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Satisfying Emily


Emily Woods has been known to describe herself as an abused wife, not because of what her husband does to her, but because of what he refuses to do for her. Specifically, he won't do the sexual acts with her that she loves, and even referred to them as "wicked perversions of God's wondrous gift of sex" the only time she ever mentioned them. Emily knew there was no point in saying anything about her preferences again, because his response would have been the same or worse. Instead, she started coming over to see me whenever she felt the need to indulge in some of those favorite things. This was a certain way for her, and me too of course, to get to enjoy them because, as is well known, I never refuse to do anything within reason for one of my lady friends.

I certainly think of those particular activities as being well within reason, and definitely not perversions. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing that adults can do in bed together that is perverse, as long as it is mutually enjoyable and consensual and nobody gets seriously injured. The last time Emily and I did those mutually enjoyable and consensual things was a couple of weeks ago, when she called me in the morning and told me that she needed to be taken to ecstasy and that she wanted me to be the one to take her there. Since that is one of my favorite places to visit, especially when I am escorting somebody as sweet and pretty as Emily, I told her to come right over.

While I was waiting for her arrival, I changed the bed so it was covered with only a clean fitted sheet and covered all the pillows with clean cases, which is a normal preparation I make when I am expecting one of my lady friends. I had shaved an hour earlier, right after my shower, so I had no need to prepare myself any further, except for taking off my shoes and socks. After making sure that the necessary supplies were on the night stand, I sat down to wait for Emily. She must have broken a lot of speed laws to get to my house, because she arrived a few minutes later. As soon as I had closed and locked the door behind her, Emily's succulent body was in my arms and her tongue was deep in my mouth.

The lady has brown hair and a pretty round face, and is short and plump in a very sexy way, with big breasts and a truly gorgeous derriere. In fact, she is so beautiful and sexy back there that I can't help thinking that her husband is one of the most ignorant men in the world. Her favorite sexual thing to do is having a hard cock driving in and out of her ass until she climaxes, and her stupid husband absolutely refuses to be the man to provide it. She also loves cumming from having her adorable pussy eaten, and he won't even do that, making him not only a world-class idiot, but inconsiderate as well.

"I've only got a few hours, George. I hope that's enough for what I want us to do."

"I hope so too. I really hate to rush things." During our brief conversation, we had been rushing, but only to the bedroom, where we quickly stripped each other naked.

Unencumbered by clothing, Emily climbed onto the bed and lay on her back, with a pillow under her head and another ready to slip under her ass. I was right behind her, and knelt beside her naked body, gently holding one of her luscious breasts in either hand. Eagerly, I bent down and started licking one of her nipples, feeling it stiffen under my tongue while Emily cooed softly in pleasure from what I was doing for her and for myself. Her sounds of joy became louder when I switched my attentions to the other pink nubbin, which quickly became equally rigid.

Emily's upper body was squirming in pleasure by the time I opened my mouth wide and drew in as much as I could of one delightful breast. While my lips formed a seal, I sucked on the lovely globe, and my tongue continued caressing her nipple and areola. Once again, I alternated my attentions between the succulent twins, and her movements under me became more strenuous, until she was writhing on the bed and thrusting her breasts up into my mouth. As marvelous a time as we were having already, when I looked down her body and saw Emily's pussy twitching in expectation and smelled the fragrant juices she was producing, I knew it was time to move my oral attentions a bit lower.

Starting with the channel between her lovely breasts, I slowly licked and kissed my way down her sexily plump body, even stopping briefly to swirl my tongue into her navel. Emily giggled and, by pushing on my shoulders, urged me to go still lower on her body. Knowing what a delightful time we would be having momentarily, I needed no urging, and continued until my lips were kissing her mons.

We could have 69ed, but both of us prefer that when I eat her pussy, that's the only thing we do just then, so we can completely dedicate ourselves to that single pleasure. I took one of the clean pillows with me, got off the bed, and went around to get back on at the foot and walk toward her on my knees. Emily spread her legs and, when I was close enough, raised them so I could duck under and she could rest them on my shoulders. She also raised her ass off the bed, and I slipped the pillow under it, so the object of my desire would be presented to me as if on a tray. When I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her plump thighs, my face was just inches away from her gorgeous and eager pussy.

I would be willing to swear on my mother's grave that there is no such thing as a pussy that is not beautiful, although I will concede that some are less so than others. Not wanting her stupid and inconsiderate husband to get the right idea about what she sometimes does with me, and maybe some other guys, Emily does not shave or even trim her pubic hair, and it is a wild brown thatch. Even so, she is beautiful there, with her dark lips, pouting and swollen that day from her lust, and with the adorable slit hidden between them. I gently separated the edges and gazed on the wet pink lining, and breathed deeply of the delectable aroma that arose.

Emily thrust her pussy up at me, but it was a gesture of impatience, rather than a sexual response. I grinned and leaned forward to start licking one of her outer lips, not really minding the feel of her pubic hair against my tongue. It was fairly sparse, and quite fluffy, and didn't interfere with the sensation of the soft skin under it. I licked with more pressure than I usually do, and slowly caressed that lip until I reached her mons. When I looked, Emily had a smile on her face, and she winked at me.

"That's better," she said. "You really know what I like."

She was right, but I didn't say anything, just grinned back at her. She may not have noticed it, because I quickly brought my mouth down to where it had started so my tongue could caress her other outer lip the same way as it had the first one. Although we had some time constraints, I still took my time, wanting to give us both as much pleasure as I could and, when I reached Emily's mons again, and kissed her there, her pussy was squirming under my face and her head was luxuriating in the pillow, with her eyes closed and a relaxed, happy smile on her face.

Eagerly, I brought my face back down to where I had started and, this time, I saw that the first few drops had become a pool of fresh juices waiting for me. I carefully licked them all up, savoring their taste, and transferred my attentions to the extremely smooth area between an inner and outer lip. I licked her there, feeling the movements of Emily's pussy becoming stronger and more pronounced from the stimulation of this very sensitive part. When I reached the place where the lips were close together, I cocked my head so I could squeeze my tongue into the seam between them and pleasure both labia at the same time. Flicking my tongue in and out rapidly, but advancing slowly, I continued until I reached the end of the inner lip, where it joins Emily's other inner lip to form her clit hood.

Once again, I looked down Emily's lush body, and was elated to see how much she was reveling in what I was doing. I love eating pussy, but I love it much more when I know I am bringing joy to a sexy woman such as the one lying on her back in front of me. Her body was writhing on the bed and her head, eyes closed and mouth open in a grimace of pure pleasure, was tossing back and forth on the pillow. Delicately, I licked across her clit hood, and Emily softly moaned in bliss and starting thrusting her pussy into my face. This time, it was a sexual response.

There were many more sexual responses when I started licking upward between the other inner and outer lips. This time, by the time I reached Emily's clit hood, her body was thrashing around on the bed and her hips were swiveling under my face, thrusting her legs out and back over my shoulders. She was almost ready to cum, but I wanted to bring her farther, because I knew the longer we took, the more fun it would be for both us. Our deadline weren't so soon we couldn't enjoy ourselves.

I pressed my face even more closely against Emily's pussy, and started probing my tongue into the lower edge of the wet pink hole that was the source of all the juices I had been relishing. As I probed into it, more droplets flicked out to please my taste buds. I had to hold tightly to Emily's thighs because her body was moving about so erratically that otherwise my face would have been dislodged when I started up the sides of that fragrant pink place. As I progressed, my tongue explored under the lips and the edges of the wet hole, moving back and forth over the bubbling cauldron and dipping in to sample the nectar. By the time I reached the top edge and thrust the tip of my tongue against the tiny area between it and her clit, Emily was begging me to suck her there and make her cum.

I never turn down a lady friend's reasonable request, especially if it is something I love to do as much as I love to suck on Emily's clit. The succulent little cutie was so swollen with lust that it had crowded its way out of from under its protective hood, so I enveloped it in my mouth. As my lips formed a seal, I sucked and my tongue stroked the sides and top. Emily's movements, already erratic, became even wilder, until she screamed out in pleasure.

"Oh, god, I'm cumming!"

My lady friend curled up, almost into a fetal position, and her thighs clamped onto the sides of my head. Her hands buried themselves in what little hair I have, and she pressed my face against her delightful pussy, which was exactly where I wanted it just then. Holding my head a very willing prisoner, she rolled to one side, carrying me with her. I clung tightly to her legs and kept my mouth snugly wrapped around her adorable love button while my tongue continued caressing the adorable, swollen morsel.

Jerking and writhing spasmodically while she continued cumming and telling me how good my mouth felt on her clit, Emily lay on her side until she abruptly jerked my head and rolled onto her other side Through all her uninhibited movements, she continued ramming her pussy against my happily imprisoned face for another minute, before all her muscles clenched and she shouted out her joy as she climaxed.

After her orgasm, I rolled her onto her back, hoping my neck hadn't been too badly wrenched by her movements, and licked all the nectar from Emily's thighs, belly, crotch and wherever I could find it on her pussy. Since I would be fucking her in her ass anyhow, I was not even concerned about leaving the juices still inside the pink hole that had produced them. They were the freshest and most delicious of all, and I sucked them all out and swallowed them, since they would not be needed for lubrication.

It took a long time, but when I was through with my feast, I looked up at Emily's face. She was smiling at me, and I knew she had derived at least as much pleasure as I had from what we had just done. However, she had something else in mind to do next.

"That was wonderful, George. You really love eating my pussy, don't you?"

"Of course. That's not exactly a secret, you know."

"I know, but I think of myself as having two pussies. The one in the front and the one in the back where my stupid husband refuses to fuck me. Do you want to eat my back pussy too?"

"Yeah, but only if you're really squeaky clean. You use your back pussy for some other things that would be pretty unsavory, and I don't want to get my mouth next to those other things."

"If I get myself squeaky clean back there, will you eat my back pussy?"

"I will. I love eating either the front or the back pussy, especially yours." That was the truth. I have licked many asses in my life, and I have always relished the smooth texture of the skin and the puckered area and the tiny wrinkles of the hole itself against my tongue, as well as being extremely gratified by the tremendous pleasure it has always provided for the women.

"Okay. I'll go to your bathroom and clean up." Emily got up and walked into the bathroom, her gorgeous ass wiggling enticingly, as if I needed to be any more enticed than I already was. A few seconds later, I heard the water running in the sink.

When she returned, she had a grin on her face, and I could see water dripping down her legs. Apparently she hadn't dried herself off. That didn't bother me; I love the natural aroma of a woman's front pussy, and all the juices being produced there, but I would just as soon her back pussy didn't have any scent except for the natural musky aroma of an aroused woman Of course, after licking Emily's ass for a few minutes, I expected to be able to smell the juices her front pussy would be producing. I was sitting near the foot of the bed and, when Emily returned, she got onto the middle, knelt there, and gathered all the pillows to put under her waist.

"Where do you want me to get?" she asked.

"Just like you are now is perfect. Reach back and spread your cheeks."

She followed my directions, and I knelt behind Emily and used both hands to further separate her luscious cheeks so they were in the position where I wanted them. When I described her ass as being gorgeous, I referred to its shape and general appearance. Emily's derrière is truly a thing of beauty, from the cute little dimple at the end of her spine to the way her cheeks flare out from her waist and her back into a pair of perfect hemispheres, and how those succulent shapes curve around and back under until they merge with her thighs. However, that's not the only way in which Emily's ass is pleasing to the eye.

As she held her cheeks spread for me, it was extremely pleasing to my eye. The skin on the inside is smooth and ivory white, until it blossoms into a pink-tinged creamy color where the puckering begins. The hole itself, where my cock would soon be, is a soft pink, and reminded me of a perfect young rosebud. Especially enticing was the way it seemed to be winking at me as Emily's perfect backside squirmed in anticipation of what we would be doing momentarily.

The insides of her ass cheeks felt even better than they looked, as I pressed my tongue against her just below that dimple and started slowly licking my way down the inside of a succulent hemisphere. She was completely hairless there, of course, and the skin was as soft and smooth as a satin pillow, but warm and vibrant. It felt so good that I wanted to take a long time licking her, and I could tell Emily really loved it too. Very slowly, my tongue meandered downward, skirting the puckered area, because I wanted to save the best part for last.

Emily leaned forward, moving a pillow so she could press the side of her face into it and bowing her back to present her ass even better to my mouth. I took advantage of the improved target when I reached the bottom of the first cheek. She was already highly sexually aroused by what I was doing, and I could smell the enticing aroma of her pussy juices. I bent my neck to get a better angle and licked her crotch and the insides of her thighs so the nectar wouldn't run down and be wasted by soaking into the sheet. After helping myself to the delicious dividend, I licked my way back up the other cheek, once again avoiding the puckered area, until my tongue was back where it had started.

By that time, Emily's body was writhing in pleasure, and her movements became stronger as my mouth slowly worked its way down the center of the cleft until it reached the beginning of the puckered part. Still wanting to save the best for last, my tongue circled what I knew to be the lovely pink rosebud itself, and fondled all the way around until it returned to the place where it had veered off line. Emily was even more highly aroused, moaning in bliss while her hips swiveled in front of me, driving her knees down into the mattress. It was time for the very best part of a wonderful chapter in our sexual escapade.

Once again, I started licking downward but this time I continued across what had been my target from the start. When Emily felt my tongue where she so badly wanted it, her moans turned to sobs and whimpers, and she fucked her ass back against my face, as she does when my cock is going in and out of her. That would happen later but, just then, my tongue was moving up and down and from side to side across the cute rosebud. I reveled in the feel of the puckered edges and the wrinkled hole against the tip of my tongue, but Emily was taking even more pleasure from it than I was.

"Play with my clit, George. Make me cum!"

That sounded like a marvelous idea, so I reached around and placed my right hand on Emily's dripping pussy. I would have loved to squeegee all the nectar from her and lick it off my fingers, but my mouth was more concerned with my lady friend's imminent orgasm just then. I found her clit, as swollen as it had been when in my mouth, and gently pinched the little cutie between two folds of her inner lips. It was held in place by my index finger and thumb, and I began slowly stroking it in the same tempo as the movements of my tongue on her rosebud. In a few highly delightful seconds, my hand and mouth accomplished their mission.

"Yes! I'm cumming!" Emily cried out joyfully.

I kept my face plastered tightly against her ass, and kept my tongue fondling where it had been, but I wrapped my left arm around her hips to hold her upright. For over a minute, my fingers continued stroking in the same tempo as my tongue, while Emily's body thrashed in front of me in the throes of cumming.

"Oh! OH!" she cried, and all her muscles clenched as she climaxed.

After that orgasm, Emily's body started to slump slowly forward, and I let her fall until she was lying face down with pillows under her waist and one of them remaining under the side of her face. I wiped the fresh juices off her pussy and licked them from my fingers until I had gotten as many as I could, before getting to my feet to retrieve the bottle of lubricant and the damp towel and a condom from the night stand. My lady friends prefer various sexual positions and I was aware that Emily loves getting fucked in her ass while lying face down on the bed with pillows under her waist to present the best target possible. That was exactly the position she ended up in after her orgasm.

I also knew it would take her a few minutes for Emily to recover from that orgasm and start building toward another, so I prepared my cock by carefully rolling on the condom and covering it with Aqualube. When I was ready, I spread her legs apart and knelt between them. Emily felt my movements on the bed and my hands on her thighs and let me know, by reaching back to spread her ass cheeks again, that she was ready for the main reason for her being on my bed. I inserted the tip of the bottle into the small hole she was presenting and, wanting to be sure to use enough, I squirted in a big dollop of the lubricant. When Emily felt the cool liquid gushing into her, it evoked a murmur of joy, and she wiggled her ass at me. I didn't need the encouragement, but it was nice to feel wanted.

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