tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSatisfying Wife's Fantasy

Satisfying Wife's Fantasy


We're on a weekend away together and we're sat in Cloud 23 having cocktails. I'm wearing my light blue floral shirt and grey trousers and you're in one of grey dress, nude seamed hold-ups, cream frilly knickers and cream bra. You've got your red belt and red shoes on. It's been a very flirtatious evening and great spending time together. As you return from the bathroom you notice an attractive lady has sat down in your chair. She seems to be coming on to me so you decide to order another drink and sit a little distance away watching things pan out. I look over her shoulder and see you sat down. You give me a wink which lets me know that you've got plans. You notice the lady leaning into me and think the time is right for you to make a move back to our hotel room. As you walk past you show me your room key and I know what you want me to do. I lean into the lady and kiss her neck; I ask her if she wants to head up for a night cap. Checking my pocket I have the other key.

I open the door and scan the room. I notice a chair and a wine glass have moved and looking through to the dressing area I can sense that you're in the shadows. I offer the lady a drink and we stand looking out of the 21st floor window which is floor to ceiling glass. I move round behind the lady and slide my hand up her thighs to her bottom. I can feel the straps of her suspenders beneath my fingers. Moving her hair to one side I kiss up the side of her neck. She takes one hand back and reaches for my cock which is hardening by the second. She brushes her fingers up and down moaning with approval at its hardness. I reach up and cup her tits noticing she's not wearing a bra. I run my hands down her stomach and round to her arse and give it a squeeze.

I decide I'm in control and move her hands to place them on the glass window. I unzip the back of her dress and let it fall to the floor. She steps out of it but keeps her hands on the glass. She's got black stockings, a black thong, her necklace and heels on. I kiss from the base of her spine up to the top of her neck, my hands brushing her sides. She sighs with anticipation as I trace the curves of her tits. She turns now and unbuttons my shirt kissing my stomach. She gets to my belt and undoes it. She can see the bulge in my trousers. She unzips my fly and frees my rigid cock. She lowers herself to her knees and sucks the tip of my cock. She cups my balls with one hand and licks the length of my cock. You can see me grab the back of her head, running my fingers through her hair. I take my head back in ecstasy. She's able to sense every reaction and teases my cock until it feels like it's going to burst, she sense that I'm getting close and stops. She stands, arching her back until she's leaning with her back to the glass. I kiss her deeply and continue making small kisses down her neck, chest, nipples and stomach. I nuzzle her through her thong, sliding it down her legs. I go down on her and you can just see the back of my head. Her eyes are closed and her heads back, her breathing shallow with low moans escaping her lips. You know what she's feeling; you know how good I am. I keep her on the edge of a while. The noise of her panting isn't the only one I can hear. I recognise your soft moans and I know you've got so turned on that you're now touching yourself. Finally I let her cum pushing over the edge with her crying out in ecstasy and her holding my head tightly.

I lift her up and place her on the bed. I'm still rock hard. She lies on her back and the tip of my cock is just touching her wetness. I slide in with ease. I can tell that I'll be able to make her cum for the second time. She wants to take control and I let her roll me onto my back and she straddles me. You can see her rotating her hips, grinding herself onto me. I reach up for her tits and as she takes her head back I peer into the darkness looking for you. I can see your shadow sat on a chair. You've got your vibrator and it's on. You stare straight back at me with lust filled eyes.

I want to give you more of a show. I get her on all fours and grab her hips. I ride her hard. She buries her face into the pillow as she screams out and orgasms again. That pushes me over the edge and I come deep inside her. She collapses onto the bed and turns to kiss my lips thanking me for an amazing orgasm. She dresses quickly and leaves, never to be seen again. You can't stand it anymore and come over to the bed. You've not cum yet and you lie on you back pushing my head down. I kiss and lick you to heaven as you cum harder than ever before shouting my name as you pull my hair. We collapse into each other's arms, pulling the covers over and holding each other naked. You thank me for one of the best shows you've ever seen and I ask you to give me a similar show sometime.

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