tagSci-Fi & FantasySatisfaction - Finally Ch. 01

Satisfaction - Finally Ch. 01


My name is Britney my friends call me Brit. I'm twenty-one years old and this is my story. First you need to know some about me to understand why this happened. I'm five foot four inches, 104 pounds with long dark brown hair, brilliant green eyes and I've been told many times I'm the hottest woman men have ever seen. I exercise everyday and my body is toned perfection but not over done to the point where my womanly curves become sharp angles.

My stomach is flat, toned and highlighted with my perfectly formed elongated belly button topped off with a piercing. I was blessed with a perky 30-24-32 figure with a small B cup, but wanting to be more proportional I convinced my rich father to pay for breast augmentation surgery when I turned 18, and now I have a 32-24-32 figure with a larger C cup that matches my hips perfectly. My ass is out of this world and don't be fooled by my small height, my petite size make my legs long and sexy.

My areolas are small and stand out darker pink on my breasts capped off with ideal nipples that don't stick out too much when I get excited but enough to pinch and nibble on. I shave my mound completely or wax sometimes and keep it smooth constantly. I think it adds to the visual as well as the feel.

So basically I can have any man I want and I know this but don't consider myself too stuck up. What you really need to know though is not what I look like but how I act. Let's just say I've been told I have an insatiable sexual appetite, to the point of being obsessed with sex so much I scare men and woman away from me when they can't keep up or satisfy me.

I've tried all kinds of men, young, old, all races, and even started pursuing after men with large cocks hoping this would satisfy me. But alas even my last boyfriend with a 9 inch cock and width to match couldn't completely satisfy me and eventually he left me calling me a crazy freak and even from a different planet. The biggest problem with men is when they cum it takes so damn long for them to get it up again. Well to me it takes a long time and I just want it so bad and get so frustrated.

I've tried toys, I've even tried woman but they don't have the drive most men do so that was a lost cause. Toys just don't work either, nothing feels like the real thing and to get it just right I have to do it myself and then I can't let go like I need to because I have to concentrate to much on holding the damn toy. I was at an impasse and as I got older I could feel my drive even increase.

So there I was 21, hot as shit and my boyfriend just walked out on me when I yelled at him for cumming to fast and cursed as I watched his cock began to soften. He had had enough and couldn't put up with me any longer. Before he left I grabbed at his softening cock and tried to get him hard again muttering under my breath. He lost it and called me a freak and pulled away from me, started putting on his clothes and told me it was over. As he was leaving the room I screamed at him, pulled the butt plug out of my ass and threw it at him, missing him by inches.

I heard my front door slam and his sports car speed away a few seconds later. I was pissed off but still horny as hell. His cum was dripping out of my shaved pussy and I needed more, now, right then. I slid off my bed and retrieved the butt plug, washed it off in my bathroom sink and returned to my bed. Using the rest of his cum and my plentiful womanly juice I eased the plug back into my ass while rubbing my engorged clit with the other hand.

Leaning over to my nightstand I opened the drawer and rooted through all my sex toys looking for my biggest vibrator. Using all sorts of profanity I cursed my ex for leaving me to my own devices. Turning on the toy I shoved it up my wet twat with a forceful thrust. Arching my back I used both hands and pressed the toy deep inside me and down vibrating my insides and the plug in my ass. Pulling it out I rammed it back in over and over trying to satisfy myself but just like always after all the different positions and multiple orgasms I still felt empty and unsatisfied.

It happened during a rather good climax probably the third one when I opened my eyes and noticed my room was getting brighter with a soft blue light. I was coming off the peak of my orgasm and a figure suddenly appeared before me. It no sooner appeared that I felt a calming sensation. I know what you're thinking I'm butt ass naked with a vibrator up my cunt and a plug in my ass, fucking myself silly and something appears? Normally you would think I'd freak out, try and cover up or just scream like a mad woman.

But it was so strange I didn't feel fear, it was almost like a familiar feeling that was so welcoming. I looked up at the figure and realized it was not human but was humanoid. I also realized quickly that it was male because he didn't have any clothing on. He stood on two legs and the same height as a normal man. He had no hair on his wide oval head, but was relatively human looking with a neck, broad chest, arms, and hands but had six digits on each, which where long and narrow.

His eyes, nose, ears and mouth were different than a human, almost sleeker as if everything was more tucked in and rounded. His skin was a soft blue and as my eyes wandered down his body I noticed he had no belly button and then the biggest difference between humans. He had not one but a pair of male genitals, one cock where men usually have it with balls and then right above this cock was another scrotum resting on the base of his shaft. Above his additional set of balls was another larger member falling over the one below. Both of his cocks where soft but I could tell they were going to be nice long and plump.

The upper cock was blue like the rest of his skin with a slightly darker head but the lower penis was yellow as well as the balls. They looked different than a man's penis the shaft was more oval and the head was a circle shape connected to the shaft and then narrowed to a round point with a hole in the center. He knew I was looking at him with interest and suddenly I heard a voice in my head talking to me. It wasn't vocal but he was communicating with me directly to my brain. He told me he was called Brock and that I was a very special woman and this is why he had come.

He told me he had traveled light years to come to me and that he has felt me for a long time and that my call was getting stronger. I knew automatically what he was talking about. My sexual energy had called him from his planet. He explained that very few human females exhibit the gift I have and that his race has only traveled to Earth a few times in its history. He said that he was a race of males that live and seek out ones like me and that he needs my energy to survive. This made me a little nervous but he assured me that he wasn't here to harm me but to help me. There by helping himself.

The vibrator in my pussy continued to hum and I noticed his eyes glancing down. I pulled it out of me and turned it off laying it on my nightstand. He told me I could talk to him in thought and he would understand me. So I tried it and asked him how he was going to help me. He smiled, well I think it was a smile, his flat lips curled up slightly, he replied that I knew how he was going to help me and knew what I desired.

He was right I did, it was pretty obvious with him standing naked before me. The prospect of finally finding satisfaction made my heart flutter and my nipples got erect thinking about it. Noticing this he move his hand down to his upper cock and began to lift it and rub his fingers up and down the oval shaft and around the head. It had already begun to grow when I took the vibe out. With it engorging, the skin became a brighter blue and the head almost purple. I watched in fascination as his member grew to an astounding length and girth, he was bigger than my ex, and probably bigger than any cock or toy I'd ever had before.

Curiosity and my obsession took me and I crawled on my hands and knees over my bed towards him. He leaned forward and rested his legs on my bed as I approached. The butt plug was still in my ass and I was right in front of him now staring at this strange cock. The lower yellow cock remained soft but the blue one was now a ragging hardon pulsing and throbbing with his excitement.

He was in my head again and told me that he knew what sucking a man's member did to me and how excited I got and wet. He told me this was part of my gift to love giving pleasure to others that it pleasured me as well. I got the hint and took his shaft in my hand and ran my fingers and palm up and down the shaft, it was amazing, perfectly smooth and glasslike but also soft and hard at the same time. I was use to a regular cock with veins and small lumps and hair growing on the shaft but he had no hair anywhere.

Then the strangest thing happened, when I thought about a normal cock and the veins and stuff all of a sudden his cock changed in my hand and took on the appearance and feel of a human mans except still blue. I looked up at him and his thoughts said to me that it could be anything I desired or though of. I tried it out and thought of a large dong with ribs up and down the shaft and it transformed again in my hand. If I wanted it wider, longer, shorter, or whatever, it became just that. I was totally transfixed. I even turned it into a huge butt plug and anal beads as I thought and thought of different toys and shapes.

My urge to take him in my mouth brought me back to reality and I thought his cock back into a man's penis and circled the blue head with my tongue and proceeded to lick up and down his shaft. My other hand cupped his balls that also felt different than a human; he actually had three orbs in his sack instead of two. I rolled them in my palm and took his cock deeper in my mouth and swallowed as much as I could, feeling his head hit the back of my throat. My body was going crazy, my nipples were as hard and erect as I've ever felt and my clit throbbed and juices oozed from my womanhood.

I could feel and see his other yellow cock in its normal look hanging there below the balls I was playing with and when I reached for it he spoke in my head and told me not to touch it, that it would come later. I obeyed and went back to sucking his thick long member. I looked up at him and he looked down and seemed quite pleased with my talents. I thought about different toys with his cock in my mouth and he changed as I sucked giving my mind and mouth a treat.

It was uncanny but as soon as I thought about having him inside me with all the different shapes I could think about, pounding my pussy, he pulled away from me and told me to lie down on the bed with my legs hanging over the side. I obeyed again and as I let go of his cock, that looked like a Popsicle now, it immediately changed back to its normal alien shaft and head. He answered my thoughts as soon as I finished thinking.

"Yes you must be in contact with it to make it change," he told me.

When I laid back on the bed he saw the plug in my ass and asked me if I wanted to leave it. I smiled up at him and nodded, telling him I would give it a try but that he may be too big for both. He grabbed my legs in his long thin-fingered hands and pushed them apart and up exposing my very wet and pink hole. I watched as he moved forward and as soon as his cock came in contact with my flesh it changed to what I was thinking it to be. He pressed his newly shaped banana into my wet cunt and I giggled as I felt the banana shaped shaft penetrate me, sliding over the plug.

He smiled and thought, "See it's this imagination that makes you so special."

I kept the banana in my mind and he pressed it in again and again. It was tight with the plug below but it felt so good. I closed my eyes and grabbed my nipples pinching them between my thumb and index finger, pulling in a circular motion as my cunt enjoyed the fruit pounding it. I could feel his other cock fold back as it smashed against my cheeks and ass but it remained soft.

About 30 minutes later he could sense my orgasm coming and fed it with harder and faster thrusts until I convulsed and climaxed on his shaft, he whispered to me as I climaxed and urged me on in my head until my body fell limp with exhaustion and he slowed his motion. My mind went blank and I felt the banana change back into his smooth glasslike oval cock and he slowly continued to move giving me a chance to catch my breath.

Damn it was a good orgasm; the new excitement was incredible and just fed my lust. He knew I wasn't done yet, that was why he had come, he was going to completely satisfy me and I knew it. Catching my breath he perceived I was ready for more when his cock suddenly changed into a toy I keep in my nightstand. It is long and made of rubber with large ribs down the shaft that increase in diameter the further down and ends in a large handle for easy use. I looked up at him as I felt it change and he rolled me over by forcing my leg over the other and I found myself on my tummy with my breasts pressed against my soft bed. His cock came out of me in the movement and as I rose onto my hands and knees and pressed my ass back to him, I felt his cock change back to the toy as he pressed it in.

I felt every ridge rub against the plug in my ass as he pushed more and more of his new cock into my sloppy cunt and I moaned with the new sensations. Reaching under my body I found my erect nub and pinched and rubbed it quickly as he grew faster and harder with each thrust. My tits jiggled slightly as he pounded me and the feeling was intense. His yellow flaccid cock would bounce and rub my tummy and hand as he thrust hard and I was amazed it remained soft. He knew I was thinking about it I even thought about making it hard but my mind wouldn't work on it and he told me in his pleasant tones "Later my dear".

He used his hands and grabbed my hips pulling me towards him as he fucked me harder still. His long thumbs found the plug in my ass and he pushed and pulled on it as he pumped me full of his toy cock. I was in total control of what he did for as I thought him going faster, slower, harder, deeper he would do it and I knew that I was finally going to find satisfaction for the first time in my life. He fucked me for a long time, longer than any man has ever done. Not a slow lazy fuck either he pounded me and kept it up on and on. Any other man would have cum with that kind of intensity.

I changed his cock probably five times while he did me from behind, from the toy to a normal cock, to a cucumber to round balls in a row, back to a larger cock and finally I thought of a toy that would go deep but had a round nub on the underside of the shaft that would hit my G spot as he thrust in and out. He felt me getting close again and I was rubbing my clit furiously now bringing my pleasure to a crest once again.

As I climaxed my mind automatically thought about how good it would feel to have his cock explode all over my back and ass. I don't know what it is but I love to feel my men go off all over my body and it usually heightens my orgasms. He totally read my mind and obeyed again, for as soon as I thought it, as I shook and convulsed from an intense climax, he pulled his G spot rubbing cock out of my dripping pussy and it exploded all over my back in a shower of blue sticky cum. He covered my back with the hot juice and as I looked over my shoulder I could see the spunk glowing and pulsing all over my body.

I heard sound coming from him for the first time, and it was like nothing I've heard before but his thoughts found my brain in an intense moan of pleasure as he released his alien seed all over me. I felt his spunk moving and I struggled to look over my shoulder as I jerked and quivered. It wasn't just moving but was also disappearing into my skin even globs that had hit my bed were sliding on my sheets without getting them wet and finding my legs and body, penetrating my skin. The sensation was strange and he assured my looks back at him, that everything was okay and the he was preparing me for something.

As I looked back at him I noticed his blue cock, now back to its normal look, was shrinking and returning to its flaccid state. He saw the look of disappointment on my face and knew what I was thinking. He reassured me again that he was far from done and not to compare him to a normal man. He looked down and guided my eyes with his down as well. That was when I saw what he meant. His lower yellow cock was growing pushing the blue one out of the way and continuing its path upward, bouncing and pulsing brighter yellow. It wasn't as wide or as long but it looked so good to me and I was overjoyed to know I wouldn't have to wait one second more before he could pound me again.

Even after hours of fucking me I wasn't done and he knew it, that's not to say he didn't pound me good and I did want him to cum on me so he obeyed exactly what I asked. This is what I want my men to do but then I hate the waiting afterwards. I was so excited now not to have to wait and he knew it. He motioned me to come closer to him and I got back on my hands and knees and pushed my ass back to him. He grabbed the plug in my ass and pulled it out slowly and replaced it with one of his long thin fingers, then two. I moaned with pleasure as he fingered my tight little ass and I reached under myself finding my clit once again.

He lubed up my ass really well with my latest orgasm and juice and I knew exactly what he had in mind for his yellow cock. He told me he needed to prepare my tight hole for future encounters with him. That's when I knew that this wasn't going to be a one-night thing and that he was going to return. It was actually really early morning and from the look of things I wasn't going to work today. His first cock had lasted a couple of hours if not longer, I kind of lost track of time, and I was sure his yellow one was also up for the challenge.

He told me that my mind was now linked to his new cock and it would perform the same way as his blue one. I moaned a slight reply as I felt his thin fingers leave my puckered hole and I prepared myself for his cock to enter my ass. I have done anal sex quite a lot in the past hopping that the thrill and tightness would finally satisfy me but I learned to my chagrin that men also get excited about the idea and the added tightness makes them cum way to quick, when I let them have my ass. Brock was a different story and I knew before he started that he would last.

I looked back at him and it was quite a strange sight to see his yellow cock pushing its way past the blue balls and soft cock above it to get to me. I was trying to think of the shape I wanted him to morph into as he entered my ass but wasn't quick enough in my decision before he started pressing his round tapered alien head into my tight lubed hole. My mind went blank and I moaned in ecstasy as the smooth glasslike texture of his tool slid into my ass and preceded deeper into my bowels. I squeezed my clit and pushed back taking more of his smooth shaft into my hot body.

"Fuck that feels good Brock!" I screamed vocally, but he only understood the thought as I said it. He said my vocal language was just as strange to him as his was to me. But I continued to scream anyway because his alien cock felt incredible inside my ass. I still hadn't thought to change it and he started his slow withdrawal and then pressed it back in. He knew exactly how fast to go because he was so linked to my mind and how I was feeling. I've had men get over zealous with my ass before and hurt me in their excitement but Brock was slow and smooth, perfect.

As soon as I grew accustomed to him he knew it and started working it faster, just like my pussy, harder when I wanted it, slower, deeper you name it he knew what I wanted as soon as I though it. I even thought about what I had seen in porno's when the guy pops all the way out and then shoves it back in before the girls ass slams shut. And Brock fucking did it I was freaking out it was so damn hot and nasty. I let my mind wander and he followed my every thought as if I was controlling him like a toy.

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