Satisfying Samantha


"I'm almost all the way in!" I exclaimed.

Sammy grunted louder than I've heard her. "Good," she whispered, "I can feel it."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just keep pushing." Sammy gritted through her teeth. Her grunts sounded like a lioness.

"Am I hurting you?"

"No, I just need to get used to it a bit...keep going," Sammy breathed.

Another deep breath and I felt the base of my dick slide against the cleft of her ass opening. I looked down and saw that my balls were firmly resting against Sammy's gorgeous labia.

"Ah, shit...yeah! I'm all the way in, Sammy!"

"God, your cock feels so good!"

"This is fucking awesome!"

"Start fucking me, but go slowly, okay?" she panted.


"After I get used to it, you can go a little faster, all right?"

I didn't have the concentration to answer her. I just nodded and gave a quick "Uh, huh," as I began to slowly stroke her rectum with my stiffened tool. I pulled her hips towards me when I was pushing in. By nature, she pulled away from me when I was pulling back. With each thrust, I felt her delicate skin rush past my member and engulf me in muscular wrapping.

"How does it feel?" I asked.

"Amazing," she moaned, "my ass feels so full. God, this is fucking fantastic!"

I continued to slowly force my member deep into her backdoor, admiring the tightness of her dilating grip hole. I growled as I moved and watched her anal muscles flex with each push and retract. Sammy looked back, scowling with intensity, "How does my ass feel?"

"Like fucking heaven, babe. Your ass is so goddamn tight. I love it!"

Without being coached, I noticed Sammy's asshole opening up a bit with each inward thrust, so I started increasing in speed. My nuts slapped lightly against Sammy's pussy lips when I reached the limit. Her ass felt so tight, I wish I could go further.

"Fuck yeah!" Sammy screamed.

I continued steadily riding her ass. The best part was witnessing my hard member's head retract almost completely, followed by pushing it back, forcing it to quickly disappear.

"Watching my cock going in and out of your ass is so fucking hot. I love watching this."

"I wish I could see it," Sammy howled, "But it feels wonderful. Fuck me harder now."

Without having being told twice, I grabbed tightly onto her hips and pumped my dick in and out of her tight dirt box, feeling her ass cave in against me as I pulled out and opening as I pushed. A few more pumps and I was on the verge.

"Oh, God, I'm going to cum again, Sammy!"

"Cum in my ass, please!"

No sooner had she given the directive than my cock revolted and spurted uncontrollably deep within her bowels. I stayed inside of her ass for a bit, my cock spasm emptying its heavy load with each twitch. The feeling of immediate fatigue washed over me like a tidal wave and I fell into her, pinning her against the desk. My cock still buried in her ass checks, I sighed and amazed again at the incredible fuck we had shared.

"Wow, that was spectacular," I mentioned, pulling my limp dick from her cream-filled ass.

"No kidding," Sammy huskily agreed, standing, putting her bra and panties back on. "We'll have to do this again sometime soon."

"Of course," I agreed, "You are one hot number. I'll fuck you anytime and anyway you want."

"If you're up for another fuck soon, maybe we can try other positions."


"I used to be an aerobics instructor...I still have my flexibility..."

"And your tight form," I added.

Peering at me out of the corner of her eye, as she pulled up her skirt, "I really like reverse cow girl so I can fuck you. Later, you can fuck me doggie style too," Sammy smiled. "Mark's not one to try new things, but I'm glad you are. It makes me horny, to think about the things we can do."

"Me too," I agreed, zipping up my jeans.

"And, of course, if you make me feel again like you did today, I'm sure I'd like you to fuck me in my ass."

"I'll never turn you down for any of that," I grinned back.

We finished dressing and left the office without many more words. It was nearly 7:00 PM and I'm sure that Sammy had to get back to her house and cater to Mr. Mark. "What a prick," I thought, but I didn't really pay too much mind to my thoughts, I had just screwed his wife in all of her openings. I smiled at the fact of the realization: a total fantasy come true in a matter of mere hours.

The next morning came very fast, only this time, when the alarm clock sounded, I reached over, turned it off and sprang out of bed, renewed and revitalized like I've never felt before. Thinking about my incredible time with Sammy would keep many men energized for months, I believe.

I arrived at work without much hassle and per the routine, went to the break room to grab a cup of coffee. As I was doctoring it up, Mark walked in, right on cue.

"Good morning, Mark," I smiled.

"Well, hello there, Michael. How are you?"

"I'm doing just fantastic, thank you. And yourself?"

"Doing well, doing well. Wow, you sound chipper for a Thursday morning."

"Yep, can't say that I have much to complain about, really."

"Well, that's good. Hey, I talked to Sammy last night. She said you two had a great meeting."

"Yep, we sure did."

"Glad to hear it! Keep up the good work, Michael."

"Oh I certainly will; no doubt about that."

I smiled and left with my coffee. When I got back to my desk, I noticed an envelope with my name on it. Opening it, I read the following note from Sammy:

"Wow, what a super time last night. I know it sounds crazy, but thinking about you has gotten me hot. I'm horny as hell and need you. Mark's going out of town again in a few days. Meet for a drink at the bar, "Nightflights" on the corner of 43 and Willmont. I'll be wearing another little sexy number for you. We can then go back to my place and I can fuck you by being on top this time! Then we can continue with other things."

I took a deep breath and smiled. The little vice inside my head told me that my life at this job would be more memorable than I thought possible. I smiled thinking about Sammy and got up to check the inventory.

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