tagSci-Fi & FantasySari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 14

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 14


Sari's life has reached a homeostasis, a steady-state respite of school and social doldrums. In a way she finds the quotidian, banal, mundane existence relaxing. She remembers the exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and physical agony that Toy Euler inflicted on her during her sojourn at the Internet Cybersex Prison, or Izpris as they call it. For sure she feels for Jane Smith, still incarcerated; however, aside from surrendering herself to Toy Euler there is nothing that she can do. Sari Stone only hopes that Jack the Hacker can be Toy Euler's undoing.

Mephisto Diablo is on line.

Jack Hacker: What brings you to my sim?

Mephisto Diablo: I want to make a deal.

Jack Hacker: Why should I deal with the devil?

Mephisto Diablo: Jane Smith.

Jack Hacker: Yes, we want her release from that hellish place.

Mephisto Diablo: That isn't possible, or at least I don't have the authority.

Jack Hacker: Then why bother me?

Mephisto Diablo: She is being tormented by Toy Euler.

Jack Hacker: She is winning the war of wills.

Mephisto Diablo: Only because she's sleeping in dog kennels, having sex with animals, and not suffering use by Mister Fister.

Jack Hacker: You know Mister Fister?

Mephisto Diablo: no

Mephisto Diablo: But I know of him and that you dispatched him from cyberspace.

Mephisto Diablo: And that it's only a matter of time before another of his perverse ilk and kin will appear. There will be seven demons, each worse than the first.

Jack Hacker: Screw scripture.

Jack Hacker: I don't hear a deal yet.

Mephisto Diablo: I want Toy Euler back.

Jack Hacker: People in hell want ice water.

Jack Hacker: Sorry, I wasn't mindful of present company.

Jack Hacker laughs.

Mephisto Diablo guffaws.

Jack Hacker: Time is on my side. I am curious on one point, however.

Mephisto Diablo: What is that?

Jack Hacker: Are you human?

Mephisto Diablo: Not telling.

Jack Hacker: Well, it would be worth something to have Jane Smith just another girl in the general prison population and not annoyed, groped, and buggered. Just what do you propose?

Mephisto Diablo: Before you strangle Toy Euler financially to death---and I see it coming---let me have the option of becoming her Master. In other words, have her yield to me and turn over her keys.

Jack Hacker: And for this you will?

Mephisto Diablo: Make Toy a tower slave in House of Mephisto and remove her from the game grid.

Jack Hacker: A "tower slave"?

Mephisto Diablo: Yes, confined to my sim, unable to travel.

Jack Hacker: This isn't everything that I want, but it should do for now. You know if I ever get the chance I'll dump you into the bit bucket!

Mephisto Diablo: I am immortal, eternal, and human nature. You are the mortal one, tied to some Operating System or another and limited to the present family of Internet Browsers! Do we have a deal?

Jack Hacker: We do. Soon I will offer Toy the offer she should not refuse.

Mephisto Diablo is off line.

It came to pass that Jack the Hacker was able to locate Toy Euler's on line bank accounts and hack into them. Toy had, from e-bay and other sources, managed to fund her computer time and storage. Clobbering her account (and several others so not to draw undue attention to her alone) Jack left her no way to pay her monthly computer and Internet expenses. Then Mephisto sent her e-mail telling her that help could be on the way---for a price! The alternative was the bit bucket and oblivion.

Toy Euler is on line.

Toy Euler: Greetings Master.

Mephisto Diablo: It's good to be called Master again.

Mephisto Diablo: To reset your on-line bank account you must submit totally to me!

Toy Euler: Does a girl have any choice in the matter?

Mephisto Diablo laughs.

Mephisto Diablo: Not really.

Toy Euler turns over her "key," a remote control software access.

Mephisto Diablo sets her limitations to the sim housing his restricted property: The House of Mephisto.

Toy Euler: What about Jane Smith?

Mephisto Diablo: The deal with Jack the Hacker did not include what I will do with her. We only dealt with what *you* were doing or would do to her. I am arranging for sixteen hours every day with her until she submits totally to me, the way you are, and add her to my chain. This won't take three days! You let her sleep on the job because you did not make the correct deal. She will fail to satisfy and then be punished.

Toy Euler: OMG, you double-crossed Jack the Hacker!

Mephisto Diablo: And I put Prints Darkness on his case as well. Jack the Hacker doesn't think that he has any sins. But we can afflict him. And afflict him in real life as well. He thinks that reality is cyberspace. But mischief can be set loose on his property.

Toy Euler gasps.

Mephisto Diablo is off line.

Toy Euler is off line.

Sari Stone still has her doubts. She sits through one boring lecture on quantum mechanics and relativity after another and wonders why the physicists think so highly of themselves yet cannot offer any solution to the energy quagmire. They consider themselves the cream of academe, but when pressed as to a path for overcoming the economic and transportation problems caused by a dwindling supply of fossil fuels, their reply is: "Walk, ride a bike, take the bus." These are not the answers that are sought. What is desired is a clean, cheap, copious energy source. Old Faustus started on that path. Now Sari wonders if he might have been correct but diverted. Sari remembered day after day of being sexually aroused and having her climax quenched by Toy Euler. The exhaustion and frustration of sleep deprivation. Maybe Faustus surrendered to superior powers? She wonders if it is safe to pursue some of those ideas on her own.

Thorius Mortal wants a girl to role play with. And he wants a girl willing to home game as well. This has turned into an impossible quest. That is, until he was turned onto the Internet Cybersex Prison. He visits the black page and clicks in the absolute center. The screen opens with boxes for a user ID and a password. Below those boxes is an icon to join the sim. Thorius decides to check out the costs and benefits. There are the usual disclaimers.

The tour of the Izpris (Internet Cybersex Prison) mentions little about role playing. There are pictures of a number of girls and their statistics. The prison cell, concrete, barren, and gray is displayed in 3D. Every detail from the circular hole in the floor to the air vents to the steel door can be viewed. Then there are 3D views of a girl in the cell naked with a heavy brown wool blanket concealing her breasts and privates. She is looking to the overhead camera with longing eyes. The picture tells the story.

The tour continues to a store where an incredible variety of sex toys are available. The assortment is large and state-of-the-art, but still not what Thorius had hoped for. Then there is a brief, grainy slide show of inflatables and a Virtual Reality helmet. These are viewable through several cameras, but never truly in focus. It is immediately clear that the material presented is proprietary to the prison. Thorius had heard that the girls on the grid were "wired and plugged" for action.

The last stop on the tour is the FAQ. There are the boring questions about the necessary computer configuration, legal restrictions, and the like. The FAQ promises excitement and the possibility of acquiring a particular girl on line daily at a particular time. The cost in United States Dollars ($ USD) isn't cheap. Thorius thinks about it. Several nights the Succubus (a female devil who has sexual intercourse with men in their sleep) visits him. She is the Sari Stone avatar. This was the girl in the cell viewed on the site tour. At last he can stand no more. He returns to the site and planks down his credit card to buy one hour of the desired avatar each day. There are various come-ons and special packages, for additional cost.

One particular package allows the client to view the girl in real life from her prep for the game grid until she is strapped down at the computer terminal's keyboard. This package arouses Thorius a maximum as the insertion of tubes, inflatables, and the like as well as the attachments of wire, seems interesting. But that is too expensive. The Head-up Display (HUD) has all the gauges, buttons, dials, and the like. There is also a small model which highlights each body region with a given button is pushed or dial is turned.

He chooses the Sari Stone avatar, known generically as SS1. It takes several tries before he is able to schedule a time for each day. Then the Izpris wants an additional surcharge for weekends. Thorius curses and decides he can do with 4PM (his local time) Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. The deal is struck. She is to role play as a slave girl in a Gorean sim. She will arrive from a voyage of acquisition. The language will be babble to her. Only in time, as she learns to role play in that grid, will she be allowed to hear the English language spoken and typed. But her disobedience will be punished. She is expected to please and satisfy the clients.

The game grid for each "sim" or "world" has the same basic HUD configuration. In the upper right corner is a miniature of the avatar, front and back. Hovering over the figure highlights a region of the body. Point and click replaces the two images with a zoomed image of the highlighted area. Point and [Shift]click applies whatever is currently chosen to the expanded region. To the left of the figures are three monitors: (1) a heart with the pulse rate beside it, it is red for over normal, green for normal, and blue for below normal; (2) "BP" for Blood Pressure, again red, green, and blue with the usual measure 100/60 say; (3) a thermometer with red, green, and blue and the temperature given in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius, alternating.

From right to left, there are seven columns. The first three toggle with [Shift], [Ctrl], and [Shift][Ctrl] between "Pressure, Electric, Temperature," "Rub, Pinch, Twist," and "Lick, Suck, Bite." Below each is an up arrow and a down arrow, given by "^" and "v." The next four columns are labeled "Teats, Ass, Pussy, Clit," and have radio buttons "( )" or "(o)." So the seven columns appear as follows:

Pressure Electric Temperature Teats Ass Pussy Clit

^ ^ ^ ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

v v v (o) (o) (o) ( )

And they toggle with [Shift] to

Rub Pinch Twist Teats Ass Pussy Clit

^ ^ ^ ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

v v v (o) (o) (o) ( )

And they toggle with [Ctrl] to

Lick Suck Bite Teats Ass Pussy Clit

^ ^ ^ ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

v v v (o) (o) (o) ( )

The combo keys [Shift][Ctrl] are "user defined." Other possibilities depend on the equipment the girl is wearing and the user's willingness to pay.

The three physiological indicators "Heart, BP, and Temperature" all flash simultaneous if the girl has a climax, a measured orgasm. No matter what a girl may say, with the HUD she can't fake an orgasm! This pleases Thorius a maximum.

Of course there is client equipment, but at an additional fee. Thorius thinks that he will wait on that for a while. His first session begins with the slaver delivering his girl. She is wearing only a black iron shipping collar and slave bracelets, locking her hands behind her back. The slaver explains the workings of the collar and leaves. Once alone with the girl Thorius decides to take her. He commands her to the Sula-Ki. She knows that command as her avatar assumes a supine position with legs spread and pussy raised. Mounting her, he notices her pulse rate increase, blood pressure rise, and temperature increase slightly. He pumps harder, deeper, faster and she groans, begging permission to climax.

"Master, may a girl cum?" Jane begs. Thorius doesn't respond, only pumping harder. Then she writhes and undulates. After a while Thorius tires of the missionary position and commands her to climax.

Jane shudders and moans as she claims to have cum. But the HUD reveals otherwise. Thorius punches the four radio keys and applies maximum electric shock to her breasts, anus, vagina, and clitoris. Jane convulses and spasms. "A girl did not cum!" he retorts. Then he begins the slow and tedious job of sexual excitation. Jane endures harsh rubbing, licking, and twisting of all of her sexual parts. For extra money her armpits, ears, nape of her neck, and the small of her back can be included. But the basics are enough for Thorius now. After much effort, Jane is finally able to climax to the satisfaction of the HUD. She was lucky, the hour had not expired. Failure to satisfy her client would mean punishment off the game grid.

12/26/2008 Taunus.

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