Satisfaction - Finally Ch. 01


My mind went to my swinging tits and he instantly wrapped his long hands around them and played with them so perfect that he made me cum with tit play. Never has a man worked my breasts just like I wanted him too, but of course Brock knew what I wanted and pinched the nipples as hard or soft as I wanted him too and squeezed my orbs to perfection. My orgasm rushed over me and my ass started tremble on his shaft involuntarily. I was gone and so weak in the knees that I collapsed and fell forward, his cock popping out of my tight ass.

I slowly rolled over and looked up at him breathing hard and my mind started gushing thoughts of appreciation to him about how long I have wanted this and desired to feel this way. He crawled onto the bed and told me he understood and that without me, and ones like me, he would cease to exist. I moved over and let him lay down next to me and I gained some of my strength back. My hand went down his smooth hard chest over his ribbed stomach and I looked at his two cocks with much interest. I move the flaccid blue one back and forth and smiled to him and he shook his head telling me that it was the others turn now. His yellow member was throbbing anew and glistening with my cunt juices he used to lube up my ass.

I felt his yellow balls and it was what I expected he had three orbs there as well and I grabbed his long yellow shaft and thought of a beer bottle and instantly there it was a bright yellow bottle with a hole and everything. I laughed in my head and he returned the laughter with his own. Licking the rim of the bottle I stuck my tongue into the hole and I heard his moan in my head. His cock changed to a male penis and I engulfed it into my mouth and down my throat as deep as I could while stroking the shaft with both hands, twisting with a circular motion.

I sucked him for a while loving the feel of his cock in my mouth and noticed that his pre cum was much sweeter than any mans, kind of reminded me of peaches. I could listen to his thoughts as well and I knew exactly what he wanted me to do while I sucked. We were perfectly connected.

Turning his cock into a large butt plug I crawled over him and straddled him with my legs, facing his head. I didn't even have to hold it in place it stayed exactly where I wanted it as I slid my ass back down on his plug shaped cock and I moaned in my head as I felt the wide shaft stretch my tight ass and then it popped over to the narrow end, filling my hole to the limit. I rose up on my knees and found my clit as I moved and grinded my ass onto his plug. It was incredible and full. His soft cock just lay there unmoving as I rocked back and forth pulling my ass taunt on the wide plug.

Again I thought about my tits and he went right for them just as perfect as before. Letting him play as I ground the plug I squeezed my clit hard and rubbed it fast bringing on another orgasm. I needed more movement in my ass and changed his cock into the ribbed rubber toy like before that is actually for anal play. The sudden change in shape took me by surprise as I felt the longer narrower shaft plunge deeper into my bowls and widen my tight entrance, as the plug wasn't. Moving to my feet now I rode him with long slow up and down motions on his ribbed member. I was good at this position and held my balance easily and continued to get fast and faster as I drove him deeper into my ass.

I continued until my legs gave out and I fell back onto my knees shoving him farther still up inside of me. My eyes were glassy and I had a hard time focusing on him as my ass grabbed and shuddered on his cock. Then he did something that I hadn't though of, all on his own he rose his head and took one of my nipples in his thin strange mouth and sucked it and bit it with odd teeth. It was so intense that I think his saliva had some kind of stimulating effect to my nipples because a rush of intense pleasure and heat shot from my breast down to my clit and flooded my body with rapture. My pussy started to flood with passion and I started to orgasm uncontrollably with his mouth on my tit and his cock in my ass I was beyond thought and almost lost consciousness from the pure ecstasy.

He moved to my other breast and again a wave of orgasmic pleasure flooded over me and I squirmed and bucked throwing my head back and forth in utter passion riding the wave he was producing in me. It was fucking unbelievable and it was then that I realized how lucky I was and what a gift he was giving me. I could not control my thoughts and screamed vocally and felt his cock change back to the glassy smooth shaft. I fell forward and collapsed on him and he was forced to remove his mouth from my breast as I quivered and shuddered on him.

He knew I was at my limit and he let me gain some sense or reality again before doing anymore. He rolled me off of him and his cock popped out of my quivering ass and I fell onto my back gasping and heaving for breath. I looked over at him and he was admiring my breasts rising and falling. Looking down I watched his shinny yellow rod pulsing over his flaccid blue and glowing yellow pre-cum oozed out of the round hole and dripped onto his blue member.

Looking into his eyes I thought, "Brock I don't know what you did to me but that was beyond words I've never came like that before."

He smiled again and crawled down to kneel below me, lifting my legs and moved his head towards my womanhood. I still wasn't recovered from my last climax and from what I knew about his mouth and my breast I could only imagine what he could do directly to my cunt and clit.

I was right on the mark for when his lips met my snatch and his tongue emerged and pushed my folds back a flood of warmth and fervor rushed through my entire vagina and I moaned vocally and grabbed at the sheets on my bed arching my back in pleasure. His tongue flicked my clit and I screamed and bucked, it was almost too intense with the direct contact and I started begging in my head for him to stop. He flicked it a couple of more times pushing me where I have never been, again!

He abandoned my clit and left me shaking and pulling at my sheets, his tongue moved lower and he used some of his magic saliva on my ass. I felt the warmth and heat spread over my tight hole and he rose his head up and pushed my legs further forward lifting my butt off the bed giving him access to my lubed quivering ass hole. As he entered me again my body jerked and shuddered, I didn't know how much more I could take, my mind was blank and I was experiencing a continuous orgasm.

From what I remember his cock stayed its normal alien shape and he pounded my ass for a long time more but I couldn't tell you exactly how long. My hands hurt from the strain on the sheets and my head rolled back and forth as I moaned and whimpered with passion. His rhythm increased and he pounded my ass deep and hard. My eyes were closed but I could tell what he did when I felt pleasure flood my clitoris again. He had licked his fingers and rubbed his saliva on my pulsing nub, causing more pleasure to engulf me. The extreme clit sensation mixed with his cock in my ass and my whole world changed, I can't even describe it in words.

I couldn't take it anymore, for the first time in my life I had hit my limit and I begged him to cum. I felt his rod leave my ass and I looked up just as a neon yellow rope flew out of his round hole and sprayed my body. It landed on my tummy up to my breasts, hot yellow alien cum. It was followed by others, many others, all hitting my hot flesh, splashing of my heaving tits, making a puddle in my navel, and painting my tight young body with yellow streaks.

My body had an incredible reaction to his hot jizz when it hit me waves of euphoria washed over me and my climax peaked beyond anything I ever thought of experiencing before. I could hardly breath it was so intense. I just lay there shaking uncontrollably as his warm spunk moved and squirmed all over me again.

I could tell he was watching me his thoughts were rushing into my mind; he was receiving the energy he needed to live as I climaxed and squirmed on the bed. This is what he meant; he satisfied me and gained the essence he needed for his existence. My sexual energy and satisfaction radiated off me and entered him, filling him, sustaining him. All this was relayed to me through his thoughts as I continued to revel in the sweet bliss he had given me. Finally I felt like a complete fulfilled woman, 21 years and finally satisfied.

I looked up at him and his yellow cock was glowing like his cum on my body, then his flaccid blue cock began to glow and get hard as well. I stared in awe as both of his cock stuck straight up and out glowing and throbbing, one under the other. The odd sensation of his seed moving and entering my skin started again and I looked from his amazing cocks to my body and watched as his yellow spunk disappeared inside of me.

"Don't be afraid just relax and let it come...." I heard him in my head.

At first I didn't know what he meant until I felt something growing inside of me, inside of my vagina. Something long and hard was beginning to stir and emerge from inside me. His cocks continued to pulse and glow and I sat up wanting to know what was happening to me. I looked down at my pussy and I could see a green light shining from inside me and then the round end of what looked like one of his cocks appeared out of my cunt and continued to grow.

It was green but looked just like his blue and yellow. I heard his thoughts and he explained that his seed had formed a gift for me to use while he was gone. I reached down and grabbed this new cock and began to withdrawal it from my dripping pussy. It was a perfect combination of his yellow and blue members and I held it in my hand now as it pulsed and finished forming. He answered my question as I finished thinking. "Will it do what yours does?"

"Give it a try," was his answer.

I immediately thought of another shape and his new gift to me turned into a carrot, then a bowling pin and I laughed in my head and out loud as I cleared my mind and it returned back to normal.

He explained that while he was gone when I used it, it would absorb my energy I gave off in orgasm, and he would be able to retrieve it when he returned. I tried to grasp everything he told me but my body was spent and I had a difficult time following him. I think I thanked him and asked when he would return. He told me that I would know when he was coming back and that it wouldn't be too long because the toy could only hold so much of my essence and he knew from tonight that I would fill it up quickly.

The last thing I remember is him fading away out of my room as I drifted to sleep. It was the deepest and most satisfying sleep I've ever had.

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