tagRomanceSatin and Ice

Satin and Ice


As you walk through the door, I immediately greet you with a kiss. No words, just a kiss on the mouth. Deep, slow, and passionate. I wrap my arms around you and my hands are exploring your body, grabbing and squeezing your ass, your neck, pulling you into me. As you lean in to my kiss, I stop suddenly, turn you around, and press you against the wall. I bite your neck and your ear, and pull your arms behind you. I bind your wrists, and then put a blindfold over your eyes. I pick you up in my arms and carry you to the bedroom, and I set you down.

You stand before me, unsure of what's happening. I still don't speak, but you can smell the candles I've lit. I untie your hands and slowly undress you. I unbutton your shirt and slip it off of you, kissing your collarbone, your neck, pushing your bra strap down your shoulder. I nibble, gentle nips of your skin, just to make you gasp a bit, and you smile.

I kiss you again, and unzip your knee-length pencil skirt. It falls to the ground, and you stand in front of me, still blindfolded, in a lacy bra and matching boyshorts with a garter belt and thigh-highs with high heels. I note, with amusement, that you wore your panties over your garter belt. For the first time, I speak. "You've been ready for this, haven't you?" You bit your lip and nod. We both know how horny you are.

I unclasp your bra, and your breasts are free. I lay you down on the bed and bind each wrist to a post on the bed. As I straddle you, I kiss you again as my hands begin exploring your breasts. I kiss your neck, your collarbone, and down your breastbone to your breast. I kiss and gently bite all around your breasts before I reach your nipple, which I take into my mouth and begin to suckle. I bite gently, pulling and pinching, before switching to your other breast and offering the same ministrations.

I pull away and roll off of you. You're lying there, naked from the waist up, wrists bound to the bed, breathing heavily and heart racing. I can see a damp spot in your crotch, revealing how turned on you really are. Suddenly, something presses against your lips. You open your mouth, and you taste the sweetness of a chocolate-covered strawberry. You take a bite, and I trace along your breasts with the rest of the berry, then lick and suck the juice off. I put it in my mouth and kiss you again, and we share the rest of the treat while our tongues intertwine. I pull away again, and you lie there, waiting for something to happen.

Now I'm at your feet. I remove your heels, and my hands slide up your legs. Between your thighs, I begin to kiss you, slowly moving higher. As I approach your mound, I breathe deeply, inhaling the scent of your sex. I kiss your panty-clad pussy and drag my teeth over as you squirm. My fingers dance along the waistband of your panties and slowly begin sliding them down while I kiss your thighs. You raise your hips and I slide your panties off of you, revealing your sex. You shyly cross your legs, trying to cover yourself, but I slowly slide my hand between your legs and you start to relax. You feel my fingers begin to explore your sex, sliding slowly into your wet pussy. My mouth finds your breast again, and you gasp. I have an ice cube in my mouth.

I slide one finger, then another, into your pussy, and feel you getting wetter. I use two fingers to fuck you, beckoning along your g-spot as I grind my palm against your clit. You're thrusting your hips to match my rhythm and moaning in such a sexy way. I stop playing with your breasts, your nipples standing erect from the arousal and icy stimulation I've provided. With my right hand still servicing you, I blow across your breasts, giving you goosebumps. You're writhing with pleasure and moaning. I slide down between your legs and continue to finger fuck you while I begin to lick along your slit and up to your clit. I circle around your button, listening to you respond. As I sense you're growing close to orgasm, I take your clit into my mouth and begin to suck, flicking it with my tongue while I stimulate your g-spot with my fingers.

You begin to shake and I feel your pussy spasm on my fingers. I increase my speed and you begin to cum all over my hand and beard as I suck up your sweet sexy nectar. Once your orgasm fades and you catch your breath, I kiss you again, and you taste yourself on my lips and tongue. I slide one finger, then another, into your mouth and you suck them clean, biting down gently when I pull them away. Next another sweet treat, another strawberry. You savor the treat as I kiss your cheek and neck. You're so beautiful that I just can't stop worshipping your body, your beautiful face, your wonderful skin. I want to remove the blindfold to look into your eyes, but the time isn't right. I give you a drink of champagne and kiss your mouth again, with passion and fervor, as if you had the antidote to a poison. You're a beautiful, perfect woman, and I can't wait any longer.

I press my cock against your lips, and you open your mouth and begin to suck my hard dick, your tongue teasing and tracing along the head, before opening wider and taking more of it into your mouth. As you begin to deep throat me and choke a little bit, I smack your tits. I pinch your nipples and you moan at the painful pleasure. I roll your hips to the side, and begin to spank your sexy ass with my hand. I leave a series of red handprints across your wonderful ass, and you squeal with my cock in your mouth at each delightful shock of discipline.

I pull my cock out of your mouth as you protest. "No, my dear, I want to fuck you." You bite your lip again - it's such a sexy look, I just melt when I see it - and nod. You're pouting a little, but also eager for me to fill you. I position myself between your legs, and slide the head of my cock along the slit of your pussy and up to your clit. You're raising your hips to meet me, to encourage me to enter, but still I tease you. I enjoy making you wait. I enjoy drawing it out. I don't want our time to end, so I make it last as long as I can. Finally, I relent, and I slide my cock slowly, deeply, inside of you. It's a wonderful feeling, my cock inside of you. I lean on my elbows above you, and again I kiss you. I can't stop kissing you. I slowly slide my cock in and out of your pussy as we kiss, as I bite your lips, nibble on your earlobe, as I smell your hair and make a memory of how perfect you are.

I lean back, on my knees, and begin to fuck you faster, my cock like a piston inside your pussy, my balls slapping your ass each time I thrust back home. I begin to rub your clit with my thumb and you begin to writhe again. Your breathing is faster, your breaths shallow, as your second orgasm builds. "Yes. Yes. Fuck yes." you say as I fuck you hard and fast. "Almost. So close. Don't stop." With each thrust you utter out a word, "I. Want. Your. Cum. Fill. Me. Fuck. Me. Yes. Give. Me. Your. Cum." You scream as your pussy tightens like a vice on my cock and another orgasm captures you. My orgasm is right behind, and I cum inside of you, filling you with each thrust. Three. Four. Fives ropes inside of you before I'm spent, and you're gasping for breath. I lay down beside you, and untie your wrists and remove the blindfold, and stare into your eyes. There is so much unspoken between us, but you kiss me again. before moving down and taking my cock in your mouth, tasting both of us. You kiss me again and share and play with my cock and ask, "Can we go again?"

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by Anonymous

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by Richie411007/15/18

Not much story

I don't believe you intended to offer a story as much as create sex scene. You obviously have some writing skills and I encourage you to try more with the story line and keep the sex to a supporting role.more...

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