tagErotic CouplingsSaturday Morning

Saturday Morning


Your hand on my breast wakes me up. You're spooned behind me, skin against skin. You don't know, but I've never liked sleeping like this. I've always felt claustrophobic with someone holding me from behind. But not with you. When I'm in your arms like this, it feels perfect. I feel safe and loved. It just fits.

The sky is light enough that I can see what you're doing. There's something so heady about watching you play with my body. You know just how to touch me and I love seeing my body respond to you. My nipple becomes a hard little nub as you rub it with your palm. Tingles of pleasure grow in me, but I take a deep breath and try to control it. Are you sleep-groping me again, baby? You're the only man I've ever know that will actually fondle me while lost in the Land of Nod. You tease and then, just when you have my body fully awake, you fall back into that deep slumber. I've learned the hard way that I can't let myself get too turned on until I know if you're awake.

I watch as you roll my nipple between your thumb and forefinger, pinching it lightly. There's a tightening sensation low in my belly and I arch a bit, pushing my bottom back against you - needing to feel your skin move against mine. Then, your hand goes slack against my breast and you start to quietly snore. Damnit. I'm not sure whether to groan or giggle.

I contemplate rolling over and waking you, but I know how tired you were last night and don't want to ruin your sleep. Deciding I can wait until morning is fully upon us, I close my eyes and relax into your arms. I'm almost asleep a few moments later when you shift around, settling into your sleep (or so I assume). Your left hand still holds my right breast, but now your right hand has moved to rest low on my abdomen, your fingertips just brushing my pussy. My eyes fly open. You've never done *that* in your sleep before. I stay perfectly still... wondering what's going to happen next. The anticipation making my heart beat just a little bit faster.

You start again...playing with my nipple and Gods, baby, does it respond quickly. You roll it, pinch it and tug on it. My eyes close as I'm carried away on the wave of pleasure washing through me. You're the only man that can make me crazy just by playing with my tits.

Then your fingers brush almost imperceptibly against my naked lips. My breath catches in my throat. Was that just a muscle twitch or are you awake? If it weren't for the fact that I keep my pussy bare, I would not have felt it. I'm almost afraid to react too strongly; I don't want to do anything that may startle you and stop you from touching me.

I carefully tilt my hips; trying to ease the growing heat in my pussy by pushing against your hand. All that I can do is brush my lips against your fingertips. The heat from your palm against my outer lips makes me whimper softly with frustration. The more I think about you sliding your finger between those lips, the more slick I get. I press my thighs together, trying to ease the prickling heat, but it just seems to make it worse.

You've not stopped playing with my breast and now it's so sensitive it almost hurts. I feel your teeth grazing my shoulder and neck, sending shivers right down to the core of me. You press against my pussy, pulling me back against your hips - and I can feel your cock hard against my ass. You press harder, putting a delicious bit of pressure on my pussy and it only makes me want you more. My clit throbs and my poor pussy is aching to feel you inside me.

You pull my right leg over your thigh, and I feel cool air against my pussy. I open my eyes watch you run your fingers back and forth; spreading my lips and making your beautiful fingers shiny with my juices. I'm writhing in your arms. You move so lightly... just tickling my clit like a breath and then going lower, stopping just short of sliding inside me before moving higher once again. I try to lift my hips...encouraging you to explore further, but your arm, pressed across my hip, holds me fast against you. I moan and you chuckle devishly in my ear. For one brief second, I can think clearly enough to realize you're most definitely awake, but I'm totally helpless with need. I want to ask you to stop this; to fuck me until I cum and then fuck me some more, but I don't think I could form a sentence right now. I whimper your name and squirm as much as I can in your tight embrace.

Suddenly, you release me and I'm lost in those few seconds without your touch. In one smooth move, you pull on my hip, rolling me onto my back as you move over me. Your knees quickly push my legs open and I feel your cock rubbing against my pussy. I stay perfectly still and hold my breath. I love this kind anticipation: feeling you right there, knowing that soon I'll have what I want, and then, ohhhh gods, that first, slow, push. You start to move and I groan again. This is what I wanted... this is what I miss when you're not around. There is nothing sweeter in this world (or any other) than having you inside me. It brings each cell of my body alive in a way that nothing else can.

I squeeze your cock each time you thrust into my pussy. You whisper how much you love my pussy; how tight it is and how hot, but I can't answer. I'm drunk with the exquisite feeling of every inch of your cock going inside me. My pussy stretching to accommodate you until you're deep inside me. Gods, baby, I love it when you bury your cock all the way inside me.

I push up a bit and rub my aching clit against you. You push harder into me, pressing your body against my clit and I shift my hips side to side, rubbing it harder and harder against you. You're whispering to me, telling me to cum for you, cum on you. I feel my orgasm building and my pussy starts to twitch. I push my little clit harder against you. You're so deep in my pussy that I can feel you pressing against my womb. That bit of internal pressure is all I needed. It hits me; waves of icy heat emanating from my pussy like shockwaves. I can't breathe, can't think. I'm not aware of anything but the almost painful strength of the orgasm ravaging me. Unknowingly, I hold your cock like a vise, not letting you move until the first and strongest waves are over, then you move inside me again.

You're thrusting with a purpose now, I can feel you getting harder, thicker as we fuck. My nails leave a path down your back and I grip your ass, pulling you harder into me with each stroke. I tell you that I want to feel you throb inside my tight little pussy as you cum, baby, please. You don't answer. It's your turn to be lost now. I watch your face; your eyes close as it builds and builds. Finally, one last hard thrust and you stiffen. You're so quiet when you cum, love. So unlike me that way. But I can feel your cock pulsing in my pussy and I love it.

You rest on top of me for a moment, kiss my forehead and tell me you love me. I smile at you and I know you can see the love for you in my eyes. Then, just as smoothly as before, we turn back on our sides. I curl up in your arms once again and you pull the covers over us. My last thought before drifting off into a very deep slumber is how very much I love the way you wake me up, and I can't wait to do it again...perhaps in an hour or so.

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