Sarlene's Touch Ch. 39


Tenik, however, did not stop there. Instead, he moved his hand up and onto Domand's belly, now as damp with sweat as his partner's, and from there to the priest's broad chest. The other man looked at him with an expression of what Eristacia could only describe as puzzled irritation, and he quickly withdrew it. Then the guardsman moved behind the rutting couple, cock still firmly erect.

The noblewoman gasped in shock as Tenik gently, but firmly, pushed his erection between Domand's muscular buttocks, thrusting himself deep into the priest's anus. If she was surprised by the turn of events, though, it was as nothing compared to the other man's cry of violated shock. For a few moments, however, they continued, all three pairs of hips moving in unison as Tenik impaled Domand and the latter ground himself inside Amloth.

But it was for only a few moments. Soon, the priest seemed to gather his wits, and pulled himself free of both of his partners. "What is the meaning of this?" he spluttered, "what kind of a man do you think I am?"

"Amloth was going to fuck Eristacia if she lost the bet," said the guardsman, "but she won it, so I thought I'd try something else. You were going to watch her get laid, if it happened, so how is this any different? Maybe she wants a show of two men going at it?"

"It's hardly the same thing!"

"Don't be ridiculous," hissed Amloth, "it's exactly the same thing. How could it not be? But it is also completely irrelevant." The two men looked at her, apparently chastened, but uncertain as to what she meant. "It's irrelevant," she went on, "because I am the Lady Jhaeluit Amloth, twice holder of the silver chalice, and first speaker to the Presence. Which means that you are here to please me, and not each other. Now Domand, stop complaining, and lie down on the floor; we haven't finished yet."

The priest obliged, albeit with a resentful glare at Tenik that said things were not over between them. Lady Amloth straddled him, using her hands to coax life back into his limp cock, before she raised herself over it.

"Don't worry," she said to Eristacia, turning to look at her for the first time in a while, "I keep my promises. I won't touch you, and you can have him once I have finished."

"I'd like both of them," she said, "at the same time." The words came out in a rush, and she didn't even realise that she had made the decision until they were out of her mouth.

"Now there is the kind of thinking I approve of," said her ladyship, with a wide grin. "I really hope you give up this 'heterosexuality' thing some day. But, for now..." and she lowered herself onto Domand's erection, his girth visibly spreading her lips wide as she let out a sigh of contentment.

The drow lady moved herself up and down on the priest's large cock, as the latter's hands began to roam her body, moving up to cup and squeeze her ample, bouncing, breasts. Amloth leaned forward, giving him a better purchase, her hips still grinding over his, her long white hair falling down past her face.

Tenik stood over them, watching the two of them moving, his own erection still un-subsided. He glanced over at Eristacia, then shook his head and grinned. "Later," he said, "I promise." Then he knelt down, positioning himself between the legs of the other pair, and fondled the woman's rhythmically moving buttocks.

With a grunt of pleasure, he forced his cock between the black curves, taking Amloth firmly in the rear, until his balls ground against her flesh.

"Oh, sweet goddess of darkness, yes!" cried the drow, her voice exultant, her amber eyes open wide.

Eristacia watched in thrilled amazement as two pairs of pale cocks pounded Lady Amloth in unison, one in her cunt, the other in her arse. It actually looked rather painful, but the drow was clearly enjoying every second of it to the full, her expression the most blissful the human woman had ever seen.

It sounded as if the drow was trying to give some sort of instruction to her lovers, but the words kept being drowned out by her increasingly long moans of enjoyment. The two men began to move more rapidly, taking her harder and faster as they approached their own climax.

Then it was all over, Amloth shrieking her pleasure with wild abandon as both men spent themselves inside her simultaneously. Eristacia padded over to them as they slid apart, all three evidently exhausted, chests heaving as they regained their breath.

"You'll have to wait..." said Domand, breathlessly, waving her away, "especially after that."

"Not unless your tongue is also tired," she informed him, squatting over his face, "although, believe me, we are going to move on after that."

This looked like being good. Very good.

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