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Satisfy Her


Janet is twenty two years old and she is ready for a change.

Janet has always attracted men. Her tomboy look is softened by a few curves and a small chest but her appeal goes beyond the physical. She has an easy way with men.

She found that she needs only to stand near a man and talk with him to generate burning desire. He will usually try to hide his feelings by acting casual and making jokes. But he cannot take his eyes off her. She says silly things and makes little movements of her body until he becomes mesmerized.

As his desire grows she feels compelled to draw him in. She wants to make him surrender to her. She wants him to see only her. This usually leads her into his bed. She moves beneath him. He puts his hands on her back and feels her pressing against his chest. He enters her and breathes deeply as he loses control.

She can feel his muscles tensing. Her hips flex with his movements. He is drawn to a mighty climax. She feels desirable, attractive. From now on, her presence will be like an aphrodisiac to him. Janet has had many men.

Janet was not as successful with her career. She did not go to college. She has held a few jobs but none of them required much skill. Consequently, none paid will. She was hired as a clerk in this company two years ago.

Janet discovered that she could take a course at the community college to become qualified as an executive assistant. She attended night school for twelve months.

She recently was promoted to be an assistant to the project leader. With her greater responsibilities came a new sense of self-worth.

All of the men at work noticed Janet. She could see their looks. There was one, however, who caught her eye. Tom was older than her. He must have been in his thirties. He was divorced and lived alone. You tend to learn many details of your co-workers lives when you work in a corporation like this.

Tom seemed different than the other men. He was friendly and Janet could tell that he liked her. He seemed to appreciate her feminine charms. He also seemed amused by her. He would often smile while she talked. He did not become awkward around her like the other men. She found herself attracted to Tom.

This evening Janet was working late. She had been given a particularly important assignment. She was staying to finish her part of the project. Around six o'clock she took a break from her work. She planned to relax for a while in the reception area to clear her head before she made a last review.

She saw Tom sitting on one of the sofas. He was studying a stack of papers. There were no other people in the room. Everyone else had gone home. Tom noticed Janet. He asked, "Working late today?" She replied, "We need to finish this project before Monday." Tom said, "Me too. We have been pretty busy lately."

They sat in comfortable silence. Tom continued his work. Janet gathered her thoughts. She started wondering if her magic would work on him. She had decided previously that he was not gay. He just did not seem to need her attention. This made her curious. She wondered if she could draw him in.

Janet asked Tom what he was working on. He said that it was a difficult piece of work. It was a challenge which he enjoyed. He was almost finished for tonight and would she like to accompany him to dinner?

This took her by surprise. There had been no sign that he was chasing her. She was not accustomed to men asking her out simply to be with her. She accepted his invitation.

They went to a small restaurant. There were a few customers at other tables. During the meal they talked. Tom did not make small talk but he was interested in many things. They talked about the office. She told him about her recent promotion at the company.

Janet liked Tom's way of speaking directly to her. He was not trying to impress her. She felt flattered. As they finished their coffee Tom asked her, "Did I take you away from your plans this evening?"

Janet assured him that she had no plans. She was still trying to gauge his reaction to her.

Tom asked casually as if he just had the thought, "Would you like to come to my house to watch a movie?" Janet thought for a while. Things had moved rapidly. She was not sure where they stood.

Usually she felt completely in control. Right now, she could not tell if Tom was merely proposing a movie or trying like all the other men to get her into his bed.

She considered saying she wanted to go home and get some rest. She knew, however, that she would always wonder what would have happened. This was a new experience for her. Janet agreed to go to Tom's house.

They drove in Tom's car and left hers at the office. He lived in a two story cape. The house had a pleasant appearance. They parked in the driveway and he let her in through the front door.

The house had good quality furnishings which were not too artfully arranged. Janet was impressed that it was clean. She thought to herself, a man does not have to be a great decorator but should at least be able to keep his house clean.

Janet wondered if she should be feeling wary. Tom did not seem threatening. She reminded herself that they worked together at the office and they both needed their jobs. She was not too worried anyway.

Tom had a nice collection of movies on DVDs. They decided to watch a romantic comedy. The television was in the den. He put the disc in the player. They opened a bottle of wine and poured a glass.

Janet settled down on one side of the sofa and he sat on the other. The sofa was large so she could easily draw her legs up under her and lean back in the cushions. She kicked off her shoes and relaxed. The movie was fun.

Janet's mind started drifting. Tom seemed happy to have her company. He had not put a move on her. She wondered if he was attracted to her. Janet knew that she should wait for him to be the aggressor but she could not help herself.

She said the wine had made her feel relaxed and she would like to lean on Tom if he wouldn't mind. He sait that would be nice. He turned to sit in the corner of the sofa which allowed her to recline against him. He put his arm over the back of the sofa. She Lay on her side with her head on his shoulder. She noticed that he was fit. She sighed and leaned against him.

Eventually Tom allowed his arm to drape across her. It was understandable that he could not keep it on the back of the sofa forever. There was something intimate about his arm resting on her side. Janet could feel that Tom was warming to her. She was getting back a little of that sense of power.

After a few minutes she decided to make herself more comfortable. She turned onto her back which put her head on Tom's chest and made her front visible. Tom appreciated the view. Instead of putting his arm back over the sofa, Tom left it where it was. His hand rested on her abdomen. She could feel his arm pressing on her chest. Both of them were happy with the sensation.

Tom moved his hand over Janet's ribs and stomach. His touch felt good. She made no effort to discourage him. She felt great relief that he was attracted to her. His hand moved up until it made contact with her bra. After a moment it moved even higher to cover her breast.

Janet thought that maybe she should stop him but this was something she had wanted all evening. She simply rested her head against his chest and sighed to let him know that he could proceed.

Tom found her buttons and opened them one at a time. He was not in a hurry. He pulled the tails of the blouse out of her skirt. His hand roamed over her stomach and rib cage and bra-covered breasts.

Janet was feeling things that she did not usually feel when she was with a man. Tom was making her feel good. She was warming to his touch. This was different. Janet was curious about how it would end.

Tom asked Janet if he could remove her clothes. She told him it would be all right. He had her lean forward. He pulled her blouse off her shoulders and she took her arms from the sleeves. He put the blouse on a chair. He unhooked her bra, removed it and draped it on the seat of the chair.

He then asked her to lean back. She lay across his lap to rest her head on the arm of the sofa. This allowed him to unzip her skirt and pull it off her legs. He pushed down her stockings. Then he put his fingers under the waistband of her panties and pushed them down off her legs.

He took off his own shirt but otherwise remained dressed. Janet had always felt comfortable being nude but this situation was somewhat strange because he remained dressed. Tom seemed happy just to have Janet in his arms. She settled back to rest her head against Tom's shoulder and turned slightly toward the TV so her back crossed his chest and lap. He now had full access to her body.

Janet no longer had any question about Tom's sexuality. He explored her body. His fingers roamed over her stomach and ribs. Tom let his hand move up over her chest. He seemed to appreciate Janet's small breasts. He pressed on a breast causing her muscles to tense from excitement.

He then touched the areola. This made a charge go through her body down to her groin. His finger traced the areola causing little bumps to grow. Janet could feel the nipple stiffening. Tom squeezed the nipple with his thumb and index finger. Janet let out a soft moan.

Tom paid the same attention to the other breast. Both nipples became hard and sensitive. He moved his hand down over her chest and stomach. Below the stomach his fingers met her downy pubic hair. Usually Janet was blase about all things sexual. In this case however she felt that a secret place was being entered. No man had ever made her feel that way.

Tom gently stroked the soft hair. The movements of his fingers drew sensations deep inside her pelvis. She longed for his touch. Shortly, he did move his hand down and allowed a finger to slide between her labia. Now her sexual excitement was rising rapidly. Janet wanted him in her.

Tom pressed into her vagina. She was wet. He slid easily in and then he moved the finger out allowing it to graze over her clitoris. Janet was becoming highly aroused. Tom turned slightly so his other hand could roam over her chest. He squeezed her breasts and her nipples while his finger moved in and out of her vagina and over her clitoris. Janet's breathing became irregular. She was close to orgasm.

Tom then stopped and asked if they could go to the bedroom. Janet was sorry to have the stimulation interrupted but she did want Tom inside her. They moved to the bedroom. Tom took off his clothes. This made Janet feel better. She was no longer the only undressed person in the room. She could see him in the dim light. His penis was thick and good length. She anticipated being entered.

They pulled the covers down on the bed. Janet lay on her back. She was completely relaxed. She still had the glow from Tom's attention in the den. Tom lay down beside her. Once again, his hand roamed over her body. He caressed her chest and abdomen. His finger slid over her clitoris into the vagina.

Tom moved his body over Janet's. She reached up to place her hands on his shoulders and pulled him toward her. She bent her knees and let her legs fall apart to open herself for him. He aimed the head of his penis at the entrance to her vagina. He pressed into the opening. She was moist so he slid easily into her. She felt herself being stretched. It did take a minute for her to accommodate him. Soon he was fully inside her.

He covered her completely. It felt good. She drew up her legs to help him gain deep access. She flexed her hips with his thrusts. She could feel him becoming more aroused. His penis throbbed and became harder.

Tom and Janet fell into a rhythm. They felt no urgency. Both were enjoying the act. When Tom was close to orgasm he did something that Janet did not expect. He pulled partly out of her vagina so he could place his hand on her mound with a finger resting directly on her clitoris. He then pushed his penis back deep into her vagina.

Stimulation of her clitoris and vagina caused Janet to lose all control. An overwhelming wave swept through her. Her muscles contracted. She cried out, "I'm cumming." His finger moved lightly and rapidly over her clitoris forcing her to orgasm. When there was no longer any chance that she could avoid a climax he removed his finger and pumped into her. They pressed against each other again and again until both were spent.

Tom went to the bathroom to replace his briefs then he came back to the bedroom. Janet remained lying on the bed. He pulled up the covers and put his arm around her. She felt warm and drowsy. She was satisfied.

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