tagSci-Fi & FantasySari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 09

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 09


Sari awakes refreshed for the first time since she arrived at the Internet Cybersex Prison. In the gray cells, time of day, or even the cycle of days, has lost its meaning. Only the daily body cavity searches and sessions on the game grid give any since of a daily cycle. There is a sound outside of the cell door. It is the Matron and those two ubiquitous burly guards. Sari hurries to place her back to the steel door and put her hands behind her back for the handcuffs. The cuffs are clicked on comfortably by a male guard. Sari is relieved. The Matron always locks the cuffs as tight and uncomfortable as possible.

Sari expects to be taken to the sterile, white prep room and outfitted for a session on the game grid. This day, however, she is taken to a modern bedroom. There one finds all the amenities: soap, towels, a terry-cloth bathrobe, shower and tub combo, coffee maker with grounds and condiments, and a small refrigerator stocked with treats. Sari takes her time to enjoy all of it and falls into the bed with clean starched sheets.

All too soon the trio reappear. Sari disrobes and turns, offering her wrists. This time she is escorted to the sterile, white prep room. The usual humiliating, degrading enemas and catheterizations are done in a "matter-of-fact" manner. Then she is taken to be plugged in and wired up to the game grid and her Mistress, Toy Euler.

"How are you today, darling?" Toy asks. Her voice is as sweet as honey. Sari can detect the saccharin synthetic sweetener undertone.

"A girl is doing fine, Mistress," Sari answers. She trembles and shivers at the thought of the next question. She feels like the scholar who learned about the mystery of complex variables. Electricity is totally explained by Maxwell's equations in complex variables, but that does not make the scholar an electrician by a long shot.

"Are you ready to tell me the cheap, clean, copious energy source of that reclusive scholar, darling?" Toy asks.

"A girl can only think that somehow the proton must be converted to its original state---a positron plus much, much energy." Sari answers. "But a girl doesn't know how this might be done, Mistress." Sari assumes a "whipping position" presenting her bare back and buttocks. She expects the worst.

"Perhaps a girl needs some motivation?" Toy asks. Sari is fearful of what's in store for her. "You will spend a regular eight hour session on the game grid with paying clients. Then eight hours with me. Then you will have time to eat, sleep, and tend to your human needs." This means each day will be sixteen hours long. She must allow time for feeding and exercises. This means sleep deprivation.

"Of course, darling," Toy continue, "you must not fail to p lease on the game grid, girl."

"Yes, Mistress," Sari responds. She has tears in her eyes considering the situation. "When may a girl study or seek answers to your question, Mistress? If a girl is serving sixteen hours a day, and standing in lines or being occupied at other times, how can a girl work on solving the conundrum of energy?"

"While a girl is with me, in a state of constant arousal and squelching of her climax, she may pursue scholarly and technical articles," Toy elaborates.

"Yes, Mistress," Sari responds. She knows that this will be difficult. For sure she will have trouble concentrating with all this going on.

Mephisto Diablo: I must talk with you Faustus.

Faustus Mortal: Why don't you just FOAD?

Mephisto Diablo: The girl is being tasked to present a cheap, clean copious energy source. You once claimed such an accomplishment.

Faustus Mortal: I was a fool then. "The fool who persists in his folly will be wise soon." Methinks that you are little more than some unclean, unwholesome, unhygienic apparition! You created this situation. You tricked me, you tricked that girl Sari Stone, you tried to trick what's his name---Prints Darkness---and now you are in a world of trouble.

Faustus Mortal: I'm not at all certain that I know enough to set up an experiment even. This is a non-linear system which requires a non-linear driving function. Resonance isn't the issue here. It is more sophisticated, more subtle. I fear that I am not up to it---as said: "What is a statistician? ...a mathematician broken down by age and sex."

Mephisto Diablo: At least you have lost your sense of humor.

Faustus Mortal: I have started going to Mass every day.

Mephisto Diablo: Oh no! What a waste of your time.

Faustus Mortal: That is one place you dare to be!

Mephisto Diablo: I have no interest there. But there you will be pressed to give up any secret you have to solve the energy conundrum. You recall your philosophy on the evolution of intelligence from base chemical to protozoa to metazoan to vertebrates, and on to artificial intelligence using isotopes and deriving energy from unstable particles and the mass defect or excess?

Faustus Mortal: I have forgotten most of it now. It doesn't matter.

Mephisto Diablo: I had to bring the girl to the prison. Now help me set her free. You can go there as a client and talk with her on line. And---at the same time---entertain yourself? How about it? I have even opened an account for your with plenty of capital in the form of Cybersex tokens. Your name is your user ID and your password is *********. Just go there, ask for Sari Stone.

Faustus Mortal: You are one sick human or one unclean spirit!

Faustus Mortal: I do not know how to generate clean, cheap, copious energy. That was a pipe dream and a vague, random thought that bubbled up as a transcendental thought bubble in my stressed headbrain [sic]. I only see an approach, a possible path. And I am old and losing my abilities.

Mephisto Diablo: You have the user ID and password. (And the "secret" URL.) At least give her rest.

Faustus Mortal: I will think on that.

Faustus uses the Uniform Resource Locator (URL). The plain black background is black-on-black. Clicking in the absolute center allows entrance. There is a gallery of girls, in various poses and states of undress. Sari Stone is there by name and her status is "available." One click and the scene is a gray cell with a gorgeous avatar strapped to a gynecological examination chair. Her privates are spread open, her hands strapped above her head elevating and exposing her perfectly proportioned small breasts, and her comely rosette unprotected, vulnerable, and available.

Faustus releases the girl and asks her to dress and rest. "I am Faustus," he says. "My ego created, or was partially responsible for creating, this mess." She starts to speak but he presses an index finger to his lips indicating silence. "I thought I had found the name of the creator and was preparing to recite it backwards to 'un-create' matter. The theory was philosophically correct. But I was just a 'bluff.' I needed more study. But I was tossed out of academia. I felt that if I could just generate enough interest that I could re-start my studies. I never meant for this to happen. Rest for the remainder of this hour! I will come on line for you one or two hours every day. Mephisto is concerned about you. But, I think, he is much more concerned about his own hide."

Sari Stone wastes no time in catching some much needed sleep on the game grid, courtesy of a paying client. Toy Euler is monitoring and sees the cenobite being snared and drug into her web, her sphere of influence.

12/17/2008 Taunus

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