tagErotic CouplingsSatisfaction At Midnight

Satisfaction At Midnight


I looked up at the stars which filled the night sky as I waited for the stoplight to turn to green. It was a perfect fall evening, the crisp air reminding me that the leaves would soon begin to change colour on the trees. As the light changed, I twisted the throttle on my Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The engine roared as I pulled away from the intersection. The cool air making the loud rumble coming from the pipes sound even deeper than usual.

It was around ten o'clock as I turned into the all night grocery store. I was planning on picking up a few things then head home to watch a late night movie. Not that I really wanted to do that. I was pretty bored and wishing I could find some action, but the streets were quiet and it looked like I was shit out of luck.

I came to a stop right in front of the store. As I climbed off the bike, I looked around at the near empty lot. It was clear that the store would be almost empty of customers. Little did I know that my life was about to change forever. I was about to enter into an experience unlike anything I've ever had.

There was only one cash open, and the cashier was sitting on a stool, reading a novel. She glanced briefly in my direction before going back to her reading. 'What a job,' I thought to myself as I headed towards the back of the store, 'I'd go nuts.'

I grabbed a carton of milk and made my way over to the fruit and vegetable section. That was when I saw her for the first time. I stopped dead in my tracks, caught off guard at the beautiful woman leaning over the vegetable rack.

She was about 5'3" tall with an hourglass figure. Her wavy, dark brown hair fell down almost to her shoulders. Even though her back was to me, I just knew immediately that she would have a beautiful face. She was wearing a tight, red mini-skirt and a black shirt.

I stood still, watching her. She was bent over reaching for something. My heart was racing. My body responding to this vision in front of me. I considered my options, wondering what I should do. I knew exactly what action I wanted to take at that moment. I wanted to walk over to her and invite her back to my place, but doubted that she would respond to my request. As if I would be lucky enough to meet a beautiful woman in a grocery store late at night who was willing to go back to my place. She was likely a hard working married woman who needed to get home to a very lucky husband. I was only partially right in my assessment.

I moved towards her, pretending to be focused on the aisles of fruits and vegetables. My eyes remained focused on her incredible body, or at least what I could see of it. She was examining a couple of cucumbers, oblivious to the horny biker watching her.

I paused about twenty feet from her, standing facing the same aisle as she was in front of. I glanced over at her, trying to not look obvious in my desire to see what the rest of her looked like.

The first thing I noticed was her incredible breasts. The tight black shirt she was wearing accentuated her amazing shape. It was clear that she had the perfect set of tits. In fact, for a second I wondered if they were real or implants, but I quickly decided that they had to be real since their perfection was not forced. They jiggled as she moved, and I found myself having trouble looking anywhere else.

Without warning, she glanced over in my direction. Her dark hair fell down over one of her blue eyes, partially hiding it. Her fair skin glowed as she smiled at me. She had a Julia Robert's type of smile, her lips grinning wide, revealing perfectly white teeth.

"Looks like we are the only two dumb enough to shop this late at night." She said, her eyes looking me over. I'm 6'3", 220 lbs, shoulder length red hair and blue eyes. I figure I'm fairly average in both my looks and my build. As a biker, my size can certainly intimidate when I need it to do so. However, I wasn't feeling very intimidating right now.

"Yeah," I stuttered, "dumb enough …" My voice trailed off and my mind raced with something to say.

She turned back to the two cucumbers she was holding, seeming to forget about me standing there.

At that moment, things changed for me. I guess you could call it a destiny moment. I had the option of moving on, getting my things, heading home and perhaps masturbating all night as I fantasized about this woman. Or, I could make a move, take a shot, and see what happened.

I took the shot. And things have never been the same.

I walked over to her as she looked over the cucumbers in each hand. As I moved in close enough for our sides to touch, I pointed at her hands and said, "Hard to find the perfect cucumber, isn't it?"

She smiled at me, letting our sides remain in contact, and replied, "Especially because of what I want it for. I need one that is the perfect length and thickness."

"I think I know what you mean," I said, pushing in close, allowing my hand to move over her arm and around her fingers so that we were both holding one of the cucumbers. "If it's too thick, it can hurt like hell. If it's too thin, it's a waste of time. And it needs to be long enough that you don't loose hold of it."

Her grin went from ear to ear. "Hmmm, exactly my dilemma. This one is certainly thick enough, but I'm worried about the length. On the other hand, this one is more than long enough, but I'm not sure the thickness will fulfill the desired outcome."

I moved around behind her, my hand continuing to hold hers, my other hand moving to the other cucumber. She allowed her body to snuggle into mine, and even pressed her ass against my very hard cock.

"The only problem with cucumbers," I whispered into her ear, "Is they don't talk dirty to you while fucking you." Our fingers tightened together. "They don't surprise you or tease you. All they can do is pump."

Our breathing was hard. "I never thought of that." She said, barely audible.

My hot breath brushed over her neck as I continued to whisper, "The other problem with the cucumber is it never changes. It doesn't swell just before climax, it doesn't fill you with hot cum, it doesn't respond to your body's urges. It just pumps."

I kissed her neck, hardly believing what I was saying or doing. I had never done anything like that before, but her response was so clearly inviting that I just kept going.

She tilted her neck to give me more room to kiss. Her skin was silky smooth, and my lips glided over her neck as our hands continued to hold the cucumbers. My cock was pressed tight against her backside, fully erect and ready for action.

"You know, I never thought of all that." She said, her words coming between deep breaths. "I guess what I really need is a hard cock. Something that can pump me hard and fast, over and over, then fill me with wonderfully hot semen. I think I need to be touched all over, to have wild, passionate sex. I wish I knew someone who would go back to my place with me."

My mouth moved up from her neck and over her cheek. Finally our lips met as she turned to greet my mouth and our tongues touched for the first time. Our kisses were long and full of passion, tongues searching each other's mouths.

"My name is Rob, by the way." I said, pulling our lips apart. She kissed me again then replied, "I'm Cathy, now let's get the hell out of here."

We dropped the cucumbers back onto the shelf and headed towards the exit, hand in hand. "There's my car," she said, pointing to a shiny red Mustang convertible. "I'll need to follow you on my Harley," I answered, "Can't leave it here in case it gets stolen."

I started toward my bike keeping my eyes on this vision of loveliness, amazed at my good luck. Suddenly she called out to me. "Rob, wait. I have to tell you something first."

My heart sank. I was sure she was going to back out of what we were about to do. I slowly made my way towards her, expecting to hear the worse.

She looked down for a second that focused on me. "Rob, I'm married. My husband is away on business and wont be back for a few days. I've thought about what it would be like to have an affair for a long time now, but have never had the guts to go through with it. Earlier today I decided to give it a shot. I got dressed up and went out for the evening, to see if anyone would try and pick me up. A few guys tried, but I got scared and told them I wasn't interested."

She was speaking so fast, trying to say everything before I could get a word in. "Anyways, I came here tonight to buy that cucumber. I was so damn horny from these guys hitting on me, that I planned to just go home and fuck myself. Then you came along, and that, whatever it was, just happened in there. I want you to come home with me, but I'm afraid. I've never cheated on my husband, but I am so horny to try this. I don't know if I'm making any sense, but if you don't want to get involved with a married women, I'll understand."

I stood quietly, waiting to make sure she was done talking. After a few seconds, I reached down and took her face in my hands. I pulled her close to me and kissed her on the lips. "Are you done talking? Cause I'm ready to go crazy with you. I want to fuck you hard, to eat your pussy and suck your breasts, and do all the things that a cucumber can't do for you."

We kissed again then I pulled away and ran to my bike. It fired up right away, the deep roar filling the night air. I shifted into first and turned the bike around and got behind Cathy's red Mustang as she took me to her home.

As she turned into her driveway, the garage door opened automatically and we both pulled past the double doors and into the privacy of her garage.

I dismounted the bike and pulled my helmet off as she got out of the car. I quickly moved to her side and took her into my arms again. She smelled incredible as our bodies pressed tight against each other and our lips met. I could feel her breasts pushed against my chest, and I couldn't wait to enjoy them. My hands moved across her back, down over the red miniskirt and squeezed her wonderful ass.

I couldn't stand it any longer and reached up under the skirt and pulled down her panties. As I slid them off her legs, I could feel how incredibly wet the were in the crotch area. She was absolutely soaked! I reached up and grabbed at the black top she was wearing, and pulled it up and over her head.

She wasn't wearing a bra, and the double d size tits bounced in front of me. Both nipples were already erect, and I immediately took one of them into my mouth, sucking on the huge nipple, biting it as my tongue flicked the tip of it. As I sucked on one nipple, my hand went to the other, pulling hard on her nipple, pinching it and causing her to flinch slightly.

My other hand reached down under her skirt, lifting it up so that I could reach her mound. She was clean shaven, and both her legs were dripping wet from her juices. My fingers easily slid across her pussy, her legs parting to give me more freedom as I began to slide a couple of digits into her cunt.

She groaned as I pulled at her tits and finger fucked her pussy. It was obvious to me that it had been a long time since she had enjoyed anything but traditional sex, and I was determined to make this night memorable for her. Little did I know what she was capable of doing, and that by the end of the night, it would be me begging for more.

I couldn't take it anymore, I had to be inside of her. I spun her around and bent her over her red Mustang, and quickly unzipped my pants. Pulling out my stiff rod, I lifted her skirt up and positioned myself behind her.

As the head of my cock entered her swollen pussy, we both groaned with desire. I slid deep inside and began to pump her hard. Her hands lay above her head on the hood of the car as I fucked her from behind. I reached up and placed my hands on her shoulders, pushing her towards me with each pump of my cock.

Our rhythm was perfect as we fucked in her garage. Her pussy was so tight around my shaft, and I could feel it literally sucking at my cock as I fucked her.

Suddenly I felt her cunt tighten around my shaft, and I knew that she was hitting her orgasm. As the lips squeezed my cock, I knew I was going to cum. For a brief second I thought of pulling out, but then pumped harder, my cock beginning to swell, and as another wave flooded her body, I filled her cunt with my cum.

I collapsed on top of her, both of us spent. We laid still for a few moments then finally stood up straight. She turned around and kissed me, not caring about the juices dripping down her leg. I knew we were not done yet.

Cathy took my hand and we started towards the door into the house. She looked into my eyes and smiled, then said, "That was a great start, Rob. Now it's time for the real fun to begin."

We headed into the house. I would never have believed what was in store for me.


Chapter 2

Don't believe a word you read in chapter 1. Oh the facts may be true enough but you know how men are...totally clueless as to the way women manipulate events to get what we want. That night -- the night it all began -- was one of those nights when a steady fire had been building in my pants. As usual, the ball and chain was chained to the tv and although I tried a few times to get him turned on to me and away from the tube, I guess golf was just more exciting to him. I've taken a lot of rejection from him as his ass has slowly grown roots into the couch but that night I had had enough and that's when I decided to take it out to the street.

I dressed for the occasion, digging out my best "come fuck me" mini and tight black top. Hey when you're hunting, put on your orange vest! I went to a bar down the road but the pickings were slim...most of the men were already pissed and I needed someone who would be clear-headed and hard-cocked so I wandered out. Went into another place which was full of college kids...Jesus, from what I remember of boys that age, it would all be over in a few minutes and I wanted to be stroked and poked for a couple of hours or a couple of days. This place was useless, I was mulling over the idea of calling some male escort service when I stopped at a corner store to get some milk and stuff.

That's when I met Rob. Rob, who has since become my secret delight, my biker lover, my fuck friend and the man who has put the smile back on my lips (both sets). I was wandering around the aisles picking up a few things when I smelled him. The smell of castrol and road dirt and a whole hell of a lot of testosterone. I knew exactly what he was going to look like...my nose told me. And without looking up, I decided I was going to fuck him til his knees gave out. I dropped the stuff I had been carrying and wandered over to the meager supply of vegetables while using my pussy and mind to put out a voodoo signal to him, "get your ass over here and turn it over to me now"

Sure enough I could hear his footsteps change when he spotted me and I began to move subtly to search for the right cucumber. Cucumber, as if, I wanted his cock and I was going to have it. If he could have seen the horny, determined look on my face, I don't know if he would have moved away or kept coming, but by the time he reached my side, I had put on my best "horny damsel in distress face".

God he was fine. Not one of those hogs on a hog, no he had the shoulders, he had the chest, he was big and strong (I could tell) and as I checked out his pants, I could see he was packing too. "You will do very nicely", I thought and went into some lame schpiel about my husband being away, yadda, yadda, yadda. Cucumber for pleasure, yadda, yadda, yadda, I wasn't going to take a chance on him getting away so I led the horse to water and waited for him to drink.

Before I knew it we were off to my place, he on his bike and I in the car. We parked in the garage and let me tell you he didn't waste any time getting down to business. I let him lead the way on this one. Wanted to see his style, and give him a taste...very nice...he was as hungry as I was and he had all the tools. It was one of those quick, incredibly hard and hot fucks you have with a new partner or a one nighter. But even though fast, he knew what he was doing and my pussy was hooked.

Now, it was my turn to lead and I brought him into the house. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, "what about the old man?" I knew that unless God had personally intervened, the old man would be dead on the couch and spend the night there. And Rob had no idea hubby was home.

With my pussy still hot, swollen and now oozing with Rob's cum, I pulled him down to the basement. A couple of years ago, I had an office put in for me and I was smart enough to get a sofa with a pull-out bed "for visitors". It was about to get its first test run tonight. I had also put in a lock so that sometimes I could sneak down there and smoke a joint and play with myself. The old guy disapproved so I knew I needed my privacy.

I brought him in and pushed him down onto the couch, then locked the door behind my back and slowly walked over to him. His cock was still out and still a little hard. I knelt down in front of him and just looked at his cock then up at his eyes, back down at his cock, back up at his eyes for a bit of time. I smiled my first really me smile, my "all I want to do is screw and screw some more" smile.

I moved in close to him and pulled his head down to mine. We began kissing. One of his hands found my nipple and his other hand ran down my back and came to rest just at the top of the crack of my ass. One of my hands held his already recovering cock and the other was moving through his hair. We would pull together, grab some tongue, move our heads, then move again, pull another way, stop and look at each other again. Forehead to forehead, trying to find each other's eyes at a strange angle, nipples tingling, balls filling again, pussy still sticky.

Eye to eye, mouth to mouth, I asked him, "Would you like me to suck your cock 'til its ready to explode?" His groan was his answer. he placed his hands on my head and slowly pushed me his cock, stopping part way to kiss me again. When my mouth got to an inch above the head of his cock, I helped him push his fingers through my hair, looked in his eyes and slowly licked my lips. He groaned again, deeper this time.

Now there are few things in life that are more satisfying to a woman like me that watching a big, strong guy let himself go and give in to experiencing pleasure without his having to be in control all the time. Those groans from him had started my juices flowing again in a big way. And I was ready to give him a sucking he wouldn't soon forget.

I like to start by shoving my whole face in the groin, taking in the scent and scratching my face with his pubes, just getting neighbourly. I reached back and ran my hands into his pants then signaled him to raise his ass and I pulled his pants off and down his knees 'til they lay on the floor at my feet. Off with his boots, off with his pants, off with his socks, running my fingers through his toes then back up his legs and using my whole body, shoulders and arms to spread his legs and crack him open for me. He groaned again and spread 'em wide. As Austin Powers would say, "Yeah Baby!"

All open for me, I started licking a line down from his waist to the base of his cock, then back up to the waist, totally avoiding the actual cock. One hand on each knee, I would push my hands up from the knee along the inner thighs until they came to rest at the triangle where it all happened. Then with my face right against the couch, I would lick up from the under side of the balls and all around the balls, finally bathing them fully in my mouth. My hands traveled up the inside of his shirt to his nipples and gave them a tug then slowly unbuttoned his shirt. My tongue traced the line at the crease where his legs met his groin up and down. Now his shirt was off and he was naked and relaxed on my couch.

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