tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSaturday Night Dance

Saturday Night Dance


The Saturday dances at the nudist club were unique. In fact they were fantastic. The temperature was always kept very high, even in the summer months with the heating system going full blast so that the dancers could be skimpily dressed if they wished and they did.

Many of the men were naked from the outset with their pricks waving about, though some wore brief pants, posing pouches, or "G" strings. The ladies dressed to please the men by wearing very little, but clothes that titillate. A few wore dresses, these were always very short and usually without any underwear so that as the lady danced the dress rides up her thighs to show that she was not wearing knickers. It was most common though for girls to start off wearing just a lacy bra and thong or a lace teddy with their nipples and pubic patch showing through, always with stockings and suspenders of course. As the evening progressed so clothes were cast aside until all of the men were naked and the ladies wore just the stockings and sussies breasts and pussies bare as they danced.

Chris was always naked and I usually wore either a crochet, lace or transparent dress with stockings but always ensuring that my breasts, nipples and sex lips were uncovered. Only on one occasion did I wear a bra and panties with my stockings and suspenders but these were a split cup bra with my erect nipples poking through the splits and crotchless knickers which exposed just my prominent cunt lips. On that occasion a man that I was dancing with slipped his hand between my legs to caress and finger my cunt through the split in the panties, he complimented me when he felt my lips and found that they were not only naked but I was completely smooth, there was no pubic hair because I always keep it clean shaven.

I have been complimented on my choice of revealing dress on several occasions by women as well as men and some have said how much they loved to be able to see that I never hid my sex, was always so proudly visible and that it was shaved .

It is quite common for a lot of fondling and foreplay to take place on the dance floor during the slow smoochy numbers. Tits are toyed with, Cunts caressed, Fannies fingered, Pricks played with and Willies openly wanked. I was once talking to a naked young girl who told me that she had just wanked an older man off on the dance floor whilst he had mauled her naked tits and pussy and that he came and had shot his spunk over the floor.

I am constantly excited by what I can see and my pussy gets very hot, glistens and opens on Chris's fingers as they invade my naked sex and we loved it when other people could see that his fingers were caressing my clit and that I was quite openly playing with his cock keeping it constantly erect and rubbing it while we danced close together and I told him about the other men who had danced with and who had fingered me and felt my naked bald cunt.

It was not uncommon to see men leave the floor with their pricks erect and waving proudly in front of them.

It is a wonderful feeling to be dancing naked and in public, very close to your partner especially when he has a full erection. A couple of times I stood still on the dance floor, opened my legs wide and Chris managed to slide his erect prick right up inside me for a stand up fuck as people danced around us with perhaps the couple on one side with the mans fingers buried deep in his partners cunt and on another side a girl wanking her partners prick. It was a super feeling actually being openly fucked in public with so many people all around us knowing just what we were doing. We didn't care who saw us caressing and fucking and in fact enjoyed it so much more because we could be seen and we could see others doing the same things. I would have loved to have had the courage to have gone down on my knees and publicly sucked Chris' prick into my mouth on the dance floor for everyone to see, so would Chris.

Caressing was not restricted only to men with women we have seen women dancing and kissing together, their hands wandering all over each others naked or near naked bodies caressing each others tits, bums and even cunts.

People did not keep their caressing only for the dance floor, as the lighting was dimmed most of the time. On one occasion we saw a naked woman who we vaguely knew sitting naked at the edge of the dance floor, with her husband on one side and another man on the other, she had their very erect cocks one in each hand and was openly wanking them both off in full view of everyone else. We learnt later that the husband enjoyed watching her being fucked but only by younger men. We saw another older lady dancing with a coloured guy with his splendid, huge prick in her hand, wanking him off whilst his fingers were between her legs and buried in her cunt. He walked proudly from the dance floor showing everyone his large, wonderful erect cock.

Once we were sitting close to a couple, the lady sitting on the mans lap gently moving around. Both were naked his cock was obviously buried deep in her cunt. She was wriggling around and was being openly fucked. As she got off him he was still erect his prick glistening with her juice mixed perhaps with his cum.

At the end of the dancing it was very interesting to see what the ladies wore as they left to go home. Very often it would be just a coat to cover their otherwise naked bodies. Occasionally, especially in the warmer weather, they would not bother and would be driven away naked. Once when we traveled with another couple I went all the way home, a journey of about 35 miles down the motorway, completely naked in the back of their car, Chris also stripped and we took it in turns to suck each other off as we traveled in the back seat. When we reached home they came in for a night-cap and we fucked on the floor of our lounge. We both enjoyed our visits there as they were so totally outrageous. More dances should be like that! I so enjoy showing my naked body and shaven cunt when other people are naked too especially in such a sexy atmosphere.

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