tagIncest/TabooSatisfying Suzy

Satisfying Suzy


Suzy sighed, a deep sigh of frustration, and sank lower into the bath. She squeezed her thighs together, feeling the pains of pleasure rippling from her pussy and up her spine, sending wonderful tingles through her body. She was trying so hard to behave herself, but it was becoming more and more difficult the longer Jack was away.

She was used to Jack, her husband, being away for three weeks at a time. He worked away on an oil rig, three weeks away followed by three wonderful, sex filled weeks at home. Suzy could cope with that, letting the sexual tension build up for those three weeks, before being released the moment Jack stepped through the door. But this was different, so very different. This time Jack was away for three months.

He had been offered three months work abroad, at triple his normal salary - and it was tax free, and he could just return to his old job when he got back. It was too good an offer to refuse, even though there was no home leave. Suzy thought that she could cope. But now, after only four weeks, the longest they'd been separated in twelve years of marriage, she was almost climbing the walls.

She squeezed her thighs together again, sighing and leaning her head back against the end of the bath as that wonderful rippling sensation ran through her again. She looked down at her breasts, watching them almost floating in the warm water. Without thinking, she reached for them, cupping the firm flesh in her hands. Her thumbs slid easily over her nipples, which began to pucker under her touch.

Suzy closed her eyes as her thumbs rubbed gently across her now hard nipples. She rubbed them in little circles, sending waves of pleasure straight to her pussy. She squeezed her thighs together again, feeling the warm wetness springing from her despite being in the bath.

Without thinking about it, one hand drifted away from her breast and down over her belly. Her skin felt soft and slippery in the warm water. She rubbed a finger tip against her still hidden clit, feeling the rubbery flesh responding to her touch. She cupped her mound, her fingers sliding along her lips. She arched her back slightly, pushing up to meet the downward pressure of her own hand.

Almost guiltily, her eyes flew open and she pulled her hands away from herself. But then she reasoned with herself. Why? She would bet that Jack was enjoying a good wank, hopefully while he looked at the pictures of her that she knew he had taken with him. They had been taken when they had gone away for the weekend just before he left, and left nothing to the imagination. She felt her pussy flooding at just the thought of that weekend, of what they had done together, of Jack.

She cupped her pussy again, more relaxed now. Her normally shaved mound felt rough under her palm, so she reached for her razor and some foam. She lifted herself up onto the edge of the bath and carefully smoothed away the barely visible red hair from her around her pussy. She had shaved her pussy for the first time about six months ago as a surprise for Jack, and he had loved it. She had always kept her hair short, but her nakedness had driven him wild.

Suzy ran her hand over her mound as she finished, loving the feel of her smooth skin against her as she checked that nothing had been missed. She smiled to herself as she thought about that first time, of the look on Jack's face, of what happened after that. A tingle shot through her at the memories.

She put the razor to one side, noticing Jack's shaving mirror on the side of the bath opposite her. She reached over and tilted it slightly, bringing her pussy into view in the magnified glass. She looked at her pussy, that tingle running through her again as she gazed at her wet, pouting lips, at her naked, plump mound.

Without thinking, she pulled the skin above her mound upwards. Her clit popped into view, the rubbery flesh sticking out and begging for attention. She rubbed it gently with her other hand, her fingertips swirling around her clit in a circular motion. She moved her other hand lower, slipping one, and then two, fingers easily inside her pussy. She felt her slick juices on her fingers as they slid in and out of her hot pussy, as her two hands moved as one.

Ripples of pleasure ran through Suzy as her fingers became a blur, pumping in and out of her wanton pussy in time to the finger tip moving around her clit. Her nipples puckered and hardened as the pleasure of her fingers washed through her. Her breathing became ragged as she stared at herself in the mirror, at the flush rising up her body from her pussy.

As her orgasm, her release, neared, it felt as though her body was on fire. She closed her eyes, leaning back slightly as her fingers worked their magic. She cried out as her orgasm tore through her body, sending out wave after wave of pleasure. Her fingers carried on plunging into her, her pussy gripping them, sucking them into her body, wanting her pleasure to last.

Suzy felt elated and exhausted as at last her body began to calm down. She slumped back into the bath, the still warm water swirling around her. She stared at her cum covered fingers, and slowly licked her tasty juices off them. She sank lower into the water, cupping her mound with one hand and her breasts with the other, rubbing herself softly, almost purring with the aftermath of her orgasm, of her release.

She giggled to herself, suddenly wondering how much noise she'd made when she'd cum. Her twin brother and sister were downstairs! Ella and Joe were ten years younger than her, and had both just finished University. They had come to stay with her for a week or so, to keep her company, before going off to start their new jobs.

Suzy reached for the soap, and washed herself slowly, enjoying the feel of her hands moving over her still tingling body. She felt great, but somehow she knew it wouldn't last. The next few weeks were going to be tough. She climbed out of the bath, and wrapped herself in a huge, soft towel.

She grabbed another towel and rubbed her mass of red hair as she walked through to the dressing room that separated the bathroom from her bedroom. She shook her hair back, and brushed it briskly. Once her hair looked respectable again, she rubbed herself softly through the towel wrapped around her, drying herself, enjoying the tingling that started up all over again at her touch.

As she dried herself, the towel gradually dropped away from her body until she stood naked. Glancing up, she looked at herself in the full length mirror that stood at one end of the room. At thirty three, she knew that she still looked good, and could turn quite a few heads.

Her red hair hung loosely to her shoulders, framing her face with her small nose, bright eyes and full lips. She turned sideways, and admired the upward tilt of her full breasts, her hard, pointed nipples. She ran a hand over her flat stomach, before turning her back to the mirror to admire her ass, and her long, slender legs. Her bum was still firm and rounded, just how Jack liked it.

"Not bad," she murmured to herself as she turned to face the mirror again, casting her eyes one more time over her tanned body, only her mound standing out, plump and white.

She reached down and cupped herself, feeling the heat of her pussy and clit. She pulled her hand away quickly, trying to resist temptation, and turned to pull open her draw to find some underwear to put on. She stared down at all the sexy lingerie, the knickers and bra's, the suspenders and stockings, all the silky, sexy stuff that she loved to wear, that she loved to feel against her skin, that made her feel so good, that Jack liked to see her in.

Suzy sighed, feeling that tingle again, and began rummaging through the draw for something to wear. Her hand felt something hard at the back of the draw. Her heart thumped as she pulled the black bag forward, and opened it. It was the collection of toys that she shared with Jack, which they'd last played with just away before he went abroad.

She stared down at the toys, at the vibrators, at the silver balls, wetness springing from her throbbing pussy as she thought back to that weekend. She picked up the two silver balls, weighing them in her hands, the chain that joined them clinking softly. She paused and sighed, and then reached down and slipped one ball, and then the other, inside her pussy. She wiggled her ass, feeling the balls inside her. Without thinking, she picked up the bag and headed into the bedroom.

The balls moved inside her as she walked the few steps to the bed, sending shivers of pleasure straight from her hot, wet pussy to her nipples. She lay back on the bed, and made herself comfortable propped up against the pillows. Suzy reached into the bag and pulled out a small vibrator, perhaps no longer than three inches long. She switched it on, and listened to the quiet purring before she closed her eyes and began to play it across her eager body.

Her back arched as the vibrator touched her already swollen nipples for the first time, her tongue flicking across her lips. She moved the toy from one nipple to the other, and then over her full breasts, before running it down towards her pussy. She pressed it against her clit, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body. She reached for her breasts, tugging and pinching her nipples, her cries of pleasure barely muffled by her clenched lips.

Gasping, she reached for her pussy, rubbing her fingers along her wet, pouting lips, feeling the balls move inside her. She moved the other toy back onto her breasts, pressing the tip against her erect nipples, pressing it to the taut flesh. She pulled on the chain between her legs, tugging at the balls inside in. She drew her knees up, and dragged the balls out onto the bed. She felt empty in the few seconds it took to replace them with her fingers.

She plunged two, and then three fingers, into her hot body, finger fucking herself quickly, but wanting more. With a frustrated groan, she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and reached for the bag, never letting the small vibrator leave her nipples. She fumbled about and found what she wanted, her favourite vibrator - eight inches long and nice and thick.

She drove it inside her pussy, lifting her ass off the bed to meet her own thrusts. Wave after wave of pleasure washed through her, her moans filling the room as she used the two toys on her wanton body.

"Can I help?"

At first, Suzy thought she was imagining things. Her eyes were closed, her mind shut to everything but her need for release, to the desire coursing through her. But then she felt another hand over hers, on the thick vibrating cock that was deep inside her pussy. But it was only when she felt the warm hand sliding up her belly and onto her breast, when she felt the warm breath on her cheek moments before she felt the soft lips covering her mouth, that her eyes flew open.

"Let me help," Ella repeated, her mouth against Suzy's, her tongue flicking gently over her sisters lips.

Suzy felt numb for a few seconds. Numb with shock at the feel of her sister's lips against hers, of her tongue slipping easily into her mouth. Numb with shock as she felt Ella's hand caressing her breasts, and pinching her nipples softly, her own breasts warm against Suzy. Numb with shock as her sister's hand pushed her own away from the thick vibrator inside her pussy.

And numb with shock at the realisation of how much more intense her pleasure, her need, her desire, had just become.

She moaned against Ella's lips, their tongues now slipping and sliding over each other. Ella's thumb rubbed upwards across Suzy's clit as she thrust the thick vibrator in and out of her sister's pussy. Suzy gasped and arched her back as Ella guided the vibrator, hitting sensitive spots that Suzy had forgotten she had. She sucked eagerly on her sister's agile tongue as the cock plunged into her pussy, as Ella rubbed and teased her clit.

Ella pulled away from Suzy as her sister's climax exploded deep inside her body. Moving quickly, she pulled the vibrator out of Suzy's pussy and replaced it with her tongue just as the first waves of intense pleasure flood through her. Ella clamped her mouth over Suzy's pussy and clit, sucking and licking, her tongue thrusting. She eased her hands under her sister's ass and pulled her closer, driving her tongue in deeper.

She looked up to see Suzy with her mouth open, gasping for air, her hands tugging at her swollen nipples. As Suzy relaxed, Ella softened her grip on her sister, licking her pussy gently. Slowly she eased back up the bed, kissing a nipple softly before slipping her tongue back into Suzy's mouth and sharing the sweet taste of her juices.

Sitting up, she grinned at her sister.

"Better?", she asked, a wicked smile on her face as her hands stroked softly across Suzy's firm tummy.

Suzy nodded, afraid to speak, still not sure about what had happened, about how it had happened. She looked up at her younger sister, looking at her differently to ever before. She knew what they had just done was wrong, but it had felt so good, so right. Before she could speak, Ella continued.

"I love these things," she confided, picking up the still sticky vibrator, "but they're not as good as the real thing, are they?"

Ella grinned down at Suzy, watching her face, her reaction as she spoke again.

"I think we need some cock – some nice hard cock."

Ella's hands were moving gently over Suzy's breasts now, sending shivers through her body as she leant over and kissed her sister's nipples, softly at first, but then more urgently. Suzy could feel the wetness springing from her pussy again, and for the first time she reached out to her Ella, pulling her closer.

They kissed for a long time before Ella knelt up on the bed, and shrugged her gown off. It fell away from her body slowly. Suzy gasped as she drank in her younger sister's body, as her eyes roamed over Ella's large, firm breasts, over her dark, erect nipples, over her pouting pussy, naked through her short, almost shaved, hair.

Ella reached for her own breasts, cupping them as Suzy watched on, as she ran her thumbs over her swollen, sensitive nipples. Suzy moved closer and tentatively touched Ella again, her skin hot under her hands as they slid easily over her thighs. Ella sighed, and eased her legs further apart, guiding Suzy's fingers towards her hot, young pussy. Suzy felt like she wasn't in control any more, her hand, her fingers, moving of their own accord towards Ella.

As Suzy's fingers slid easily into her wet body, Ella gasped and reached out to do the same to her sister. They fingered each other gently, but deeply. First one finger, and then two and three. They rubbed each others clits, both gasping at the pleasure washing through them. They kissed again, their tongues dancing, their breasts hot against each other.

They broke their kiss breathlessly, looking at each other intently.

"I think we need that nice hard cock now," Ella gasped.

She looked at her ever more confused sister as she called out "Joe".

Suzy stared as her brother came into her bedroom barely seconds after Ella had called out. He was naked apart from a pair of tight boxer shorts that did very little to hide his bulging cock. Ella kissed her bewildered sister, and slid off the bed to stand beside her brother. Suzy stared at them, shocked by what her sister was suggesting. And by how much hotter, how much wetter she was feeling, by how much she wanted this.

With a barely stifled groan, she watched as Ella and Joe embraced, their mouths locked together. She saw Joe reaching around to hold Ella, his hand moving smoothly over her suntanned skin, down her narrow back, and onto her firm, rounded ass. Suzy watched as her brother caressed his twin's ass, his finger probing down the crevice between her cheeks.

Suzy's eyes were drawn to Ella's hands as she reached down and squeezed the growing bulge in the front of her brother's shorts. They turned lightly, as if to give Suzy the best view possible as Ella dropped to her knees in front of Joe. Suzy gazed at her beautiful sister, at her rounded, suntanned body. She drank in the sight of Joe, of his powerfully built body, of the muscles bulging across his chest and arms, and down his strong legs.

Reaching up, Ella bit and sucked his nipples, before kissing and licking her way down Joe's body. She scratched her nails over his strong chest and belly, tracing the contours of his muscles. Sitting back on her heels, she ran her hand over his bulge one more time, and then reached for the waistband of his boxers.

As she tugged the front of his shorts down, Joe moved slightly to make sure that Suzy could see what was happening, see what Ella was about to do. As his cock sprung free, he looked at his older sister for the first time.

Still sat on the bed, Suzy's mouth felt dry as she watched Ella release Joe's cock. As Ella pulled his shorts down his thighs, Suzy stared at his cock, licking her lips as she drank in it's size, as she began to realise how long, how thick, how hard her brothers cock was. Ella leant forward and flicked her tongue across Joe's bulbous cock head, and then sat back, watching his cock twitching in front of her.

She reached forward again, taking his thick shaft in one hand, and his heavy balls in the other. Suzy heard Joe gasp as soon as Ella touched him. She stroked Joe's cock a few times, watching closely as his skin moved up and down, as his cock head was exposed and then hidden. She held his cock flat to his stomach, and used her tongue again, licking and sucking along his throbbing shaft, before licking down over his balls.

She sucked on his balls, rolling them in her mouth, making him cry out with pleasure. Suzy watched, her mouth open, her hands on her pussy, as her sister made her way back up her brother's cock, using her lips, her tongue, her teeth, to pleasure him.

She held his cock away from his body, licking along his hard length before allowing her tongue to swirl around his helmet again. And then, without warning, she pressed her lips around the top of Joe's cock, and sucked half his length into her mouth.

Joe cried out as she sucked him hard, her hand still holding his cock, wanking him with short strokes. She sucked harder still, only her hand stopping him from driving his cock deeper into her throat as he held her head and pumped into her mouth. Ella sucked him, stroking his cock and squeezing his balls as he fucked her.

As he came, Joe cried out, his balls driving his cum into his sister's mouth. Ella reached around him, grabbing his ass and pulling him to her as her mouth filled with his cum. Suzy watched in awe as Ella sucked their brother's hard cock, as she took all his cum into her mouth.

At last, his balls stopped pumping, and Ella sat back. She looked up at Joe, and then around at her sister. Suzy could see cum dribbling from the corner of Ella's mouth, but her eyes were really on Joe, on his cock, which was still erect. Ella grinned when she saw where Suzy was looking and stood up. She moved easily into her brother's embrace and kissed him, their tongues moving together as they shared the taste of his cum.

Turning back to Suzy, she then kissed her, easing her naked sister onto her back on the bed and sharing the taste of their brothers cum. Joe joined them, laying the other side of his older sister, his cock resting against her thigh.

Suzy lay between Ella and Joe, stretched out naked, their hands roaming over her sexy body. Joe watched as Ella ran her eyes hungrily over Suzy, taking in her firm, tanned body, her full breasts, her naked mound. Suzy smiled up at them both, reaching for Joe's cock, reaching up to touch Ella's breast, to softly rub her nipple.

Joe reached down and caressed Suzy's breast for the first time, watching as Ella did the same on the other side. They mirrored each other's movements as they ran their hands over their sister's body, as they touched her breasts, her nipples, her tummy. They leant over her and sucked on her erect, sensitive nipples. They kissed her face, her lips, her neck. They ran their hands all over her body, down her legs, along the soft inside of her thighs. They touched and kissed Suzy everywhere – except her pussy.

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