tagSci-Fi & FantasySari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 11

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 11



The days melt into one another. Faustus continues to visit Sari Stone on line and allows her to rest and sleep during his time. Sari often wonders if she should offer him a sexual service. After all, it is the Internet Cybersex Prison. Whenever he enters her avatar is naked and mounted on some device or another. Sometimes she is spread on a gynecologist examination table, sometimes she is strapped to a Saint Andrew's Cross. And other times she is suspended with chains from the ceiling. Faustus always releases her, has her dress (in the Camisk, the sack-like garment, and lets her rest. The VR helmet records her brain waves.

The deep sleep that Faustus affords Sari is induced by the so-called Delta brain waves. These brain waves cycle between one-half and four per second. The other sleep brain waves are the Theta, cycling between four and seven per second. Although Sari is wired up and has inflatable devices crammed into her front and rear, she is able to relax and experience rest and refreshment. Were Faustus unable to provide her this "down time" sleep deprivation would soon totally overcome the eighteen-year old girl. Her "Mistress," Toy Euler, has her servicing clients eight hours each day and subject to her cruel usage for eight more hours. The remaining eight hours are used for exercise, feeding, hygiene, prep for the game grid, and---if there is any time remaining---reclining rest and sleep.

The paying client cannot do simply anything he wants with a girl. There are limits as to the voltage that can be applied to her nipples, clitoris, lips, ears, or nostrils. Only a fixed range of pressure is allowed on her vagina or rectum. The constraining chest and abdominal bands can only be tightened so much. And the noise level and contrast within the VR helmet is limited. But there can be an exception to every rule. Enough money and the rules can be stretched.

Mister Fister has had his eye on the young girl Sari Stone for some time. He has tried again and again to buy the right to "fist" her pussy. He wants to be able to stretch her vulva and vagina to the dimensions of his open fist. Each time he requests, it is refused. He continues to up the ante each try. Mister Fister knows that sooner or later "the price will be right."

Sari has several ideas for unlocking the potential energy from the proton. She is able to avoid Toy's worst obscene actions by detailing to her the work in progress. Sari points out a possibility to drive the stable proton from its trivial, stable state to bifurcation via a non-linear driver. Perhaps one could work on the intrinsic property of spin via spin reversal. Her ideas embrace the non-linear aspects of the inversion of the spheroids---a feature of Faustus's original theory. Every idea she floats wins her a reprieve from the erotic cycle of intense arousal followed by the squelching of her orgasms. Sari also hates the way that her anal plug vibrates and undulates while she is suffering an involuntary sexual excitation. She is driven to research every possibility.

Jack the hacker is working feverishly to locate and pin point the Internet Cybersex Prison. He is limited only by the fact that his sole source of income is "hacking and cracking," which takes time and is always an "emergency" and a "rush job." From time to time he hacks into the accounting software of the prison and transfers some credits over to Faustus's account. Mephisto expected Faustus to come back to him for credits. He assumed (correctly) that the celibate cenobite had limited resources. Mephisto felt that he could leverage the health and life of Sari for additional credits. But Faustus seems to have an inexhaustible of credits. Maybe he has a source of income that Mephisto isn't away of?

Mister Fister is pleased that he finally is able to afford fisting Sari. When he comes into the dungeon, she is strapped onto a "please me" bench, her legs spread widely apart and her privates raised and exposed---vulnerable, unprotected, and available. He works in two then three fingers. Sari senses that something is very wrong. She feels her pussy lips being stretched. As the pinky joins the other three, she screams in pain. Mister Fister is undeterred. He pushes the bridge of his large masculine hand to her vulva and forces it. Sari lapses into dark unconsciousness and the game grid relaxes. Once revived, Mister Fister is allowed to begin again.

Hours pass as Sari is stretched and dilated. At last his time is up and she is turned over to Toy Euler. Toy has been viewing the entire process. As soon as she can rez her avie she eases several fingers into Sari's swollen, engorged pussy.

"Please Mistress," Sari begs, "A girl is so sore." Her pleading does little good. Toy wants to induce suffering to bring Sari into submission.

"Is your sweet little pussy sore, darling?" Toy asks.

"Yes, Mistress, very sore," Sari replies. She is crying salty tears down her hot pink cheeks.

"Guess what Mister Fister wants?" Toy demands.

"What Mistress," Sari asks.

"Mister Fister wants to see you put your own hand in to the wrist in real life!" Toy announces. "Off the game grid you go girl. In the prep room you will be filmed as you insert your right hand into that snatch. I know he will be pleased. Sari is terrified. She knows how sore she is. How can she manage to do this perverse and depraved thing?

The VR helmet blanks as Sari is unstrapped and unplugged. The Matron and the two burly guards lead her to the sterile, white prep room. Once there she has the cybersex apparatuses removed. A few quick injections of a local anesthesia and plenty of K.Y. Jelly are done. Then Sari is able to perform the onerous chore. She thinks that Mister Fister must have paid plenty to witness this procedure. She is given early supper and permitted to sleep. She will be doubly sore the next day.

Jack Hacker: Faustus, we have located the Internet Cybersex Prison.

Faustus Mortal: That is good news, how can we get Sari back?

Jack Hacker: We are lucky on one issue: She has no tracking device.

Faustus Mortal: Tracking device?

Jack Hacker: That egg-shaped, oval of revolution, in her uterus.

Jack Hacker: It was removed when she had her hysterectomy.

Faustus Mortal: Come again?

Jack Hacker: Dr. Cakewalk performed the operation.

Faustus Mortal: So, how do we free her?

Jack Hacker: Timing is everything.

Jack Hacker: There is an emergency exit. Since the station is in permafrost, temperatures 20 degrees below zero on the warmest days, no thought was given for a naked or sparsely clad girl running away. But we can put a commando team in just at the moment she opens the emergency door. They have some small arms, but they are totally unsuspecting of an insertion and removal force. They sleep secured in the belief that only the airplane pilot knows their exact whereabouts.

Faustus Mortal: Sounds like a viable plan.

Jack Hacker: The Company agrees. Toy is about to try pumping the proton via oscillating its spin states. The idea being that between +1/2 and -1/2 it will appear to have zero spin, which is impossible. That might destabilize it. It might work. If it doesn't Sari Stone would be another expendable in the energy struggle.

Faustus Mortal: I hope we can extricate her!

Jack Hacker: I do too.

Jack Hacker is off line

The plan is elegant. Faustus negotiates with Doktor Teufel to do a motion capture sequence of Sari entering, assuming a kneeling position with her knees spread widely apart and her hands---palms up---on her upper legs. The photo room is on the top level and through two sets of emergency exits is the cold Arctic landscape. A naked girl would perish there in one-half hour---unless someone is waiting with a heavy sleeping bag to gather her up instantly and carry her away. That is the plan.

Jack the hacker has carefully hacked into the security systems as well as the life support modules. He plans to trip every circuit breaker and reset all the computers. In the melee and confusion, Sari Stone is to make good her exit. The timing must be perfect. With any luck no shots will be fired and it will be at least an hour before she is found to be missing. The alarms on the emergency exits will also be inoperable for those select few minutes. All she needs to do is exit and close the door behind her. Could it get any simpler than that?

Jack the hacker also did some mischief. He planted a persistent virus in the operating system of Mister Fister's computer. He also left a Trojan Horse in Toy Euler's data interface. Her screen, following the escape, will be black-on-black until she restores the operating system. And the restore point will cause her to "forget" the way Sari suggested to destabilize the proton and create energy directly from matter. A cheap, copious, clean energy source will escape her grasp.

12/20/2008 Taunus.

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