tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSatisfying Her Darkest Desires Ch. 03

Satisfying Her Darkest Desires Ch. 03


It was 8 AM and Victoria had just come out of the shower when there was a knock on the motel room door. She wrapped a large bath towel around her and opened the door slightly. Suddenly she was thrown backwards as the door was flung open and her son rushed in, his face red with anger. He grabbed a handful of her long wet hair and dragged her to the bed calling her a bitch, a slut and a whore. He told her he'd seen some videos of her last night with his friends. The first one was when she was on her back on a wooden table in the garden with her screaming with pleasure as his best friend Nick was fucking her and the second video was her being triple teamed by three young students she barely knew, their cocks hammering deep into her mouth, ass and cunt.

Filled with anger he shouted at her asking how he could betray her family like this and said that he was going to make her pay for being such a whore. He roughly positioned her on her hands and knees and then moved up behind her. Victoria screamed in pain as she felt the massive size of her sons cock slam into her cunt, stretching her like nothing she had taken before. It was as long as the muscular black man's prick she'd had up her during her Jamaican gang bang but much thicker and it felt this monster was ripping her apart.

Suddenly the pain subsided as he pulled out but it was only a temporary respite as she felt her son pull her ass cheeks apart and start to force his giant cock into her rear channel. Even though he was well-lubricated with her cuntal juices and she'd already had plenty of anal fucking from her son's friends it was so painful and she was stretched like never before. He ignored her screams and continued to force his massive cock up her ass, holding her hips firmly to prevent his mother from trying to escape from the monster invading her. He pushed in deeper and deeper and her screams got louder but he was determined to hurt her and make her pay for the embarrassment her slutty behaviour had caused his family.

She begged him to stop but more and more of his cock disappeared up her rear channel filling her like nothing had done before and still he wasn't all the way in. Her body was twisting and writhing as she tried one last time to get away from this anal invasion but the hold he had on her hips was just too strong. He gave a sadistic smile as she gave up struggling, burying her head into the pillow but still crying and screaming from the intense pain his monster cock was giving her as it stretched her ass to the limit.

Finally he felt his balls nestle against the inside of her thighs and he was all the way up her rear channel. Now she was going to pay. He pulled out a few inches and thrust back in, pulled out a little further and then thrust in again. He repeated this several times until eventually the giant cock was close to pulling out of her completely before he savagely rammed his whole length back inside her. Now he was fucking her ass properly, hammering into her with long hard thrusts, his hands locking her hips in place so she couldn't escape the pounding he was giving her.

Her screams filled the room as he reamed her ass ferociously, determined to punish and humiliate her for what she had done. He powered into her even harder and faster, each thrust designed as retribution against his whore of a mother. Despite the savagery of her sons attack on her ass a change was coming over Victoria. Her rear passage had gradually expanded to take his mammoth size up her and the intense pain had now subsided and been replaced by feelings of extreme pleasure as his cock filled her like nothing had ever done before. She started to rotate her hips back against his vicious thrusts and she slipped a hand between her legs and started to rub her already stimulated clit. It wasn't long before she felt the tell-tale signs of an orgasm approaching and as her son continued to pound his big cock up her rear channel wave after wave of pleasure flooded her whole body. Whether it was the massive cock reaming her ass or the fact that it was her son deep inside her, or maybe it was a mixture of both, but her orgasm was the strongest she had ever had and seem to last forever. She collapsed forward onto the bed completely spent, her body twitching with the last few pulses of her incredible climax.

Her son couldn't believe it. He was supposed to be punishing his mother but all he had done was to give the whore a massive orgasm. He was going to pull her back up to her knees but angrier than ever he simply laid down on top of her and pistoned into her ass even harder than before, each stroke nearly splitting his mother in two. His thighs slapped against her ass cheeks really hard as with each thrust he nearly pulled his cock out of her before slamming it back in all the way up her as hard as he could. Surely now he was hurting her, punishing her. Every lunge was so powerful it pushed them a little further up the bed until eventually she had to hold onto the headboard to prevent her head hitting it. He continued to pile drive his gigantic cock up her ass, hammering away at her like a maniac. She begged him to stop as it felt like it was tearing her apart but he just ignored her and kept up his relentless reaming of her rear channel.

Slowly his anger began to subside and as he gave his whore of a mother a lesson she would never forget he began to notice what a magnificent body his mother had. No wonder all his friends had been keen to fuck her. He loved the tightness of her rear channel around his cock as he continued to savagely ream her ass. He hadn't thought of her in a sexual way before and now for the first time he became aware of her curvaceous figure, her full round hips and narrow waist. He pulled her back up so she was kneeling in front of him and moved his hands round to take possession of her full firm breasts, wondering how we hadn't noticed how well stacked she was before. All the time he continued to fuck her ass as hard and fast as he could.

By now he had been raping his mother's ass for well over thirty minutes and at last he felt his orgasm approach. He pushed her back down onto the bed and grabbed her hips firmly. She screamed as he ploughed into her even harder and faster than before, his massive cock spearing deep inside his gorgeous mother. Finally he held his prick as far up her as he could and flooded her rear channel with stream after stream of his hot cum. He pulled out of her ravaged ass and let go of her hips allowing her to collapse down onto the bed.

He sat on the edge of the bed and took his time taking in the beauty of the woman he had just punished and humiliated. His mother really did have a stunning body and he was sure that he was going to be fucking her many more times in the future, it was just a case of whether he would have to force her or whether she would fuck him willingly. A few minutes later she started to recover and tried to talk to her son, to explain that her husband knew about her dark side and it was just a terrible stroke of bad luck that one of his friends had recognised her but he didn't want to talk now and told her to save her excuses for another time. She turned to face him and as she glanced down her jaw dropped as she caught sight for the first time of his massive cock. Even in its flaccid state it must have been over seven inches long and really thick and she wondered how much bigger it was when erect. No wonder her ass was still burning from the pain that monster had inflicted on her. She knew that after she'd had a talk with her son about the whole situation that cock would be fucking her regularly.

He was just about to get up and leave when there was a knock on the door. Mark got up to open it and was surprised to see six youths standing there. He recognised them as locals who always causing trouble in town with the students. They had heard about the gang bang and when they saw that her SUV was still parked outside the motel they came over to see if she was willing to fuck them this morning and were really disappointed when Mark opened the door. They turned round to leave but he thought this could be the perfect way to humiliate her further and called them back telling them they could fuck his mother if they wanted.

Needing no second invitation they quickly entered the room and for the first time caught sight of the gorgeous woman lying naked on the bed. If she was alone Victoria thought she'd probably have let them have her but with her son present there was no way she was going to have sex with them. She told her son to get them out of the room but Mark just ignored her and told them to get on with it and fuck the hell out of her. As they quickly undressed he sat down on a chair in the corner of the room ready to watch them gang bang the cock loving slut.

They were on her like a pack of dogs who had just cornered their prey. Their hands were everywhere, on her breasts, ass and between her legs. She started to scream but a hand with quickly clamped over her mouth. The beautiful grandmother fought to keep the youths off her but there were too many of them and they were too strong. Her legs were pulled apart as one of them mounted her. She felt his cock enter her and after a couple of thrusts he was balls deep inside her and hammering away up her as hard as he could. Someone else grabbed a handful of her hair and twisted her head round so the hand clamped over her mouth could be replaced by a stiff prick. He gripped the back of her head as he forced his cock into her mouth and down her throat and began thrusting in and out. Another youth was now fucking her cunt hard and fast while two others were groping and kneading her breasts. The two cocks fucking her quickly fired streams of hot cum into her cunt and down her throat and they were quickly replaced by two more as the assault on the beautiful Mrs Danvers continued. Once they had finished with her two more cocks invaded her stunning body, pistoning into her at both ends as hard as they could.

By now the beautiful mature woman had forgotten all about her son and was consumed by the feelings of intense pleasure these youths were giving her. She loved how they were ramming their cocks into her mouth and cunt and had already had multiple orgasms.

They flipped her over so she was on her hands and knees and then took it in turns to hammer into her doggy fashion, each of them thrusting into her wet cunt for as long as they could before firing their hot cum deep inside the mature beauty. After they had all had their go they turned their attention to her ass which was still raw from the painful ass rape her son had just given her. As the first one pushed his cock up her rear channel the burning sensation was too much and she started to scream so a hand was quickly clamped back down over her mouth. Just as with her cunt they took her ass one after the other, reaming it cruelly as tears trickled down her cheeks.

Mark was enjoying seeing them savagely fuck his beautiful mother, punishing her for what she had done to his family. He loved watching them use her magnificent body purely for their own satisfaction and especially when he saw her desperately try and escape the ass pounding they were giving her. Seeing her in action like this just confirmed his earlier thoughts that in the future he was going to be up her again and again.

Her gang bang continued with one of the youths lying on the bed and then her being forced to lower herself down onto his cock until he was balls deep up her cunt. He pulled her down so she was lying on top of him, wrapping his arms around her waist and feeling her breasts crushed against his chest. He forced his tongue into her mouth and then started hammering into her cunt, his hips arching up off the bed as he went deeper and deeper inside the gorgeous mature woman. Suddenly she felt a hand clamp over her mouth yet again just before another cock entered her ass, the pain returning just as strong as before. For the next few minutes the two youths viciously hammered their cocks into her stunning body before firing their cum up her ass and cunt. Straight away two more of the gang impaled Victoria on their stiff cocks and again fucked her as hard and fast as they could. Once they had finished with her the final two youths ploughed their cocks up her cunt and ass, slamming into her with all the force they could muster. It wasn't long before she felt two more hot jets of cum in her ass and cunt.

The gang bang of the stunning fifty-two year old grandmother continued for about another hour and although they were pretty rough with her she was enjoyed every minute. They took her in a variety of positions, mainly lying on her back or on her hands and knees, but also with the occasional standing fuck against the wall. She always had a least one cock in her but most of the time she was either double or triple teamed. Finally they finished fucking the mature beauty, got dressed and grinned at Mark as they left.

It was now nearly 10:30 AM and for nearly two hours Mark had watched the six local thugs brutally gang bang his lovely mother but was disgusted that instead of this being her final humiliation he had watched her fuck them back and it was obvious she had actually enjoyed it. He couldn't bear to talk to her now as he was so angry so got up and left, just mumbling to her that he'd see her again when he came back home at the weekend.

Victoria got up and showered, hoping to wash away some of the pain from her battered and sore body, along with all the cum dripping between her legs and caked over her face and breasts. She towelled herself dry and dressed before very gingerly walking out of the motel room to her SUV. On the way home she wondered how she was going to repair the relationship with her son but whatever had happened today she knew that somehow his massive cock would be back inside her next weekend.

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