tagSci-Fi & FantasySari the Slave Girl Ch. 02

Sari the Slave Girl Ch. 02


Disclaimer: The following short story is fictional. No resemblance to any person, living or dead, is intended or should be inferred.

Chapter Two: Sari's Punishment

Crassius and Sari eventually returned to the tower room. Crassius allows Sari to clean herself and feeds her. After her necessities are taken care of, Crassius locks Sari in a cage for the night. He would prefer a girl to cook and serve him; however, he does not want her to run away again. While discipline is necessary, it needs to be timely and sufficient. Crassius has no desire to scar or disfigure his girl, but something severe needs to be done.

As he reclines to think things over Sari speaks: "Master, please don't kill a girl." Crassius makes no reply. Of course that is an option, but it is better to sell her at auction and pocket some coins.

One idea that crosses Crassius's mind is to put Sari in a tight chastity belt when she isn't caged. Then she will be forced to endure both the embarrassment and discomfort. Whipping is good, but it is often private. A public whipping at the stocks might be a good idea as well. Crassius worries about ruining Sari's flawless, blemish-free complexion. She is, after all, a willowy woman. And her very sensitivity is an asset.

In the past, Crassius would punish Sari's perineum. Bruised and sore, it was removed from common site. This was true even when she was being shown off naked and on a leash. An observer would not notice the region between her thighs, in her stride. But both sex and defecation were painful for her, and Crassius was pleased with that. A chastity belt with a knob to torment her perineum was also a thought. Crassius sleeps in a fantasy of various punishments to inflict on a runaway slave girl.

The dawn breaks and Crassius is very horny. He unlocks the cage and commands Sari into a doggie stance. He unbuttons his handsome codpiece and pulls forth his erect penis. He is anxious to mount his Kajira and shove his foul-smelling penis into her luscious love canal. He muses for a moment then whispers: "Your Holy of Holies is about to acquire a new member." Sari winces, his massive member is somehow much larger today than yesterday, or it seems to be anyway. Crassius drives his shaft in and lets his dickhead kiss the terminus of her pussy. He enjoys feeling Sari squirm as his long dong distends her vagina. She scratches the stone floor with her fingernails.

Sari cannot control the undulation of her pubococcygeal muscles or the secretion of her vaginal fluid. She moans and groans as Crassius pulls his penis back and bounces her womb with her cervix. His dickhead rubs her G-spot and then drives harder, faster, deeper into her cunt. As she feels her climax near she howls like a dog; in particular, she howls like a bitch in heat. He commands her to cum; she is happy to obey. Her sweet honey nectar drips from engorged, tumescent pussy lips. Her vulva is dark with the congested venous blood of arousal. Pooling beneath her body are her oils of submission and a greasy mucus plug from her cervix. She wishes now that her master would also cum as the intercourse is exhausting.

"I have saved my semen for your Glory of Glories, Sari," Crassius exclaims.

"Master, a girl is too sore from yesterday," she pleads. Sari tightens her anal sphincters and clenches her buttocks tight. Crassius cannot push his penis through to her comely brown star.

"Relax girl," Crassius commands. "Part your glorious hemispheres and let your anal nebula nictitate, wink with dark depraved desire and crass carnal craving."

Sari is unable to relax. She begs: "You will injure a girl today. She is swollen and bruised."

"Did my girl have a bowel movement this morning?" Crassius inquires.

"No, Master," Sari answers as she lowers her head in shame. Crassius goes over to a box and retrieves a vial of liquid. Sari is still on all fours, not having been released from her doggie posture.

"Stand up girl and drink this," Crassius commands. Sari stands up, takes the vial, and begins to drink. The thick brown fluid tastes horrid. Sari knows better than to refuse or complain. Crassius then points her to the hearth where some slave gruel is warming. "Eat and drink, girl."

"Yes, Master," Sari replies, she is glad to be watered and fed. The apartment is one floor, the third floor to be exact, of a residential cylinder. There is an interior spiral stairwell accessed by a heavy wooden door. The apartment has a hearth and chimney, a single small window, and a foot-diameter hole in the floor which serves as a drain, sewer, and rubbish disposal chute. The floor slightly inclines to the drain. In the center of the cell is a steel floor ring; a ring to which a slave girl could be tethered on a chain as a life-long "tower slave."

After Sari finishes eating, she asks her master if she can relieve herself. Crassius smiles and commands Sari to belly dance. The medicine she took from the vial is working and she is having difficulties. "Please Master," she begs, "may a girl be permitted to relieve herself?"

"Go girl," Crassius orders. "Keep eye contact and defecate without urinating."

Sari rushes to the drain hole and empties her bowels. Sari looks up helplessly with her pleading brown eyes. She tries to keep eye contact but glances down to see some urine starting to flow. Crassius is still stiff and erect. He cums while watching the struggling girl. Hot white seminal fluid spurts in a high arc, splattering in Sari's face and hair. Try as she will, she cannot stem the yellow tide. Crassius grins and speaks: "A girl has disobeyed me!"

"Have mercy, Master," Sari pleads. "Your girl could not help herself."

Crassius has his girl clean him; then he has her tend to her own ablutions. She has a struggle getting the viscous, sticky white semen out of her chestnut colored hair.

"How should I punish you?" Crassius asks Sari. "Perhaps a girl could be chained to the floor ring?" Such girls are never permitted to leave the room and are known as "Tower Slaves."

The conversation is abruptly truncated by a knock at the door. It is the Initiate Faustus. Crassius gets Sari locked back in her cage then opens the door. One can never be too careful with a girl who runs away.

"Tal Sir Crassius," Faustus says.

"Tal Brother Faustus," Crassius replies, in the traditional Gorean greeting. "What brings you to this part of town?"

"I was searching the archives of the long-forgotten people who built this planet," Faustus begins.

Crassius interjects: "Let's not discuss Third Knowledge around the girl."

"Oh pshaw!" Faustus retorts. "That beast is little more than a fuck-toy. She won't comprehend anything."

"I guess that you are correct," Crassius responds.

"Look!" Faustus exclaims. "The constants of the ancients are incredible! They were so advanced. And look, the named constants from our archives have been disregarded."

"The evil that men do lives after them, The good is oft interred with their bones," Crassius observes.

"Look at this constant!" Faustus insists. "It is a named constant. 'e^((pi^2)/2).' It is named for 'The Public Enemy of All Mankind."

"Interesting, but why show me? I barely managed to cheat my way through high school physics!" Crassius confesses.

"Don't lie to me, Crassius," Faustus states. "You are hung up on that blonde genius who is a French knight, nonetheless." Faustus chuckles.

"You are right on that account," Crassius admits. "I did miss that gynoid, Toy. A girl is such a high maintenance relationship."

"Just be glad that you don't have a girl with an IQ of 154! She would have you pussy-whipped and wrapped around her little finger all at the same time. She would be a princess and you would be a slaving knave." Faustus droned on. Crassius listened half-heartedly. He was interested in devising a punishment plan for Sari.

"What punishment should I apply to this runaway slave, Faustus?" Crassius asks.

"Give her a whipping!" Faustus answers. "Make sure that her back and buttocks don't forget it for some time."

"Hmm. I was thinking something more exotic," Crassius murmurs. "But you are right, Faustus. A traditional whipping is the best remedy."

Faustus turns to leave. "Be Well Sir Crassius," he speaks as he departs.

"Steel and honor," Crassius responds.

28 May 2011 Taunus Trumbo

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