Sarlene's Touch Ch. 23


"Oh, don't stop," she said as he released her, and moving himself up over her body. But then she fell silent, her eyes now fixed on his cock, hovering between her legs. "Oh, goddess," she said in a very small voice, flicking her eyes up to gaze into his.

Slowly, he lowered herself onto her, savouring the feeling of her naked body against his. He pushed his cock half way in, watching her face as she gasped aloud. She was everything he wanted, and her murmured "yes" was all he needed to continue to push himself the remainder of the way in.

She let out a cry of sudden pain, her fingernails digging into his back, her blue eyes wide with surprised shock. But it passed quickly, and he felt her hands drift down to his buttocks as he began slowly moving, groaning loudly at his own mounting pleasure. Soon, her hips were moving back in response, and the room was filled with both their gasps and sighs.

He was inside her, all his fantasies fulfilled. He watched her face, which he knew so well, flushed with arousal, holding an expression of pure bliss. He moved against her slowly, drawing it out, not wanting to peak too soon. Her magnificent body was in arms, clutching him tight, yet not so tight as her moist pussy enfolded his swollen cock, sliding in and out in a natural rhythm that seemed to suit them both well.

"Kaeranna," he moaned, watching her deep blue eyes, as he pushed himself into her, "I love you."

"Yes, darling, I know... don't stop..." her words dissolved into groans as he quickened his pace, feeling her heaving breasts pressing into him, her hips bucking in time to his thrusts, her fingers gripping his buttocks, her booted thighs clamped tight around his legs.

Her face was slick with sweat, the braids in slight disarray against the pillow. From time to time she bit her lower lip, as if trying to quiet herself, until another loud gasp of pleasure defeated her intention. She called his name over and over, and he felt himself desperately close to release, his thrusts quicker than ever.

They both cried out as they came, hers a long-drawn out moan that seemed to go on forever, inspiring him to continue grinding against her long after his balls were empty. He rolled off her, onto his back, and she snuggled against him, resting her head in the crook of his shoulder.

Vardala was entirely forgotten.

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