Satisfying Samantha Ch. 07


"Fuck!" I yelled as my climax threw me into exhaustion as I fell against Sammy's pinned outstretched awaiting body. We slid off the bed together and fell helplessly into one another's arms. I felt like a glob of formless gel as I collapsed onto Sam's body. Every nerve ending tingled with immense pleasure as I looked up and literally saw stars dance around her glowing body.

"Oh my God!" I whispered; licking the saltiness of her sweat from the base of Sam's drenched neck. Our entire bodies glistened with the layer of passionate perspiration. My mind faded and I felt my eyes rolling back as I began to drift into a deep level of relaxation. Sammy quickly snapped me back to the present, however.



"It's getting late and I know that Mark will be returning early this evening."

"Uh huh."

"I'd like you to fuck my ass once more before I take you back to your car, okay?"

"Okay...if you can get me hard again, I'll be glad to fuck you," I challenged.

Sammy immediately pulled me into a sitting position over her chest as I carefully placed my weight on my straddling legs and knees on her sides. She pulled on my limp cock and sucked on my head as I recoiled from the post-cum ultra-sensitivity of my shrunken cock. Her mouth tickled me quite a bit, but I miraculously refrained from laughing out loud as her tongue swirled around my soft, shriveled friend.

"It'll take a while," I breathed.

Sammy stopped her oral action to mention, "No matter, I'll keep working to get you up long as it takes," she smiled feverishly, slapping my limp penis against the inside of her cheek. Sammy coolly continued, "I'll suck your cock constantly until you're hard enough to stick it in me again."

Just the thought of her sucking on my dick for the next half hour straight of so brought renewed interest to my mind as I felt my softened tool stir slightly in the warm confines of Sammy's bold mouth.

"Ooh, there we go!" Sammy giggled, as her head focused back on sucking me back to life, so to speak. Up and down dove Sammy's sensuous head, tugging on my dick, sucking my shaft wildly with each motion. My penis did respond vaguely, but I was quite worn out, honestly, from our last torrid fuck and from the entire weekend rumble, really. This was no match for Sammy, however, determined she was and on a severe mission to bring me back to full attention again. I closed my eyes and relished in the warm, wet, sucking action taking place on and around the head of my dick as Sammy's tongue swirled around my mushroom head, pulling and flushing around it, encouraging it to swell into action again. Her diligent and patient action was slowly paying off as the time progressed, so did the blood flow to my spent cock. With each of Sammy's well placed and eager oral encouragements, my blood pressure became heightened again as the blood dumped into my loins, bringing re-found life to my limbering dick.

"Oh my, there he is!" Sammy squealed as she pulled back away from my crotch. My dick swelled and enlarged and slowly stood on end once more. She greedily returned to work, lapping and sucking on my length, pulling gently along my shaft. Her hot, wet mouth sent sensation after sensation through my groin and up my spine as her tongue worked and played along with her hands which were now stroking the base of my testicles. Her soft warm hands surrounded my ball sack, coaching my organ to rise to the occasion. Her soft kneads were getting the best of me as her hand moved to the front and she grabbed my thickening member and jacked me firmly, stroking my semi-hard tool as if it were the teat of a cow, milking me for every last batch of cum possibly stored in my shriveling nut sack.

"Jesus, you're going to wear me out..." I laughed, "Well, hell, you already have."

"Just once more, baby...I want you to ram me one last time," Sammy whimpered.


"What about you?" Sammy continued, working on my hardening equipment.

"What about me?" she stopped, looking up at me.

"Do you want me to get you off again too?"

"Well, baby, if it happens, it happens...if not, that's okay."


"Yeah, I just want you to nail my ass again," Sammy reacted nonchalantly, eagerly returning to her private task at hand, as she stroked my taint and circled around my sack again. When she stuck a finger into my ass, my dick jumped quite a bit, hardened and remained stiff for a while as Sammy muffled a stifled giggle and continued sucking and gliding over me.

"Oh, that's right," I garbled, "suck that cock good."

Sammy's head continued to bobble on me as her probing finger pressed further into my asshole. She bent her finger, rubbing it along the fleshy wall of my rectum as my dick jumped further into action, its length and girth growing before my eyes and well into Sammy's wet mouth. My dick was just about full mast now, as I pulled it from Sammy's welcoming mouth and crawled over her to offer it to her stretched asshole one more time.

Sammy followed my lead and watched me move lower towards her middle as she rocked back onto her lower back again, rocking her hips back to expose her extremely well-stretched and flexed anal opening. Her asshole was completely open now, still oozing with cum and wetness from our last banging. Her outer rim was in the shape of a multi-pointed star that was now gaping in width, around the diameter of a half-dollar. I felt my eyes grow large at the unbelievable sight of her stretched pucker hole.

"Jesus," I muttered.

"What?" Sammy asked.

"My God...your's more open now than I've ever seen it."



"It's incredible how stretched open you are."

"Oh boy, I have to see it!" Sammy stammered, "There's a make-up mirror in the bathroom where we took that shower together," Sammy explained, "Can you bring it over here?"

I took one look at Sammy and her gaping hole and was gone, to the bathroom and back with the mirror, faster than many folks could blink, I think.

When I walked back in the room and handed Sam the mirror, she immediately grabbed it and placed it between her legs and looked down into the image of her elasticized bung hole.

"Oh, wow!" she laughed, sticking a couple of fingers into her anus, circling them around, still amazed at the diameter of her opening, "I'm completely dilated."

"Yeah, you are!"

"That's insane!"

"Yep, I agree."

"This is so hot...God, it's turning me on," Sammy breathed looking at me, "what is it doing for you?" Sammy looked down at my pulsing penis.


"Oh, yes!" Sammy cooed, "Are you ready to slam my ass?"

I didn't need any more coaching. I positioned myself right over Sammy's gaping, twitching hole and lowered my privates in between her spreading legs. Sammy rocked back on her hips again, forcing her crotch to swing back and expose her wild asshole as her legs pulled back. She grabbed a hold of her legs behind her knees and pulled them back, rocking even further back onto her lower back as her ass came forward to meet my now fully hardened cock.

Sammy's ass was completely open and ready for my hard dick again. Taking advantage of the cum shot deep into her anus, I had no problem pushing into her quickly as her stretched brown hole easily swallowed my member again. Her sphincter gripped me as I pushed my mushroom head down and into her gasping o-ring and watched her anus wrap around me and swallow every increment I thrust at and into her. Like magic, her tight asshole passage enveloped my thickening cock as I watched it disappear with delight as it moved into her ribbed hole.

"Oh,! That feels fucking awesome!" Sammy sighed as I pushed into her and then slowly pulled back, massaging the walls of her tight ass in the process.

"I can't believe how fantastic your ass feels," I remarked, pushing my length back into her accommodating pipe.

"I'm so sore, but it feels so incredible! God, I love this!" Sammy sang in delight.

"Fuck yeah!" I smiled, feeling my cock stroke against her anal muscles.

"Fuck me deep, baby," Sammy sighed as I began to push with increasing speed.

I stroked past her outer ring again now, its bright red flesh patch gliding delightfully over and around my invading staff, brushing firmly against my hard, stiff probe.

"Oh, yeah!" I remarked, feeling my cock fully alive now, sliding easily into Sammy's glory hole. I pulled out and slammed myself back into her tight cavern as I watched her asshole grip and surround my thick cock with incredible ease now.

"My ass is yours, baby! Rock my world...nail that ass!"

That's all it took as Sammy's filthy description sent my senses reeling. I was pushing into her asshole now with reckless abandon, holding her legs fiercely apart, watching her ass swallow me whole as I thundered in and out of her abused hole, my nuts slapping against the tight cleft of Sammy's ass now. I greedily grabbed a hold of one of Sammy's legs and pulled her foot towards me, forcing her big toe into my mouth, I sucked on her toes, one by one as I continued my motion, slamming into her.

"Yes, Michael, yes!' Fuck me!" Sammy screamed as I plunged in and out of Sammy.

"Rub your clit, baby...bring yourself off, bitch!" I snapped.

Immediately, Sammy's hand was swirling around her mound, encircling her engorged clitoris as my thrusts continued.

"Fuck!" Sammy screamed, "Ahhh, yes! Fuck!" she called.

"Keep it up, Sam!" I barked.

"Oh my God, Michael...I'm going to cum...again!"

"Yeah, fuckin' cum for me, you horny bitch!"

Sammy's body twitched below me as her legs quivered in the air, shaking briefly but wildly as my piston-like action continued, drilling in and out of her wonderful ass. A shower of female juice showered against me again as Sammy howled in loud acceptance, "Fuck, fuck! Oh, my God...fuck yeah!" Sammy's eyes rolled into the back of her head as her neck muscles tightened and flexed. Her head snapped back as she gripped fistfuls of the bedding and held tightly as I rocked into her. Squirt after squirt of her climax showered out of her wet pussy as I continued to plow Sammy's delightful ass.

"Oh, shit! My turn!" I yelled as my balls squeezed and twitched. Two more thrusts into Sam's ass and it was all over as stream after stream of hot cum dumped well inside her anus. I pulled my twitching cock out of Sam's reamed hole and smiled with delight at the sight of my pearly white slick cum, covering my entire length in a plastic-like sheen. Her black gaping hole, rimmed by a bright red circumference of flesh, was over-flowing with an enormous amount of cum.

I kissed Sammy on the forehead and then on her mouth as I slumped to her side. Unfortunately, our weekend together was winding down towards an un-welcomed end.

"I wish I could take you home with me," I offered.

"So do I," Sammy replied, "so do I."

"Maybe someday?"

"Hopefully," Sammy smiled at me with a look of bitter-sweetness, she kissed me gently and grabbed a hold of my hand and kissed it tenderly.

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