tagIncest/TabooSatisfying Mother Ch. 02

Satisfying Mother Ch. 02


I awoke the next morning to find that Mother had already left my bed. I yawned and stretched then threw the covers off of me and got out of bed. I was so sated from last night's sex I didn't even have my usual morning erection.

Mother was wrapped up in her terry cloth robe making breakfast in the kitchen and talking on her cell phone. I waved at her as I went into the bathroom. She smiled and nodded at me while continuing her conversation. I deduced she was talking to my father.

Hot water sprayed from the shower head and I stepped under it. I lathered my body vigorously with soap and resisted the temptation to jerk-off.

I fretted over Mother's mood this morning. She had been on an emotional roller coaster last night moving from depths of doubt to heights of ecstasy. After my shower I brushed my teeth and went ahead and shaved just to stall for time and allow Mother to finish her discussion with Dad. I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed to the kitchen.

Mother had just completed her call with an "I love you" to my father. She smiled and said, "I love you too, Baby-boy," she stood on her tip-toes and kissed my cheek as she snapped the cell-phone shut with a click.

She turned and poured coffee into a cup for me. I took a seat on the barstool at the kitchen counter. She placed a bowl of cantaloupe and honey-dews cut up into bite size chunks down on the counter. She produced two forks and we ate out of the same bowl her standing on one side of the counter and me sitting on the other.

"Sorry breakfast is so sparse," she said, "I've been talking to your father."

"And..." my voice cracked with anxiety.

She smiled at my apprehension, "I told him I had a very satisfactory time with you last night."

"That's it."

"Honey, if your father loves me enough to arrange for his son to bed his wife because he can no longer sexually perform. Then I have to love and respect him enough to talk around the edges about it so as not to hurt his feelings."

"I'm not sure I know what you mean," I said and took a sip of coffee.

"Instead of saying Tommy fucked me real good last night, I said, my time with Tommy was very satisfying."

I spit coffee all over the counter. I had never heard my mother use the word fuck before.

Mother laughingly fetched a dish rag and cleaned up my mess. Then she said, "I told your dad, that I was grateful for his suggestion that I spend the weekend with you and that my time with you was just what I needed to alleviate some of my pent-up frustration. I told him how much I loved him and how much I appreciated his love for me."

"What did he say?" I asked.

"He said he was glad that we were having such a good visit and he told me not to feel guilty about it. He said I should enjoy and encourage further trysts with you. He said he loved us both and to take pleasure in our time together."

"How do you feel this morning?"

"About us?" she asked," About what we did?" I nodded.

"Well I can tell you," she said as she came around the counter, "or I can show you."

Her robe hit the floor. She stood before me in all her naked glory. Her huge boobs rose and fell in cadence with her breathing. Her nipples were hard and she twinked each one between her forefinger and thumb. She grinned at me mischievously and her pale blue eyes impishly twinkled as she sauntered toward me.

My cell phone buzzed on the counter. Mom picked it up and laughingly said, "Hello, Tommy's Hot Honey speaking... oh hi, Susan."

Susan was my boss's wife and she and Mom had hit it off at the party last night. I reached for Mom's bare breast and gave it a playful squeeze. She smiled at me and then smacked my hand. She turned her back to me while she listened to Susan on the other end of the phone.

"I fly back Sunday evening at four. ...No we don't have any definite plans for the day. Maybe go to the beach," said Mother, answering questions from Susan.

I stood up and snuggled up to Mother's back. My erection tented the towel I had around my waist and naturally it fell into the crevice of her ass. Mother still had her hair up in a bun to keep it dry from her earlier bath. I kissed her exposed neck. She smelled of jasmine bath soap. She leaned back into me and tried to stifle a moan. I took both her breasts and fondled them like the ripe melons they were.

Mother struggled to concentrate on what Susan was saying. I trailed a hand down her taut belly. My fingers had just reached her strip of sparse pubic hair when Mother slammed her elbow into my belly.

"Damn it, Tommy I'm on the phone." Then into the phone she said, "Sorry... yeah, Tommy can't keep his horny hands off of me."

She laughed at something Susan said and then looked up at me with a questioning expression. "You want to treat us to a night at Landmark Hotel as a wedding present for an abbreviated honeymoon? I don't know.... but where will you....okay, thank you so much Susan."

Mother turned back to me with a beaming smile on her face. "You work for some very nice people. The Thorntons have just given us their romantic stay at the Landmark Hotel all expenses paid."

I was speechless so Mother continued, "Susan pointed the Landmark Hotel out to me last night when we sailed by on the dinner cruise. She said it was the most romantic spot in San Diego. She said her husband has taken her there for Valentine's Day every year since they have been married."

"It is not only the most romantic place it's the most expensive too. The rooms go for $500 a night." I said.

Mother laughed, "Susan said they were going to go to a ski lodge at Big Bear. She said Mr. Thornton was going to make her do all sorts of wicked things dressed like a snow bunny."

I watched as Mother pushed errant strands of reddish-blonde hair from her face. I licked my lips as I watched her boob shift as she raised her arm. My hard cock throbbed with yearning.

She noticed my tented towel. "We really should get dressed if we are going to the Hotel."

I nodded with disappointment but said nothing.

Mother noticed my distress. "I don't know if Momma's Boy can wait that long. His cock looks so hard," she said in a pouty voice that made my dick get even harder. I actually curled my toes.

She seductively swayed her hips as she moved toward me. She stopped in front of me and ran her fingers up my chest and around my neck. She kissed me deeply. I couldn't tell whose nipples were harder, hers or mine.

"Momma's pussy hasn't had this much attention in long time so it's kind of sore this morning," again with the pouty voice. "Maybe, Momma can pleasure her son in a different way."

She ripped the towel from my waist and dropped to her knees in front of my distended cock which danced with desire before her eyes. She watched it sway for a moment. "Baby, your cock is so hard...so large."

Her eyes shifted to mine as her small delicate hand steadied my prick as she lovingly siphoned my bulbous head into mouth. She never took her pale blue eyes off me.

I gasped for breath and curled my toes to keep from cumming. "Ohhhhhh."

Her eyes laughingly glimmered with naughtiness as she licked the underside of my shaft. Her hand shifted to my balls and she gently squeezed them. "Are they full, Baby? Are they full for me?" she teased.

She engulfed both of my bloated balls into her mouth. The suction she produced on them would have put a Hoover vacuum to shame.

She spit my balls out and licked back down the length of my shaft to the head. Grapping my dick again she tantalizingly darted her tongue into my piss slit. Now she had me standing on my tip toes.

My cock disappeared into her mouth and she began to suckle while stroking the remaining shaft. Her head bobbed like a banshee while she jacked my dick with one hand and rolled my balls like they were dice with the other. My mind was becoming overloaded with gratification as it switched from one pleasure to another. I felt my dick begin to twitch signaling I was close to climax.

Suddenly she jammed her finger up my ass and spunk gush out of my cock like a fire hose. I bellowed like bull and struggled to stay conscious as white light tore thru my brain and blood pounded in my ears. Mother didn't even try to catch my cum in her mouth she let it wash over her face and drip down to her tits.

When I finished spewing I looked down at Mother gasping for air. She rested her bottom on her heels and looked up at me. One of her eyes was shut and the lashes seemed glued together with my cum. Her face and tits were quite literally covered with my jism. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and I burned the image into my memory.

She smiled and said, "Feel better now, Baby."

I nodded and she grabbed the towel from the floor and began to clean herself up. She held out her hand and I pulled her up from the floor and into and an embrace. "I love you," I said.

"I know you do. I love you too. Now go get dressed."

We dressed and packed for our stay at the Landmark Hotel, the most romantic place in San Diego. It was a huge Victorian structure located on the beach, a perfect place for romance.

Mother was sitting next to me as my convertible crossed the bridge over the bay into Coronado. The top was down and the sun was soothing even though my hair was whipped by the wind. Mother had a big sun hat pinned to head to keep her hair in place. She smiled and patted my leg and then watched a Navy ship sail beneath the bridge.

When we arrived at the hotel it was too early to check-in so the clerk at the front desk offered to hold our bags while we enjoyed brunch. He would notify us when our room was ready.

Mother paused on the veranda as the sun penetrated the white cotton gauze skirt. Her white thong and bare butt cheeks were clearly visible beneath the flimsy material. She looked over her shoulder at me with a flirtatious grin. My dick got hard and I hobbled behind her as the hostess showed us to our table.

"Mother have I ever told you what a great ass you have," I said as I adjusted my cock for comfort after the waiter had left with our order.

She giggled, "I don't believe you have but I'm glad you like it."

I sipped my orange juice and feasted on the beauty of my mother. Her strawberry blonde hair was shoulder length and topped by a wide brimmed straw colored sun hat. It had a wide white band that matched her skirt. She wore heart-shaped rhinestone earrings that dangled from her earlobes and a rhinestone heart necklace.

Her white cotton blouse was held in place by two buttons which strained to contain Mother's ample bosom. The areolas of her breasts where tantalizingly visible beneath the light cotton fabric. Despite the warm sunshine her nipples were obviously hard and tented the material of her top. She tied the shirt tail together above her naval to show off her rhinestone belly chain. She exuded sexuality.

"You are beautiful."

Her smile was as radiant as the California sun. "I love you Baby-boy let's make this a time to remember."

"Sounds great but I do have to admit I feel a little guilty about this..."

Mother shook her head, "Why it was your father's idea to get me in your bed."

I chuckled, "Not that. I've come to terms with that and I hope you have too. I feel guilty about being here at the Landmark under false pretenses. I feel like I'm taking advantage of the Thorntons' well wishes. As you said I work for good people."

The waiter brought champagne, strawberries and oysters. We began to eat. Surfers were already hanging- ten near the beach and provided the diners with entertainment as they ate. Mother bit into a chocolate covered strawberry and moaned. "This is so good...muhhh."

I chuckled and sipped my flute of champagne which had a strawberry floating in it, "I don't understand all the strawberries...and oysters for brunch?"

Mother laughed, "Why Baby most of these foods are aphrodisiacs. Chocolate, strawberries and champagne are known female aphrodisiacs. In fact ..." she skewered a cucumber slice on her fork and pointed it at me, "cucumbers are thought to increase a woman's stimulation by increasing the blood flow to the vagina."

She chewed the vegetable up, swallowed and continued, "Oysters, figs and avocados invigorate males. And, honey and bananas are needed for the production of sex hormones for both genders."

"And you know all this how?"

Mother smiled at me coyly, "Tommy, I have read a book or two. Your father claimed I was a nymphomaniac and ate foods like this just to keep up with me."

"Really?" I giggled.

Mother took her foot out her wedge sandal and rested it in my lap. I smiled across the table and she smiled back, "Eat your oysters, Baby, you're going to need them."

"Yes, Mother," I responded slurping an oyster off its shell with one hand and caressing her bare calf with the other.

We finished eating but continued to sip champagne. Mother twirled her wedding ring around her finger. "I'm sorry I didn't think about my ring last night. They say the devil is in the details. Maybe it's better to let the Thornton's assume I'm your wife. If I had taken my ring off there would have been a very noticeable white circle of skin."

She pulled her ring off to confirm that a circle of pale skin was clear evidence that a wedding band was usually in place on her finger. "Would you rather they think I'm your wife or someone else's wife you're fucking?"

"Without a doubt my wife, the last guy that was fooling around with a married woman got fired. I do like my job." I said and then leaned in and whispered, "even though you are someone else's wife I am fucking."

"Not to mention, your mother," she added as her eyes shifted to a surfer who had been knocked down by a wave.

"How do you feel about that? I think you've resolved your feelings concerning fidelity and Dad but, what about your feelings about me, your son?"

She reached across the table and took my hand in hers. Her pale blue eyes gazed into mine. "You're my son, I love you. I always have and I always will. You and I have always been especially close now we are intimately close. It seems natural. What do you think of me?"

I squeezed her hand, "Mother you are the sexiest woman I know. I never understood the term making-love until last night. I love you like no other. I wish you could stay with me forever."

My emotions suddenly crashed down on me and I looked out at the ocean to gain control.

Mother patted my hand, "Our time here will be our time together no one will ever share that."

I nodded and she suggested we go check out the hotel shops until our room was ready. We billed our room for the meal and strolled into the lobby and into the various speciality stores. The lobby décor was very Victorian featuring deep rich woods. There was a Victorian dress shop that complemented the hotel's motif. Mother insisted we go in she wanted a new dress.

A heavy set sales clerk wearing a Neo-Victorian walking dress greeted us as soon as we srolled into the shop. She looked at Mother's frame and hair color and immediately began making suggestions. Mother asked if I might accompany her back to the fitting room while she tried on outfits.

The clerk said, "Of course, most of our patrons usually prefer the opinion of their male companions."

Then she escorted us to a room in the back of the store. In the corner was a three-paneled wooden screen about shoulder high and reminiscent of Vaudeville dressing rooms. An over-stuffed chair was centered in front of triplicate full-length mirrors angled to give front and side views.

I took a seat in the chair while Mother undressed behind the screen. Her head and neck were above the screen so she continued to talk to me while the sales clerk fetched outfits. She left her skirt and blouse hanging on hooks behind the screen and then stepped out from behind it. Her big bare breasts caught my attention first.

"Isn't this fun, Son," she said as she twisted her nipples between her forefingers and thumbs.

I nodded sat up and crossed my legs to conceal my huge hard-on.

Mother smiled and then lightly ran a finger up her thong covered slit. The white fabric clung to her cunt lips fashioning a succulent camel-toe. "Is this the place my Baby-boy wants to put his big bodacious boner?" she teased.

I nodded again. The door creaked open and the sales clerk brought in an armful of garments. Mother turned her back to me and stepped behind the screen giving me a glimpse at her perfect heart-shaped ass. I sighed and thanked my lucky stars I was with her.

The sales clerk explained the merits of each outfit as Mother tried them on. She would ask my opinion about each one and then flash me some luscious flesh as she stripped out of them. I was beginning to get light headed from the shift of blood supply from my noggin to my nethers.

Mother finally chose a vanity lace skirt and a ladies vest. She had me go check on the availability of our room with the front desk while she paid for her purchases.

Our room was ready and I waited with the uniformed bell hop for Mother in the lobby. The hotel in keeping with their Victoria theme had their bell hops dressed in period dress.

He smiled at me appreciatively as Mother sashayed towards us. Once again the sunlight got behind her and put her female form fully on display beneath the gauzy white skirt. She said the shop would deliver her purchase to the room later.

The bell hop carried our bags and led us into a turn of the century elevator. He closed the birdcage door behind us and pushed the button for the third floor. Once the lift stopped and the cage was opened Mother took the room key from the bell hop and sauntered down the hall in front of us. She knew we watching her ass wiggle so she gave us a show by putting an extra swing in her hip.

We came to the room, Mother handed the key back to the bell hop so he could open the door for us. He swung the door open and led us into the room carrying our bags. Mother started to follow him but I stopped her.

"I want to carry my bride across the threshold." I scooped her up into my arms and she laughed. I kissed her and put down in next to the bed.

The bell hop was opening the curtains to the balcony. Mother took off her straw hat and threw it on the bed. She kicked off the wedged sandals from her feet. The bell hop went into the bathroom and turned on the light. He pointed out that the terry cloth bath robes were free for us to take, the towels too. He chuckled and said the hotel considered it good advertisement.

He stopped in mid-sentence as Mother dropped her skirt and stood in her thong and blouse.She undid the bow that her shirt-tails were tied-in and started to unbutton her blouse.

The bell hop and I just stared. Mother smiled and said, "Tip the man, Darling, I need you to make love to me, right now."

He held out his hand and smiled as Mother dropped her blouse revealing her huge hooters. I pressed several bills into his palm without looking at what denominations they were. He got a glimpse of Mother as she turned her back to us and quickly pulled her thong down to her ankles. Her pink pouting pussy lips and pretty little pucker were revealed to us. I slammed the door behind him as he walked out. Mother laughed uproariously.

She was half sprawled on the bed with her legs dangling off the edge of it when I turned back around from the door. She was pinching a nipple with one hand and lazily running a finger from her other hand between the folds of her labia.

"I'm so wet Baby," she cooed.

I picked her leg up by the ankle and kissed a painted toe before I sucked it into my mouth.

"Awww, Bab-b-ee," she gasped.

I kissed her ankle then her knee slowly working my way up her succulent thigh. Her pussy was splayed open before my lustful gaze. Her fragrance beckoned me to indulge. I began to lap at her labia like a starving bloodhound. I slid two full fingers into her simmering snatch. It felt like warm wet velour.

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