tagSci-Fi & FantasySatisfaction - Finally Ch. 02

Satisfaction - Finally Ch. 02


My work alarm was blaring and it felt like I had only just fallen asleep! Brock was gone and the toy he had left me was laying on my nightstand, shiny and green in the dim light. I rolled over and turned off the alarm, grabbing the phone in the process. I called into my boss with a sick message I left on his answering machine. I was exhausted and drifted back to sleep.

By the time I finally woke up again my clock said 2:21 and from the light outside I knew it was afternoon. My body was a little sore from all the clenching and cumming last night, but I knew it would have been worse if I didn't workout like I did. I glanced over to the nightstand and smiled as I saw my new gift from Brock and I wondered when he'd return.

I picked it up and started turning it into different shapes just for fun, and to assure myself it wasn't a dream. It was strange but I felt at peace for the first time in my adult life, like I was whole and complete finally. I knew it was from Brock and the night we had. I knew that we could never be seen together or go out on the town but some how that didn't matter, I felt tranquility. For the first time I didn't need sex, didn't have to have it right then. It was kind of a weird feeling.

I did need a shower though, I smelled like hot sweaty sex, and since I was already sore I bypassed my workout and got in the shower. I took my new toy with me as well. I didn't need any but my curiosity took over. The hot water felt great running between and over my breasts and I washed my hair and put conditioner in as I proceeded to wash my body. I had put the toy on the shelf that holds my razor and stuff.

Soaping up my perky tits I played a little wondering if it would wake the fire in me again and I wasn't too surprised when it did. I laughed and ran my hands down my body and washed and played with my pussy and ass. Finished off with my legs I washed the conditioner out of my hair and proceeded to shave like normal. With everything clean and smooth I told myself it was 'play time' now with a giggle and picked up the green toy.

My nipples went hard with the anticipation of playing with it and I rubbed the toy all over my breasts and got a wonderful wicked idea. I thought of a mouth shape sucking on my nipples and the toy fucking did it, moving and everything. It followed my every thought and even nibbled with teeth I imagined. I held the shaft just over my tit and it went to work like a man biting and sucking my erect nipple. It didn't have the same effect as Brocks saliva but still felt incredible and I could feel my pussy engorging with blood and my clit start to throb with the tit play.

I lowered the toy and put the lips to my clit and pussy and it started eating me out with perfect talent. Holding the toy there for 15 minutes, letting it eat and lick me was bringing on a climax and I knew I needed to sit down or something because my legs were beginning to tremble. Lying down in my tub I thought of a suction cup base for my toy and stuck it on the end of my tub and scooted forward with my legs up against the wall. I put my cunt right against the toy and let go of it with my hands and imagined getting eaten out again and it took right to it on its own. Biting and licking my clit and darting a toy tongue in and out of my wet cunt. I couldn't believe how fucking cool this thing was. It made me cum in no time at all and I jerked away from the intense licking and lost contact with it.

I heard it hit the bottom of the tub as it turned back into its normal shape and started sliding down the slope until it hit my quivering ass. I just laid there, not thinking, as my heart raced and I came off my climax. Getting a hold of myself I picked it up and looked at its green shaft now looking like Brocks twin cocks. I noticed something new about the color of the shaft at the end. It had turned a dark green almost black about an inch and I thought to myself, "This is what Brock must have said about it having a limit to what it can hold of my essence." I guess when I came just then it had absorbed the energy and was now storing it inside itself until Brock returned. I assumed he'd show up when it was near full.

The water was getting cold and I decide to get out. I toweled off, but left my pussy wet and as I climbed out juice started running down my leg. I dried the toy and wrapped the towel on my head and went into my room. My tits hardened with the colder air and I jumped onto my bed holding the toy in my hands and rolling the shaft in my palms. Turning it into a mans cock I started sucking it and was amazed it felt just like a real penis, warm and everything it actually was the exact copy of my old boyfriends 9 inch cock and the last one I had had in my mouth just last night.

I sucked it for a good while and played with my clit as I did. Taking the cock out of my mouth I rubbed it down my body and mixed my saliva with my twat juice and rubbed the head all around my pussy and clit. Then I brought the head down putting pressure on my clit and it slid into my warm pussy and I pushed it deeper. Feeling just like I remember my ex's cock feeling when he fucked me I rammed it in and out but soon got frustrated because I was having to hold it like a normal toy and this is what I hated about toys.

To my surprise and utter joy the cock responded to my thoughts and started moving all on its own. I let it go and it started sliding by itself in and out of my slick wet pussy. I was dumb founded; I was being fucked by a bodiless cock that felt just like my old boyfriends. I arched my back and put my hands on my tits and just let the thing pound me as hard, fast and deep as I wanted it to. "Paradise is a place and its right here," I thought.

Pinching and pulling on my nipples I sped the cock up and made it ram deeper inside me. With one hand I reached down and spread my lips and rubbed my clit in little circles all the while the toy continued to deeply fuck me. It never got tired or changed unless I told it too; it was perfect, unlike my boyfriend. 30 minutes later I rammed it in one last time and kept it there buried as deep as I wanted it and rolled over on my tummy. I got on my hands and knees and pushed my ass back and thought about the toy moving again and it started hammering me doggy style while I tugged and rubbed my clit.

The forceful lunges from the toy were pushing me back and forth as if I was being pulverized by a real cock and man and my perky tits swayed in the air. I was in sweet bliss as the tool pounded down on me now, thinking of changing the position of entry, as if the man had stood up and was shoving his cock into me from above. Damn it was hot and good.

But I realized something was missing and my mind thought of a pair of balls slapping my ass with every thrust and the toy grew some instantly and they began to hit my ass as it rammed me.

I turned and looked over my shoulder and could see the tool move on its own rising and falling into me. I saw the refection from my dresser mirror and knew if I moved slightly I would be able to get a great view of my ass in the air and my cunt being fucked by the lone cock and balls. I moved over to the left and I was right, I smiled as I saw the green cock and balls slamming my pussy in the mirror, rising and banging my sloppy cunt. The visual was awesome.

My boyfriend could never had done this, kept this pace and lasted this long. It was unbelievable how my mind just told the thing to keep fucking the shit out of me. For 45 minutes I stayed in this position letting the toy fuck me as I played with my clit and tits swinging freely. My hands were covered in my juice and I spread it all over my tits and clit. I changed the angle of entry every once in a while and I finally had to lie down and fell to my side and brought my legs up into my chest as the toy continued to move in and out of my pink hole.

Cum was running down my leg and I reached behind myself and used it to lube up my ass, sticking my index finger in slowly as the toy cock slowed it's pace. Grabbing the shaft I turned it into my anal toy with the ribs and placed its head to the entrance of my tight ass and told it to enter. Letting go I thought it slowly past my anal sphincter and moaned as it pushed in past one small rib. Deeper I thought and another rib disappeared inside, and more and more until my ass was full of ribbed toy cock.

Slowly it withdrew and I was going ballistic on my clit and pussy rubbing both hands fast and hard while still on my side. I thought faster and then getting use to it faster again and the toy obeyed and increased in strength and speed, fucking my ass like no man had ever done before. Time flew by as I lay comfortably on my bed reveling in the sweet anal bliss I was receiving and I alternated between my tits and clit with my hands. I lost track of time again as my orgasm took over and I peeked clenching both legs tight and my pussy convulsed under my hands. The toy just kept fucking my ass and as I came I wondered if it could actually ejaculate like a man or Brock does.

I got the idea in my head, from something, to pull the toy out of my ass and see. Doing so I rolled onto my back and held the anal toy over my tummy and stroked it with one hand and a hole opened on the end of the head and green cum shot out as I stroked, just like I wanted it to all over my breasts and nipples. I kept stroking it and it came as long as I wanted it too. I laughed in delight and watched as the toy came and came on my sweat covered body.

I finally stopped, now covered in sticky green cum, and laid the toy on my heaving chest, between my tits, and watched all the cum gather itself back into the toy and saw the end get another inch of darker green from my orgasms.

I looked at the clock and realized I had just got fucked for three and a half hours by a sex machine from a god. It was so satisfying and all the men and woman I've had didn't even compare.

Looking at the dark end of the shaft I knew it wouldn't be long until Brock would have to return, "He was right I was filling it up quick" I laughed to myself.

I had to jump in the shower to wash off the sex again and I realized by my shaking hands that I hadn't eaten for 24 hours, the sex had just taken over and I needed food bad. I also needed to work tomorrow so I told myself to calm down and not go crazy again tonight. I left the toy in my room, showered, ate and the sun was already starting to go down.

I forced myself to sleep after watching the news and actually had to put the toy in my nightstand with the others, out of sight out of mind as they say. It didn't really work and I was ready for more before the news ended but duty called and I had to go to work and needed sleep first.

People at work actually noticed a change in me and said I looked different or something. But I think it was me just being nicer and not such a sexually frustrated bitch.

"So all around this extraterrestrial visit is helping everyone around me," I thought after another nice comment from a coworker.

Unfortunately the day seemed to drag on and I wanted badly to get home and have some fun with my new gift again. I also needed to go to the gym having missed a day already. Five o'clock finally came and I flew out of work and stopped at the gym, worked out hard for 45 minutes and then cruised home.

What I saw pissed me off and I knew it would only delay me further from the fun I wanted to have. My asshole boyfriend was parked out front and started getting out of his car when he saw me pull up. He had flowers and everything. I sighed to myself and walked towards him wishing he'd just disappear.

I was still hot and sweaty from my workout and dressed in my tight black spandex shorts and sports bra accentuating my perfect tits and I knew I looked hot as shit from all the looks I got at the gym. He smiled and started right in with the apologies for leaving like he did.

"He knows how good he had it and wanted another piece of me, and my damn outfit was just making things worse," I thought.

He checked me out up and down as he talked and normally this would have turned me on and I would have gone crazy and fucked his brains out but I knew how that would end and I didn't want to bother with being frustrated now, when I had everything I needed waiting in my nightstand.

I let him finish and then realized I was going to have to be a fucking bitch to get rid of him, and the funny thing is I didn't care. Well needless to say he left after I threw the flowers and called him all sorts or nasty names and said he'd already been replaced and I was about to get ready for a hot date with a guy I just met at the gym. He wasn't happy and stormed away, squealing his tires down my street at each turn.

"Good riddance," I said out loud as I entered the house and dropped my bag of work clothes and purse next to the door. I couldn't wait any longer and immediately went to my room to get the toy. My pussy was already wet with the anticipation. I grabbed the drawer and emptied the contents right out on my bed because while at work I had a clever idea to let the toy change into all my other toys as I looked at each one. The thought got me horny as hell at work because I've collected quite a few.

I kicked my shoes off and jumped onto my bed sending toys in all directions I lined them up in a row and felt my heart race as my eyes passed over them all. I squeezed my tits in my sports bra and ran my hand down over my mound rubbing and pushing on my clit under the clothes. I was on fire and my 'gift' as Brock put it was fully awake again. I grabbed my green friend and started sucking it. The smooth glassy texture turned me on and I kept it like Brock for a while, wishing he was here. My mind wandered and the toy turned into a large human cock I remember seeing in a porno, filling my mouth to its limit. I grabbed the large shaft and move the loose skin now up and down stroking the large male penis.

I could feel myself getting wetter with each passing minute and my nipples pressed out against my bra. Letting the cock fall out of my mouth I laid on my back with it on my chest and wiggled out of my shorts kicking them onto the floor. The huge cock stayed in form lying on my chest and I moved my hands down my flat stomach and in between my legs feeling my wet pussy all squishy and engorged. I wanted to be eaten and grabbed the toy and moved it down to my snatch and thought about getting oral sex and immediately I was. I was even able to let go of the toy and lay back as the newly formed mouth, teeth, lips, and tongue ate me viscously. The shaft just hovered in the air and as long as it stayed in contact with me it didn't fall.

I got a little too crazy and started to buck and squirm and lost contact with it a few times and had to pick it back up and start again but it was almost like getting teased and I like it. I let it eat me and I fondled my bra covered tits enjoying the feel of my nipples staining against the material. My mind was ready to get fuck now and my pussy was beyond ready. Instantly the toy changed into a thick penis and slammed roughly into my cunt, just like I wanted it to. It withdrew and just before it lost contact with my hot flesh I thought it back in fast and deep arching my back in the process.

Over and over it fucked me and I almost forgot about letting it change into all my toys, it just felt so damn good I was content to just let it continue. Turning my head I looked at my first toy in the line. It was a rubber dildo with balls for a base about 7" long and looked like some porn star's cock but I forget his name. The toy in my cunt changed and I felt the new toy pound into my cunt and felt the balls bottom out on my ass. I started rubbing my clit and let the rubber toy go to town for about five minutes and then decided to change it to the next toy.

I had lined up the toys by body part, they were used for, so all the pussy fucking toys were first and then I would end with the anal toys. I figured this was a good route to take. Next up was a large vibrator that had a clit stimulator it was the same one I was using when Brock first appeared. I had never tried changing Brocks toy into a vibrating toy and was pleasantly surprised when it sprung to life and vibrated just like the toy I had bought. What was even better is I didn't have to use my hand, I just thought about where I wanted the toy, and the clit stimulator hit my clitoris just perfect and sent waves of pleasure through my body as the shaft vibrated my cunt.

I could even vary the vibration with a thought, even speed it up beyond what the real toy could do sending intense vibrations through my body even into my legs and abdomen. It was phenomenal and I gave this new toy some extra time thrusting it in and out of my cunt vibrating my body into spasms. I couldn't help it and climaxed, loosing contact and thought with the toy as my pussy flooded and gushed with a wave of pleasure. I laid there for five minuets afterwards until I calmed down, whimpering from the intense sensations.

Gathering my thoughts I pick up the toy and noticed another inch of dark color at the end. I smiled and rolled onto my stomach, which growled with hunger. I had forgotten to eat again in my excitement to get fucked. I got up off my bed and with toy in hand walked to my kitchen. My bra was still on as well as my socks and I glanced in my full length mirror as I was leaving my room checking out my ass and naked tummy down to my socks. "Looking hot," I whispered to my reflection and continued to the kitchen.

I was too horny to fix a nice meal, so I just grabbed a granola bar and some Gatorade from the fridge. As I was walking back I remembered a rather hot session of sex in the kitchen and the way we used the counter top and stools. Smiling I put the food down on the counter and hopped up on it resting my legs on two of the stools and laid back. I unwrapped the granola and started eating it and drinking my drink. My wet pussy throbbed again and I fed the toy into it and let go and went back to eating as it started moving in and out in slow rhythmic motions. I continued to eat and let it fuck me.

"Talk about killing two birds with one stone," I giggled out loud. I remembered which toy was next back in my room and changed Brock's toy into a double sided dildo that probably is close to two feet long. I bought it during my lesbian phase so we could fuck each other with it in between us. I only got to use it two or three times with this really fine blonde with huge fake tits and incredible body I met at the gym named Penny. The only problem was she was more interested in talking and hanging out then sex so it didn't work out between us.

I looked down my body and could see the long toy moving in and out of my cunt and the sight was very comical. The sheer weight of the toy should have sent it falling to the floor but it's alien power held it suspended and moving out and in, in perfect cadence. Looking at the other tapered end hovering in the air I decided not to let it go to waste and could tell from the plentiful cum running down my crack to the counter that my ass would be more then lubed for my idea.

I raised my legs off the stools and brought them up bending them at the knees as the toy continued to fuck me. With just a thought it bent in mid air and found my waiting asshole, putting intense pressure on my cunt as it bent in half. I thought it forward and it pressed slowly into my ass with the other end still stuck fully in my pussy. I moaned loudly as more of the shaft entered my tight ass filling me full of green alien toy. Holy shit it felt full and so good. I almost forgot to finish my food as I held the anal end still and moved the other end in and out of my now very full pussy. I felt it rub against its twin and gulped down my last bite of granola and washed it down.

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