tagInterracial LoveSaturday at the Farmers Market

Saturday at the Farmers Market


Something tells me that I have been spending way too much time reading stories at literotica, for there could be no other reason for what I was stooping to late Saturday morning. Stooping was the key word, because that was exactly what I was doing by bending over in front of the young man at the Farmers Market, the top button of my blouse "accidentally" open to expose my modest cleavage, and even that small valley only existed because of the push-up bra I was wearing.

Fifty seven year old women have no business exposing themselves in front of a young man like this, I thought to myself as I glanced up quickly for the boy's reaction. Not a boy, I corrected myself, because the high school ring he wore indicated he graduated last June.

Just as I had hoped, the young man had been looking - leering might be a better term - and I enjoyed Randy's reaction when I caught him staring at my titties. Instead of jerking his head away, he just smiled and went back to looking. Thankfully he didn't laugh, and as I turned my attention back down to the planter I was considering buying, my eyes strayed to Randy's crotch.

There it was. The outline of his cock was evident through the rather snug black sweatpants. Long and thin, the bulge snaked over towards his right pocket, and the bulge wasn't there when I first arrived at his family's stand. I know because I checked.

I had seen the bulge last week when I was here, which is why I came back again this week. Randy had been wearing looser clothing, and when we started talking about my efforts to grow things my eyes had strayed down to his crotch.

Last week the view wasn't as clear but there was enough to see to get my interest, and that was how I knew the boy's name was Randy. I kept the conversation going just to get to know the young guy, and I loved the way the bulge stayed as it was. Was he hard? Tough to say, although the size of the organ in question was certainly impressive.

Much more than one would expect from a lad no more than 5'8" and maybe 130 pounds soaking wet. Soaking wet - another apt choice of words, because after chatting with Randy last week that was the condition between my legs.

I told Randy that I was going to think about the planter because I wasn't sure whether I had room on the deck for it or not, and told him I would come back next week. Randy's parents were working the stand - nice folks who I had bought things from before.

Randy's father was as black as night and his lovely mother's skin was bronze in tone. The beautiful young man they had created was a blend of the parents, his skin a rich chocolate color that looked so soft and smooth he looked good enough to eat. Randy had a baby-face and looked like he didn't even shave yet, which made me feel guilty about what I was doing, but only for a second.

"I think I'm going to buy it," I said of the planter, which was a lot like the color of Randy's skin, and I guess that perhaps there was a subliminal selling point in that.

"I'd be happy to help you to your car with that," Randy offered after I had paid his father for it.

"Oh, I parked on the other side," I explained as I gestured over to the street that runs parallel to the main street most people parked on in front of the open-air market. "Couldn't find a spot over here."

That was usually true, but I hadn't looked this time either.

"Long way for you to carry that heavy thing. I can drive back over," I suggested in a tone that I hoped gave a hint that wasn't really what I wanted to do.

"Just as easy for me to walk it back there," Randy kindly offered.

"Take the cart, Randy," his father said helpfully, sending his son off with me and my purchase.

"Awfully nice to do this for me, Randy," I said, a bit sad that he wasn't carrying the planter in his arms so I could see the muscles in his nicely shaped biceps bulge like they had when he lifted it.

"No problem Mrs..."

"Marie," I said in cutting him off.

"Marie," he repeated as he looked over at me like he had in the market.

"Something wrong?" I asked with innocent eyes and a lecherous grin when I saw where his eyes were.

"Uh - your blouse. The top button is open."

"I know," I informed him. "I saw you looking down there back at the stand. Do you always check out the old ladies that shop down here?"

"The ones I like I do," Randy said.

"Bet you're sorry there wasn't more to look at," I said. "I know I am."

"I liked what I saw," Randy said calmly. "Liked it a lot."

I glanced over to our left at the patch of woods that I had parked behind. Not even as big as a football field, the growth of trees looked much sparser than they had when I planned this crazy scheme.

"I'm parked over there," I said, pointing toward the Toyota sitting alone on the side of the street. "We would have had a shorter trip if we cut through the woods."

"I'll go that route on the way back," Randy explained. "Wouldn't have made it through that bumpy path with the planter."

"You know those woods pretty well then," I said, and Randy nodded as I opened the hatchback for him to put the planter in.

"Yeah. Bunch of us guys drink beer back there every once in a while."

"Really? Do you take girls back there too?" I said with a grin.

"Sometimes," he said with an even bigger grin.

"Makes me wish I was your age," I said, biting on my lower lip in an effort to be coy.

"I like old - older women," Randy said, artfully correcting himself.

"Is that so?" I asked. "What exactly is it that you like to do to them?"

"Randy!" I said after he leaned toward me and whispered his vulgarity at me. "That's not a nice thing to say."

We were both looking around - me more nervously because while it was a quiet street we were still in public. It was almost like I felt my thoughts were visible for anyone to see.

"I do want to fuck you. I think you want it too. I saw you looking at my stuff before," Randy said.

"And you think that just because I looked at your crotch, I want to let you fuck me, as you so suavely put it?" I asked, but the smile in the corner of my mouth gave away that while I was a lot of things, offended wasn't one of them.

"I like the idea," Randy said.

"I'm a married woman," I said. "I don't fuck anybody but my husband. However..."

My hand reached over toward the young man while I kept trying to keep what I was up to shielded from any prying eyes that might be around. My fingers hit his firm stomach and worked their way under the elastic of his sweatpants, his skin every bit as smooth as it had looked.

As I had suspected/hoped, there was nothing underneath - at least as far as underwear goes. My fingers raced through a small patch of tight curls and there it was. Randy's cock, hot and hard.

"Aw!" Randy groaned as I moved my fist as much as I could in the tight confines it was in, reveling in the expression on his face as I played with his stiff manhood.

"Oh my! Gotta a big one, don't you Randy?" I asked breathlessly, and although it wasn't as thick as I had expected, it felt pretty long. Much longer than what I was used to holding.

"You like the big dicks?" Randy asked while biting his lip.

"Don't know. I never had one. Not one as big as yours is, that's for sure," I said. "How about I let you take me back into those woods so I can find out what's it's like? Would you let me suck on it?"

Randy nodded eagerly, his big brown eyes open as wide as could be while I continued to massage his swollen cock. The contrast of his sweet baby-face and the very manly organ in my grasp was exhilarating, and he felt so good in my hand that I almost hated to let go of it, but what I wanted to do couldn't be done on the street.

"Lead the way," I said softly, and now Randy was grabbing his hand cart and practically running into the woods while I locked the car up and tried to follow in a more dignified manner.

How dignified can a fifty seven year old woman with her blouse half open and nothing beneath her skirt besides a furry wet pussy look, I wondered, as she follows a kid a third her age into the woods with a head full of nasty intentions?

Randy was several yards ahead of me and suddenly he made a quick turn onto a less traveled trail which stopped abruptly. Now we were in a small clearing with a giant oak tree toward the back.

Beer cans were tossed carelessly around, and while I was tempted to admonish Randy for him and his young friends not being more ecologically minded, I was too driven by something else. Randy stood with his back to the tree as he waited for me to join him, his hand massaging the bulge in his sweats which was now truly obscene.

Randy might have wanted to kiss me, but by the time his hands were reaching out for me I was already going down, my knees landing in the soft damp earth while my hands went up to the bulge.

"Oh!" we both said as I ran my hand over the length of his swollen member, which was flattened against his right hip.

My fingers grasped the top of his sweats and yanked them down hard. Randy's cock, now free from imprisonment, sprang out wildly at me, forcing me to duck away as I pulled his sweats down to his knees.

Randy's cock was a thing of beauty; not exceptionally thick but quite long, at least 8 or 9 inches of smooth chocolate that arched slightly upward when it wasn't having spasms that made it jerk up and down. My hands brought the dark pulsating shaft toward my mouth, and as my lips slid over the head of Randy's cock I felt his hands in my hair.

Blaine would be proud of me, I thought as my lips moved down the muscled flesh, the hot throbbing organ alive in my mouth. Blaine, my literotica hero and e-friend, had told me that he wanted me to be right where I was now, on my knees sucking a big black cock, but when he told me that, Blaine had hoped to be the receiver of my oral affections.

Randy's cock was not nearly as long or thick as the monstrosity that was Blaine's, and as I felt the tip of his penis hit the back of my throat, I realized that I was pretty close to taking all of it in my mouth. My head bobbed up and down on Randy's cock as I tried to force the last inch or two down my throat when I heard him moan, and the moan was followed by his orgasm.

Damn! That was all I could think as I felt Randy's series of ejaculations coating my throat. I had been too eager - so inflamed with desire that I wasn't paying attention to how excited Randy was. I wanted this to last a lot longer than the minute it did.

Randy's dick was going limp in my mouth now, but I refused to let go. Instead I wrapped my hands around him, squeezing his taut butt cheeks in my hands as my mouth took in the entirety of his semi-flaccid cock, using a gentle sucking action with my throat instead of using my lips.

My right hand worked his low hanging balls while my left hand went under my skirt and played with myself as I kept sucking him. Randy began to moan again, and as he did I could feel his cock begin to stiffen a little.

This drove me a little wild, and I took my hand from his balls and started working the base of his cock with it while continuing to frig myself. I could hear the scuffing of shoes on the sidewalk only a few yards away from us, and although there were trees blocking the view, the faint possibility that the giggling was from people being able to see us only inflamed me more.

My mouth was now going up and down the length of a cock that was getting harder already, and that made my head start moving at a furious rate, spinning and pulling the shaft which continued to get more rigid. Randy's milk chocolate colored cock looked waxed and polished from the saliva I was coating it with, and when I looked up at him the eye contact made us even more crazed.

Now Randy was taking control, simply fucking my face. His hands held my head tightly, his long chocolate fingers caressing my blonde hair as his hips thrust into me. His feral grunts provided a back-beat to the tempo his balls were making as they slapped my chin and throat.

My hand was now working furiously under my skirt, rubbing my cunt like the demented cougar I was, and then I was cumming. I tried desperately to keep up with what I was doing with my mouth while my orgasm made my body shake violently. Weird noises came out of me as I felt the hand in my pussy get drenched from within me, and then Randy was cumming too. His cock had never gotten fully erect again, but as my orgasm ebbed his was just beginning.

His cum tasted like sweet buttermilk as his ejaculations filled my mouth, and when it was over Randy was lifting me up off of my knees and kissing me, our tongues sharing the fruits of his orgasms.

"Please," Randy said as his hand went under my skirt and felt my dripping pussy. "Can I meet you later? We get done at 2. I gotta have you."

"Can't, honey," I said as I moved his hand from under my skirt and tried to straighten myself up, brushing the dirt and leaves from my legs. "Besides, haven't you had enough?"

"You make me so horny Mrs. - Marie," Randy said as his hands ran all over my body. "That was the best head I ever had. I can go all night, I swear. I can get it up 10 times probably. Any way you want. I want your pussy so bad. You like it in the ass?"

"Nooo!" I said, grabbing his flaccid dick and giving the rubbery hose a pull before bending over and pulling his sweats back up. "You'd kill me with that big boy. No, I'm good, but thanks for the offer."

"Are you going to come back next week?" Randy asked hopefully.

"You never can tell," I said, giving him a kiss goodbye before we headed out of the woods in opposite directions.

Despite my efforts to make myself presentable, I looked dreadful, with my hair a mess and my once-crisp blouse drenched with perspiration all the way down my sides. Thankfully the street was deserted so no one saw my disheveled appearance as I exited the woods and hopped in my car, the creamy taste of Randy's cum still fresh in my mouth.


Thanks for reading my story, which is true. Well, the part about me looking at Randy's bulge and him looking down my blouse is true. The rest is just a fantasy.

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