Brad sat stiffly for several minutes, wondering if Sasha was planning to stay there or if she was just teasing him. But when she started rubbing her foot against his calf, he tentatively rested his hands on her stomach. She clenched them in her own and pressed them firmly to her.

"Mmmmnnn--let's cuddle," she purred, snuggling back against him.

He embraced her tightly. Their warm bodies seemed to fit perfectly together. The movie began, and for a while, it kept their attention.

But with Sasha's body pressed so close to his, Brad's attention inevitably began to wander. He started gently massaging her stomach, then put his hands on her narrow waist and caressed her sides. Sasha lifted her hands to his head and scratched him softly behind the ears.

They faced straight ahead as the movie played, not saying a word. As Brad nuzzled Sasha's soft hair, his gaze fell on her bare legs splayed out between his. She was cooing appreciatively at his affection, rubbing her head against his chin and drawing her foot slowly up and down the inside of his calf.

He started getting hard. His penis rapidly inflated inside the leg of his boxers, and he knew it would soon be lancing Sasha in the back if he didn't do something about it. Pretending he had to scratch his stomach, he pushed Sasha off his chest for a moment, then quickly reached into his boxers and oriented his cock at a slightly less conspicuous angle, up and to the side.

He told Sasha she could lean back again. When she did so, her tee shirt somehow managed to ride up considerably. When Brad placed his hands on her stomach again, he felt bare skin.

He ran his hands over her soft skin, playing his fingers over her navel and gently kneading the taut flesh below her ribs. He wondered if this qualified as cuddling; his throbbing erection suggested otherwise.

Sasha sighed with pleasure, rubbing the side of her head against his chin and arching her back. Catching Brad off-guard, she slid back in the seat until her ass was pressed firmly against his cock.

He could barely suppress a gasp. He remained still for a moment, waiting for Sasha to say something. When she didn't, he lost himself once more in massaging her stomach. As his cock pulsated against her firm buttocks, he could feel her pressing back against it, as if letting him know with subtle gyrations of her hips that his arousal was okay.

At that moment, the movie ended, jolting them back to reality.

"Well!" Sasha said, rising abruptly from the chair, "that was a good movie."

"Yeah," Brad croaked.

As Sasha knelt to eject the movie, Brad excused himself.

"I'm beat," he said, making a beeline for her door before she noticed the bulge in his boxers.

Sasha looked up at him, her cheeks flushed, her forehead damp with perspiration.

"Okay," she said, "see you tomorrow."

When he returned to his room, he stripped out of his boxers and knelt on his bed. Before even touching himself, he stared at the throbbing erection his sister had caused. He closed his eyes and wrapped his fingers around his thick shaft, lubricating it with the slick bead of moisture that oozed from the tip.

The memory of Sasha's ass grinding against him was all it took. He came at once. Hot streams of semen erupted from his cock and bubbled over his hand, pooling on the sheets by his knees. A box of tissues sat within easy reach, but tidiness was the furthest thing from his mind.


They watched another movie the following night, this time reclining on Sasha's spacious bed. Toward the end was a schmaltzy love scene with a couple kissing on a beach.

"Kissing is weird," Sasha said.

"Yeah, I guess it is sort of weird," Brad agreed.

"Remember we used to touch each other's tongues?" Sasha said.

"Yeah," Brad chuckled, "that was so gross!"

"I know!" Sasha laughed.

"But when you're kissing, it's not gross at all. Isn't that weird?"

Brad nodded wistfully as he remembered the last time he kissed a girl. It had been several months earlier, before he and his girlfriend broke up.

They lay quietly on the bed for a few moments as the credits rolled.

"Wanna touch tongues?" Sasha said mischievously.

"Eeeww!" said Brad.

"Chicken!" Sasha taunted. She rolled on her side to face him.

"C'mon--touch tongues!" she said, sticking her tongue out.

He knew Sasha wasn't going to let up.

"Okay, okay!"

"Yay!" Sasha said, clapping her hands.

"Here--sit like this," she said, shifting into a kneeling position. Brad kneeled opposite her.

"Okay, ready?" she said.

They stuck their tongues out. Sasha squeezed her eyes shut in nervous anticipation.

Brad leaned in slowly, and then let the tip of his tongue touch Sasha's.

"Eeeww!!" they both said, recoiling in disgust.

Yet Sasha insisted that they do it again.

They stuck their tongues out, but this time Sasha didn't close her eyes. Brad felt his chest tighten as he leaned in, looking into her eyes. Their tongues touched.

They pulled back at once, laughing and acting grossed out.

"Okay--close your eyes and stick out your tongue," Sasha said.

Brad obeyed. He sat perfectly still until he felt the warmth of Sasha's face. Her lips closed around his tongue and she sucked it gently. Brad breathed in sharply through his nostrils, and then leaned forward until their lips met. Sasha pulled away.

Remembering their game, Brad pulled away too, falling back on the pillows.

"Wow," he croaked.

They fidgeted for a few minutes, staring at the TV as the credits finished.

"Okay, your turn again," Sasha said in a soft voice.

"Oh--that's okay," Brad said nervously.

"C'mon," Sasha said. She crawled over to him and straddled him.

"Just one more time," Sasha said, putting her hands beside his head. She leaned over him until her face was a few inches away.

"Sash--I don't think--" he gasped as her crotch descended on his erect cock. He tried to push her off but she grabbed his wrists and held them above his head.

"Come on Brad, just once more," she whispered hotly in his face, "don't you want to?"

She released his wrists and rested her elbows on either side of his head, then lowered her head until their mouths were almost touching. When Brad tried to kiss her, she pulled away.

"You shouldn't kiss your sister," she whispered.

She lowered her face once again until her lips were hovering above his. She brushed them teasingly against his, then pulled away again when he tried to kiss her.

"Mmmmm," she purred, "I thought you didn't want to?"

Brad's hands found their way to her hips. He ran them back to the top of her panty-clad ass and pulled her into him, mashing his cock against her swollen pussy.

"MMMNnnnnn--" she moaned, "you're bad."

She lowered her head once more and their lips met. They melted into a passionate kiss--swishing tongues, sucking lips, and pressing their faces together. But before things got out of control, Sasha withdrew her face and they both took a gasp of air. She rolled off and collapsed on her back next to him.

"That was, like, so incestuous!" Sasha said.

Brad lay still with his eyes closed and a grin on his face.

"Yeah," he said with a satisfied nod.

Sasha laughed at him, shooing him off the bed and telling him it was time to go to sleep.


They decided to return to the swimming hole the next day. They made good time on their hike to the secluded spot. When they heard the rush of the river below, they turned off the trail and scurried down a steep slope into a conifer grove. As they neared the water, the pungent aroma of balsams and cedars mingled with the charged air emanating from the river.

They found a spot in the shade and removed their daypacks, and Sasha began at once to undress. She was naked before Brad had even removed his boots, scurrying across the hot sand and plunging into the water.

Brad was soon to follow. He dove in and swam upstream to join her at the waterfall. After fifteen minutes or so of swimming, they returned to the beach and lay down in the sand to warm up in the bright sunlight.

"Let's go explore," Sasha said after a few minutes, standing up and brushing the sand off her back and legs.

They set off into the fragrant grove, slowly at first so their eyes could adjust to the diminished light, padding barefoot over the soft carpet of cedar fronds and rich black soil. When Sasha began to run, Brad chased after her.

"Aaaahh!" she screamed gleefully.

Brad felt a sort of primal euphoria as he sprinted after his sister, running naked through the woods, ducking under branches and darting around trees. He was acutely aware of his nakedness, of his feet digging into the earth, of his heart pounding in his chest.

He was closing in on Sasha when she leapt a narrow stream and landed in the mud on the far bank, falling to her knees and getting mud all over her legs. But she shot up before Brad reached her and went on running.

The forest grew thicker and darker. Sasha kept running, thinking Brad was on her heels. Suddenly she halted when she came to a sheer rock wall.

"I give up!" she yelled, turning around and extending her arms defensively. But Brad was nowhere to be seen.

"Brad?" she called.

She pressed her back against the cool stone and a chill ran through her body. Goosebumps covered her arms and chest, and her nipples constricted into stiff nubs.

She squinted into the dense wood.

"Brad? Are you there?"

She thought she heard a twig snap and took a few tentative steps to investigate. She felt deliciously frightened.

"Brad? C'mon--," she began when suddenly she was grabbed from behind.

"AAAIII!" she shrieked at the top of her lungs, but Brad put his hand to her mouth.

"Shhhh," he said as she tried to squirm free. He grasped her wrists and pressed them to her chest, holding her tight. Sasha thrilled at Brad's strength as he overwhelmed her.

Sasha's firm, sweaty body wriggling in his arms was incredibly arousing. As he breathed in the intoxicating aroma of her body odor and the heady, organic smell of river water in her hair he felt himself getting turned on. He pulled her closer and nuzzled her neck and shoulders.

Sasha moaned and pressed her mouth to his ear.

"My brother's coming--" she whispered.

Her hot breath sent a chill through his body, and his swollen cock twitched against her leg.

"He'll fuck you up so bad--," she said, sticking her tongue in his ear.

Brad looked down at Sasha's flushed face. Her eyes were on fire.

"Sash--," he began, but she pressed her mouth against his and kissed him.

"Mmmnnn," he groaned as their tongues swished together.

Summoning his last ounce of restraint, Brad broke the kiss and released her. Her body was caked with mud and her hair was a tangled mess; on her face was a look of astonished delight.

"Oh, it's you!" she said in mock surprise after she caught her breath.


When they got home, Brad made a light dinner of salad and cold cuts for them. As they ate, Sasha remarked how hot it was in the house.

"Yeah," Brad agreed, "it's not really fair that Mom and Dad have the only air-conditioned room."

As soon as he said it, they both seemed to arrive at the same idea.

"Hey, they have a TV, right?" said Sasha. "Dude, let's hang out there tonight!"

When they finished, Brad went upstairs to take a shower while Sasha did the dishes. His first order of business was to go into his parents' room and switch on the AC. He decided he might as well use their shower too, so he shed his clothes and stepped into the stall.

After finishing, he wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into the bedroom again. Rather than return to his room right away to retrieve a clean pair of boxers, he switched on the TV and sat down in the large semi-circular wicker chair by the window that his mother liked to read in. Brad could see why she liked it: it was lined with a soft cushions and plush pillows, and large enough even for him to pull his feet up and recline as he watched TV.

He heard Sasha in the hallway bathroom as she finished blow-drying her hair and then return to her room. A few minutes later, she joined him.

"Look what I found!" she said.

Brad sat up in his chair and felt his heart skip a beat as Sasha approached entered the room. She was wearing a faded red tee shirt that looked to be about two sizes too small for her, with the Coca-Cola logo printed on the chest. She also wore a pair of white gym shorts with blue piping. They were so tight fitting that at first he thought they were underwear.

"I can't believe Mom kept this stuff," she said, "I've had this since eighth grade."

Brad was speechless. He gaped at Sasha as she turned to the side to look at the television. Her flat stomach was completely exposed.

"What are you watching?" she said.

"Umm, some nature thing I think," Brad mumbled.

Sasha shifted her weight to one leg, further exaggerating the curve of her perfect ass.

She gazed at her brother sitting in the comfortable-looking chair. The towel was cinched low on his waist and she could see the tiny wrinkled folds of his toned stomach as he leaned forward.

"I love that chair," she said. Before Brad had time to react, she squeezed in next to him.

"Hey!" Brad said, scooting awkwardly aside to give her room.

"What? It's big enough for both of us," she said.

The feeling of Sasha's warm body pressed closely to his made his heart race. He tried to focus on the documentary, but his penis began rapidly filling with blood.

The bowl-shaped chair wasn't quite wide enough for the two of them, and Sasha was squirming to get comfortable.

"Can I sit in your lap?" she said.

"Um--I can sit on the bed if you want," Brad croaked and started edging of the seat.

"That's okay," Sasha said, and before he could do anything about it, she slid onto his lap.

"Okay, scoot back now," she said.

Brad felt like his head was going to explode as her ass descended into his lap. He placed his hands under her thighs to lift her as he scooted back, then set her back down on his legs a safe distance from his erection.

"Much better," Sasha said leaning back and resting her head on his shoulder.

There was no way she could not have felt his hard cock pressing against her back, but she didn't say anything. She lifted her legs and rested her heels on the rim of the chair, spreading her knees so she could see the TV and presenting Brad with an incredibly sexy view.

Her miniscule shirt had ridden up her stomach until her ribs were exposed. With her legs spread as they were, her shorts were bunched up between her thighs and her narrow waist.

Brad slowly leaned his head forward until his cheek was pressed against her soft hair, and for several breathless minutes, he gently nuzzled her.

He didn't know what to do with his hands, so they were resting awkwardly at his sides. Sasha seemed to notice.

"Are you comfortable?" she said, looking up into his face.

"I--yeah, I'm fine," Brad said huskily.

"Here," Sasha said, taking his hands and placing them on her stomach.

Brad let out a hot breath. Before he knew what he was doing, his hands were gently caressing her abdomen. He pressed his fingers into her stomach and slid them down slowly, then grasped her narrow waist and squeezed it.

"Brad!" Sasha giggled, "That tickles!" She squirmed in his lap but did nothing to stop him.

Brad just moaned and slid his hands up to her ribs. Sasha arched her back as they slid under her shirt and cupped her breasts.

"Mmmnn--" she gasped, digging her heels into the chair and sliding her ass further into his lap until she could feel his cock between her legs. Brad reflexively lifted his hips and grinded against her.

Sasha's movements had loosened the towel around his waist, and it suddenly fell open. Sasha gasped as she felt his stiff cock slide against her leg.

Brad continued massaging her breasts and pinching her stiff nipples between his fingers.

"Hunnhhh," Sasha moaned. She reached her hands back and put them on Brad's stomach. Lifting her hips, she pushed the flaps of his towel off his waist and slid her hands down over his pubic hair.

Brad reached down and grasped her ass. He squeezed her cheeks tightly and Sasha lifted her hips further. Without thinking, he moved his hands to her waist and slipped his fingers beneath the waistband of her shorts and panties. Sasha brought her legs together as he pushed them both off at once down her thighs and over her knees.

She leaned forward, sliding her hips down until Brad's cock was pressed against her pubic area. She peered down at her brother's manhood pulsing between her legs. It was long and thick and almost perfectly straight except for a slight upwards arc. Its engorged head was a shade of pink only slightly darker than his thick, pale shaft.

Brad grasped her hips and closed his eyes as if bracing himself, then gasped when he felt Sasha cupping his balls in her hand.

"Unnhh!" he moaned, thrusting his hips upwards.

Sasha slowly drew her fingernails up his cock, and then grasped it in her hand. She pressed it to her stomach where it nearly reached her bellybutton.

She stood up abruptly and turned to face him. She pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it on the floor, then reached for his hand. She led him across the room toward the bed, but halted at the full-length mirror next to the closet. She turned to face him and they gazed at their profiles in the reflection.

Their arousal could not have been more obvious. Sasha's nipples were angled upwards in tight nubs aimed at her tall brother's chest. Brad's throbbing erection seemed to exceed the width of his narrow waist.

Sasha put her hands on his muscular chest, and then slid them down over his abdomen. Her gaze was still fixed on his reflection as she took his cock in her hand, eliciting a gasp.

"I love your penis," she said, peering down at it as she stroked it gently. Then she knelt down in front of him, keeping her grasp on him.

"Is it okay for a girl to suck her brother's cock?" she said hoarsely, giving him a gentle squeeze.

"Ahhh," was all he could say. Her dirty talk almost made him explode.

She massaged the inside of his thigh and brushed her fingers against his testicles.

Brad watched in disbelief as Sasha licked the base of his penis from his hairless testicles all the way up the shaft, and then took the tip into her mouth. She sucked it gently, looking up into his eyes.

"Oh Sashhha," he gasped.

He placed his hands gently on her head as she slowly took his length into her mouth, grasping the base in one hand and cradling his balls in the other. She greedily sucked him off, making soft slurping sounds as she worked her tongue around his head.

Brad had never experienced such sexual bliss. He wished it would last forever, but after less than a minute, he felt his balls constricting.

"Sashhh--I'm gonna cuhh--" Brad gasped. Sasha increased her pace and strengthened her grip on the base as his cock swelled in her mouth.

"UHHNNNN!" Brad cried as he began to come. Sasha went on greedily sucking him as he ejaculated, swallowing his seed as fast as it shot out of him. When his orgasm finally faded, she withdrew her mouth and continued jacking him gently, smiling up at him.

He collapsed on his knees and pressed his forehead to Sasha's breast as he caught his breath. She clasped his head and pressed her mouth to his ear.

"You taste good," she whispered hotly, sending a chill down his back.

His mind was reeling at what had just happened. He sat back on his heels and stared at his older sister. Everything about her seemed to exude sexuality, from her flushed cheeks to her erect nipples. Her chest heaved with labored breaths as she looked at him with a desire that matched his own.

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