tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSaturday Afternoon

Saturday Afternoon


It was a warm, pleasantly sunny Saturday afternoon and I was just returning home from an unexpected half-day in the office. There were a couple of extra cars in the driveway, just leaving room for me to get to my side of the garage. Entering the kitchen, voices could be heard from the patio at the back of the house. Monica was entertaining three of her girlfriends, and in homage to the onset of summer weather, at last, they were apparently enjoying the sunshine in their bikinis. Not one to pass up such an opportunity, I poured myself a glass of wine and took it out to join them in the sun.

I must admit, I enjoyed the sight of the four ladies working on their tans and chatting together. The swimsuits hinted at and even emphasized their various attributes and I was pretty sure there were several nipples putting nice little points on the bra cups of two of them. I couldn't tell about Jill as she was lying on her stomach on one of the lounges, but she was inadvertently displaying some well-rounded cheeks with a tantalizing cleft between them.

After a few words of greeting their chatter continued as if I was not even there and I was left to contemplate the beauties before me, semi-lost in various naughty, flesh-inspired daydreams. Soon finishing my wine, I excused myself to change clothes and finish a couple of items in my home office. I was also congratulating myself on my good fortune in being able to get away with some subtle leering glances at the ladies with no repercussions.

Maybe a half-hour later, Monica came to my office door.

"Dave," she said, "come to the living room for a minute."

I couldn't quite put my finger on her tone of voice, but something sounded different. She was quite firm -- no 'please' or 'thank-you'; she almost sounded annoyed.

I followed Monica into the room and was kind of surprised to see her three friends all seated around the room. Monica took the remaining seat and just gestured to the center of the room, indicating that I should stand in the middle.

"What's this about, Monica?" I asked.

She looked me straight in the eye and said, "David", (She always calls me 'Dave' – this was a sign of trouble.), "your behavior really embarrassed me this afternoon, and made my friends feel very uncomfortable".

I felt like I had been hit by lightning, or something. My chest got tight, my heart started pounding and I could hear a ringing in my ears all of a sudden. I glanced around at the other women and each had a little curl to the corners of their lips and a definite sparkle of anticipation in their eyes; really quite undecipherable expressions.

"Monica, I don't understand," I protested. "What have I done to upset everyone?"

After a pause, Monica began "My friends and I were enjoying the first warm Saturday. Then you joined us and proceeded to leer and practically drool over us like we were on your own personal meat counter."

"Monica, I ..."

"Quiet, David! I am not finished speaking! We all noticed how you were enjoying the sight of us in our bikinis. How you would lean and move to try to see down our tops. How you kept adjusting your pants. None of us have ever been this embarrassed and humiliated in our lives, David."

Waiting to be sure she had finished speaking, I began cautiously: "Monica, ladies, I am so sorry I made you feel awkward. I won't let it happen again. I am embarrassed about it myself and if I could make it up to you I certainly would." This was an empty offer, of course. How could I undo what had been done?

"David, I don't know how you think you can 'make it up to us'. What's done is done, after all. But I think we could emphasize the lesson you need to learn, don't you?"

What was she driving at? I had no clue but I was pretty sure I needed to go along with her to calm the troubled waters, so to speak.

"Of course, Monica. What can I do?" I asked.

She gave a quick glance at the other ladies and then, with a nod as if she had made up her mind, said "That's good, David. Since you enjoyed yourself while making us all feel like slabs of meat, we have agreed that it would do you good to know what that feels like." She paused to let that sink in. "David, strip. Now."

I chuckled and said, "Okay Monica, you've made your point. I apologize again."

"Your apology is accepted, David, but the consequences remain. Right here, right now, strip your clothes off."

I did not move a muscle. How could she do something like this? And in front of our friends! These were the female halves of couples we socialized with.

"I mean it," she said but it came out more as a growl and I knew she meant exactly what she had said. I closed my eyes for a minute and opening them again, started to unbutton my shirt. I saw Monica visibly relax and lean back in her chair, watching.

The shirt fully undone, I slipped it off and tossed it on the empty chair.

"Neatly, please," Monica said in a soft but firm voice. I picked up the shirt and draped it carefully across the chair back. Monica was watching. Her girlfriends were watching. I wasn't sure if this was how the deer felt in the headlights or if it was more like being in the crosshairs. I un-tucked my T-shirt from my waistband and drew it over my head, placing it across the chair back with my shirt.

Glancing at Monica to be sure she wanted me to continue, and not receiving any signal to the contrary, I reached for my belt and opened it, undid the button and unzipped. Trying not to catch the eye of any of the other ladies, I pushed my slacks over my hips and to the floor, stepped out of them and bent to pick them up. Thank God I had put on fresh underwear this morning, just like my Mother had always said. But this was not the Emergency Room at the hospital; this was an entirely surreal and very different world I had somehow stepped into.

I knew there was no going back, so I took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my briefs and pushed them down. I was totally mortified and my penis was evidently feeling the same because it had shriveled from my normal, average size down to almost, well not invisible, but so small as to be an even greater embarrassment. I heard a couple of low giggles and one quiet gasp from around the room.

"Put the underwear on the chair, David," I heard Monica say. I scooped them up and laid them on the chair with my slacks and tried to hide a bit by moving my hands to cover myself.

"Very good, David" she said, "Now I want you to do something for me. I want you to stand in front of each of the ladies, look them straight in the eye and apologize for your earlier behavior." A pause. "Oh yes, and put your hands at your sides."

I gave Monica a stony stare, not believing what I was hearing. Did she want to totally destroy me in front of these ladies?

"Go on," she said simply.

So I did it. I went to Jill, then to Barbara, Janet and finally, Monica herself. I tried to be sincere in my apology to each one. Each of them looked me in the eye as I spoke but to a one they also let their eyes wander over my body, not avoiding my chest, stomach or my shrunken cock.

As I finished apologizing to Monica she told me "Your apology is accepted David, but now I am finding myself embarrassed."

"Why, Monica?" I asked.

"Because I don't want my friends feeling pity for me, David. Your 'equipment' is not living up to the reputation I have given you with my friends. I want you to correct that for me, please"

I must have looked confused as I tried to discern the expression on her face. I could see out of the corner of my eye as Jill twisted a bit in her chair and from behind me I heard either Barbara or Janet giggling softly.

"Get hard for us Dave." She had said 'Dave' not 'David'. Was that a sign that all was forgiven, maybe? Could I just ignore this last command and walk away?

"Do it," Monica growled, thus removing all doubt about her commitment and my required obedience.

Stunned, I slowly moved my right hand and grasped my penis between my thumb and first two fingers. I began to rub my thumb over the crown, sliding my foreskin back and forth over the sensitive glans. Gradually the shaft started to swell and I could add my remaining fingers to the grip.

"Um, Monica," I heard from behind me and recognized Janet's soft voice, "some of us can't see what Dave is doing." Monica pointed to a spot on the floor in front of the fireplace and I realized that everyone would now have a full view as I made my way there, still stroking my firming shaft.

A few minutes of stimulation produced a satisfactory, if not impressive erection. It also produced some rather pink cheeks as I could not avoid catching the eye of one lady or another, all of them quite focused on me, my embarrassment and especially what my right hand was manipulating.

Well, the point of the exercise was to show that Monica did not have to live with an under-equipped husband and I thought I had now satisfied that requirement. But when I stopped stroking myself I soon found out that more was required.

"Keep playing with yourself, Dave. But I want you to go and stand right in front of each of the ladies and give them a full demonstration. Who wants him first?" Monica asked.

There was a brief silence and then I heard Janet, almost whispering, say "Me."

I walked over and stopped in front of Janet, slowly rubbing but very hard now and with a dark reddish-purple head peeking out from my foreskin at every stroke. It seemed like half an hour that I stood there doing that but it was probably only sixty seconds or so. Then I heard from behind me Barbara saying "My turn now please, Dave." That emphasized for me the fact that Barbara had contemplating, maybe even enjoying an unrestricted view of my bottom while Janet was getting her personal demonstration.

After a moment of eye contact with Janet and seeing her nod, I turned and took the three steps to stand in front of Barbara. My hand never left my cock and never stopped the slow stroking I was hoping I could get away with. As I looked at Barbara her head slowly tilted up until she was no longer glancing at my crotch, but looking me in the eye. Her cheeks were flushed and I could see her breath coming in short staccato heaves. She dropped her gaze lower again.

The manual stimulation was having an effect on me and I was starting to lubricate substantially, a small bead of fluid forming at the opening. This too was humiliating. After a similarly brief time but which seemed a great deal longer, Monica told me it was now Jill's turn for my embarrassing display and I moved in front of her. She was sitting right beside Barbara so she had already had a pretty good view, but that did not mean she was going to wave me on to Monica. Jill wanted full value for my earlier transgressions. So I stood there, paying the price.

Finally Monica told me to go and stand in front of the fireplace again so all of them could see me. I moved again and let my hands fall to my sides. "Could this be over now, please?" I thought to myself.

"Don't stop, Dave," she said. "In fact, I want you to go faster". I gripped my cock again and stroked it again, picking up the tempo a little bit. Not satisfied, Monica spoke again. "I said faster!"

"Monica," I whispered hesitantly and giving her what I hoped was a pleading look, "what are we doing here?"

"Dave, you are going to show my friends your orgasm", she said in a matter-of-fact tone that seemed to preclude any discussion. "Now get to it."

I closed my eyes and picked up the pace, not wanting to risk her displeasure.

"Look at us, Dave" was the response, so I opened my eyes and experienced the wide-eyed smiles of Jill, Barbara and Janet as their glances moved all over my body from face to toes, but not straying for long from what my right hand was doing.

"Wow, he's really working his thing," said Janet to the other three. She was married to her high-school boyfriend and I always thought she was the most straight-laced of the three amigas. Maybe she was and had never watched her husband doing this, but she was certainly focused on it now. It gave me a little thrill to think about the possibility that I might be her first guy to view.

I could feel my balls drawing up close to my body signaling that an explosion was getting closer. I arched my back and my hips moved forward as I raised my head toward the ceiling. My legs started to quiver with the building tension in my body.

I felt something soft being placed in my left hand and realized that Monica had given me several tissues. "You are standing on the carpet, Dave. We don't want any accidents," she said.

The drive to orgasm is powerful. I no longer cared who was watching, I just wanted to complete the act and get the powerful rush of the orgasm. My hand moved a bit faster and I loosened my grip just a little to improve the stimulation.

The muscles in my groin tensed. Pulsed. Throbbed. Pushed. And I moved the tissues into place. Suddenly the sensations intensified and raced to the inevitable conclusion. I filled the tissues with five strong spurts of semen and slowed the milking motion to extend the pleasure.

When it was over, awareness of where I was and who was watching returned and I felt my cheeks begin to feel like they were on fire. I dropped my eyes to the floor and stood silent.

"You can go back to your office, Dave," said Monica. She giggled and added "Don't forget your clothes."

* * * * *

I had been in my office and dressed again for about a half hour. Too embarrassed and ashamed to come out again while "the girls" were visiting, I just sat there with the door closed. Soon there were the sounds of friends saying goodbye, and although I could not make out the words being said, there seemed to be a lot of good humor and laughter. When the front door finally closed I heard Monica's footsteps in the hallway and shortly a soft knock on the door.

"Come in."

"Are you alright, Dave?" Monica asked. I nodded.

"What are your thoughts?" she inquired.

"I'm worried about what might have happened to our friendships this afternoon," I started. "How can we continue to socialize with them after what happened?"

"I think it should be OK, Dave. We discussed it beforehand and everyone agreed not to tell a soul, even their husbands. And if you think about it, you really know they won't tell their hubbies. You might have to endure some private winks and grins from the girls, but they won't betray your secret," she said. "Besides, I think maybe you kinda liked it by the time it was over. And," she continued "they were very impressed not only with what they saw, but with the fact that you are such a good sport."

"Well, maybe it was a bit exciting, Monica," I replied, "But a good sport? You didn't really give me much choice!"

"Yes, a good sport, Dave. I told them that you had lost a bet on the hockey game and the agreement was that when I called you 'David' instead of 'Dave' you had to do what I said, no questions asked. So I think we are both covered. Besides, I think I know of three husbands that will have very wide grins by tomorrow morning. Now David, " she smiled "come up to the bedroom. I need some attention. I want to be grinning, too."

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