tagSci-Fi & FantasySari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 12

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 12


Sari Stone's recent experiences have been characterized by the intense irrational reality of vivid dreams. In a word, her recent past has been "surreal." She finished high school and found an obscure reference to the penultimate source of clean, copious, cheap energy. Seeking the reclusive elusive celibate cenobite Faustus led her into the erotic world of Virtual Reality and Cybersex. She endured much and was abducted. Her abduction led her to the Internet Cybersex Prison far north of the Arctic Circle. From there she was liberated and returned to the university to continue her studies. But she is now a changed person.

"Her hair is short and she doesn't shave her armpits," one upper classman says to another. "But she is as sensual as she is brilliant. Only she is totally out of our league. This chick is approachable but unconquerable!"

"I have never failed to woo a coed," brags his friend. But the other scoffs and shakes his head.

"You know not what you are talking about, friend," he retorts. "Such pulchritude is more than it purports to be. She knows more of a man than men should know. Such training must have come from Hell, I know! I tell you she knows man too well. I took her out the other night for eats. The usual campus thing it was. She wore a sleeveless blouse and her fresh, natural scent made me rock hard. So many eyes strained to see her hirsute underarms. I was overcome with awe."

Sari Stone walks by the chatting pair. She manages just the faint twist of her carved ivory derriere to indicate that she knows that she is the topic of conversation but is not interested in a pick up. The callow freshman could not properly comprehend this nuance. But the gesture is not lost on the two upperclassmen. The braggart corrects himself: "I would have failed."

In class Sari always sits front row center. She modestly crosses her legs and only uncrosses them when the professor faces the class. She wears flame red panties, finding the full silk panty more electrifying than the tiny thong. If it's flesh that's desired, she has arms, shoulders, and neck. But cloth carefully conceals her hairy armpits. That hirsute wonder is reserved for a sun dress or strapless gown or sleeveless blouse and public display.

Her pink panties are almost always moist and visibly damp in the front. Should a lecherous old goat stare, he would be treated to the ooze of her honey nectar making its mark and accentuating her engorged, tumescent vulva. The Internet Cybersex Prison made her arousal unquenchable. She learned to ignore the swollen clit, the wet pussy, and the puckered areolas supporting erect nipples. Her nipples are always visible through her bra, no matter how much cloth lay in between. After her use and abuse in Virtual Reality, she doesn't even consider it.

Back in the dorm her roommate is disgusted at Sari's wanton use of 3D chat rooms for cybersex. Sari doesn't care. If her roomy doesn't like wholesome atavistic animal attraction, then she need not watch. The earphones channel the grunts, moans, and groans of sexual arousal and climax to her ears alone. Sari can remember how she used to make such noises. She remembers how failure to convince would result in punishment. How immature and artificial the internet girls are compared to the Internet Cybersex Prison!

She reads a poem from one of her on-line admirers.

I Found a Dream Come True, Indeed I Did

Her hirsute underarms and comely bush
Would make a lesser mortal rudely blush
But she is natural and lovely too
Her Lilliputian breasts my mind undo
So young and firm, yet every way mature
I hold her tight, each moment to ensure
That when she's gone I still recall her touch
She's more than real---I want her far too much
What danger hides behind her azure eyes
My evil lips and tongue hold back my sighs
I dare not let her know my dark desires
Deep in my heart of hearts are raging fires
How can one person flame such strong appeal
But there she is in splendor so surreal

A Shard of Poetry by Anonymous 12/21/2008

"Those college kids are so childish, immature about sex," Sari thinks to herself. Then comes an Immediate Message (IM) from Toy Euler.

"Greetings darling! You were so clever and escaped. But your friend did not. She is taking your place on the game grid. And Mister Fister has unlimited rights to her now. Want to deal? Here is a video file with some high points of her on line." Toy Euler writes. Sari Stone flinches at the thought of Jane Smith suffering under Mister Fister and Toy Euler.

12/21/2008 Taunus

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