tagFetishSaturday Night Adventure

Saturday Night Adventure


I have been married to my smoking hot wife, Susan, for 10 years now. She has long brown hair and the deepest chocolate brown eyes I've ever seen. She is about 5'4", 145 lbs, c cup breast, and a waxed pussy. She has a bit of a kinky side and likes giving wet sloppy blowjob's, being fucked really hard, to be smacked around a little, and loves to talk dirty. Me, I have brown hair and brown eyes, about 5'10", around 180 pounds, I have a lite trickle of hair on my chest, but my 7 inch shaft, balls and ass are all shaved.

For the last few years Susan and myself had experimented with several things to spice up our sex life. One of our most favorite things to do is go to a strip club and watch the women dance then go home and she would put on a little show for me. I noticed on those nights she is a lot more hornier when we play than any other time. I have asked her, one night, why that is and she told me she is attracted to women and wanted to have a threesome with a gorgeous woman. Something she never done before. I'm not too surprised.

Over the next few weeks we talked about the possibility of having a threesome with another woman. She was skeptical for a while but she was warming up to the idea slowly. On Thursday night we went to the strip club again. My wife wore a leather mini skirt and a white halter top with 5 inch stiletto boots that went to her knee. There was this one particular dancer that always catches my wifes eye. So I ask for a room with a private lap dance.

She takes both my wifes and my hand and leads us down stairs to a room. She was wearing a silver bikini top that covered her b cup breast, a silver mini skirt that her ass hang out of, and clear platform pumps. She had long blond hair with a few purple streaks in her hair. She has bluish green eyes and a smile that would melt anyone's defenses. She started to give me a lap dance then went over to Susan and gave her one. After the dance she told Susan her real name was Jen and gave my wife her phone number and told her she should call her sometime, winked and walked out the door.

A few days later my wife's gives Jen a call and invites her to dinner on Saturday. She agrees only if we come up to the club Friday night. Of course we agree. Again my wife wears her boots and a mini skirt, but this time she was wearing a black tank top that showed off her tits. Jen came over and told us that she wanted to have dinner with us but first we must see her show tonight then decide if we still want dinner. About 10 minutes later her stage name was announced and her and this girl I've seen a few time came on the stage. Now the girl was good but she wasn't great. She and Jen did their number and I thought for sure my wife was going to have an orgasm right in front of the stage. Jen came out and took us to a different room than last time and told us that it was up to us if we wanted her to come to dinner tomorrow night. Susan assured her that she wanted nothing more to have her for dinner. And we all caught the double meaning. She winked at us and walked out the door.

The next day Susan was a mess. She was excited but nervous as to what the night might lead to. Jen got a girl to cover her shift tonight so she could come over and have dinner with us.

We had pasta for dinner and they had red wine to go with. We talked about ourselves and what we did and we all got to know each other a little better. Halfway way through dinner the talk turned to our sexual pasts, that was fun. Jen said she liked girls since her last year of high school. She made out with a friends older sister when she was 18, got fingered by the same girl a year or so later, and shortly after that met a girl her own age during a beach vacation with her family and did everything with her. Her and my wife were both promiscuous in college, so they chatted about that. Then we talked about the three of us, and I got hard at the table!

We went to our hotel room and went right to the oversize shower, her body was amazing too. They did a lot of kissing and rubbing against each and I just fit in where I felt it was good. I didn't want to get in the way. I kissed and sucked onto their nipples, and fingered and rubbed their clit every now and then. Susan went down on me and I started kissing Jen and slid two fingers in her tight, hot pussy. She went down and sucked my balls, then shocked both, Susan and I. She got behind me and started to licked my ass! That was intense!

They switched places with Susan licking my ass and Jen giving me head. She was incredibly good not as good as my wife but still good. With the blow job and the rimming I was incredibly close to coming so I stopped them because I didn't want to cum too soon.

Once in the bedroom the girls got on the bed and immediately started kissing. I ate my wife's soaking wet pussy while she was playing with Jens clit. Then I ate Jens pussy, my wife really got her juices flowing, while Susan sat on her face. Susan laid on top of her so they were doing 69 and we ate her together, eventually she took her pussy, I took her ass. Jen came really hard from that.

I had my wife suck me a little bit, and she asked if I wanted to fuck Jen, I said not yet. I started eating wife's ass while Jen took her pussy. Wife of course loved this, and I handed Jen my wife's favorite dildo and Jen fucked her with it good. She liked that I am shaved clean and blew me while she was fucking her with the dildo. I was pushing Susan's head into Jens pussy and ass. I took the dildo from her and gave it to wife who fucked Jen with it. Jen smiled and put my dick up to wife's pussy and said she wanted to watch me fuck her. I went all the way in, reached back and pulled Jens head up, she spread my ass and started licking.

I fucked my wife slowly and enjoyed an ass licking I never expected! She got out from under my wife, and started trying to lick her ass while I fucked her hard, it wasn't that easy to do! I pulled out and told her to clean me up. Then, turned her around and fucked her while she ate my wife. Susan then wanted to sit on her face so she could watch me fuck her, and that was more than I could handle...After a few minutes it was time to cum. I didn't know if Jen was on birth control so I pulled my wife's head down and came in her mouth while Jen ate her.

I watched Jen lie back and my wife sucked and kissed her little B cups for a long time, rubbing her clit here and there to tease her. Then she did something hot, she wanted to show Jen how hot it made her to please her, so she knelt over her chest and rubbed her soaking wet pussy all over her little tits. Jen was like, that is a very hot first!! Then my wife licked it off of course.

It was an instant turn on for me for sure as I watched from a couch! She went down on her, and I started stroking myself slowly. Jen said I think your husband wants to fuck you and I said, no I want to fuck you both. I kept stroking, just enough to get semi-hard, not fully hard. I told them to come over and get me hard and got a great bj. Then my wife got on top and I ate Jen who was on my face. I had my wife take a breaks so Jen could blow me clean me. Once she sucked all of Susan's juices off me, and climbed on top of me. Susan did a little ass licking for her while she rode me, then I ate her when she sat on my face. My wife suggested I cum in Jen so she could eat my cum out of her pussy.

When Susan was done she cleaned Jen off my dick and gave me an amazing blow job. I then fucked my wife so hard she was screaming my name. For the last time that night I came deep inside my wife's pussy.

We were all really tired so we crawled into bed and fell asleep quickly. Me between these two beauties. A man could get used to that. We made plans for her next night off. Which is two weeks away. We all can't wait...

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