then work her for hours, arousing her but preventing the moment of orgasm by injecting cold water into her vagina or bowels, electric shock, or pain and pressure. The process of extreme arousal leading up to an orgasm and the dampening and thwarting of the climax continues all day long and into the evening. Sari is exhausted, hungry, and thirsty.

At last the session ends. Sari is unstrapped, unplugged, and unwired. She is weak and shaky. She is marched in a coffle of girls to the cafeteria where hot soup, heavy bread, and fruits are served. Then, after eaten, they are marched back to their cells.

Sari wonders why there is no toilet paper, sanitary napkins, water, or soap. She then realizes that her filth is yet another way to humiliate and subjugate her. The daily body cavity search adds insult to humiliation. Sari wonders if the situation will improve with time. Maybe if she could get on the game grid and please a client? Could that be a way to improve her lot?

12/14/2008 Taunus.

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