tagSci-Fi & FantasySari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 10

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 10


Here begins a new chapter in the existence of Sari Stone. She has at last met the elusive reclusive celibate cenobite, Faustus, only to discover that he is a bluff. He has no idea how to convert the proton into a positron plus much, much energy. He was selfishly hoping to bluff his way back into graduate school. But Sari does have some ideas. Her current problem is that she finds herself in the Internet Cybersex Prison, north of the Arctic Circle. Moreover she is monitored in almost every conceivable way by Toy Euler, a sentient Artificial Intelligence (AI) program, answering to Prints Darkness. Mephisto Diablo managed to fulfill his obligation, but it was a Pyrrhic victory. The abduction of Sari and her friend Jane Smith is not appreciated in any quarter.

Doktor Teufel, director of the prison, is also aware of the fact that Sari Stone is a genius. He knows that Toy Euler is seriously abusing the girl. He has also gained information that Toy Euler is attempting to force Sari to solve the energy conundrum, picking up where Faustus left off. Faustus says that he failed. Can he really be believed? Or is he just trying to preserve his privacy? One might ask how Doktor Teufel would gain such knowledge about Faustus and Sari? Never underestimate the perseverance and ingenuity of a hacker. Ever since first hacking into Sari Stone's computer at the university, Jack has continued to monitor and eavesdrop. Discovering that Doktor Teufel is in charge of the Internet Cybersex Prison was just a minor piece of work.

Jack Hacker is on line.

Jack Hacker: Hello Faustus!

Faustus Mortal: How did you get here?

Jack Hacker: Never mind. We have a common interest.

Faustus Mortal: And what might that be?

Jack Hacker: Sari Stone and Jane Smith, two captive sex slaves.

Faustus Mortal: How did you come to know that?

Jack Hacker: I have my ways. You need to do some things soon!

Faustus Mortal: Like what for instance?

Jack Hacker: Change your password to the prison site.

Faustus Mortal: Wait one minute.

Faustus Mortal is off line.

Faustus Mortal is on line.

Faustus Mortal: Done.

Jack Hacker: How many credits did Mephisto give you?

Faustus Mortal: Forty. I have Twenty-Two hours, or credits as you call them, left. Why do you ask?

Jack Hacker: Because what will happen when you run out? They aren't cheap!

Faustus Mortal: I am a poor cenobite. I only have the minimum stipend.

Jack Hacker: Check your balance now.

Faustus Mortal: Wait one minute.

Jack Hacker waits.

Faustus Mortal: I have one hundred and twenty-two hours! How?

Jack Hacker: shh! I hacked into their business office and fixed things.

Jack Hacker: Mephisto will never know. He will think that you bought them for cash or credit. He is outside the main loop now, having lost---among other things---his girl Toy Euler.

Faustus Mortal: She is human, I thought...

Jack Hacker: She is sentient. She is female directed and oriented.

Jack Hacker: But make no mistake about it, she wants to continue to exist.

Jack Hacker: She requires regular deposits of money for her sim and computer access. She is now under Prints Darkness---a lucky break for you I might add. Prints Darkness has no desire whatsoever to cavil and quarrel with the Morningstar. The fact that you make Mass everyday ensures that Prints Darkness will not confront you directly. Besides, you are just a "Bluff."

Jack Hacker guffaws.

Faustus Mortal laughs.

Faustus Mortal: So what do the environmentalists and ecologists want from me? Their money back? They have never lifted a finger on my behalf, except maybe their middle finger!

Jack Hacker: A very salient and valid point, Faustus, very valid value.

Jack Hacker: I want you to know that there are forces for the good in the background. We are working to free Sari and Jane. It will not be easy. That prison is the place of last resort for hardened, incorrigible, felons---girls who are sociopaths and have committed acts of terrorism or capital offenses. To try to expose and empty the prison is impossible. Even if it were possible, the cost to society would be unbearable. This prison doesn't exist without good reason. If those girls, those creatures, ever worked together civilization as we know it would crumble. Better that they are pleasure units, playthings, and toys for the horny old bastards on the Internet.

Faustus Mortal grins.

Faustus Mortal: That's me. A horny old bastard!

Jack Hacker: You are keeping Sari sane. Toy Euler has no respect for human life. And the prison could care less if Sari Stone suffers a mental breakdown or dies from abuse on the game grid. Toy Euler only wants to guarantee her continued existence. Her limited trust of humans is forcing her to try and obtain some patent, process, or procedure of financial worth. To sacrifice Sari and Jane Smith in the process would mean nothing to her.

Faustus Mortal: Thanks for the information and the credits. I am going now.

Faustus Mortal is off line.

It is the day for grooming and cleaning. As much as Sari Stone hates the ritual, she feels better after having been processed Her fingernails and toenails are trimmed and her hair clipped. She is scrubbed with the harsh disinfectant soap, hosed down, and had her dental hygiene attended to. As much as she hates the hair trimming and the smelly armpit hair that remains, the scrubbing does rid her of the worst of her body odor for a day or two.

Sari hurries to the door at the sound of footsteps outside. She is tired, deprived of sleep and forced to sleep on the game grid to survive. The VR helmet is processing her brain waves all alone. Perhaps some day it will be able to control her dreams as well as her conscious behavior. But today something is different. She is being taken elsewhere.

The room has a tenth century look about it. It is "Beauty" from the works of Anne Rice. Sari is positioned kneeling with her knees spread widely apart and her hands behind her neck, fingers interlocked. The Matron instructs her: "Your Mistress will enter and have you stand. She will slap each of your breasts and then your face. You will thank her. Then she will strap you to a bench and use a paddle on your buttocks. All the will be recorded via webcams for motion simulation. Don't resist or try to avoid this. This time counts as game grid time."

Sari was glad to know that she would not be spending additional time on the game grid due to this preparation. Some client must be spending a tidy sum for this particular scenario. It happened the way the Matron indicated it would. The "Mistress" slaps Sari's breasts and face as hard as she can. The palm of her hand stings. Sari keeps her hands behind her head as wet, salty tears streak down hot pink cheeks.

The Mistress pulls Sari over to a bench and straps her down; Sari's bare buttocks are exposed, vulnerable, unprotected, and available. The Mistress pulls out a short red hardwood paddle. It has a dozen half-inch diameter holes bored in it. The Mistress swings with all of her strength, striking Sari six times. Sari screams, pulls against her straps, and drools uncontrollably. Her nose runs as the pain courses through her body.

A dozen cameras record the even from every angle. This motion capture will be transferred to Sari's avatar for the cybersex session. Of course spanking or whipping might be done during the session, but plumbing, tubes, wires, and the like would have to be removed and reinserted. This would be an unpleasant arrangement. Once the animation specialist is satisfied, Sari is taken to the cleaning station. Afterwards she goes to the sterile, white preparation room. There the vaginal plug and anal plug are inserted and partially inflated. From there it's to the game grid. Today is a theme: "Beauty by Anne Rice," and Sari is to be the lead character Sleeping Beauty.

Sari is plugged in to the computer and wearing the usual equipment: VR helmet, cybersex bra, pussy and anal inflatable plugs, catheter and colon tubes, and the multifarious electrical attachments. Pneumatic and hydraulic tubes vibrate and pulse to stimulate or irritate. Sari's avatar is kneeling. Unlike Sari in real life in the cybersex prison, the avie has marvelous flowing locks of golden tresses, flawless, blemish-free complexion, shaved underarms and a trimmed bush. The avatar reminds Sari of the way she was in high school before meeting Toy Euler and Mephisto Diablo. Such nostalgia grips her; she scarcely notices the action sequence from the Bio-Vision Hierarchy (BVH) file as the slaps are received and the avatar paddled.

In the next scene the Master arrives. He unties Sari and carries her, still whimpering and tearful to the master bedroom. There he fondles her perfectly proportioned mammary, kisses and rubs her pearl with the rough blade of his wicked, evil tongue, and arouses her by inserting his thumb deep into her Holy of Holies and massaging her Grafenberg-spot (G-spot) with a manicured thumbnail. This mass of highly erogenous tissue is worked back and forth. Changing pace, the Master rubs her cervix, also on the anterior vaginal wall. Sari begs to be allowed to cum.

"Hold your orgasm, girl," the Master commands.

"Oh, please, Master," she begs. "A girl has needs."

"Must a command be repeated?" he retorts.

"No Master," she whimpers. Sari endures the building arousal. Her belly grows with burning desire. The carnal craving dampens her senses. She feels the perspiration of arousal in her hypogastric triangle, the small of her back, and on the nape of her neck. She sense that her hirsute armpits are sopping and replete with base mixtures of body odor and pheromones. She moans and groans.

He tosses her on the king-sized bed and takes her. His massive member, throbbing with irregular veins and at a high angle to his midline flexes and pulses as it enters her love canal. Her pussy lips part and her vagina undulates and oozes fragrant oils of submission as the two copulate wantonly. He commands her to cum and her honey nectar floods out.

He pulls out---coitus interruptus---and turns her on her belly. In a thrice his penis is pushing apart her glorious hemispheres and his glans penis is pressing her anus. She relaxes her comely rosette and allows him passage into her taboo treasure trove. He cums inside her rectum, spurting and squirting with wild abandon as she enjoys yet another orgasm. This is "Beauty" in animation.

12/19/2008 Taunus

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