Sarlene's Touch Ch. 39


"Mr. Scaggs will make the same wager, of course, as he initiated the gamble. You and he will entertain the rest of us, and if he cannot make you scream out – and it must be in passion, as he said, then both he and I lose the wager."

"No, wait..." said Eristacia, looking plaintively in Domand's direction, "that wasn't what I..."

"You want more than a financial wager? I suppose that is reasonable enough. I tell you what: if you win, well, you will get to choose either of these fine men to do with as you wish. On the other hand, if he and I win, then Mr. Scaggs will have had his enjoyment, but I..." she paused for a moment, considering, before snapping her fingers. "Of course, how obvious. If I win, then, despite this so called 'heterosexuality' thing of yours, I will get to fuck you as well. How does that sound?"

The noblewoman looked at Amloth in shock, her mind whirling as she tried to take in the turn of events. Scaggs was most certainly not her preferred partner, but another woman was even further down the list, and at least if she won it ensured some rather more enjoyable sex with Domand afterward. The Presence was egging her on, twisting her own thoughts and clouding her judgement, as she found herself saying "I agree," without ever having consciously decided to speak.

At least it shouldn't be hard to win the bet.

"All right!" said Scaggs, undoing his belt, as she turned round to see that he had already removed his shirt. He was a reasonably muscular man, albeit with a few small scars on his hairy torso, and a couple of tattoos that, to her mind, only made him look more plebeian. "I will be makin' yer scream, darlin'. Easiest bet I ever won. Most fuckin' fun, an' all!"

"We will see about that," she informed him, although that only served to encourage him to continue pulling off his trews.

"On yer knees, darlin'," he said, and, without thinking, she followed his instruction.

She found herself face to face with his under-shorts, which were made of a really cheap looking cloth and – oh, how gross – were a little stained. The tenting bulge behind them was unmistakable, though. She glanced over at the other three, to see Domand and Tenik standing, beginning to undress as Amloth leaned back in her chair, eyes constantly flicking between the others.

Scaggs removed the loathsome item of clothing, to reveal his swelling erection. "Bet you never done it with no one like me before," he said, accurately enough, "all silk sheets and pampered boys for your sort, ain't it? You're gonna find out what it's like to be with a real man tonight, darlin'. Bet them posh kids is dickless, ain't seen nothing like this before, have yer?"

He stroked his cock, rising from a nest of scraggly pubes and, then, to her shock, slapped it twice against her face. "Massive, innit? Now wrap your laughing tackle round it, darlin', and get suckin'."

"I would ask you not to speak to me in that tone of voice, Mr. Scaggs," she told him, witheringly. "The terms of the wager do not entitle you to berate me, you uncouth ruffian."

Quite frankly, she didn't see what he had to boast about, either. There didn't seem to be anything exceptional about his cock at all, beyond the fact that it was currently almost shoved in her face. She turned round to glance at Domand, just in time to see him pulling down his own under-shorts, exposing his own, rapidly stiffening, erection. She almost sighed with regret; it was much larger than Scaggs's meagre member and yet it was Amloth who was now stroking her hand along its length. But the only way to get that inside her tonight was to go through with what she was already doing.

"Yeah, speak to me like that again, darlin'," said the thief, his voice husky, "nah, on second thoughts, don't, 'cos I'm waitin'."

He waved his cock towards her mouth again. It was not something she had done before, considering it beneath her dignity as a person of distinction. Yet now she was going to have to do it, and, moreover, with an audience. Although, glancing round, neither of the other men were looking in her direction any more, instead admiring the drow as she stroked both of them. Unfortunately for Eristacia, Amloth's own amber eyes showed that she was more interested in the spectacle before her than in the men standing on either side.

Gingerly, she took hold of Scaggs's cock with one hand and pulled it into her mouth. The thief let out a sigh of contentment as she began to run her tongue along his shaft. He tasted rather sweaty, and it didn't help that his groin was almost pressed against her nose. He probably needed to wash more often, although she supposed that it could have been worse.

"Oh, yeah, darlin'... suck on that..." groaned her partner, his hips beginning to move involuntarily, as he looked down to watch himself sliding in and out of her mouth. "Oh, fuck, that's good..." He grabbed her hair, pulling her into him so that the tip of his cock thrust up against the back of her throat, making her snort as she tried to breathe. Scaggs pumped his hips harder against her face, his balls slapping against her chin until she forcefully pulled herself away, spitting and wiping away the dribble from her mouth.

"Yer ain't done yet," he told her, and she took him back into her mouth again, sucking on him harder this time, to his evident enjoyment. She wasn't sure how she wanted this to end. She didn't want to end up with a mouth full of... well, that... but, on the other hand, at least it would mean she had won the bet.

However, it was he that made the decision for her, perhaps having had the same thought she had, pulling his slippery cock from her mouth, taking a few deep breaths to regain his composure, then kneeling down beside her, reaching for the hem of her shift.

She batted his hands away, worried he might damage the fabric, and pulled it up herself. It caught on her necklace as she pulled it over her head, and she struggled for a moment, trying to free it. As she did so, she felt Scaggs's calloused hands grab each of her exposed breasts, kneading them enthusiastically.

"Phwoar," he said, "yer knockers are as good as I reckoned. Lovely pair."

She managed to free herself, throwing the shift away with irritation, and giving him another withering glare. Unfortunately, he didn't notice, his gaze being nowhere near her face. She looked over at the other three, to discover that they had moved on since the last time she had been able to see much other than Scaggs's groin.

Both men were completely naked now, and damn, but Domand's cock was impressive, even if Tenik's was rather less so. Amloth herself was topless, the purple fabric of her upper garment lying pooled in her lap. Her breasts were impressively firm, while Eristacia knew her own sagged a little, no matter what Scaggs's impression of them. The drow's nipples were hard, the aureoles invisible because of the sheer blackness of her skin, which had exactly the same tone over all the parts of her body so far visible.

The priest was rubbing one of those smooth mounds as the drow's hand moved along the hard length of his cock. Amloth's attention however, was currently focussed on Tenik, sucking his balls and then moving up to slide his erection into her mouth, with far more grace and experience than Eristacia thought she had managed. A moment later though, she slid him out again, turning her head to watch the noblewoman, her eyes wide with excitement.

Scaggs twisted one of Eristacia's nipples, making her yelp and glare at him again, and earning a grin of approval from the drow. Then with a wink, Amloth turned to Domand, opening her mouth to take his girth inside as it became Tenik's turn to make do with the ministrations of her hand alone.

"Heh, I knew it, darlin'!" said Scaggs with a triumphant tone in his voice, "yer getting' hot as hell, ain't yer?"

"I don't know what you mean," she replied. Yet she felt a warmth in her loins that would not be denied, a tight feeling of anticipation in her stomach as the Presence yammered in the back of her mind, pushing her on to go further.

"Yer panties are soakin'!" She looked down, and realised with embarrassment that it was true; there was a very visible wet patch in the crotch of her lace underwear. "Look at this, the rest of yer," called out Scaggs, "told yer I'm gonna win that bet. The rich bitch is fuckin' gaggin' fer it!"

The others all turned to look, making Eristacia actually blush for the first time. Lady Amloth whistled in appreciation as the human woman failed to prevent Scaggs from pulling down her last shred of clothing, and pulling her legs apart, so they could all see her swollen state.

"Fuck, yeah!" said the thief stroking his cock and leaning forward, over her.

"Wait a moment!" she said, stridently, for once succeeding in pushing the Presence back, and taking command of her own thoughts. "Mr, Scaggs, I have 'fellated' you, an action I stress that I do not perform lightly." Her tone was commanding, all of the aristocratic bearing she could manage pushed into it. "I will have you know that in return, I would expect a certain degree of quid pro quo."

"Yer what?" asked the thief, apparently genuinely puzzled.

"Well, that does seem fair," said Amloth, her voice as silky as ever, "for once, I have to agree with our lady friend."

"Yeah, but what the fuck does it mean?"

Eristacia rolled her eyes, but Lady Amloth replied before she could. "She wants your tongue in her pussy. I really think you should oblige her."

"I don't go doin' that to birds. It ain't my tongue that belongs down there – how the fuck am I s'posed to enjoy that?"

"And your penis in my mouth is different, how?" asked Eristacia, archly.

"Do it," said Amloth, in a voice that brooked no disagreement.

Scaggs made an expression so resentful that Eristacia almost laughed – although she stopped herself just in time – and bent his head to the noblewoman's groin. He fumbled uncertainly, kissing her pussy lips and then pausing, as if unsure what to do next. "Stick your tongue in, man!" she told him, "do it properly."

Grunting with annoyance, the thief stuck out his tongue and began lapping at her, probing between her moist folds. Almost immediately, he pulled his head back.

"Yer taste of..." he began.

"I distinctly did not ask for a commentary," she informed him, before carefully enunciating her next words: "now... lick... my... fucking... cunt, you ill-mannered ruffian, or I will grab your balls and squeeze them until you scream. Do I make myself clear?"

Scaggs ducked down, chastened for once, pushing his tongue in deeper this time, sliding around inside her. Eristacia let out a little grunt of satisfaction, rubbing one of her breasts, more gently than he had done, and leaning back her head as she let out little moans of satisfaction. This wasn't too bad, now that he was at least trying to do it properly, although his lack of experience was still somewhat evident.

"Suck my clit..." she moaned, her hips beginning to grind against the floor, her legs spreading wider to let him in.

Scaggs pulled out, frowning, and spitting a hair from his mouth, "what makes you think I know where that is?" he asked, actually sounding put out.

"Oh, for goodness sake!" she snapped, plunging her own hand down between her legs, "don't you know anything?"

"Yeah, all right, no need to get bloody snarky. Ain't no proper man knows any of this girly shit."

With some further fumbling, he finally found what she was trying to show him, and Eristacia actually let out her first real moan of pleasure, although careful that no one could interpret it as a 'scream'. The moan seemed to spur him on, perhaps thinking he was about to win his bet, but she just let the sensations wash over her, at last truly beginning to enjoy the experience.

It was all too brief, though, for soon he pushed himself up onto his knees again. His expression indicated that the performance was not something he wanted to repeat, and frankly, she had to agree that she'd had better.

They both glanced over as Lady Amloth's skirt landed on the floor beside them, kicked away by one of her long legs. She was clad now only in her boots and a pair of dark purple panties, besides the bangles on her arms. With a deft movement, the drow slid her underwear off and flicked that over to follow the skirt. Her bush was as pure white as the rest of her hair, a neatly trimmed triangle strikingly bright against the blackness of her skin.

"Domand," she whispered, "perhaps you could show our friend Mr. Scaggs how it is supposed to be done?"

The priest grinned, and moved over in front of the chair as Amloth spread her legs wide, resting them over his arms as he bent towards his prize. For a moment, Eristacia caught sight of a flash of pink between the sheer black of the drow's damp pussy lips, but then her view was obscured by Domand's head, as Amloth arched her back, thrusting her ample breasts forward, and let out a deep moan of pleasure.

The drow continued to pant and gasp in delight as Domand attended to her needs, her legs writhing against his arms and back as she did so. A moment later, she turned to Tenik, taking his cock back into her mouth, sucking on the guardsman even as the priest's tongue darted deep between her legs.

"Right," said Scaggs, turning away from watching the leader of the conspiracy enjoying herself with two of his fellows, to gaze back at Eristacia's naked body again, "time to stop messin' about." He grabbed her waist, roughly flipping her over onto her front, and hoisting her hips up. "None of that nancy posh boy crap," he told her, "I'm goin' to give yer a good hard fuckin' like yer never 'ad before. Get ready for a proper man's cock between yer thighs, darlin', 'cos 'ere I fuckin' come!"

Before she could even say anything, he had thrust into her from behind, ramming his cock home. Now that he was inside her, he didn't feel so small any more, although Eristacia knew she'd had bigger. What really made the difference, though, was the vigour with which he began taking her, pumping in and out hard, flesh slapping against hers over and over. Despite herself, she let out a deep moan that only spurred him on. She tried to stifle her cries, but to no avail, gasping repeatedly as he continued to pound into her.

Perhaps it was the Presence in her mind, but if so, she frankly didn't care. No matter what he had been like earlier, Eristacia was really beginning to enjoy things, kneading a breast with one hand, while trying to hold herself in a doggy position with the other. Scaggs was grunting, occasionally muttering either encouragement or profanity. Through it all, though, the noblewoman was managing to avoid any genuine scream. No matter how much she enjoyed herself, no matter how much she now felt turned on just by the thought of fucking such an uncouth man, she was not going to lose the bet, or give him the satisfaction of being proved right.

"Oh, yeah..." he was saying, "yer fuckin' rich bitch, how do yer like the feel of my cock in yer cunt? Yer fuckin' love it, don't yer?" He grabbed one of her buttocks, fingers digging hard into the flesh as he kept up the rhythm, "fuckin' rich bitch, gonna make yer cum like yer never fuckin' 'ave before. Gonna make yer scream like a fuckin' banshee!"

Eristacia surrendered to the sensation, forgetting for the moment even that the other three were doubtless watching them. Her arm was weak, her legs shaking, and she partly collapsed onto the floor, just her hips in the air where he was gripping them. Desperately, she thrust her fist into her mouth, using it to muffle her cries as the thief's powerful thrusts finally drove her over the edge.

She removed the fist, struggling to regain her composure as she gasped for breath, coming down from dizzying heights of ecstasy that she would never, ever, tell Scaggs she had just experienced. But the thief had not stopped, still grinding himself inside her, deeper than ever before.

"Scream my fuckin' name, you bloody cunt!" hissed the thief, "do it so I can pull out and shoot my load all over yer gods-damn arrogant rich-bitch face!"

"Mr. Scaggs," she informed him, managing to put the customary supercilious icy tone back into her voice, "you will do absolutely no such thing, you ignorant, boorish, insufferable little..."

"Oh, fuck!" shouted the thief, ejaculating inside her before she could finish speaking, then releasing her to fall onto the floor, panting and sweating. "I fuckin' love it when yer talk like that."

"That is as may be," she replied, "but I should remind you that you have just lost the bet."

"Huh? Oh, bollocks!" he banged the floor with his fist, then lay back, exhausted and apparently uncaring.

So, thought Eristacia to herself, I get to try out Domand as well. That would, she suspected, be even more enjoyable, not least because the more handsome looking man was rather better endowed than the thief. He probably smelled better, too. Of course, she would have to wait a while, since his time with Lady Amloth was likely to tire him out more than a little. She sat up, pulling some of her hair back into place, as she settled down to watch how the other three were enjoying themselves.

The drow had at last left her seat, squatting in all fours on the floor, legs spread. She used one of her hands to pull her pussy lips apart, and Eristacia saw, as she had suspected from before, that the jet black went only as far as the lips themselves. Inside, Lady Amloth was as pink as any human woman, the colour an almost shocking contrast to her skin.

She wasn't the only one staring at the drow lady's proffered cunt. Domand was kneeling behind her, reaching out to fondle her buttocks, with, Eristicia noted, a more caressing motion than Scaggs had her own. The tall man's cock – she estimated it at eight inches, with a noticeably more than average girth – was throbbing as he first pressed it against a jet-coloured thigh, and then eased it slowly inside.

He began to move slowly, again, not at all like Scaggs, maximising his partner's enjoyment, his hands running over her flanks, down to her taut belly and then, as he leant forward over her back, up to her hanging breasts. Lady Amloth moaned, her eyelids fluttering as the priest continued his rhythmic motions inside her. She beckoned to Tenik, who was currently stroking his own cock as he joined Eristacia in watching them both. The guardsmen grinned, moving to kneel in front of Amloth's slowly bucking body.

The next time the drow gave out a particularly loud moan, he popped himself into her open mouth, muffling the sound. His buttocks began to move, in time with Domand's as Amloth began to suck him, taking the two men from each end. Amloth glanced up at the tapestry, noting a similar act being performed there, albeit, in that case, on an apparently unwilling human woman. She was beginning to appreciate the depth of the drow's sexual appetite, and she actually found the thought a little exciting.

Watching Domand and Tenik in action, Eristacia was already beginning to anticipate her own turn. She wanted Domand, of course, but might she be brave enough to take both of them? It would show the drow something, if nothing else. She dipped a hand down between her thighs, stroking herself lightly as she considered the option, bringing herself up short as a finger slipped in Scagg's semen, which she had forgotten was still there.

Tenik pulled himself out, earning himself a frown from Amloth as he did so. For a moment, Eristacia thought that he was walking over to her, but in fact he simply stepped to one side of the other two, running a hand along the drow's hairless back. He moved it along slowly, getting lower, sliding up onto her buttocks, inches away from the thrusting cock that Eristacia dearly wished was inside her, not the drow woman.

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