tagBDSMSasha and Colin Ch. 02

Sasha and Colin Ch. 02


My head drops into my hands. I'd prefer a hole in the ground but this will have to do.

"Where to, love?"

I drag myself back upright and rest my head on the window. The cold glass feels good on my face, hot with frustration. I realise I haven't even told the driver where to take me.

"Onslow Gardens please."

"South Kensington?"

"Yes please."

Get in the car. I try to decipher his tone, the expression on his face. It was an instruction -- no -- a command. That's a good sign, isn't it? He still wants to own me. Get in the car. He wasn't looking at me when he said it. His eyes were locked on me the whole time, up until then. ­Don't disappoint me, Sasha. Have I failed already? My head lands back into my hands. Ugh, it's over. He's probably on his way to fuck someone else. Someone better than me. Someone hotter than me. Someone who won't disappoint him.


My hearts sinks down from my throat to my stomach. Was that my phone?

I dig into my bag and fish out my phone. Black screen. Great. I toss it back into my bag and search for my portable charger.

"Here we are, Onslow Gardens."

The taxi driver makes me jump. "Oh, thank you. How much do I owe you?"

I pay the driver and climb out of the car. Slumping up the stairs to my door, I fish out my keys, get inside my flat and dive into the sofa. I reach for the charging cable and plug my phone in. As I kick my heels off, my thighs graze against each other and I'm reminded how much Colin turned me on. My panties must be soaking. My hand travels south as my legs separate. My index finger orbits round my clit through my damp underwear. I think of him. His lips on my neck, his fingers digging into my hips, his voice making my skin shiver.


My phone resurrects, its vibrations calling out from within the sofa. I pull it out from between the seat cushions. The sofa always seems to swallow up the bloody thing. The screen glares at me. Colin.

I jump up and sit cross-legged on the sofa, both hands cradling my phone. Message from Colin Castel. I take a breath before tapping in my PIN. I can feel the adrenaline in my veins, blood pumping around my body.

Tonight's Instructions:

5:30pm -- 24 Cheval Place SW7 1EW.

Ring the bell once and wait.

Black skirt mid-thigh length, black top, red bra, red suspender belt, black hold-ups, high heels.

Coat and scarf as required.

Minimal makeup. Hair left down. No jewelry.

Remember our rules.

x CC

I exhale. I hadn't even noticed I was holding my breath. I read his message over and over. I glance at the time. Twenty past four. Shit.

I power-walk to the bathroom and wipe my makeup off. I scoop my hair up in a bun and jump into the shower. I wrap a towel around my body as I hurry out of the bathroom and swing my closet open. Black skirt, black top, red bra, hold-ups, high heels -- what am I forgetting? Panties? No, he didn't mention panties...shit. I dig into my lingerie drawer and pull out a lacey suspender belt -- a ­black ­lacey suspender belt. Black or nothing? I decide to go with black.

Sitting at my vanity, I apply some powder, a little blush, a matte brown eyeshadow and some mascara. I top it off with a very light pink lip. I walk back to the bed and start dressing. I wrap the belt around my waist, hook the clasps together then spin it round my torso. I do the same with my bra. It's cherry red, discreetly padded, with an intricate lace trim bordering the cups. My C-cup size boobs look full and plump, and the red compliments my tan. I sit on the edge of my bed and slide the tights up my legs. The satin feel as they caress my thighs is exciting and I wonder if Colin will be sliding them off during the course of the night. I stand and clip the suspender belt's extensions to the tops of my tights. I glance at myself in the mirror. I look hot.

I slip on a black mid-thigh length skirt and tuck in a long sleeved scoop-neck black top. I step into a pair of black high heel courts. I let my hair down, grab my handbag and rush out the door. As I turn to lock the front door, I notice the lace trim around my thighs peering out as my skirt hikes up. It's too warm for a coat and he's only a 20 minute walk away. Do I want to flash my lingerie to all of Knightsbridge? I decide no. Rushing back in, I grab a grey coat, lock the front door and start walking.

I slip my coat on as I walk towards Cheval Place. As I slide my arms in, my skirt slides up my thighs and a construction worker catches a generous view. He smirks at me and I can feel his solid gaze on me as I walk past. I dig my hands into my pockets and hold my coat at my sides. I can feel myself getting turned on. There's something deliciously shameful about walking around with a secret hidden by such a small stretch of fabric, about walking around in an outfit I've been commanded to wear. I spend the walk to Cheval Place thinking of Colin. I know you've fantasised about what I can do to you. I know you want me, as I want you. His words pulse through my veins and make me ache in places that need his touch, need his domination.

I arrive at Cheval Place at twenty-five past the hour. I imagine he'll be happy with my punctuality. There's a lump in my throat as I ring the doorbell. I wait. And wait. I glance at the time on my phone. ­Twenty-eight past. ­I remember his instructions. Ring the bell once and wait. But what if he didn't hear it ring? No, he's expecting me, he'd be listening out for it. Maybe I should ring one more time. ­But what if this is a test? I decide to side with obedience. I check my phone. Half past five. I consider messaging him when I hear the latch on the door click.

The door swings open revealing Colin behind it. He's in blue jeans and a navy polo. Barefoot. I smirk at the way he looks as expensive as he did in chinos and a shirt. His loaded smile is back, though smaller this time. His eyes don't smile with his lips. They consume me. I feel small in his presence.

"Follow me."

He gives me his back and walks down the corridor. I enter tentatively and gently shut the door behind me. My heels clack on the wooden flooring as I travel down the corridor. I reach an open space living room. Modern grey sofas surround a mahogany glass-topped coffee table. The kitchen is found beyond, lit up by blue LED lights lining the bottom of minimalist mahogany cabinets which frame a large kitchen island. To the left, a staircase leads to a glass mezzanine which hangs over a wall-length fireplace and TV unit. Colin is seated on one of the sofas, his intimidating gaze locked on me.

"How are you feeling?"

His question surprises me. "I'm a bit nervous."

Colin stands and walks towards me. My heart is thumping, my chest feels tight - and yet I can't decide if I'm scared or horny. He stops in front of me. I dare not look up. Suddenly, his arms are around me, his chest pressed up against mine, his chin resting on my head. ­He's hugging me?

"Sasha, do you trust me?"

His arms are strong around me, I feel warm, I feel safe, I feel protected. I exhale and submit into his hug. "Yes, I do."

"What's our safe word?"


"Good girl." He separates his body from mine and returns back to his seat. "Take your coat off."

Standing before him, I slip my coat off and let it drop to the floor. His eyes drink me in, sip by sip.


I peel my top off over my head and toss it to the ground. I don't need to look down to know that the garters on my tights are showing. Colin's gaze makes that obvious.

"Look at you. You look like an absolute slut."

Slut. The name makes me throb instantly.

"Did you enjoy dressing up like a whore for your master?"

Fuck. "Yes."

"Yes what."

"Yes, sir."

"Good. I hope I won't need to remind you how to address me."

"No, sorry sir."

"Turn around and take your skirt off."

I give Colin my back and pull my skirt off slowly, allowing it to graze my bare ass as it falls to the floor. There's silence. I resist the strong temptation to turn my head around and see what he's doing. Suddenly, he's behind me, his finger running down slowly from my neck to my back. I can feel his erection rock hard against my ass.

"Recite your instructions for tonight, slut."

I clear my throat and try to ignore the trail he's setting alight with his finger. "Five thirty pm, Twenty-four Chev-"

"Five thirty."

"Yes, sir."

"And what time were you at my door?"

I gulp. "Five twenty-five, sir."

"Hmm." His hands run along my sides, barely touching my skin. Electricity. "Continue."

"Twenty-four Cheval Place. Ring the bell once and wait. Black skirt mid-thigh length, black top, red bra, red suspender belt, bl-"

His fingers grasp at my suspender belt and pull, pinning me against him. "Explain this, slut."

Shit. "I'm sorry, sir. I only had black ones and I didn't have time to-"

His hand travels to my head and grabs a fistful of hair. He pulls back so my head is locked to his shoulder, his lips at my ear. My hands grip at his legs to steady myself.

"So you've disobeyed me twice already. You've come begging to be punished haven't you?"

Colin's other hand wraps around my neck.

"It seems we'll have to work on your obedience."

His grip tightens.

"You'll wear what I tell you. You'll strip when I tell you. You'll speak when I tell you. You'll breathe when I tell you."

He maintains his grip on my neck. Seconds go by. My head starts to feel light. I'm so turned on.


He lets go of my neck. I get a second to gasp for breath before he resumes his grip.

"That's it babygirl, I'll make you a good whore for me. Breathe."

He lets me catch a breath before gripping my neck again.

"Bad whores don't even get to breathe when they want to."

He frees my neck from his grip. I cough and splutter as I catch my breath. He lets go of my hair and steps back. I'm left shaking and regaining my breath. Colin returns to his seat.


I start walking towards him.

"Bad whores don't get to walk on their feet either."

It takes me a second to understand what he means. I drop to my hands and knees and look up at him for approval. He nods his head. I crawl across the floor until I reach his feet and stop. He pats twice on the seat next to him. I climb onto the sofa. His hand wraps loosely around my neck and pulls me until I'm face down, ass up across his lap. One hand rests on my head while the other starts roaming my ass.

"Bad whores get punished."


I gasp from the impact of his hand spanking my ass.

"You will be spanked until your ass is red."


"After your punishment you will be given a chance to please me."


"If you do well, you will be rewarded."


"Do you understand, slut?"


"Yes daddy."

Colin continues his rampage on my ass. I find myself relishing every hit. The pain being masked by how much my pussy aches. I'm desperate for his touch. I can't help but moan. His pace speeds up, his contact spreading all over my ass, down to my thighs, I can't stop myself, I need him.

"Daddy, please."

Colin stops. "Please what?"

"Please, sir." I don't know what to say. I know I can't ask for anything.

Colin's fingers slide along my inner thigh, slowly nearing where I want him most.

"You want to be touched, don't you?"

His fingers travel closer and closer.

"Look how wet you are babygirl. I haven't even touched you and you're leaking all the way down your legs. Such a whore."

Closer and closer.

"Shhh baby you're trembling. You're desperate for daddy's fingers, aren't you?"

I forget to breathe. All I can feel are his fingers edging closer and closer to my throbbing pussy.

"Please" I whisper.

Slap. His hand shocks me as it spanks my ass hard. Colin pushes me down onto my knees on the floor beneath him. He holds my chin up to face him.

"You're a greedy little whore aren't you? You haven't earned your reward yet."

Colin stands up. He pulls his shirt off, revealing his toned body, a trail of dark hair beginning at his chest and disappearing into his jeans. He reaches for his belt and unbuckles it. I watch as he takes his cock out. Its rock hard, girthy, must be about six and a half inches. I want it in my mouth.

"You want my cock, slut?"

I look up at him, my breath pacing, my mouth salivating.

"Yes please, sir."


I start squirming. "Please sir, let me suck you."

Colin begins slowly stroking his cock.

"Daddy, please. Please let me take your cock in my mouth. I want it deep in my throat. I want to be a good whore for you."

He grabs a fistful of my hair and pushes my head towards his balls.

"Earn it, slut."

I eagerly lick at his balls. My tongue lapping at them, my lips surrounding them, moaning around his balls as I lick and suck. His grip tightens on my hair and I can tell that I'm pleasing him. Suddenly he pulls my head back.

"Open your slut mouth."

I open my mouth wide. He thrusts his cock in and pushes my head against him. I choke on his length, my throat gagging on his hard cock. I moan as he pulls out. I can't help but smile up at him. He smiles back down at me.

"You like that babygirl?"

"Yes daddy I love choking on you. Thank you, sir."

"Mmm good girl."

Colin sits down on the sofa.

"Suck me."

Minutes upon minutes pass by as I sit on my knees beneath him. Sucking and licking his balls and cock, choking on his length as I look up at him. Watching him enjoy my mouth makes my pussy throb and ache. I can tell I'm bringing him closer and closer to orgasm.


Colin pulls me up so I'm straddling him on the sofa. He unhooks my bra and lets it fall to the floor. His tongue attacks my tits, licking round and round my erect nipples. He sucks and teases them with is teeth. His hands hold my ass up so that I can't feel his cock beneath me. I find myself rocking my hips regardless.

"You've been a good girl, baby."

"Thank you, daddy."

His hands start kneading my ass.

"It makes you soaking wet sucking your master's cock, doesn't it?"

"So wet, daddy. I'm aching for you."

His teeth clamp down on my nipple as his fingers travel to my pussy. He teases my hole with his finger. My head rolls back as I whimper.

"Is this what you want babygirl?"

He bites at my ear as he plunges a finger into my desperate pussy. I moan out as he holds it inside me, my fingers digging into his neck as I yell out.

"Please daddy please I beg you!"

Colin pulls his finger out and puts it to my lips. I whimper as I open my lips and let it into my mouth. He watches me taste myself on him.


He takes me by the hand and leads me upstairs to the mezzanine. He opens a drawer and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. He stands behind me and cuffs my wrists together before swinging them behind his neck. He kicks my feet apart so that I'm leaning against him, legs spread open, tits sticking out. His hands knead at my tits, pinching at my nipples while my legs tremble and my head rolls back.

"You're mine." He whispers into my ear as his hand slips between my legs. He rubs at my swollen clit with one hand as the other holds me steady against him. I moan and shake under his skillful fingers as his pace gets faster and faster. Suddenly he stops and pushes me away.

"All fours. On the bed."

I climb onto the bed and get on all fours. I feel Colin get behind me. His hands dig into my hips as he thrusts hard inside me. I moan out as he starts pounding into me.

"Take it babygirl, take my cock."

Our moans fill the room as Colin fucks me. I can feel him tensing, I know he's close.

"Daddy, please can your slut take your cum in her mouth?"

Colin moans as he pulls out. He pulls me by the hair onto the floor. I sit up on my knees and look up at him as he strokes his cock.

"Open your slut mouth. Wait for my cum like a whore."

I moan as I open my mouth wide. In seconds, streams of cum splash on my tongue and my face. I leave my mouth open until all his load is on me. I lick my lips and swallow all his cum.

Colin helps me up and frees my wrists from the handcuffs. He pulls me into bed with him and kisses me.

"That's my good slut."

I smile as we drift off to sleep.

"Thank you daddy."

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