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Saturday Desire


It had taken a little longer than I had expected, due to the rain pouring out of the midnight skies. Traffic had been slow, and I had been frustrated, stuck following traffic doing 10 miles below the speed limit. After all the anticipation, the chats over the last couple of months, I did not want him to think I had changed my mind. As I got out of the van, I received a text from John that read, "I'm here, I think." I quickly typed and sent, "Me too," as I walked towards the café.

As we had shared web cameras previously, neither had a problem recognising the other. I waved a quick hello before heading to the cash area to order my coffee. Coffee in hand, I moved to the table he had chosen. He stood to greet me, hugging me, exchanging the usual pleasantries.

Once seated, the conversation moved from topic to topic, flowing smoothly as the time passed.

After the first coffee, I began to get restless, disliking the inability to talk openly in the café, so suggested another coffee and a walk in the rain. Outside, I felt the spring chill in the air as the rain pelted the pavement around us.

"Perhaps a walk was not the best option. Have you ever been here before?" I asked as we made our way through the parking lot to my vehicle.

"Not really. I have a friend who lives on the river whom I have visited, but that is the extent of it," he replied. "Want a quick tour of my favourite places?" I asked as I finished my cigarette in the rain. "Sure!" he replied, settling himself in the passenger seat.

We drove through the small bedroom community to the local dock, where we parked and talked some more about our lives. As we sat there, at two o'clock in the morning, a car pulled in behind us. As the headlights swept across the van, I told him, "Police. They patrol this area quite a bit. I have never been here without seeing one."

As we silently watched, the officer stepped from his vehicle, flashlight in hand, and walked to my door. The window was already down as he scanned the interior with his lights, asking us what we were doing. I indicated with the coffee cup in my hand, "Just having a coffee and enjoying the night."

Satisfied with the answer-or the lack of alcohol on my breath-he asked if the vehicle nearby was one of ours. "No, it isn't," we replied in unison. "Was it here when you got here?" "Yes, it was." "Well, enjoy your evening," he said, nodding, as he strode back to his cruiser to check the other vehicle.

In the van, we chuckled, thinking someone had picked the wrong time and place to be "parking" as the officer pulled his car to face the only other car in the lot. We watched as he circled the SUV, shining his flashlight in each window, imagining the teenagers panicked inside. Evidently though, it was empty, because he quickly returned to the cruiser and left the lot.

From there, we drove to the riverside park. Parking once more, we could see across the river to the lights on the opposite shore. When it stopped raining, we decided a walk was in order. I led the way, pointing out the beach, the fountain, and other features of the park. Past the lifeguard stand, past the small lifeguards' office building, the walking trail led into the trees, and into the darkness.

We continued past, walking close to one another, bumping into one another on occasion. After one particularly playful hip bump, we turned to face each other...leaned in, began kissing...tentatively at first, with the kiss deepening as we explored one another's mouths, hands running over each other's clothes, feeling the bodies beneath... The kiss lengthened, tongues searching, exploring, and I discovered that my fingers had entwined in his hair, pulling him closer.

At some point, I pulled away and continued walking down the trail, telling him more of the features (that by this point he likely didn't care a bit for!). In an opening between the trees, we began kissing again. I could feel his hardness pressing into me as the kiss again became more passionate. I slid my hand between our bodies, and stroked his cock through his jeans.

He moaned into my mouth, and I think that was my undoing, wanting to hear more. I slowly undid his belt, as well as the button and zipper on his jeans, and broke the kiss, sliding down his body until my knees touched the ground and my face was level with his briefs. Slowly, with cold hands, I pulled his cock free of the briefs, and blew hot, moist breath on it as I leaned in.

I took his cock into my mouth slowly, keeping my hands behind my back. I wrapped my tongue around it, circling the head before sucking all of him into me, then releasing him and repeating the process. I sucked fast and deep, and I sucked slowly and teasingly...then I stood up to kiss him once more.

As we kissed, my hand stroked his length, cold on hot. He reached between us, sliding his hand beneath the waist of my jeans, slipping beneath the panties, finding my clitoris while we continued to kiss. He circled it with his finger, enticing moans from me. With that encouragement, he then delved deeper, finding the lips of my pussy, sliding easily between them and into my sodden heat.

There we stood, in the cold night, matching rhythms with our hands while our mouths stifled most audible reactions with our kisses. I was soaked, that slippery wetness that gives away the need and desire to be fucked, and we both knew it.

When my legs began to tremble, I stopped him, cursing my lack of condom and lack of skirt. I told him breathlessly that I wanted to fuck him, but would not, could not, without a condom. And that I was now freezing!

Slowly, he removed his fingers from me and brought them to his lips, tasting me slowly from his fingers while I watched. Then he did up his pants, and we began to walk, with him behind me, hands cupping my breasts through the layers of fabric, cock pressed into my ass, back to the van.

Along the way, he steered me to the lifeguard office building, pressing me into the brick wall, pinning me there, gyrating his hips into my ass, holding my hands above my head. I couldn't speak. The desire in me was too intense, and I was overwhelmed by my reaction to his body, his breath against my neck, his words whispered in my ear.

Thoughts of fucking him raw passed through my mind, images of him stripping my jeans then and there and taking me against the brick wall...I was light-headed with the imagined feeling of his cock sliding into the slippery wetness, quickly, eagerly, against my protests...but he did not.

Instead, he released me, and began to walk on.

We talked along the way, about how cold we were, about how much each of us were turned on, but to be honest, I don't remember much of the conversation. We reached the van and stepped in, turning on the ignition and the heat.

While the van warmed up, I told him I wanted to taste him, wanted him to cum in my mouth; I wanted him to cum on my breasts, to feel his cum on me, spreading it all over my chest. He pulled his cock, hard still-or again-free, and asked me to tell him my favourite role play while he stroked his cock.

"My favourite?" I asked playfully. "Hmmmm....I guess that would be the babysitter," I admitted.

I moved to a position, lying across the table between the seats, with my knees tucked on the drivers' seat, my head on his lap, and began...

"I am babysitting for a couple who have two young children, and it is well past midnight. I had expected a late night, so am curled up on the couch, half-asleep in my pyjamas when they return home. I am wearing a tank top, and small, thin shorts."

I stopped to take off my shirt, revealing the tank top beneath, allowing this visual man to get into my thoughts and my words, then rest my head back down on him, and continue the story.

"The couple I am babysitting for are rather inebriated, and the husband helps his wife to bed. I don't move, but can hear them behind me, heading up the stairs, her giggling and stumbling...him groaning at her drunkenness, and at his own. About twenty minutes pass, when I hear footfalls on the stairs once more. I hear the refrigerator door open and liquid being poured into a glass."

Then I hear the footsteps approaching the couch, where I lay. I close my eyes, pretending to sleep, but not so entirely that I cannot see."

As I recite this fantasy, he is slowly stroking his cock, watching my face as I talk...I am relaxed, enjoying the effect I am having on John.

"The husband comes around the couch, where my feet are, and I can see that he is only wearing a pair of loose boxers. Through them, he begins to rub himself, and I can see the outline of his cock as he runs his hand up and down, can see him growing harder through the thin material. He moves to the end of the couch, and seats himself at my feet. He slides the boxers to his knees, exposing his hard maleness. Lying on my side, it is tougher to see him now, but I don't dare move."

I am now speaking in a whisper to this married man beneath me, focusing intently on his hand, rubbing up and down his cock.

"Slowly, lightly, he moves his right hand to my leg, caressing slowly, gingerly. His left hand is still on his cock, and I wonder if he knows I am awake, and just exactly how much he has had to drink. I am fearful, but at the same time excited, and I can feel my body react to his touch, feel the muscles around my pussy clench and release."

"Oh, god, I want to roleplay that with you," says the man whose cock I am inches from. "You can. And more," I reply softly. "Now let me get back to my story!"

"He begins to add more pressure as he rubs, reaching my thigh. Still, I remain motionless, thinking it best that he believe I am asleep. He leans towards me on the couch, allowing his hand a farther stretch, and I feel his fingers dip beneath the thin fabric of my shorts, his hand stroking my left ass cheek, squeezing it briefly before moving on. With a whisper of a touch, his hand retreats along the crack of my ass, following it to the wetness of my young, tight pussy. I moan softly, unbidden, as his fingers caress me. He pulls his hand away, swiftly, worried that I will awaken."

"Now, I don't know what to do! I want him, but don't want to want him. And more than that, I don't want him to KNOW I want him! Quickly, I reach a decision, and I stretch, pretending still to be asleep, rolling onto my back, stretching my legs out, with one falling off the couch to the floor. In this, my shorts hug my pussy, and I know he must see the wetness if he has not already felt it on my clothing."

"I need to fuck you, you know?" John asks. "Feeling is mutual, babe, but not tonight," I reply. I return to the roleplay as he continues to slowly stroke his cock, twisting his hand over the head each time he reaches it.

"I now have to close my eyes, knowing he can see my face fully, so I can no longer see him. But I soon feel his hand wandering up my leg once more. I feel his weight shift, feel the couch move, and know he is now on his knees, leaning over me. I imagine him still stroking his cock as he watches me "sleep", as his fingers find their way back to the wetness that has coated me, made me slippery to the touch. And his touch is electrifying, sending shivers through my body. In my "sleep", my hips raise to meet his fingers, as he slides first one, then two inside me. He retreats again, removing his fingers. I feel his hands at my waist, slowly pulling my shorts off of me, moving to allow them to free one leg. He gently props my left leg on the back of the couch, bent at the knee. I am now spread, naked, before him. And still, I don't move. I am turned on by the fact that this man, over twenty years my senior, is enjoying the covertness, the sneakiness of playing with the babysitter while his wife and children are sleeping upstairs."

"Fuck! That is hot!" John says, speeding his tempo, pushing his hand down farther, until it hits his balls. "Mmmmm, now THAT is hot," I reply, looking from his cock to his face and back. He chuckles, "You like that?" "Yes, I like that, but I think you knew that already!" "Yeah, I probably did," he admits with a grin. I smile, returning to my roleplay once again.

"With my leg propped on the couch, he has an open view of my pussy, and I imagine him looking longingly at it while he continues to stroke his cock, pointing it straight at me. I feel his hand return, lightly touching me, exploring my body gently, sliding under the tank top to feel my breasts, pinching and rolling a nipple between his thumb and index finger. It hardens beneath his ministrations, and my back arches slightly, needing more. Another soft moan escapes my lips as he increases the pressure of his fingers. With the other hand, he slides the tank top to my neck, and I feel the cool air as he exposes me completely to his eyes. As he does so, I feel his cock press against my pelvis, against my pussy lips, and then I feel his mouth on my nipple, biting gently as his cock slides into me."

I pause in my story-telling long enough to lean towards John, sucking him slowly into my mouth. One suck, that was all, before I returned to my tale.

"He began to push further inside me, slowly, biting the nipple harder as he pressed his cock into me, keeping himself raised above me by leaning on one hand. I could feel his hardness stretching me, as I clenched him into me, until he was as deep as he could go. With a low growl, he bit my nipple hard, enough to hurt, and began pumping faster, in and out, hard.

His mouth released my nipple, and his hands grasped my shoulders, pulling me to him with each thrust. "Open your eyes, I know you are awake, and I want you looking at me when I cum in your sweet, tight pussy, you slut," he whispered into my ear. "I want you silent, or as quiet as you can be, but I want you to know exactly who it is that is making you cum, again and again. I can do this all night. The kids are asleep, and my wife was so drunk she passed out before her head hit the pillow, so I know she won't hear you. Now, open your eyes and look at me!" I did as he said, opened my eyes, and looked into his."

"You keep that up, you are going to make me cum!" John cautioned. "Isn't that what I am trying to do, though?" I asked mischievously. "Are you close?" I asked. "Fuck, I am so close! And I want to fuck you! Like that, and a few other ways too!" "Mmmm....you will, but I want to taste you tonight."

I moved his hand away and replaced it with my mouth...sucking hard and fast, feeling his hips buck upwards, pushing further, fucking my face. Within moments, I could feel his cum pulsing through the head, and I knew he would shortly cum in my mouth.

I began to suck quickly, just the mushroom-shaped head, and was rewarded with his hot shot in my mouth...I did not stop, but kept moving my mouth up and down his shaft as it softened...finally removing my mouth after a few minutes.

"Holy shit!" John exclaimed, "That was torture!" "Yeah, but a good torture...besides, I don't want you to have to go home and shower before sneaking into bed beside your wife. Now, you won't have to."

I sat up, buckled up, and drove him back to his car. As he exited the van, I asked, "So when are you coming to my place to join me in the hot tub?" He grinned, saying, "As soon as I can!"

He was just getting in his car as I drove away, heading home.

When I got home, I found my husband still awake, so I told him the details while he fucked me. Five hours later, we both fell asleep, satiated.

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