"Want to get into bed?" she said.

She stood up and extended her hand, then led him to the bed. Brad stood behind her as she leaned over to pull the covers back, and seeing her gorgeous ass arched up at him, he could not resist grabbing her hips and grinding his cock into her ass cheeks.

"Brad!" she screamed, jumping onto the bed and darting out of reach.

Brad leapt after her, grabbing her ankle and pulling her toward him.

"Aaahhh! Help!" she yelled in between fits of laughter.

The siblings wrestled in earnest on their parents' bed. Brad was much stronger than Sasha was, but she was very fast and wriggled out of his grasp several times.

The struggle intensified and the laughter stopped when Brad had Sasha pinned to the mattress. Their sweaty bodies slid against each other as he held her wrists over her head and she thrashed about.

Somehow, Brad wound up between her legs. His rock-hard cock pressed against her thighs as she writhed beneath his weight.

Still holding her hands over her head, Brad began exploring Sasha's body with his free hand, caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

Sasha arched her back in response.

"Mmmmhhhhh," she moaned.

Brad kissed her neck, and then worked his way up to her face. He kissed her cheeks and chin, and finally their lips met. Sasha thrust her tongue into his mouth and they kissed passionately. When he released her wrists so he could caress her hair, her arms remained splayed out above her head as if in surrender.

Brad and Sasha could not get enough of each other. They kissed deeply until their faces were red and their lips ached. Sasha drove her hips into Brad's cock, sliding her pussy up and down its length. When the stimulation became too much and Brad felt like he was going to come, he lifted his weight off her and knelt between her legs.

Fluid oozed from the tip of his cock, which throbbed inches from Sasha's pussy and glistened with her juices. He took a moment to drink in the vision of her naked form stretched out before him, but he could not keep his hands off her for long.

He ran his palms lightly over her breasts, barely touching her nipples. Goosebumps formed on her chest as he slid his hands over her stomach and around her narrow waist. She arched her back as he touched her, causing her shallow navel to stretch out until there was barely a depression--just a circular patch of puckered skin that Brad found incredibly sexy.

Sasha watched Brad expectantly as he explored her body. When he slid his hand down her stomach and brushed his fingers softly over her sparse tuft of neatly trimmed pubic hair, her breathing intensified. She gasped with pleasure as he drew his fingers up the insides of her legs, then back down to the deepest recess of her crotch without ever actually touching her vagina.

"Hhhnnn--you're bad," she said in a husky voice.

Brad smiled at her as he ran his hands down the insides of her legs until he reached her crotch, and then surprised her by sliding his thumb between the hot folds of her labia. Her soaking pussy yielded at once and his thumb slipped inside her.

"Nnnhh, Braaad," she moaned, squeezing her eyes shut and turning her head to the side. She grasped her knees and pulled them back, spreading her legs wide for him.

Brad was utterly absorbed in the carnal beauty of her womanhood. Her pubic hair ended just above the slit of her vagina, leaving the pink folds of her vulva completely exposed. As he ran his thumb slowly up and down the slippery folds of skin, waves of pleasure pulsed through Sasha's body.

"Oh! Ooh! Don't stop--please--don't sto--" she pleaded, grasping the sheets and thrusting her hips into his hand.

"Mmnnnnn-yesss! Yessss!"

Sasha's entire body shuddered as she began to climax; her moans of ecstasy almost sounded like crying. When her climax ended, she laid still for several seconds, staring up at the ceiling with a look of utter astonishment as she caught her breath.

"Whoa," she said, looking at Brad. "Where'd you learn to do that?"

Brad just grabbed her legs and pulled her closer, sliding her ass onto his knees until her pussy was touching his cock.

"Mmmnnn--naughty boy," she purred, grabbing his cock. She ran her fingers over his glans, pressing it against her vagina.

"We're so bad," she whispered hoarsely, slowly moving her hips up and down and sliding her slippery entrance against his cock.

Both their gazes were transfixed on Brad's cock dividing the swollen folds of her pussy.

"Are you gonna fuck me?" she teased him.

Brad grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her even closer.

"Huh? Are you gonna fuck me?" she said hoarsely, punctuating her words with thrusts of her hips.

"Are you gonna fuck your big sister?" she challenged him as he ground into her.

He parted his knees and lowered her to the bed, then pushed her legs apart and lowered himself onto her.

She put her hands on his chest when he tried to kiss her and held him off.

"Are you really gonna fuck me?" she said in a barely-audible whisper, reaching between her legs and grasping his cock. She squeezed him gently, and then caressed his balls as they brushed against her pussy.

Brad had never been so turned on in his whole life.

Holding himself up with one arm, he pushed her knee back until her legs were spread wide open, then grasped his cock and ran it up and down along her soaking entrance.

"Hunnnhhhh," Sasha gasped as the tip of his cock insinuated itself between her swollen labia.

She put her hands on his ass and pulled him into her. They both watched as his cock slid halfway inside her.

"Uuhhhnnnn!" Sasha moaned.

"Mmmnnhhh, Sasha--" Brad exhaled, slowly pulling out until only the tip of his cock was inside her, enveloped by her labia which seemed to be grasping at him, pulling him back inside. He paused to suppress early orgasm, and then sank his entire length into her tight pussy.

"Aaahhhnn!" Sasha gasped.

"Mmmmnnn--feels so good--," Brad moaned.

Sasha caressed his muscular chest and stomach, and occasionally brushed her fingers over his pubic hair. As she got used to his size, she pulled her knees back further and spread her legs wide, thrusting her hips into Brad and letting him penetrate her as deeply as possible as his heavy testicles slapped against her crack.

"Uhhnn--Brad! I'm gonna come--hoo yess, don't stop! I'm gonna...I'm gonna cuhhh--" she gasped, "Awww yeah! Yess!"

Her screams suddenly became muffled whimpers. She lifted her head and stared at her brother with wide-eyed urgency as orgasm consumed her. She slid her hands over her crotch to each side of Brad's cock, grasping at the slippery shaft as if afraid he would pull out.

The additional stimulation sent Brad over the edge. His body went rigid as his blissful orgasm began. His balls erupted and unleashed a torrent of semen inside his sister's pussy. Sasha could feel his cock swell inside her just as her orgasm was reaching its peak; hot liquid filled her pussy and spread its warmth throughout her abdomen.

Brad collapsed on top of her in exhaustion when it was over, gently nuzzling her neck as she caressed his hair. When his flaccid cock eventually slipped out of her vagina, he slid off her and lay at her side.

Sasha remained lying on her back, staring at the ceiling with a look of surprised delight. She tilted her head to the side and found Brad staring at her with a foolish grin.

"Are you my brother?" Sasha said in feigned confusion.

A faint smile formed on his lips as he narrowed his eyes and nodded slowly at her, his gaze wandering down her naked form.

She faced the ceiling again and closed her eyes, biting her lip as she recalled what had just happened. She slid her hands slowly over her goose pimple covered abdomen, and then pressed them firmly to her rapidly stiffening nipples.

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