Satin knew he was heading her way. He had called her earlier before she had gotten home to leave a short and to the point message on her answering machine saying, "Be ready at midnight. I will be there." He left no name and no return number cause he didn't have to. She knew his voice anywhere.

The anger and resentment she felt at his domination made her want to leave the house to make sure she missed their appointment, But then the lust and slight fear of punishment made her slowly get ready to accept him.

Satin always had been an independent woman till she had met her Master a year ago. He had come into her life when relationships with other men seems to boring to even try to find anyone more then an occasional sex partner. She had meet him at a party, feeling his eyes watching her as she had fun with her friends and teased all the men around without caring about their feelings. Her attitude toward men made her pity them, which caused her teasing to sometimes be almost out of out of control, usually ending up with a male or two calling her " Bitch" that night.

She had known he was there all night watching her, she had seen him talking to a few people here and there but he never seemed to take his eyes off her for two long. In her mind she knew he was her prize of the night to crush. She was waiting for him to make the move to come to her. Although she had hesitation cause for some reason in the back of her mind that night she had felt shivers of fear warning her that this man wasn't the same as others. Every once in awhile goosebumps would appear on her skin as she was talking to her friends and she knew his eyes were only on her. It even surprised her he never approached her. Just watched.

Finally after a while of feeling tension and excitement Coursing through her and her not knowing how to handle it by this mans attention, she excused herself to go to the bathroom. She had slowly walked out of the room never looking around to see if any one knew she was leaving, but she knew he was watching her, which made her quicken her step to escape. She chided herself for feeling weak and vulnerable of a man watching her, but then again she knew deep down he wasn't like other men.

Making her way down the hallway to the private bedroom of her best friend, Satin walked in and closed the door, taking a deep breath and feeling safe for a moment. Satin looked around the quiet room and noticed her friends bed. Her huge bed took up most of the room but it was so beautiful that she could see why her friend bought it. It was a canopy with deep dark wood and lace to cover the top and also the thick blankets where you lay. The urge to lay on it was almost to much to resist but Satin had not wanted to mess up the perfection of it by wrinkling it. Sighing to herself she walked away from the door and headed in the bathroom around to the other side of the room, passing the bed as she gave one last long look at it before walking in the bathroom and shutting the door.

To escape the party that night had been a must cause she had wanted to be alone and dwell on her boredom, so being in the bathroom away from everyone she felt she could grab a few moments of solitude. Her boredom with everything at that time had been concerning her for awhile. She didn't know if she would be able to shake herself out of it and it seemed to be affecting every part of her life. Even that night she remembered being bored at her friends party, which at one time she would have enjoyed herself immensely. Hence teasing the men almost to the point of anger on their part.

As she was lost in thought she hadn't heard the bedroom door open or close shut. Most of it cause she had had the water running to where finally when she had turned it off everything seemed normal. Drying her hands off with the towel next to her on the rack. , Satin looked at herself in the mirror and took another deep breath to rejoin the party, already thinking of what excuse she could give to leave early

Opening the door to the darken bedroom, she reached over and clicked off the light. making the bedroom so dark it was to hard to see. Satin stood still and let her eyes adjust to her darken surroundings. Suddenly feeling goosebumps lift up on her skin, causing her to shiver.

Blinking her eyes quickly to see what gave her a sudden fear, she finally was able to make out a shadow in the corner of the room. It had been a man. A tall man.

A lump had formed in her throat as she quickly looked over at the door for escape, feeling fear of the intruder.

Finally he spoke

"Seems you needed some time for yourself Satin"

She looked quickly back at him wondering who he was talking to. Confused and unable to talk, she looked behind her as if she expected someone to be standing in the doorway of the bathroom named Satin. Seeing no one of course she realized again she was alone with a strange man in a room far away from the party. Her fear built up to where she looked back around to him and watched him as she slowly started to ease toward the door.

He watched her make a few steps before speaking again.

"Its locked. It will take you a moment to open it before you can escape Satin. "

That made her stop in her tracks wondering why he used the word "escape" and why he kept calling her Satin.

She just stared at him for a moment as she felt like a mouse under a cats watch. This finally making her angry for making her feel weak and scared.

"My name is NOT Satin, " she told him as she lifted her head to stare at him in the eyes.

He looked at her for a moment then to her surprise she could make out a slight twitch in his mouth as he replied.

"It is Now. "

Rage went through her at his statement. His audacity made her want to strike him but she was smart enough to know not to move cause his size was clearly bigger then hers. She looked quickly at the door as she took another step toward it.

"What's wrong Satin? Do you want to rejoin the party to play with those men again that seems to give you so much power?"

She was so mad she couldn't answer him, wanting to leave him and the party as soon as possible. She wouldn't admit to herself though that he was right about her playing with the other men and the power it gave her, she just wanted out. She finally reached the door and put her hands on the door knob turning it and pulling it as quickly as she could. He hadn't lied. It was locked.

Fumbling with the little lock on the door knob her hands began to sweat which made it more difficult to turn. She almost cried out in frustration but went suddenly still when she felt his heat from his body on her back.

"Your like a prey, breathing heavy and scared as the hawk watches you from the sky aren't you Satin. Your scared to move yet scared to stay. Your pupils are probably dilated and your heart is beating a mile a minute. I bet your emotions are so mixed up you cant even define what they are. But I can for you Satin. I can make you understand yourself better. " he stated as she felt warm air hit her hair along her ear as he slightly whispered to her.

"You are scared, angry, aroused and violent. Then realization comes that there is no where to go and this makes you almost insane, but you know there is no escape. In this case you know I have the power now and there is nothing you can do and it slowly starts to dawn on you. Causing a lump in your throat cause you rather die then admit that really you don't want to escape. " he continued as his hands lifted to come to her sides lightly holding her as she couldn't breath from his words and his touch. Every nerve ending in her body came alive as she felt his hands on her so big and warm. Holding her there.

Still feeling anger of losing control of the situation she started to wiggle to get away from him, even though her body was reacting to his touch. She knew at that moment he was the man watching her all night. Although she cant figure out just how she knew, it seemed her body did.

"Stop wiggling" he commanded to her softly but sternly.

For some reason she stopped, surprised at how he commanded her so easily, then she slowly started to understand. He was right she didn't want to leave, she wanted to know what he was going to do next. With this realization she bowed her head.

"You made the right choice Satin" he praised her as he accepted her submission.

She still fought with herself in her mind about giving into him so easily. She knew she wouldn't be like this everyday to any man. In her mind she rationalized it that she would never see him again and accepted it better to be commanded this one time.

He slowly moved his hands down her waist to her hips, a jolt went through her as she felt herself moisten. In her mind she kept saying over and over, " how is this happening so fast, I don't even know this man" but her body was her betrayer. taking over as he kept moving his hands down her hips to her thighs.

"Don't think about it Satin, cause we both know your body will make the choice" he whispered to her as if reading her mind. This shocked her making her resist some by wiggling again.

"I said Satin, don't move. " he commanded a little louder in her ear gripping her thighs to him as she shook her head in a NO direction. She wanted this to stop she told herself although her hips lightly started to grind on him.

"Its no use Satin, we both know where this is going, accept and enjoy, you know this is what you have been wanting all night. " he told her as his hands reached under her skirt to feel her soft warm thighs.

"No " she said weakly trying to fight her urges to allow him to take over but her body was being the more powerful as she felt her pussy start to get even more wet.

"Yes " he replied back as he continued to move his hands up inside her skirt bringing his fingers toward the front and skim over her panties.

"Please " she said trying to put one more effort in stopping him. , although it dawned to her she now didn't want him to stop any more, even if she had to say it to make her accept better.

He laughed lightly as his fingers moved down in between her legs to feel over her panties at her pussy.

"And I will Satin, I will please you as you will want to please me. "

She felt goosebumps rise again as she shivered from his words. Lost in the feeling of being taken over. She didn't feel like an independent woman any more, she felt like a basic animal letting the male play with her and do as he pleased. This excited her like nothing before has.

"Unbutton your blouse Satin and slip it off" he told her

Slowly without words or resistance she moved her hands up to do as he told her. Unbuttoning each button and finally slipping it off to let it fall to the floor.

"Now your bra" he continued to command. The whole time his fingers working over her panties to trace her pussy lips and the band of the panties to the side. He was driving her crazy and she was willing to do anything to feel his fingers slid under the panties to her pussy.

She quickly unhooked her bra from the front and slipped it off letting it meet her shirt on the floor. Her hands moved back down to her sides as she waited for what he was going to do next.

"Now Satin I want you to do two things for me and I want this done with out a word said. Do you understand?" he asked

She shook her head cause she couldnt have spoken even if he asked her to. Her body was so turned on and her pussy was throbbing so bad she knew she would do ANYTHING he wanted just to get release. Noticing again her accepting what he said he went on.

"I want you to lift your hands up and hold then over your head on the door, and spread your legs. You will Not move from this position no matter what do you understand?"

She quickly shook her head in the yes motion and moved her body in the position he wanted, noticing her ass was stuck out further for him to play with, making her pussy more available to him.

He watched her and she could almost feel his satisfaction at her submission which surprised her that it made her feel so good.

"Next thing is NO matter what I say you will agree and you will NOT disobey me. Do you understand?"

This caused her to hesitate as a little bit of sanity came over her. He noticed her resistance and moved his hands over her pussy lips adding a little more pressure making her moan as tingles went through her body

"Do you Understand?" he repeated

Bowing her head yet again she shook it giving her submission.

"Good Girl" he replied as he moved his fingers to the edge of her panties to slide one then two fingers inside feeling her soft hair and warm skin. She moaned and closed her eyes.

He reached down with his head and kissed softly on her neck as she moved it to the side to give him better access to it. His mouth was so warm making her shudder as his hands moved slowly toward her pussy lips. He started to bite her neck softly as he met his target under her panties and slid his fingers up and down the lips making her moan. Hearing her moan he growled as he slid a finger in between her lips feeling her moist pussy and skimming over the top of her clit. He fingers soaked with her pussy juice.

Her nipples became hard as she felt her body tingle from him playing with her clit. She moaned as she felt them harden like she never felt before.

"Spread your legs more" he told her as he moved his finger down more to slid it near the opening of her vagina.

She quickly did as she was told making it easier to for him to slid his finger in her pussy. Her nails sliding down the door some over her head.

He quickly moved his hand away from her pussy to slap her on the ass for moving her hands above her head.

"Do not. . . . move Satin" he whispered roughly in her ear as she stood still in shock from the slight pain and his voice of his displeasure.

The hurt she felt which caused her eyes to water some was only a little from the pain but it was in making his disappointed in her more. She stood still immediately, Hoping he wasn't so displeased in her that he would stop.

Making her wait a moment in punishment he didn't continue doing anything, just stood there behind her silently. She stood silent too cursing herself in her mind for not doing as he said.

"Do you want me to continue Satin " he asked

She couldn't speak she was scared she might not say what he wants to hear.

"Answer me Satin. . . do you want me to continue" he asked her with more authority in his voice

She shook her head quickly in the yes motion hoping that was what he wanted.

"Then Beg me satin, plead with me to continue" he said

She stood completely still not knowing if she could do as he told her. she has never begged in her life for anything and the lump he told her she would have was forming in her throat. She knew she stood before this man aroused half naked with her pussy wet and her nipples hard with wanting him herself vulnerable, but the words would make it final, and she didn't know if she could do this.

"Beg me satin or I leave you like this" he told her as he slowly started to back away from her, which she felt from the cool air hitting her back.

Her pride went away quickly as she felt fear of him leaving her

"Please fuck me. . . please" she begged out loud to him hoping again this is what he wanted to hear.

"Louder Satin. . . beg me Louder" he stated

With a shaky voice and a willing soul she stated louder " Please fuck me"

A moment of silence went by before he accepted what she said

"Good Girl" he replied as she heard a slight sound of his zipper come down

Her pussy throbbed harder as she heard the zipper go down and the soft sound of his pants falling to the floor.

She felt him move again to her feeling his warmth as it hit her back, his hands moving to lift her skirt quickly above her waist as he positioned his cock next to her ass cheeks. The heat from it almost made Satin faint as waited for what she has been wanting all night. cause now she realised this was what she wanted.

Moving the head of his cock to the opening over her pussy as her juices slicked it up he grabbed her hips to position her to accept him. He teased her by playing with the opening of her pussy, the soft head moving just a little in and out as she moaned desperately for him to slid it in her.

With the tip of his cock moist from her he paused, leaned his head down to her neck and softly bit her as He pushed every bit of his cock inside her in one quick motion, Making her scream out as he filled her completely up making no room for anything but him. Holding her tight he slammed in and out of her as she tried to breath. Her moans becoming loud as she felt herself build quickly.

She had never felt this kind of animalistic sex. It made her wild and made her want to cum quickly and hard.

He pumped her hard as she lost her sight and closed her eyes, her body going places she never felt before as he held her roughly slamming in and out of her. Her breast moved up and down quickly from the power of the motion he was putting on her. She finally couldn't even moan any more as he relentlessly moved behind her. Her ass cheeks taking a beating from his hips. She felt herself building harder as her body got ready to cum. She could feel him start to swell too when all of a sudden on the brick he stopped and pulled her close to his body holding her tight.

"What is your name" he demanded with a harsh whisper

Confusion took over as she told him her given name

He moved slowly a little out of her as he demanded again

"NO. . . what is your name"

Feeling fear at not saying the right answer she paused as her mind cleared just a little to give him what he wanted.

"Satin " she whispered brokenly for her breathing was coming fast " Satin" she stated again to make sure he heard.

With her answer he slid back in some but didn't continue to move. Her body crying out for release almost in pain as she groaned with agony wanting him to give her this release.

Very slowly he moved his lips next to her ear and asked

"Who is your Master Satin" with a whisper.

It all dawned on her then what was happening, this was not to be a one time fuck for her this was to be his game for as long as he wanted. She was to be his. She felt her heart swell and her body tingle as she thought of what giving her self would be for her from now on. She knew he was serious and although it slightly scared her she knew she had no control cause this is what she has been waiting for.

With a bowed head again she opened her mouth to say the words that has changed her life since then

"You are my Master" she said loud enough to please him

With that statement he pushed all the way inside her and pumped in her as he held her tightly. Which was good cause her legs were so weak they wouldn't have been able to hold herself up Her body screamed with sexual gratification as it felt its Master take control and allow her to finally make its release. She could hear in her ear as he breathed hard making them both have pleasure beyond belief while he pumped his cock in her. Her body was ready as she again felt him swell. he pushed harder and harder to where again she couldn't breath, her last moan came when he told her with no uncertainty

"Cum NOW Satin"

With those words her pussy throbbed and her legs heated up as she felt jolts go through her body. She felt him explode inside her as they came together. Nothing or no one was on their minds as he pumped all his cum in her making her really his. Her pussy tightening on his cock to suck what he was giving her. Finally sucking him dry.

One last pump and he leaned against her as she was pushed to the door to hold them up. Both gathering their breath they stood there for a moment, with him finally gathering his senses first. He moved his hands up from her waist to grab her breast softly and squeeze as he nibbled softly on her neck. Her eyes still closed she moaned from her breast being touched as he moved his fingers over the nipples.

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