tagGroup SexSaturday Night Ch. 02

Saturday Night Ch. 02


Hope my friend is still enjoying this...


Sarah lay down, putting her head on CJ's shoulder. She slid a hand slowly down CJ's body and rested it on CJ's hand, the one gripping the vibe. The vibe was still working, still resting in the folds of CJ's cunt. Her clit was still buzzing softly. Sarah left her hand there. She was feeling what CJ was doing, trying to gauge how best to pleasure her new playmate. CJ waited for her to 'touch' her some more, anticipating the sensations. She sighed a deep sigh. Dale was still somewhere nearby, no doubt with his cock hard and at the ready. But right now it was CJ that Sarah wanted. She wasn't complaining.

Bess was really starting to get it from the other cock, over in the corner. CJ could hear the sound of Stephen's thighs slapping against Bess' plump butt each time he rammed himself home. Bess was panting loudly. She had to be cumming by now. Through the gloom CJ could see her big tits bouncing under her. It was hard to catch all the action but it was so incredibly sexy just to listen to the young couple fuck.

Had Sarah noticed? Did she mind CJ's attention being drawn away? Or was she concentrating only on CJ's cunt? She moved her hand down further, onto CJ's folds. 'Cum for me again,' she whispered to CJ and her fingers began to stroke CJ's cunt lips.

Then Sarah pushed one slender finger to CJ's opening. But she stopped. It was enough to drive CJ mad! She knew she wanted to be penetrated. It hardly ever happened with masturbation but this was no regular DIY session. She wanted Sarah to pierce her cunt. Or perhaps she should just force Sarah's head between her legs? Too much – 'don't frighten her off'.

'Inside,' she gasped to Sarah. 'Inside.'

Sarah obeyed, plunging that one finger deep into CJ's spasming hole. 'Ohhh!' came CJ's response and her back arched again. She pressed the vibe to her clit and let out another gasp. She could not believe how horny she was. Another orgasm was only moments away. As long as Sarah did what was needed.

'Please...' gasped CJ again. The only response was a slow pumping of that single finger. Not enough!


Now Sarah seemed to understand what was required. A second finger was pressed into CJ's hole and then a third. It was a like a small cock being jammed into her cunt. It almost pushed CJ right over the edge. To be touched like that by another person, to have young Sarah finger fucking her sopping hole! CJ increased the pace of the vibe on her clit. Oh fuck!

Sarah was wanting to use her mouth but despite her height she couldn't reach CJ for a kiss. Instead she softly suckled at CJ's left tit. She wasn't really 'a little lezzie' but the little bitch was keen to try.

CJ usually climaxed best with a vibe on her clit. But this – this was so different. A woman's fingers in her cunt, her clumsy mouth suckling a nipple. Deliberately she spread her thighs wider. CJ wanted, needed Sarah to take care of her cunt.

'Harder,' she gasped.

At that, her naked workmate climbed to her knees between CJ's legs. Her fingers didn't leave CJ's cunt. Their eyes met. Sarah looked almost as horny as CJ felt. Immediately Sarah began to pump her arm, jamming her fingers deep and hard into CJ's hole. CJ tried to meet the thrusts as her workmate gave her a proper fingering. She pressed the vibe down on her clit again.

Suddenly she realised the action in the corner had stopped. They'd finished already? CJ guessed that Stephen must have cum. He would have shot his cum into Bess's body. Oh, how wonderful that must have felt for her. CJ watched as Stephen slowly withdrew himself from his fiancé. And Bess – had she cum too? CJ thought about how wonderful Bess' cunt would smell right then. She had a sudden urge to finger Bess' empty cunt, just the same as she was getting from Sarah.

In the gloom, Stephen's cock was glistening, coated with both their juices. Bess turned and sat on the chair. CJ could see those heavy breasts again, the nipples low and no doubt still hard. Unlike Stephen's cock that was slowly softening. It was level with her chin and Bess reached out and gripped the base. CJ stared through the gloom as Bess lowered her head. She could see what was about to happen.

Without waiting Bess wrapped her lips around Stephen's cock. It was plain to see that Bess enjoyed his cock. Her touch was almost loving. She took all of him inside her mouth, but this was no ordinary headjob. No - she was cleaning Stephen, performing as if it were a ritual, carefully removing her juices and his own copious cum. Bess made it look so natural. It was the most erotic thing CJ had seen in a long time. Somehow she'd sensed that Bess special.

The sight of the other woman's amazing act sent the next orgasm smashing through CJ. She lost control – not holding the vibe gently but rubbing it fiercely against her hard little nub. She felt her body stiffen and her back arch yet again. She felt Sarah trying to stay with her, trying to pin her in place with the rapid thrusting of her fingers. She was going harder and deeper into CJ's spasming hole. There were sounds of slapping skin and the squelch of CJ's juices.

CJ could hear herself grunting but she no longer cared. She was proud to grunt, proud to cum like this. She wanted to grunt because it was the only way she could urge Sarah on. Since she'd not been offered either of the cocks in the room those young fingers would have to fill her hole instead. Sarah's wild thrusting would leave her sore but CJ wanted more all the same.

Her third orgasm was the most intense but it was short-lived. CJ had spent too much energy on her earlier climaxes. She was out of practice at fucking. But Jesus that third one had been delicious.

She eased the vibe off her clit as the surge of her orgasm began to fade. The buzzing in her folds was the best way to help herself down from the rush of her orgasm. Sarah was helping too as she continued her slow reaming of the older woman's cunt.

In the corner the other young couple were finished. Stephen was pulling his pants up. Bess was stooped, collecting her dress. Not a word was said. Was that it? One fuck and they were leaving? CJ had never expected a fuck show like that but she was ready for more. Bess clutched her clothes to herself, but CJ ogled her as she hurried across the room. With Stephen close behind she made straight for the doorway and disappeared into the hall. Were they really so shy? Or was Bess thinking about getting home for another ride on Stephen's cock?

CJ's thoughts were interrupted when Sarah, still focussed on the fun at hand, flipped herself around so she was upside down on the bed. She threw one leg over CJ. She was obviously accustomed to demanding whatever she wanted when it came to sex. CJ couldn't ignore the long, slender leg. She felt herself respond to this new touch, the sensation of being so close and intimate with a woman.

'Please CJ,' came a whimper from Sarah. 'Touch me? Make me cum.' And without waiting, Sarah jammed her thick toy back into her hole.

CJ knew that Dale was close by, watching, He must be enjoying this. Did Sarah need him there to give an edge to her play? CJ chose not to think about him. Oh yes, he had a cock – but that was Sarah's cock. And CJ had plans for the eager little slut. So she shifted her position and stretched out her arm so she could reach around the thrusting vibe.

Sarah obviously enjoyed vigorous sex. So CJ skipped the gentle flicking of her clit. She pressed down with two fingers and began a slow, hard strumming. She had to remind herself that she was fingering her workmate's clitoris. There was surely something not right about that. But instinct was long gone by this point.

'Aah...aah,' sounded Sarah in response. And she jammed the black rubber cock a little harder into herself.

Sarah was completely without shame or inhibition. She was an exhibitionist and probably very experienced at it. CJ had never had much desire to put on a show for anyone. But it worked for Sarah and it seemed to suit Dale. CJ no longer cared. Somehow she had become part of this whole wild night and right then all she could focus on was giving Sarah and her boyfriend the show they wanted.

She softly pinched Sarah's clit. That got another verbal response from Sarah. 'No...unnh...'

But it didn't sound much like Sarah wanted it to stop. CJ returned to gently crushing the little button underneath her fingers. She wondered about moving so she could lick Sarah's clit. Maybe that would just get in the way of the thrusting of the vibe? She considered throwing her own legs over Sarah and presenting her own cunt to be licked. But CJ didn't know just how 'lezzie' the younger woman was.

So she squeezed the hard little clit again. Sarah shuddered in response. But CJ didn't think that was enough of a challenge for Sarah. She still had one other naughty pleasure. Dale was right there but by now it seemed safe to assume that he fully consented to everything that might be done to Sarah. So CJ stretched out her other hand and pressed her index finger against Sarah's butthole.

The only sound was Sarah's soft panting. Maybe that meant yes? CJ didn't wait to find out. Sarah deserved a little payback. CJ quickly wet her finger in her mouth and then, without warning, pierced Sarah's anus. The only sound from Sarah were her exertions with the vibe. But Sarah shifted a little. CJ was sure that she was trying to give her more access. Maybe Sarah just wanted to open her cunt for the vibe. But it was too good an opportunity to pass up. CJ started to work her finger even deeper into Sarah's tight hole.

Did her workmate like anal? CJ would find out. The little slut deserved to get her very own 'pain in the butt'. She applied more pressure and watched as her finger sank into Sarah's butthole. CJ stopped at the second knuckle.

Through the thin membrane that separated the two passages, CJ could feel the texture of the black vibe. Sarah had not skipped a beat, still she was reaming her own cunt with the rubber cock. CJ again pinched Sarah's hard little button. Then she began to move that finger very slowly back and forth. Sarah's passage was tight – and hot. What was Dale making of it all? Maybe he was more interested in the possibility of a girl-on-girl 69?

Sarah's sounds became louder. Surely Sarah was used to taking a cock in there? CJ could feel the small shudders deep in her body. 'Not long now,' she thought to herself with satisfaction. CJ realised she was enjoying taking charge, making Sarah take whatever she wanted to give. She just kept on stroking her finger in Sarah's chute. CJ had never fingered a woman's arse before. It was very sexy. She felt the heat and the grip of Sarah's sphincters around her finger. So this was what anal sex felt like for the other side. Sarah had a rather nice butt and CJ was revelling in the sight of her own finger penetrating that dark little hole, over and over.

And all the while she could see Sarah fucking herself with the big rubber cock. She was sweating and panting and madly trying to jam herself with her lovely fat toy. Soon she was starting to wriggle. Sarah needed more of something. 'Please...pl...' she panted. CJ knew what the problem was. Sarah loved ramming that big cock into herself. But having her clit played with was what she needed.

CJ didn't want to deny her young friend. She knew she needed to shift position to really work that clit. So she withdrew her finger from Sarah's anus. It was a little disappointing. Sarah felt it too – she let out a new sound, quieter. It couldn't be relief. Sarah did like having her arse filled! But in seconds Sarah was moaning loudly as CJ quickly had her other hand back on Sarah's steaming cunt.

CJ watched with amazement, close up, as Sarah pistoned the fat vibe in and out of her body. It was so sexy to see the way Sarah's wet flaps seemed to grip around the black toy. Was that why Sarah had wanted to watch CJ masturbate? Or had that whole story been a ploy?

All Sarah could do now was grunt. 'Uh huh...uh huh...' CJ knew she was close, so close. Sarah was now using two hands to ram her toy cock into her hole.

Then Sarah exploded! She lost control of her body. She began thrashing, bucking. CJ never seen someone come with that kind of exertion. She found it hard to keep touch on Sarah's clit. Sarah had trouble too. She slowed the thrusting in her cunt, trying to meet each wave of climax with a savage shove of the rubber cock into her hole. CJ could hear the sounds of Sarah's wetness each time the cock was withdrawn. She could smell Sarah's cunt and see the way she coated the fake cock. Did she ever get sore from masturbating like that? What ever did Dale make of this kind of behaviour?

Finally Sarah collapsed, dropping next CJ. Still she thrashed about, unable to control her body as her orgasm caused their two bodies to rub softly against one another. It was a nice moment intimate. Sarah was obviously comfortable at sharing her body and her orgasm. CJ knew that she'd helped to deliver a massive climax to the little bitch. She felt triumphant.

Slowly her thrashing subsided. But even before she was done Sarah climbed off CJ and went straight to Dale. He was still standing quietly in the doorway, no doubt pleased with the little show the women had provided him. CJ watched as the young couple kissed. It was slow and sensual, obviously they were partners in crime. The kiss reminded CJ of the other things she had been missing these past few months. But she could see the way Dale was looking at her even as he kissed Sarah. She was muttering something to him. Once again CJ felt things were a little weird. She knew it was her instinct trying to reassert itself. She wanted to listen to it this time.

CJ began to roll over. It was time to collect her clothes. Bess had been right to leave while she still had some thing in reserve. CJ thought about Bess. She knew she wanted to see more of Bess. Was it those tits? Could she ask Sarah for Bess' number? CJ sat on the side of the bed, trying to shake those thoughts for now. The alcohol had worn off. She was clear headed and knew what needed to be done.

But Sarah was back, kneeling by the side of the bed. 'No CJ', she panted. 'Please let me give you something good now.'

'I'm OK,' said CJ firmly.

'But I want Dale to fuck you.'

'What?' CJ was incredulous. 'Look Sarah...'

'I know how much you'd like to have a cock inside you. Please. I'll be right here watching.' Sarah might have meant it to sound reassuring, as if CJ would be safe. But CJ knew she had another reason entirely. 'You just want to watch two people fucking so you can frig yourself some more,'

she cried out, laughing.

'So you will then? Oh CJ, he has a fantastic cock!'

CJ was stunned - again. She was sure that Dale did have a very nice cock. He was quite a hunk even with his clothes on. CJ knew she was being manipulated. Had Sarah promised her to Dale as a reward of his own?

'Sarah...' she began to protest, trying to climb to her feet. There was no rule to prevent her fucking a friend's man. It was against her better judgement. Her instinct was shouting out to her. The whole thing was out of control – she was out of control. Somehow Sarah had taken charge of her lust and even her body. It could not be right!

But Dale was crossing the room. His shirt was off and his body looked quite gorgeous. CJ felt herself a melt a little at the sight of his strong chest. Something in her brain was telling her she should leave now. But something else told her that she wasn't going anywhere. Did she really want a cock that bad?

Dale was right in front of her. CJ knew she was holding her breath and it wasn't from fear. She saw the excitement in his eyes. His eyes were on her tits. They were bigger than Sarah's and still firm and round. CJ could see the effect they were having on Dale as he stood there, silent and strong, with a large bulge in his pants. It was so nice to be able to have that effect on a handsome younger man.

'CJ, you are a really sexy woman,' he was saying in his smooth voice. 'You don't have to stay if you don't want to. But Sarah and I really want to make this night as special for you as its been for us.'

His hand was on his zipper. 'A confident bastard,' thought CJ. But she was entranced, her eyes watching his hand as he lowered his zipper. CJ wanted to say something. She knew she should say something. Sarah was making a strange sound next to them. Her excitement was obvious. She wanted to see her man's hard cock. And she wanted to CJ fucked by that same cock.

'I know you'll enjoy this CJ. I'll do my best to make sure you do.'

She tried to laugh but her mouth was dry. Dale's hands were pushing his pants and his jocks down. He was undressing in front of them. Any second now his big hard cock would spring into view. They both had planned this, the whole evening. But CJ knew she was very pleased that they had.

Suddenly his cock was released, rock hard and bouncing at attention. CJ heard herself gasp. It was a lovely cock, a wonderful cock. Sarah had not lied. It was about average length or maybe longer. It was uncut and the head was shaped like a helmet, with a nice wide flare at the bottom. It was just the right size. Thick – it would be a snug fit in her fingers. Oh, it was a nice cock. And underneath that lovely cock CJ saw that Dale had very large balls. They hung down low in a big soft sack that he kept cleanly shaven.

CJ knew right then, as if she'd really doubted it, that she would allow Dale to fuck her. Her cunt was watering at the sight of his weapon. She knew she could not bear to let this opportunity pass by, to have this young man thrust his gorgeous tool into her.

A hand moved towards the cock, to touch it. CJ saw that it was her hand! She knew that she couldn't pull it back. She felt as if she was under some kind of spell. She watched fingers, her own fingers, brush against the stiff pole. The fingers closed around the shaft. CJ was sure she felt it twitch. Dale let out a soft moan.

CJ allowed her other hand to drop down to those wonderful eggs. Carefully she cupped them. She was thrilled by the feel of his heavy balls inside their cool sack. She gently wrapped her fingers and thumb around him, massaging and feeling the softness of his skin. She felt the hardness of the stones within. CJ wondered for a moment how much cum was stored in there. Jesus, now who was the slut?

She kept softly fondling Dale's balls but her eyes never left his cock. Oh yes, she had missed cock. And this one seemed very close to the perfect size. Without thinking, without even trying to stop herself, CJ felt her head dropping, moving towards the end of that gorgeous shaft. She knew her mouth was falling open, ready to plunge onto Dale's prick.

But there was a hand on her head. Someone wanted to slow her down? No! 'I don't really need to be warmed up.' It was Dale. She looked up at him and her hand gripped the precious shaft.

'But I want to,' she tried to protest. What was going on? They wanted CJ to join in their wild sex games. But she wasn't allowed all her pleasures? Did Sarah have a rule about the 'other woman' sucking Dale's cock?

'Sarah wants this to be about you. I'm sure I'll get my cock sucked later. But after all the fun Sarah has had, we want you to lie back and let us give you some pleasure. Sarah wants me to fuck you.'

Give her some pleasure? When he put it like that CJ didn't know what else she could do but follow Dale's suggestion. She let go of his shaft and stretched back on the bed, allowing her heavy D-cups to fall to either side. Her teats pointed straight at him. She propped on her elbows so she could watch as Dale finished removing his pants. CJ hadn't fucked with a guy his age for years. He was in good shape. She felt herself gush slightly at the thought that Dale's hard body was about to lie on top of her.

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