tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSasquatch: From the X-Files Ch. 01

Sasquatch: From the X-Files Ch. 01


Mount Baker, National Park August 15th 1993

Mallory Wright was tired and she ached from toe to scalp, yet all that vanished when she looked up and the stars and galaxies spread out before her. "Told you it would be worth it," Brian kissed her gently on the cheek and Mallory smiled. He had told her that and the truth was she kind of didn't believe him but came along anyway, she would have gone anywhere with Brian. They had been dating for three months and this was their first ever hike, Brian had grown up hiking but Mallory was a novice and showed it within the first hour of leaving civilisation for the wild beyond.

"It's just..." Mallory's words trailed off as she continued to stare up at the night sky, "beautiful," she finally said and turned her gaze to Brian, "thank you," she beamed a big smile at him and her stomach filled with butterflies as Brian smiled back. They had set up camp close to the river, here it was languid a smooth glassy surface that was cool and refreshing further up it would become hazardous but they would be heading in another direction by that point right up to the mountain base.

Brian stirred the little pot that hung above the campfire he had built, it was only beans but he was hungry enough that the lack of meat didn't matter. Brian shifted about on his backside the box that held the engagement ring digging in to his fleshy buttocks. He had started to take the box out to move it to a better pocket when Mallory had finally turned her eyes from skywards back to earth. He moved back from the small fire pit and leaned against an old log he had pulled up from the water's edge, the sleeping bag beneath him, opened out and making the pebbly shore a little more comfortable to sit on. Mallory sat down next him and rested her head on his shoulder, she yawned loudly, "Tired out?" Brian asked stifling his own yawn.

"What do you think?" Mallory replied she was ready to fall asleep right next to Brian the tent though only a few feet away seemed miles away right about now. She closed her eyes and rested one hand on Brian's chest feeling his heart beating beneath her fingers. Mallory took a deep intake of breath another yawn building inside her then sat up, her breath held in her chest, "what's that smell?" she asked wrinkling her nose. A strange sickly sweet smell had drifted over an undercurrent of rot beneath it.

Brian sniffed the air He could smell the pines and the firs on the gentle breeze though overpowered by the cooking beans and the burning wood. "All I smell are the beans and the fresh open air."

Mallory swallowed hard the smell making her whole face draw in as if she had bitten a lemon, "no it's really sweet, but rotten too." She knew it made no real sense and seeing that Brian was not making a fuss about it she started to assume it was what Brian was referring to as fresh air, the smell of the wild, which perhaps it was, she had already seen more flowers that she had ever seen before their smells wild and almost exotic away from the city. "It's probably just another flower or something," she said only half believing what she was saying as she placed her head back on Brian's shoulder and closed her eyes.

The smell still lingered though now Mallory thought it was merely the forest and felt little concern over it, she put it down to tiredness she suddenly felt so languid, relaxed and oddly excited. Her stomach had filled with butterflies, her nipples were erect and she blushed as she realised that her panties felt damp. Mallory was not one for overt displays of love let alone passion, even kissing in public she found to be a little crude so why was she feeling so terribly excited now out here in the wilderness. Brian caught his breath making Mallory open her eyes, even she was surprised to find her hand had drifted from Brian's chest to his groin and his rather erect cock that strained at his shorts. Mallory's brain told her to move her hand away, but only weakly there was another part of her that was awake and filled with enough heat that it made her whole body feel as if it were on fire.

Brian could not believe his luck, one minute Mallory seemed to be drifting off to sleep the next she was stroking his cock through his shorts, when he felt her stir next to him, her head lifting from his shoulder he expected the impromptu fumbling to come to an end, instead Mallory undid his shorts, popping the button free at the waist and unzipping the front. He bit his bottom lip as he watched her hand slip in, taking hold of his briefs and pulling them down, his cock slapping against him as it popped free.

Mallory was almost panting, her heart thudded in her chest and she licked her dry lips her eyes fixing on Brian's hard cock as it came free of his briefs. Brian let out a soft sigh as Mallory wrapped one hand around his warm shaft pulling back his foreskin as she took hold of him. Mallory's mind feebly argued with her to stop, a small weak part of her told her that what she was doing was wrong and she knew it was true but at the same time that burning spot told her how badly she needed it and that there was no use in trying to stop it.

Brian felt as if he were in heaven, this was not like Mallory this was someone else. He had accepted the whole kissing in public thing Mallory was worth it, it was a quirk and not a terrible one at that. But now here they were next to a river out in the wilderness with Mallory stroking his cock for the whole world to see. "what..." he started to say as Mallory lowered her head, her short blonde hair blocking out the view but the sensation told Brian all he needed to know. Mallory's tongue flicked across his cock head then he felt her lips against his shaft and the warmth of her mouth as she took him slowly in.

Mallory worked Brian's cock slowly in her mouth while one hand cupped his balls, her other hand had found its way between her legs ad was rubbing furiously at her shorts as she ground down on her hand. She sat up taking in a deep breath of air letting Brian's wet cock slap back against him, the sickly sweet smell had returned, though stronger now it stuck in her throat, numbed her brain to the panic that had been creeping up, creeping up like the figure that now stood a few feet behind them. It was a lust for this man that she felt, Brian was getting her reaction but not for long.

Mallory stood up and stepped between Brian and the fire. He smiled at her like a loon, his head grasping his slick cock as Mallory began to undo her checked top, "baby we should have done this a long time ago." He said lustily, Mallory glanced down at him then looked straight ahead, Brian stopped stroking his cock realising that her attention was not on him, "Mallory?" He said his lust edged out by caution, "Mallory?" he said more sternly, still no response as she stared straight ahead, her top now unbuttoned, her milky white stomach and her bra visible.

Brian turned his head looking over his shoulder. Shorts and briefs dropping he stumbled to his feet his hard cock losing all its rigidity as fear took hold of him. The figure was far enough from the camp fire that no discernible detail could be made out, but it was tall far taller than Brian's six foot three stature and wider. "We don't want any trouble," Brian said his voice trembling he stood between the figure and Mallory, he could feel Mallory behind him moving about, Brian chanced a look and gasped as Mallory undid her own shorts letting them fall to the ground, "What are you doing?" he asked her.

The figure moved forward, the camp fire picking out small details, broad shoulders, thick arms and large hands and dark hair on almost the entire frame thick and matted in places another large step forward and Brian paled at the sight, it's broad chest was hairless and a deep red in the camp light but what made him shrink back was the large erect penis between its legs. It jutted up, impossibly long and thick, the head a bright pink beacon that oozed vicious liquid that made the entire length of the penis glisten as it oozed down the shaft then in a long ribbon to the ground. Brian opened his mouth to speak but the figure moved with lithe speed and within two steps it had cleared the log, one long arm reaching out as it did so grabbing Brian around the throat lifting him off his feet. The face was almost human a broad flat nose with lips and chin that protruded out, the eyes bored into Brian the fire light reflecting in them. Its mouth opened teeth dark and rotten in places now visible as it grunted at Brian. Brian turned his head away from the foul breath.

Mallory watched with fascination, she knew what was happening was not right that she should flee and call for help but all she could do was watch and feel more excitement build in her. Brian was off the ground in front of her, the giant lifting him with ease with one hand, she had gasped as it had approached with fluid speed upon seeing its huge penis her body aching suddenly for the giant more than it had for Brian.

The beast grunted and 'hrumped' at Brian, a deep clicking that seemed to emanate from the back of its throat playing out over the grunting. Brian gasped for air as the large hand tightened around his throat his leg knocking against the things penis a fever hot mass that left behind fluid on his skin. Brian had no chance to scream as the beast reached back with its free hand and rammed it forward with shocking speed ripping into Brian's stomach and passing all the way through. The giant hand protruded from Brian's back covered in blood and flesh the force showering Mallory in blood.

The giant threw Brian to one side the body landing with a lifeless thud. Mallory looked up at the giant it towered over her small frame, one hand dripping blood it grunted at Mallory. Mallory removed her blood spattered top, her bra quickly followed her small breasts pale in the night her nipples two pink hard nubs. Mallory discarded her panties and placed one of her hands on her sex feeling her labia puffed, parted and wet. The giant's blood soaked hand closed around Mallory's throat, and moved her away from the flames and pushing her to the ground.

Mallory got onto all fours her hips grinding at the air she was so worked up, she felt the giant behind her, felt it's rough hands on her backside then her hips, she parted her legs willingly as one hand left her hips. She gasped as she felt the hard head of its cock spread her labia, she moaned out loudly as it pushed forward stretching her wide and burying itself deep with one stroke. One giant hand gripped her neck, its fingers and thumb meeting around the front with ease. There was nothing intimate about this meeting no slow build up, the giant began to fuck Mallory with deep quick thrusts she gasped when she could though the grip around her throat slowly tightened until breathing became impossible.

Mallory felt as if her sex was being torn apart, the rigid thick cock had spread her wider than anything she had had before, it's length plumbed her depths with each vicious thrust she wanted to stop, it had to stop it was all so wrong, yet the smell and the burning in her told her it was all so right so much so that Mallory pushed back on the giant feeding more of his cock into her even as she struggled for her last breath.

Mallory's body dropped forward limp and lifeless as the beast sped up its thrusting, the hand around the dead woman's throat gripped harder still as it's thrusts sped up until the final moment, it let out a deep growl as it's cock spasmed and it unloaded deep into the woman. It pulled out of her, grunting and clicking at her, one hand pushed at the pale backside and the rest of her body crumpled on the pebbles, it let out a mournful cry and it tried again to awaken the woman. It rose to its feet grunting to itself as it moved back into the woods and back to its home.

Snohomish County, Washington. August 24th 1993

"Sasquatch!" Scully said rather pointedly, she looked over at her partner in the passenger seat, a goofy smile on his face and an open file on his lap. "As in Bigfoot?"

"The very same, sightings around here are common. Though human interactions are incredibly rare and attacks are unheard of, until now." Mulder flipped back through to the front of the manila folder. Photocopied in triplicate, along with the original were two police reports and one Bureau report which amounted to nothing more than a few scattershot paragraphs that read like someone could not give a damn when filling out the report. "Attack one happened third August, a Mrs Jeanette Flower forty five years old, she was found with her neck broken," Mulder pointed at a spot on a map that he had spread out, "her husband's body was found two days later floating down river, what was left of it anyway." His finger traced a thin blue line and came to rest.

Scully had heard all this on the flight in, Mulder had given no clues away in their little office beneath FBI headquarters only a cheeky smile and raised eyebrows. "Attack two a week later, Miss Mallory Wright found with neck broken, her boyfriend found close by with extreme trauma to his abdomen," extreme trauma was a more palatable way of saying that his guts had been ripped out.

Mulder pointed to another spot on the map and tapped it, Scully noticed not much more than a mile from the first attack. "Very good Scully I can see why you rated first in your class at Quantico." Mulder's eyes moved over the map taking in terrain that consisted mostly of woods and mountains. "Sasquatch sightings around these parts are some of the highest in the country. Photographs, video footage they even have a little museum in the town you might want to check it out."

Scully spared another glance at her partner then turned back to the road shaking her head, "I have no doubt you have already put it on our itinerary."

Kendall's Corner was a small thriving town, one that relied on the ski season more than any other like all the other towns dotted around the foothills of Mount Baker. Scully parked the dark salon car in the small car park of the low single floor building Police station glass door's making it inviting rather than threatening. As Mulder climbed from the car the glass door's parted and a woman in drab khaki and green police uniform stepped out, her chestnut hair tied back in a vicious bun and make up in neutral tones that made her green eyes stand out. "Agent Mulder," The officer called going down the three steps to the car park hand extending as she spoke.

Mulder met the hand shake and was surprised at how firm the officer's grip was, "Sheriff Haskell?"

Sarah Haskell nodded, "That's me, I'm glad you finally made it." She had been stood by the front doors to the station since nine that morning, by noon she was getting uneasy she was going to leave it another hour before calling up and was heading to her office to make that call when she saw the car drive down Main Street and turn into the car park. Walter had promised her the best she only hoped he was not lying. Sarah shook the hand of the red headed agent that she almost towered over at six feet tall. "In truth I was getting a bit concerned you weren't going to turn up."

Mulder exchanged a look with Scully, "When someone knows the FBI are coming they usually hope we don't turn up."

"Count me in the other camp then, the more help the better if you want the truth. Mallory Wright's family are starting to get a little hostile with regards the releasing of her body." In truth hostile was an understatement, Mallory's father had gone from rage to nervous breakdown over the course of one heated phone call with Sarah late last night.

Scully nodded, she fully understood what the family would be going through, though she had expected to get to their motel room first it seemed they were jumping right into the fire on this one, "Well let's see if we can speed things up for them, we were told the bodies were interned with your local mortician."

"Yes they are I can get Billy to drive you there and back." Sarah replied as they walked towards the glass doors.

Mulder watched Scully drive off in a police car driven by someone who looked too young to drive let alone carry a side arm, "Billy may look young but he's a damn good cop, give him another couple of years you might see him in Quantico." Sarah said, she had seen both the agents' expression when Billy Carver had appeared from behind the front desk, black hair gelled down and face whisker free, his boyish charm worked against him less than it did for him. Plenty of drunks had mistaken him for a pushover until he had them on the ground, cuffed and squealing.

Sarah took Mulder down the road, on their walk she spoke a little about the town in-between waves and hellos to locals that they passed. Mulder got the sense of a very close community and one that knew trouble was brewing. Their sideways glances at Mulder and the whispering that followed soon after and he knew they had him marked out as an agent, not difficult in his suit and long dark coat. "How long have you been sheriff?" Mulder asked just after another local had said afternoon to them.

"Four years now, the mayor's a little concerned I'll be after his job next," she said smiling at Mulder, "though right now I have my hands full." Four murders in fewer than three weeks were more than Kendall's corner would see in a year and everyone including Mayor William Buckley was looking to her for answers. Only Buckley was taking a little too much enjoyment in watching her squirm.

They stopped outside a small café and Sarah went inside while Mulder found a table outside, he took his coat off and sat down enjoying the feeling of the August sun on his face. He chanced the moment to close his eyes and let his mind wander; it was a rare occasion and felt a little guilty that he was sat here while Scully was off dissecting two cadavers. When he opened his eyes again Sheriff Haskell was placing two Styrofoam cups on the table.

Mulder took a sip of coffee, tasting Styrofoam more than the weak blend that burnt his tongue. "How do you know Skinner?" he asked. The way the case was given to them Mulder knew that Skinner had some vested interest in it his hunch was verified by the way Skinner said Sarah Haskell's name, it was one of remembering. Mulder did not pick at Skinner there and then, he was just happy to be out from under the microscope again.

"My dad went to Quantico back in the day, they were close friends," Sarah said, she smiled at the memory of her father, "Last time I saw him was at my Dad's funeral, he kept in touch for a few years I guess time and work caught up and I heard less and less from him. If it wasn't for Walter I doubt you would be here."

Mulder pushed the Styrofoam cup to one side nonchalantly "How so?"

Sarah shrugged and moved her own cup and leaned in to speak not wanting anyone else to hear her berate the Federal Bureau "The local FBI office did not want to know. Some from the sticks sheriff calls claiming Bigfoot is raping and murdering women. We had one agent come out look at the paperwork and said it was a local matter."

Mulder could guess the rest, one phone call to an old friend sitting high up in the Bureau and the case suddenly gets put on Mulders desk, it was one heck of a play to get Mulder and Scully out of Washington, "And he we are."

"Here you are!" Sarah leaned back, she felt bad for unloading on Mulder but she had been left feeling like a silly child. "To be honest I don't agree with the whole bigfoot thing, it's just that after seeing the state of those bodies as well as the prints," she let out a long sigh, "if it's not big foot then it's aliens, which one would you believe?" she asked Mulder.

Mulder smiled at the question, "You really don't want to know my answer."

Sheriff Haskell's Office, Kendall's Corner Police station

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