tagIncest/TabooSatisfied Sister Ch. 02

Satisfied Sister Ch. 02


Jamie was in her room dressing. She had showered, shaved and fixed her hair and make up for tonight. She was planning to wear her mother's low cut, short black and blue dress that cut way low in the front.

It lay over her curves, making her look skinnier than she was. The dress barely fell below her ass, while the front cut low between her breasts revealing so much skin.

She looked sexy, Mark was going to want to fuck her tonight. She laughed, he didn't have a chance though. She was planning to tease and torture Jason tonight, using Mark as her play toy.

When she got to the basement, Jason was messing with the music. She slid behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist. She reached for his crotch, grabbing his cock and balls in her hands.

"Now stop, guests will be arriving any time!" She went to the bar for a shot and to pout. Her shot was delicious, cinnamon flavored. Just then, the doorbell rang.

Jason beat her to the door, it was Mark. Just what she needed! She pulled him to the bar, nestled beside him. Crossing her long legs, they looked longer because of the stilettos she wore.

She looked past Mark to see Jason glaring at them. It was already working, he was getting jealous!

Within a half hour, the basement was filled with about thirty people. Jason was sitting on the sectional with three different girls fawning over him. She decided to work on him some more.

She pulled Mark into a dark corner where they could get comfortable. When they sat down, she slid her chair alot closer to Mark. He was sitting with his legs open. She pulled his face over and kissed him.

She peeked at her brother, he had seen it. He was watching them, glaring angrily. She moved back in for more kisses.

She got deeper into these kisses, running her fingers through his hair and leaning into him so he would wrap his arms around her. When things got too heavy, she pulled back and went to get them drinks.

She arrived at the bar to see Jason waiting for her. He too was there to get a drink for one of the girls he had been talking to. "What do you think you're doing?"

She smiled, "Having fun with my date, why? Are you jealous?"

"Because I want you to stop being such a slut with Mark! I'm not jealous at all."

She laughed, "Yeah right, if you'd have cancelled this party and stayed in bed with me, we could be happily fucking anywhere in this place we wanted right now!" He leaned behind her, his hard cock pressed against her ass.

He breathed into her hair, "Do you feel that? If you know what's good for you, cut it out with Mark!"

She pushed him back, "Now Jay, you're going to make people suspicious!" Then she tossed back another shot and turned on her heal to head back to Mark.

Around three in the morning, Jason started to send people home. He had kicked out everyone but Mark. He couldn't find him or Jamie anywhere.

When he walked out onto the back patio, he spotted them. They were in the corner in a lounge chair, she was sitting on his lap.

They were making out, his hands were all over his sister. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he demanded!

"It's not what you think!" she said.

He got meaner, "Mark, you got about a minute to get the hell out of here before I show you the way myself. Jamie, get inside Now!"

She took off for her room, yelling something about him being an asshole! Mark took off into the night.

When Jason made sure every last person was out of the house, he went looking for his baby sister. He found her in the backyard near the pool.

She was wearing their mother's thong bikini. It didn't cover much. He slipped out of his clothes to reveal the thong he was wearing.

They slipped into the water together. He pulled her to him, kissing her. "You were good in there, but damn, you had me so hard watching you with him."

She smiled, "All I kept thinking was is it time to kick everyone out yet? I wanna be fucked again!"

He laughed, "You do? Well I can arrange that babe." They splashed in the water.

With that said, they made their way to the side of the pool. He pressed her against the pool, kissing her.

Before too long, her bikini and his thong were floating in the water. He was pressed against her, but not inside her yet.

She spread herself, opening up for him to enter. He suckled each breast, making her nipples poke out. She was sexy, she was even sexier naked in the pool.

They floated over to the steps leading out of the pool. He sat back on one with his dick standing out of the water. She began to lick him, lapping at his aroused cock.

Before long she was deep throating her brother. He was enjoying this, in all the years he had mastrubated to his perverse thoughts of her. He was now living a dream, his sister was deep throating his cock in their pool.

Life couldn't get much better than this. When she was finished, she asked him, "Don't you owe me? I've given you two blow jobs. I think I deserve some attention too."

He led her out of the pool and over to the oversized lawn chairs their mother had insisted upon. They could fit two or three people and had big fluffy cushions covering them.

She had lay down on one with her legs spread. She looked so amazing right then, he could have came everywhere. He controlled himself though, he didn't want her to loose interest when they had just begun.

He spread her bare lips, licking their entire length. He entered one finger then two into her, fucking her with them. She let out a moan.

He covered her clit with his mouth, she let out another moan as he lightly teased her. She reached down to spread herself more. He licked and teased at her clit before dropping his mouth down to his fingers and licking his way back to her clit.

She was wringling under his touch. He slipped one finger into her ass, massaging that hole too. She had never had oral sex before, so she was thrilled with this.

It was amazing. She came, bucking her hips. His lips worked harder on her, his fingers fucked faster while she was overcome with waves of orgasm.

He raised his head before saying, "Now I want to see your tits bounce."

He laid on the chair next to her, helping her climb onto him. Her tits were inches from his face when she leaned over, so she'd tease him by going close then pulling away.

She straddled him, bouncing up and down, rocking front to back. She loved this too. His cock was rubbing her g-spot. She knew this would be another amazing orgasm.

Soon he was leaning his head back, moaning. She was arching her back. With a quick move, she was pushing him deeper inside. She came with a loud scream, "Oh Jay!"

Jason's orgasm was even louder, "Sissy, fuck! Fuck!! FUCK!!! I'm cumming!!" With that, he gripped her tits in his hands, suckled one nipple into his mouth and bucked deep inside her.

Within moments of them finishing, they heard something behind the pool house...........

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