Satisfying Samantha


"So, did you review the changes to the warehouse?"

"Yeah, my guys are on it as we speak."

"Good," she smiled, closing Mark's office door behind us.

As soon as the door closed, Sammy said, "Now that your guys are on it, I want to get on you."

Immediately my cock went rigid upon hearing those magic words and I lunged toward her like a lion striking a kill. She stopped me short and I planted a passionate kiss on her hungry mouth. Sammy wore dark red lipstick accentuating her complexion, giving a radiant glow to the whites of her eyes and teeth. Her eyes probed the want in my eyes and returned a lustful look filled with pure electricity. Sammy's eyes were as green as the newest leaves of spring filled with anticipation as she tilted her head back and sighed deeply. Her neck exposed, I quickly went to work, planting kisses and licking her nape up and down. Sammy's continued sighs grew in deepness and in frequency. I felt my cock once again beat heavy against the fly of my jeans. Her hand reached and palmed my pulsating member. "Oh, yeah!" I exclaimed.

"Oooh, I can't wait to see this bad boy myself," her hands worked feverishly to free my anxious cock. Within seconds she had my belt unfastened and my fly unzipped. I immediately unbuttoned my pants, pulled them down. My swollen dick almost jumped out of my boxers, standing straight at attention. "Jesus!" she marveled, "That's one a big beautiful cock you have!"

"Oh, yeah and it's all yours, Sammy. Tell me something, baby, are you hungry?" I grinned.

"You bet I am. I can't wait to take that beast inside me!"

Sammy immediately stooped to her knees and began teasing me with her pouting mouth. She stuck her tongue out and gently allowed my dick to rest on it. She smiled and started licking me like a goddamn ice cream cone. "Ah, shit...that feels good." I felt my head tilt back and my eyes close.

Looking up at me, "I bet it does," she delightfully answered, "Now, tell me, how does this feel?" She quickly grabbed a hold of the base of my penis and shoved her mouth completely around my still hardening member. "Oh, yeah, that's fucking awesome!" I began grunting, fucking her mouth. Sammy's head bobbed up and down on me, sending wave upon wave, of bliss through my aching staff. Her lips parted during the passes as she greedily swallowed her saliva. She paused, looked up at me and produced a wide smile, my cock still fully buried in her steamy slippery mouth. Sammy looked down and continued eagerly giving me the blow job of my life. She stopped after every four pumps or so to swallow and to lick the head of my dick. As her velvet tongue hungrily thrashed around me, it sent me to the next level of ecstasy. Every now and then, she squeezed me between her tongue and roof of her smooth mouth, encouraging me to yelp like a vulnerable school kid.

"Yikes! Easy does it, baby!" I cried, "I don't want to cum too fast." I pulled myself out of her mouth and said, "Now it's your turn."

Sammy smiled and shrieked, "Oh good! I was beginning to get carried away, wasn't I?"

"Yeah, but that's okay. Now I'm going to make you hornier than you've ever been."

"I like the sound of that!" she squealed.

"Take of your clothes...slowly," I offered.

"Oooh," she purred.

I stepped back and allowed her to strip tease in front of me as I watched with wild eyes. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and unveiled another beautiful sight: a red lace brassiere with a deep cut front, housing her gorgeous breasts, supported tightly against her chest. The protrusions of her tits were an absolute sight of awe. Sammy continued, loosening her skirt and unzipping it from the back while she faced me, smiling slyly and then sneering.

"Turn around," I encouraged her, "Take it off slowly." She obeyed and sensuously crossed her legs. Next she slowly pulled the skirt down over her shapely hind. Her next move had me reeling as she slowly bent at the hips, arched her back and pushed her ass out towards me. The view was incredible. Her long thin legs were a visual highway that gave way to the superb connection point of her crotch. The dark void continued up between the sensuous bulges of her gluts, dividing her inviting ass into two perfectly proportioned globes of beauty. The dark contrast of her black stockings and laced tops framed the tantalizing sight before me; art in motion. Sammy's fire engine red laced bra and underwear jumped off the dark creamy canvas and gave immediate attention to the flawlessness of her sculpted figure. The thin material of her under garments barely covered her privates, as the root of her thong formed a sensual v-shape from the top of her ass to the inner valley of her crotch. She turned her head, winked and looked at me with cat-like precision, checking my reaction.

"Do you like what you see?" she whispered in desperation.

"Do I?" I responded quickly, fighting the immediate urge to pull her thong strap aside and thrust deep into her right there. "You are beautiful. You have the tightest ass I've ever seen."

Sammy giggled--an almost shy and embarrassed response. "Now get over here and show me that you like what you see."

"Certainly," and just about ran over to her. With my shirt still on, I planted myself behind her. Allowing my stiff cock to tease her, I wrapped my hands around her breasts and massaged them as I kissed the back of her neck again. She leaned her head forward to allow me more surface area. Once again, she began to sigh, breathing heavy.

"Oh, I love that. Play with my tits harder!" Sammy begged. With that, I started to pull at her nipples through the lace material, giving each one brief pinches, her firm teats becoming harder with each contact. "Oooh, that's it. Oh, yeah," she panted. I slowly worked my head down her back and dropped to my knees. I pulled up on her panties, giving Sammy a gentle wedgie as I watched the thin red material disappear in between the folds of her ass crack.

"Do you like that?" I stammered.

"Oh, yes!" Sammy cooed, "You like it tight, don't you?"

"I sure do, I answered."

"Good, wait to feel how tight I am. My pussy's getting nice and wet for you. I can feel it. Have a look yourself," she heavily sighed.

I gingerly pulled her underwear down, allowing it to caress her inner thigh with the material as it passed. Her panties were soaked with her musky juices and she again bent forward. Arching her back, she brilliantly revealed her tight folds. Her pussy hair was artistically trimmed short, allowing visual focus on her fortune cookie opening. I marveled at its uniqueness. My face dove into her folds, as she bucked her hips back and forth in response. I licked and probed for what seemed like hours, sucking on her outer lips, and forcing my tongue to go in and around her private wet canyon.

I stopped for a minute and asked, "Help me open your doors, baby." By this time, her breathing had become primal and deeply guttural. Sammy reached between her legs with her fingers and opened her folds so I could gain greater access. "Oh my God!" she called as my tongue lapped inside her pussy deeper and harder. Her juices mixed with my saliva, dripped without pause down her legs, glistening in the light of the office.

"Hold your ass open," I commanded. Silently, each of her hands wrapped around her gorgeous rear end and quickly pulled her cheeks apart, revealing a tiny puckered rosebud.

"Are you going to rim my ass?" Sammy asked in a desperate call as I admired the beautiful cleft and tight inner flesh before me.

"Hell, yeah!" I exclaimed and immediately drove my tongue deep into her button, tasting the honey of her ass crack. She smelled of flowers and spring rain as I ran my lips between her ass and pussy, focusing on her taint. Now her hips were in overdrive as she rubbed herself against my face—her crotch gyrating in time with my oral probes. I simply grabbed a hold of her hips and encouraged her to rub against me harder.

"I love my ass being licked. It feels so good," Sammy sighed. Immediately, she shoved a hand between her legs and started frigging herself, while her other hand maintained the parting of her incredible ass.

"Here, let me help," I instructed. She removed two fingers from her pussy and I easily inserted three of my own. Sammy's velvet folds surrounded my digits warmly with soft resistance as I began to stroke vigorously in and out of her tight pussy.

"Oh fuck. Fuck yeah!" she grunted as I increased with speed. "I need your cock. Put it in me now." Sammy whispered, looking back at me, her teeth gritting in desire. "I want you to do me on the desk."

"Okay," I choked back.

Sammy stood up and walked over to Mark's mahogany polished desk and propped herself on the reflective surface. She pulled her legs into a sitting position, her knees out in front and her heels against her ass. She rolled back a bit, allowing for a perfect opening to her pussy. Then her legs stretched out like wings before me, giving me an obvious target. Her pussy beckoned me like a flower waiting to be pulled open. She arched her back again, pushing her tits out in stronger presence than ever.

I followed her lead and pulled her bra off over her breasts, producing two incredibly well rounded firm spheres. Her tits were hard and stood swollen and erect. I took each of her brown berries and sucked and licked them individually as she pulled my head closer to her chest. Sammy's cries became more and more violent as she grabbed the hair on the back of my head, gaining my attention. "I need you to fuck me now!"

I pulled back from her, understanding the given direction, took my member in my hand as she scooted herself closer to the edge of the desk. Locating her wet point of entry, I guided my head down towards her honey pot and pushed it against her folds. She instinctively opened her pussy with her fingers, grabbed my aching member and brushed my head against her clit. She screamed in pleasure. Her vaginal lips were dark red and the juices from her tight canal oozed out of her casually with glistening wetness. One thrust against her and my cock's head disappeared inside of her. I was in, almost all of the way. She adjusted herself and pulled her knees back, exposing even more of the natural curves of her inner most privates. I relished the view as I watched my hardened pole move in and out of her effortlessly, getting doused in wetness with each stroke. I pushed her legs apart and held them in place by her ankles. As I moved, her hips bucked back and I caressed her inner thighs, increasing her wild sensations. "Oh, you feel so good inside of me, baby. I love getting fucked by you!"

She starred down at my dick buried in her and watched with delight as I moved in and out of her pussy. Sammy's dark velvet pouch pulsated in response with my thrusts. Sammy grimaced and threw her head back in complete ecstasy, her bright green eyes rolling towards the back of her head. "That's it. Fuck me hard. Oh yeah...yeah!" I slammed into her, pumping in and out of her like a goddamn engine piston, drilling her to the top of the desk. Pushing her legs back and over my shoulders gave me great view of her tight and sensual curves. It also gave me much deeper penetration privileges and sight of her puckered asshole. I reached down and maneuvered a finger into her ass. She seemed to go crazy with my finger in her asshole. "Oh, fuck!" Moaning loudly, she began to writhe in opposition of my thrusts, driving me closer in her sought diligence.

"Jesus, you are one tight fuck!"

"Good! You feel so big inside me. I knew it would be like this!" Sammy replied, "Do you like fucking me?"

"Fuck, yeah. You're so goddamn tight!" I responded, feeling the edge approaching quick.

"Oh God, I've never been this wet before! Fuck me, you bastard, fuck me deep!"

I continued thrusting in and out of her tight hole, increasing in force and repetition with each stroke.

"Aw, I'm going to come!"

"Don't you stop riding me. I want you to cum inside me."

"Yeah," I replied breathless.

I put my penetrations into over drive and continued to slam in and out of her senseless, like a man possessed. I watched Sammy squirm under me as the shockwave of orgasms washed over her shuddering body, sending her in orbit. She leaned forward and convulsed as my dick continued to thrust in and out of her honey pot.

"Oh my God, oh fuck yeah, oh my God!"

"Ah, shit! Fuck!"

Sammy pumped her hips back up to meet my downward thrusts. I leaned down to give her tits one last lap of my tongue and slurped her left tit with a strong suck of my mouth. "Ah, yeah...I'm coming!" I leaned back and felt my cock spasm deep inside of Sammy's pussy, spurting loads of cum into her soft hot pocket. I grew dizzy and continued to jamb my pulsating cock in and out of her tight box.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!" I hollered, my eyes rolling back into my head. Wave upon wave of electricity washed over my being as I rocked back and forth within Sammy's folds, my knees buckling at the intensity of the ride.

Pulling myself out of Sammy's depths, my twitching cock was shiny with our juices. Pearl cream filled her hole, elegantly replaced where my swollen member had just been hammering inside her moments before.

"That was one incredible fuck," Sammy sighed, "I'm glad you took me like you did."

"Yeah," I could hardly breathe, let alone see straight. I collapsed lifeless back into the leather couch immediately across from the desk where Sammy lay breathless.

I felt my vision blur and quickly fade as I fell into a deep sleep, completely cashed. I must have been out for about a half an hour or so, as noted by some strange dreams I recall. I woke to a warm and wet sensation on my dick. I opened my eyes to see Sammy, completely naked, again working on my cock with her mouth.

"Wow, you certainly know how to wake a guy up," I smiled.

Between slurps, Sammy, looked at me, "Yeah, I was hoping to get you hard again," her green eyes glowing with lust once more.

Sammy continued to bob up and down on my dick, calling my member to swell once again. "Oh good, its working!" she giggled, pausing to look up at me. I stroked her silky black hair, as her eyes intently watching, she continued to lick up and down my shaft. Occasionally, she parted her lips and took me totally inside her welcoming mouth.

"That feels good, baby," I murmured as she kept pulling at my dick with her mouth, her tongue swirling around the tip of my penis. I started to lurch forward to please her simultaneously, but to my surprise, she pushed me back again the couch.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"Nothing, I just want you to relax and enjoy this. You've already satisfied me, now let me do a little magic on you."

Pleasantly surprised, I obediently laid back. Looking down, I watched with delight and awe as Sammy worked my dick back to hardness. "Almost there," Sammy smirked, her brilliant green eyes glowing with deviant motivation.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked cautiously.

"You'll see. You just concentrate on getting that dick rock hard again," Sammy demanded. Her tits brushed against my thighs as her mouth progressed to slipping over and down my stiffening rod. With each head bob, her breasts fell full on my legs, blossoming in volume as her chest pressed softly against me.

"God, you have great looking tits," I mentioned, feeling the fire of lust begin to burn once more.

"You want to stick your cock between them?" Sammy asked coyly.

"Hell, yeah," I replied with new found energy.

Sammy lied down on the plush carpeting as her tits parted slightly towards the sides of her chest. She arched her back and awaited my following as she rubbed her clit in a circular motion. I stood over her, peering down at her beauty displayed below me. Sammy smiled in anticipation as I hovered over her and lowered myself down, straddling her curvaceous figure. "This is going to feel good," I admitted, leaning over to the golden skin of her breasts wet with my saliva. After some more spit-filled licks of her cleavage, she moistened my now throbbing cock with a few licks of her own and smiled at her effectiveness. My dick shined with wetness as I anticipated planting it between her firm tits. Pushing them together, she formed an inviting cavern for me to house my hard member. "Put it in here," she glanced.

"Oh yeah," I signed, pushing my dick into her harboring cleft, I began to slowly slide my cock in and out between her perfect globes. She gazed at me with a deep look fire, her eyes brimming with lust. With each push, she cooed encouragingly, "Oooh, yeah." When my balls reached the bottom of her breasts, the head of my cock emerged through the top of her tits. Sammy's eager mouth awaited each thrust, welcoming my cock with a quick lick of her tongue. Before long, I was again on the edge of spurting once more.

She must have been wise to my pending explosion and quickly released the hold on her tits. "Oh, no you don't!" she remarked, "We were only doing this to get you hard again. I have other plans for you, big boy."

"Oh, really?" I gasped, "And what might that be?"

"I'm going to get on all fours, against the desk over there, motioning towards where we had first fucked, "and you're going to fuck me up the ass." She smiled like the devil and my heart must have skipped two beats.


"You heard me. I want your cock in my ass, and you better not disappoint me by coming before you stick that monster of yours deep inside my butt," she grinned, raising her eye brows.

I could not believe my luck. I was dumbfounded and shocked in disbelief.

"Don't look too surprised, sweetie. I saw how wild I turned you on by sticking my ass in your face. I'd love to have your cock in my backdoor and I'm thinking that you might like it too."

Reality took over and I snapped back into gear, my dick growing exponentially before her lusting eyes.

"Oh my God, look at you! You better stick it in my bum before you shoot your load too quickly."

Without another word, she moved over to the desk. Bracing her hands against the top of it, she again elegantly bent over at the hips, exposing her incredibly tight and supple ass.

I immediately rubbed my cock up against her from behind, located her ass crack with my cock and rubbed it firmly against the cleavage. Reaching around, I fingered her pussy with my thumb and forced my forefinger up into her rectum. It was slippery and warm. "Oh yeah, that's perfect!" Sammy called.

"How can that be?" I asked, "Your ass feels silky and wet."

Sammy panted, "While you were sleeping, I lubed my ass and readied for your dick."

Once again, I could not believe my fortune. Fucking Sammy conventionally was absolute heaven. Being allowed and even commanded to plow her ass was levels beyond my wildest imagining.

"You dirty little chick!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, now fuck me like the dirty girl I am, please!" she whimpered.

"I can't wait to balls deep inside your tight little ass, honey."

"Stick it in me now!" Sammy demanded, turning to watch me spread her ass checks apart.

"Here, let me help this time," Sammy sneered through her clenched jaw. Edging closer to the desk, she brought her thighs flush along the front of the desk. Maintaining perfect balance, by cantilevering her body against the mahogany, she brought her hands around, and pulled her cheeks wide open. Her torso laid flat on the desk's surface. I had a spectacular view and the best unrestrained access.

Locating her rosebud, swollen and tight, I pushed the head of my dick against her puckered flesh. "That's it," Sammy heaved, "Get it all the way in. I want you to fill me up completely." Not wishing to disappoint, I was eager to fulfill my task and willingly pushed myself against her ass into her accommodating backdoor. Taking a deep breath, I pushed again and felt her ass grab hold of my swollen cock like a goddamn fist. I took hold of her hips and used them for guiding stability.

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