tagGroup SexSaturday Night Ch. 01

Saturday Night Ch. 01


For a friend...


CJ had known all along she was getting herself into trouble. Well, not 'known' exactly. It was more instinct or gut feeling.

She and Sarah had been working together for six months. Occasionally they socialised after work, a drink in a local bar. CJ was single so she appreciated the diversion. Sarah had a boyfriend she talked about constantly but still she liked to have a few drinks before heading home to fuck him.

She'd announced it quite loudly one night. 'That's me sister,' she said, as if to the whole bar. 'I'm off home for some great sex.'

CJ had just smirked, though her smirk hid her own frustration. She had gone without for months now and she had started to wonder whether she shouldn't ought to do something about it. But Sarah had been oblivious to all that.

'Afterwards, when he's done, of course I'll have to fix myself up.'

CJ just looked at her. She could guess what Sarah had meant. It must have shown in her face.

'No, Dale is great. But you know how a woman sometimes needs a little more. So I masturbate after he's gone to sleep.'

CJ hadn't known what to say.

'Well, you masturbate don't you?' Sally had demanded in a slurred voice. CJ had just nodded silently and Sarah had left with a wide grin on her face.

The next week Sarah had confirmed that she had, indeed, had great sex with Dale the previous Friday night. And that she had masturbated afterwards. It seemed Dale knew and wasn't bothered. Sarah had said that she sometimes caught him sneaking a peek at her. She'd confessed that felt a little strange. But it hadn't ever stopped her from masturbating as she lay next to Dale. Or so Sarah had said.

Then Sarah had started to pester CJ with questions. CJ didn't really know why -- but for some reason she was happy to answer.

It was true that CJ masturbated -- a lot. 'Sarah, I am a single woman.'

She had had her own experience of masturbating when someone was watching, several times. It had been years ago with her then husband. They'd both enjoyed it. No big deal.

Two weeks later Sarah and CJ had been drinking again. This time Sarah had been quieter.

'You were saying how you masturbate.'

'Yes, so were you.'

'Yes,' agreed Sarah. 'But I wanted to ask...you see...'. There was a long pause.

'I don't understand.'

'Well I just don't know,' Sarah had gone on. 'I wonder sometimes...about other women.'

'What?' CJ had asked. 'You're asking me to tell you how I masturbate?'

'Sure,' had come the reply. Sarah had sounded a little disappointed. 'Not tell me. You know.'

'You want me to show you how I masturbate?' It sounded ridiculous.

'Oh god, would you?' Sarah had almost screamed.

'I was joking.'

'No, no -- please,' Sarah had begged. 'You are so sexy. I know you'd be really good at it. Please show me.' She had begun to babble. 'We can do something on Saturday night. You can come over to my place. We can have some fun and then you can let me see.'

Sarah was drunk. But CJ could see that Sarah had been planning this, probably for weeks. Her instinct had told her to refuse. But something else in CJ's brain (or was it the drink) made her say yes.

She was supposed to perform for Sarah? Just like that? What the?... But CJ knew she was hooked. Sarah had said she was sexy. CJ took pride in her looks -- a small frame with pert 34Ds sitting under her long blonde hair and her baby blue eyes. She had the curves that a 37 year old woman should have and she carried them well. Had Sarah guessed CJ was bi-sexual? Did it matter? It was a turn-on to have someone paying attention to her in a sexual way.

CJ was sure she'd felt her cunt throb slightly. She'd had a few flings with women in the past. She'd learned enough to know she enjoyed them. CJ didn't have to be drunk to make love to a woman but alcohol seemed to help other women to let go of their inhibitions. No doubt Sarah would also want to drink a lot and then fool a round a little. Nothing serious. But given the present 'man drought' CJ knew that some light sexual relief couldn't do any harm.

CJ probably wouldn't have been attracted to Sarah, but now she realised that her friend had been trying to make a pass at her. The younger woman was a little taller and thinner. She was quite striking in her own way. She had a cute face and soft brown curls. Her tits were smaller than CJ's but she always loved showing them off in low cut dresses and tops.

So CJ had found herself agreeing to go to Sarah's place the following Saturday night. She'd decided that she would wear something sexy and get all horny and drink too much and go home by herself afterwards.

'But I want my other friend Bess to come as well,' Sarah had blurted out.

'No! No, I don't think so!' CJ had started to protest. It was one thing to think that Sarah had the hots for her. But it was quite another to let Sarah drag her into some wild fantasy or to use CJ to show off to her friend, Bess, that she could 'make out' with another woman.

But Sarah had begged. And CJ had drunk too much for that evening. And if she could kiss Sarah (she was sure that Sarah would go that far at least) the why not kiss this stranger as well?

Again her instinct had tried to warn CJ. But she had ignored it. She'd told herself that it would all turn out to be harmless fun...that probably nothing would happen at all. And it would be nice to go out on a Saturday night again.

That Saturday night arrived and CJ's instinct was firing on all cylinders when she arrived at Sarah's door. Obviously Sarah had lied, or changed her mind. This wasn't to be a quiet evening of two friends sharing a bottle of wine. It was a dinner party. CJ heard the men's voices as soon as the door opened. She should have turned on her heel and left -- but somehow Sarah had dragged her inside. She'd introduced Dale...and Bess and her fiancé Stephen.

It was too late to leave. CJ just swallowed hard and gratefully accepted the large glass of wine that Sarah pressed into her hand. She felt a little silly actually. Somehow she'd totally misread Sarah's overtures. Perhaps her mistake had been to underestimate how drunk Sarah had been when she'd made her proposal. Masturbation was off the agenda -- until CJ got back to her own bed later that night.

They were all younger than CJ. That added to her discomfort. But they all were very nice. CJ especially liked Stephen though he was nothing extraordinary to look at. Clearly Bess thought a lot of Stephen since she seemed to be all over him - touching, kissing, holding hands. 'Young love' was CJ's verdict.

Bess seemed much more interesting. She was plump, she had short blonde hair and she obviously favoured plunging necklines that gave everyone a great view of her generous cleavage. Probably double-Ds guessed CJ, self-consciously measuring herself against the other woman. But there was something more, a look or a sensee. CJ felt an attraction that she didn't want to think about any further.

Dale was a little standoff-ish. But he was a handsome man and well-built. There was no disputing Sarah had told the truth on that score. And whatever Dale's shortcomings as a host, Sarah more than compensated. It seemed she hardly left CJ's side. She kept re-filling CJ's glass.

CJ was grateful for Sarah's efforts but she was not at all sure what was the meaning behind the little touches and caresses Sarah was constantly providing. Surely the request for a demonstration was blown away? For CJ it certainly was. This time she was determined to listen to her instinct. She'd probably wait till the next day, after she'd slept off the hangover from Sarah's wine.

So she hardly cared when Sarah whispered in her ear just before dinner. 'Thanks so much for coming. I am so glad you're here,' she said with the aroma of red wine strong on her breath. 'And Bess is really excited that you're here as well.'

CJ didn't know what to say to that. She hadn't noticed Bess paying her any special attention although CJ had stolen a few more glances at her hefty bust. And she felt like pointing out that she felt ambushed by the presence of the two men. But Sarah was happy so why spoil it? Easier to have another drink and continue trying to enjoy the conversation. The others were stuck on music and who was the current leader of the key trends. CJ enjoyed music and her own tastes weren't exactly 'easy listening'. But the age difference was telling.

Happily dinner was ready soon after. CJ escaped to the kitchen to help Sarah finish. The men seemed happy to let them do the work.

The two were alone together in the kitchen when Sarah moved in close behind CJ. But she wasn't reaching for anything. Instead Sarah put her arms around CJ and gave her a tight hug. CJ was a little caught out by that -- it was the first time Sarah had really made anything like sexual contact. But they were both pretty drunk by now. As long as no-one else walked into the kitchen it would be just be a playful, drunken embrace.

Sarah pressed the side of her face into CJ's shoulder and she thought she almost heard the younger woman purr. And then Sarah's hands slipped up. Before CJ could stop her, Sarah's hands were on her shirt and were cupping CJ's tits through the material. CJ froze. The other woman was taller so it could have been an accident. Except that Sarah made no effort to move her hands. CJ was being felt up by a workmate in the other woman's kitchen. She wasn't too drunk to fight her way out of it -- she knew that she probably should. But she didn't. She felt the obvious sexual desire of the younger woman. It was another mistake but CJ stayed completely still while the drunken Sarah felt the size and weight of her tits.

It took a shout of laughter from the dining room to shake Sarah free. Without a word she moved back to the food. CJ was free to collect the plates that she'd come to the kitchen for. Together the two of them relayed the plates and the food out to the dining table.

The dinner was lovely. Sarah must have started cooking before she'd started drinking. The quality of the food hardly slowed the conversation. The topic had shifted to 'best and worst bosses' and Stephen was relating some very funny anecdotes. CJ soon realised, however, that Sarah wasn't really participating. Instead she seemed to have her eyes fixed on CJ. Was Sarah too drunk? Was CJ now trapped with a group of people she barely knew while her friend and lifeline sank into a stupor?

Again it was the others that shook Sarah back to the present. Bess wanted to fetch dessert. Dale offered to clear the plates. Sarah stirred back to life. 'Good, cos now CJ and I can talk to Stephen for a bit'. And so CJ tried to make conversation as Bess and Dale moved back and forth from the kitchen.

'Why don't you ask CJ to tell you about herself?' asked Sarah breezily. CJ couldn't be sure how drunk Sarah was. Though she knew she'd probably consumed more wine herself than was wise. And as CJ tried to answer Stephen's question (about whether she was seeing anybody at the moment) Sally was once more topping up CJ's glass. But the question had brought up uncomfortable feelings in CJ and she actually found it easier to drink than talk.

Fortunately the dessert arrived and Dale once more tried to lead the conversation. Had he noticed that Sarah was paying so much attention to CJ? She didn't want a row between Sarah and her boyfriend.

But the dessert had been delicious and the conversation casual. Bess and Stephen had seemed to fondle one another thought the entire course. Earlier CJ had found it a little annoying, almost immature. Now she felt the effects of the wine and realised she was getting turned on by watching the younger couple. She tried to imagine Bess' bare breasts and decided that her masturbation would not wait till the morning after all.

Fortunately the spell was broken by the two couples moving back to the wide lounge chairs. The dessert plates were left on the table as everyone made themselves comfortable. Well, CJ wasn't comfortable -- that was hard to do when she was the only single person in the room. But it seemed the others didn't notice -- especially not the two men who soon fell into a conversation about (of all things!) computer games.

Suddenly CJ noticed something at her wrist. It was Sarah, gently tugging at CJ -- looking all bleary eyed but obviously keen to take CJ away from the lounge room. Things had gone so far now that CJ had almost forgotten the pretext Sarah had used to get her here this night. Sarah was drunk and CJ was drunk and surely any other plans had been forgotten. So CJ slowly climbed to her feet and followed Sarah up the stairs of the small apartment.

CJ followed Sarah into a dark bedroom only to have Sarah turn and grab at her again. Sarah took hold of CJ and pressed into her. She was kissing CJ, pushing their lips together. CJ was startled and thought to protest but that was a mistake. CJ opened her mouth to admonish Sarah and the younger woman instantly shoved her tongue between CJ's lips. What the?...

But CJ didn't struggle. She forgot all about protesting as Sarah's tongue worked deeper into her mouth. It was soft and warm -- it felt good! CJ had known Sarah wanted to try kissing another woman. Perhaps she'd gotten herself just drunk enough to go through with it. CJ was horny enough to allow it. Why stop her? She let Sarah have what she wanted. It was easy because Sarah's kiss was so enjoyable. It was clumsy and rushed but CJ felt a tingling rush through her body and knew she was up to the younger woman's challenge.

Someone moaned softly. CJ realised she was letting her tongue twist its way around the other woman's. She pushed further into Sarah's mouth, forcing the younger woman to retreat. CJ knew that it was her lust at work now. Or was it really just the wine?

Again came a moan. CJ realised it was Sarah's! That was too much for CJ. Now she wanted to take charge, to show Sarah how these things were done - the proper way to kiss a woman. But Sarah was a poor student. She was in a rush. Her hands were on CJ's shirt again. The younger woman wanted to touch CJ but she wasn't sure how. CJ was in a naughty mood and only too ready to help. She placed her hands over Sarah's and encouraged the younger woman to knead her tits in just the way that CJ liked. Sarah started clumsily to maul CJ.

Now CJ put her arms around Sarah and pulled her even closer. Somewhere in the background CJ knew that Dale was close by, as were Bess and Stephen. Sarah wanted some cheap thrills and CJ was happy to oblige the dirty bitch. It was getting her juices flowing and giving her a yummy fantasy that would help her when she was alone later.

She took hold of Sarah's face, holding her, prolonging the kiss. There was another moan -- and this time CJ knew it had come from her! Sarah finally got the hint and allowed her tongue to slip between CJ's lips.

Then Sarah was fiddling with the buttons on CJ's shirt. She wanted to open CJ's shirt?

'No. I don't think...'

'Its OK, CJ.'


'Don't worry about him. I want to see. Please CJ -- I want to see'.

But CJ wasn't ready -- not yet. She held Sarah close to her, sucking at her tongue, silently urging the younger woman to fill her mouth in turn. Sarah obliged and pressed her fat, soft tongue into CJ's mouth! It was wet and it was noisy. Sarah wasn't a great kisser but CJ was past caring. Sarah was a woman and CJ was realising how long it had been since she'd felt that kind of softness.

But still Sarah wanted to go faster. She broke their kiss momentarily as she continued to fumble at CJ's buttons. Once CJ's soft, low-cut bra was revealed Sarah looked wide-eyed at her flesh. She even left the last two buttons and began to softly stroke CJ's tits with her fingertips. Not much of a kisser but her touch felt electric.

CJ wanted to stay in charge. She tried to pull Sarah back to her, to rejoin their deep kiss. But Sarah's hands never left CJ's tits. Then Sarah was pulling at her bra straps. Was she trying to undress her?

This time CJ tried to struggle -- a little. Sarah tried to reassure her, whispering that it was 'OK'. CJ was not at all sure that it was. But Sarah was hungry for something and CJ's own untended lust was getting the better of her.

'I want to see,' whispered Sarah. She kept saying that, but CJ wasn't sure exactly what she meant. What was certain was that CJ was letting her workmate seduce her -- and the workmate's boyfriend was in the house. But Sarah was really hungry (for CJ?) and that was making CJ feel incredibly turned on.

Sarah had CJ's shirt open and her bra down now, the thin straps hanging by her elbows and her D-cups looking big in the gloomy light. In a strange way it made CJ feel a little trapped, vulnerable. But Sarah's eyes were fixed on CJ's tits and that was producing a little extra boldness in her. Sarah was breathing hard. CJ's eyes were starting to close as the younger woman gently cupped and fondled her size Ds.

So few men had shown CJ that they could pleasure a woman's tits. Sarah was doing at least as well as any man CJ had ever had. Her fingers stroked CJ's flesh firmly. With her palms she lifted and cupped CJ's tits, testing their weight. She softly squeezed them, looking closely at the blue veins running under the soft white skin.

'You have such great boobs,' whispered Sarah. 'I wish I had ones like yours...or like Bess.'

Oh yes -- CJ had noticed Bess' tits and they looked especially desirable. But no doubt Bess right then was thinking about sucking her boyfriend's cock. Meanwhile Sarah was discovering the hardness of CJ's small, pink nipples as she gently squeezed them between her fingers. CJ suppressed her moan but was sure that her juices were starting to flow.

They kissed again but Sarah was pushing further, trying to move CJ back towards her bed -- the bed where she fucked Dale every night! CJ found herself being lowered onto the bed, sitting there eye-level with Sarah's tits as she started to wrestle again with CJ's shirt and bra.

'Undress for me.' It was a command. Sarah, the junior at work, was in a fevered state and insistent on getting what she was after. 'I want to see.'

CJ felt herself comply with the order, pulling her shirt off and completely removing her bra. As she did so Sarah was pulling her T-shirt off over her head to reveal her own smaller tits supported by a lacy, see-through bra.

Sarah kicked off her shoes and CJ followed suit. Getting comfortable -- but for what? The light was out but the door was wide open. CJ didn't fancy getting caught like this -- but Sarah was hot and making her even hotter. She pushed CJ back further, trying to get her onto her back across the bed.

CJ retreated and propped herself on her elbows. But that wasn't enough for Sarah. Next she was pulling at CJ's skirt, trying to lift it up to expose her thighs and... CJ knew what else Sarah wanted.

'Sarah, dear...I don't know...'

'Its OK, CJ. I've been dreaming of this. I want to see.'


'CJ -- masturbate for me. Please. I want to see you masturbate.' Sarah was slipping off her own bra. She was young and tight and firm. Her pert C-cups bounced in the gloom and her nipples were long and obviously erect.

'I'll help. I'll do whatever you want. I'll kiss you and play with your boobs. I've never really seen a woman cum before and you said you would.'

Sarah wasn't really bi-sexual but she happily assumed that CJ wanted to share in the drunken pleasure. CJ chose that moment to ignore her instinct -- totally shut it out. She was horny, had had a lot to drink and was being felt-up by an over-aroused young woman who was so brazen that CJ just couldn't help but follow her.

There was a brief tangle as CJ tried to lower her G-string while Sarah pushed her skirt higher. A draft of air hit CJ's bare cunt and she suddenly realised how moist she'd become. All that from a little kissing?

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