tagGroup SexSaturday Night Fever - The Sequel

Saturday Night Fever - The Sequel


As the weekend approached, I became more and more anxious about what I had agreed to do. My name is Chris and last fall I was seduced by a hot blonde in her early thirties named Terry, who took me back to her apartment where her boyfriend Jim and another man introduced me to gay sex. While I did have sex with Terry as well, she encouraged me to give her boyfriend, who is bisexual, a blowjob. Before the evening was over, I had also lost my anal cherry to both the other men.

While I had never had sex with a guy before, I had to admit, once I got over the shock, I had never been more turned on in my life. Before I left their apartment, I had agreed to help Terry seduce my fraternity brother and roommate Tim. Tim, I was quite sure, had never done anything like that either and turning a straight guy seemed to excite Terry to no end.

It seemed I was doing nothing but fantasizing through most of my classes that week. Replaying the weekend over and over in my head. On my knees sucking Jim while his friend Rick fucked my ass. Later I was fucking Terry's hot pussy as Jim took a shot at my back door. While I couldn't wait for another opportunity to have sex with them again, I was nervous as hell about involving my roommate.

Tim and I had pledged the fraternity at the same time and had roomed together since our sophomore year. He was set to graduate early at the end of the semester but I clearly didn't want him to think his friend was gay. The thoughts kept running through my mind. Sucking a cock and even enjoying anal sex didn't change the way I felt about women. But clearly I was having second thoughts about getting Tim involved.

On Wednesday I called Terry. She had given me her cell number and my heart was racing when her sexy voice answered on the other end. I explained the reservations I was having when she responded back, "Sweets, don't worry about it. Didn't you have a great time last week," she purred.

"Yea," was my short reply.

"Well then, Tim will too. We won't ask him to do anything he doesn't want to do and we will not divulge anything you may have done to him that you're not absolutely comfortable with," Terry paused. "Now, you okay?"

I reflected on what she said, "Yea, yea I guess so," I replied.

"Good. Are you going to fuck my little pussy Saturday?" Terry teased.

Before I had a chance to say anything she went on, "Maybe I'll have Jim fuck me before I meet you and then have you eat my pussy. Would you do that for me? Would you lick my pussy full of Jim's cum?"

"Yea," I answered back feeling my cock hardening in my briefs. Terry was the kinkiest lady I had ever met and her commanding tone and naughty nature made me horny as hell.

"You going to suck Jim off for me like you did last week? That turned me on so much watching you suck your first cock. Watching Rick fuck your virgin ass. And I can't wait to see Tim sucking his first cock. Maybe sucking yours." Terry was dripping on the phone. Her voice was so sexy, I felt like ripping my pants down and jacking off while she was talking.

"We're gonna' have so much fun. Now let me go sugar. I've got someone waiting on me at my office. Bye now." The call was dropped before I even had a chance to respond.

The next two days seemed to creep by but I had convinced Tim to go back to the bar saying the chick I had been with was interested in meeting him. I did tell him that she had a boyfriend named Jim that got off watching her bring men home. Tim found the story hard to believe but certainly was eager to have sex with her if that was indeed a possibility. I didn't mention anything about what I had done with Jim and Rick but shared that Jim and I had a three-way with Terry and she was out of this world.

Tim and I arrived at the bar before them and had a couple of beers while we waited. Terry was smoking hot when she arrived. She had a skin tight black dress that plunged in the front showing her bountiful cleavage and boots up to her knees with a stiletto type of heel in the back. Jim trailed behind her in jeans and a polo. She walked up and pressed her lips to my cheek leaving the scent of her sweet perfume.

Her emerald green eyes sparkled as she took Tim's hand in hers and thanked him for coming. We all ordered drinks with Jim and Terry asking questions of Tim, getting to know him better.

We had been chatting a few minutes before I was distracted by two girls who sat a couple of tables over. Both appeared to be our age, maybe twenty or so. A brunette with a bright smile and the other girl had long black hair and Asian features.

"You see something you like," Terry smiled over at me obviously detecting I was disengaged from their conversation. "Go introduce yourself," she encouraged.

When I shrugged off her suggestion, Terry got up and went over and sat down at the girl's table. There were glances back over to us as the three girls talked and on a couple of occasions, smiled in our direction.

A few minutes later Terry returned with both of the young ladies in tow. She introduced the brunette as Courtney and Kim was the black haired Asian. Later I found out that Kim's mother was Japanese. She had married her father when he was stationed in the army oversees. Kim was actually born in Japan but spent most of her life in the states. Both were as gorgeous as they had appeared from a distance. Like Tim and I, both were attending State but were younger than I thought. Kim was a freshmen in her first semester and Courtney a sophomore. They were also roommates on campus.

We all seemed to hit it off well and enjoyed the small talk and jokes Jim would tell. I was surprised when Terry suggested we all go back to their place and continue the party. Kim seemed the most hesitant but Terry had a way of putting everyone at ease and suggested they go for just a little while. Her apartment was not far from campus and they could take off anytime they wanted.

We all left in our respective cars and arrived back at Terry's apartment. Once there, Jim fixed everyone drinks as Terry turned on some soft music and slipped off the boots she had been wearing earlier. She disappeared back to her bedroom and returned a short time later in some white satin shorts and a yellow t-shirt bundled at her waist exposing her cute belly button and flat stomach. She was barefoot now and her pretty little toes were painted a dark maroon.

"I hope you guys don't mind but I thought I'd get comfortable," she said as Jim handed her a drink.

Terry slipped some dance tunes on the stereo. The Bose system sounded as if we were still at the night club as we all danced and drank enjoying the company. None of us were feeling any pain at all when Terry suggested we chill for a while, maybe play a game if we were all up to it. She suggested "Truth or Dare."

I thought it a little intimate for folks who had just met each other but Tim who was hoping to score with any of the three ladies jumped right in expressing his eagerness. I was surprised when Courtney said, "Sure, I'll play."

Kim was the only one that really seemed out of sorts with the suggestion. Even though she had joined in and seemed to be having a good time, there was little doubt that she was the much more timid of the two coeds.

"Like what will we have to do?" Kim inquired with a real concern on her face.

"Nothing you don't really want to," countered Terry. "We're just gonna' have a little fun and nothing we do leaves here. Is that understood boys," Terry stated with a sharp look to Tim and I.

"Just a little fun. The only catch is if you don't tell the truth and we catch ya' or if you back out of the dare, game's over for you and you can't play with us anymore," Terry explained.

"Here's how we're gonna' do it. I'll go first and ask a question. You pick whether you will tell the truth or take a dare. And then you can pick anybody you want to go next and they do the same," Terry continued.

"So, Tim...truth or dare?" Terry asked.

Tim replied "truth" and Terry began the game asking Tim how old he was when he lost his virginity. Tim seemed to blush a little before he replied, "17."

Tim then asked Courtney how many guys she had slept with. Her response was two while she too looked a little embarrassed.

We all laughed at her discomfort but realized all of our little secrets would soon be told. The questions continued for several minutes. How many lovers have you had? Where was your favorite place to make love? Have you ever been in a three way until finally the question was asked by Courtney to Terry, "What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?"

"Well what's kinky for you might not be all that kinky for me, but I guess," she paused as everyone waited for her response. "I like to fuck my lovers with a strapon. Sometimes I'll fuck one of my girlfriends or maybe I'll fuck some guy's little back door," Terry said looking over at Tim.

Both girls were completely shocked. I looked at the expression on Courtney's face at the realization that Terry had no qualms about mixing it up with another girl. Even Tim, who had laughed and carried on through most of the game was speechless after the last confession.

Now it was Terry's turn and she looked right at her boyfriend Jim, "Truth or Dare." I'm sure it was preset, but with a steel look in his eyes, his response back, "Dare."

"Good," came Terry's response. "I dare you to French kiss both Courtney and Kim for one minute. Courtney first and Chris you time it."

Jim crawled over and Courtney didn't hesitate as they kissed. I saw Jim's tongue plunge into her mouth and then hers fighting back. I lost track of time as I watched Courtney sucking on his tongue as she moaned her approval. Looking down I saw that I had allowed the kiss to go nearly two minutes before I announced time and Jim moved over to Kim.

Kim was very hesitant and it was almost like she wanted to give him a quick peck but his lips sought her out as he pushed her back a little into the couch. Eventually her resistance broke down and she seemed to return his kiss. Her tongue meeting his as he pushed it between her lips. When I finally announced the time was up, Jim gave a quick kiss and then looking into her eyes returned again as he planted a last soft kiss on her lips.

Courtney spoke up inquiring since both girls were kissed, who asked the next question. "Go ahead Courtney," replied Terry.

Courtney looked around, first at Tim and then me, then came the question directed right at me, "Truth or Dare?"

I liked where it was headed and like Jim replied, "Dare."

With a devilish look on her face Courtney barked out, "Strip! I want you to strip naked for us."

Here it was. I was the first to get naked but I didn't hesitate feeling everyone would soon follow suit and that did seem to be the course of things as for the next few turns everyone was asked to disrobe. Terry actually turned up the stereo and did a strip tease as did Courtney. It was Kim again who seemed very uncomfortable and more than once I thought she was going to back out but she slowly peeled off her shirt and then her jeans leaving just her panties and bra. When she unclipped her bra, she held it in place for a moment, then letting it slip, held her hands strategically over her small breasts.

It was Courtney, who by this time seemed to slur just a bit from all the drinks, as she pulled Kim's hands away revealing her dark little erect nipples. Her breasts were smaller than Courtney's who had big nipples. Down below, while Terry had a tuft of hair above her pussy, Courtney had a narrow strip of hair and Kim, while trimmed, still had a black bush.

Terry called a time out while she freshened drinks and Jim brought out his stash of pot. He rolled a joint and Tim and I shared the reefer with him. Terry took a little hit too which set Courtney at ease as she followed our tokes.

It took some encouragement after Jim produced another joint before Kim finally took a draw on the reefer. She instantly coughed betraying her innocence with weed. By this time we all felt relaxed being nude in front of each other.

When the game commenced we took back up with Terry informing everyone from here on out it was simply dares and if anybody wanted to drop out now was the time. I was anxious that Kim would call it quits but when nobody said anything Terry looked over at Courtney.

"Okay, I want you Courtney to give oral sex to each guy for one minute." Courtney grinned and scooted right over to Tim, grabbing his dick, and with a sly smile said, "You ready for this? You've wanted it all night!"

I thought Tim was going to die as she dropped her head down on his cock and engulfed his dick, pulling it out and licking all around the head and shaft. Courtney may have only had two lovers in the past, but she was no novice at giving head as she went down on Tim with gusto.

When Terry announced it was time to switch, she gave Tim's cock a final last lick and moved over to Jim. Jim actually moved up on his knees and took Courtney's head in his hands guiding her as she licked his cock, moving her head up and down on the shaft, and using her right hand to hold on. She jacked him back and forth as she bobbed her head nosily up and down.

Then it was my turn and I couldn't believe how unbelievably soft her lips were. She was an expert at sucking cock and she actually reached down and took my balls and licked them too. Taking them in her mouth and bathing them with her tongue. I hated it when Terry called time and informed Courtney it was her turn.

Courtney looked over at her roommate and said, "I dare you to let each guy suck on your titties."

Kim didn't have much time to react before Tim was scooting over and taking a dark nipple in his mouth. Instead of waiting for a turn, Jim moved on her other side and took the other tit.

I'm not sure why I did it, but I crawled over to Courtney and began to tongue and lick her breast. It wasn't one of the dares but I figured what the hell and was startled when I felt a hot mouth on my cock. Looking down, Terry was now giving me a blowjob. This went on for several minutes until Terry finally came up for air and announced it was her turn.

"So Courtney, your two lovers, I would assume they were both guys," she inquired with a sexy pause.

Courtney didn't respond, just looked at Terry who had a hungry look on her face. "I dare you to kiss me."

"You want me to kiss you?" Courtney said in a soft, almost bewildered inquiry.

"Here, I'll make it easy for you," Terry said as she crawled over to Courtney. Now sitting beside her on the floor, Terry leaned in and softly placed her lips on Courtney's. It lingered just a moment as Terry drew back and looked at Courtney who had closed her eyes but now opened them as she stared back into Terry's penetrating gaze.

Terry leaned back in and this time her tongue plunged into Courtney who opened her mouth wider and took the ravaging invader in. Their lips were sliding back and forth and Terry reached up and cupped Courtney's breast, squeezing a nipple drawing a moan from the young coed.

Terry sought out Courtney's hand and placed it on her own breast. She didn't need much encouargement as the young brunette began feeling her first breast other than her own. Kim sat back almost in shock at the scene that was playing out as Terry kept up her assault, dipping her hand down and rubbing Courtney's little pussy. Courtney whimpered as she spread her legs letting the older blonde play with her clit and push her fingers into her wet slit.

When Terry finally broke their kiss, Courtney seemed disappointed. "So baby, how was your first kiss with another woman," Terry cooed.

"That was awesome," Courtney shot back. "My turn?" she said excitedly.

"Yes," came Terry's sexy reply.

"I dare you to kiss me again," Courtney said already moving toward Terry.

"Baby, I'll be happy to. But why don't you ask Kim instead," Terry said as she looked over at Kim who still seemed in shock at what had just taken place with her roommate.

"No, that's okay," Kim shot back. "I'm not into making out with other girls," she said almost coiled up defensively at the looks both the other girls gave her.

"How do you know if you never tried it," reasoned Terry.

"It's not right. It's not natural," Kim fought back.

"Courtney enjoyed it, didn't you baby?" Terry countered as she looked back over at Courtney.

"Yea, it was awesome. Just try it Kim. Kiss me," Courtney said as she moved closer to her roommate.

Terry had moved behind Kim as all three sat on the floor, Courtney moving closer and Kim pushing back into Terry. Terry's tits, her hardening nipples poked into Kim's back.

"No, I don't want to," came Kim's soft cry as Courtney continued to disregard her feeble resistance, moving in and placing her soft lips against Kim's. Kim's lips were tight and rigid, trembling under Courtney's soft plump lips.

Terry took Kim's hair in her hands and pulled it back in a pony tail exposing her neck and tilting her head up to meet Courtney's advancing lips which moved along Kim's.

"Use your tongue baby," Terry coached Courtney as the coed stuck her tongue out and licked across Kim's unyielding lips. In the meantime, Terry bent down and placed soft kisses of her own on Kim's neck as all three of us guys were glued to the scene. I looked over and Jim was stroking his hard cock while Tim watched the lesbian scene unfold.

Terry reached down and cupped Kim's little titties and then using her thumb and fingers, pinched the hardening little nubs as Kim groaned into Courtney's persistent mouth. Finally Kim's mouth yielded slightly and Courtney's tongue pushed in. You could see her tongue working into Kim's mouth as she accepted more and more of the tongue and began to respond to the kisses.

Terry's fondling of her nipples was obviously having an effect as Kim moaned and groaned back into Courtney's mouth.

"Stick your tongue out Kim, let Courtney have your tongue," Terry instructed as Kim hesitantly, slowly, stuck her tongue out to have Courtney suck it hungrily into her mouth.

After several minutes Terry instructed Courtney to take Kim's hard nipple in her mouth, tongue it, lick it all around. Courtney went from one tit to the other almost possessed while Terry tilted the coed's head back and placed her own mouth on Kim's forcing her tongue into her mouth in a wet embrace.

"I want you to eat her pussy Courtney. Slide down her stomach and taste her. She's so hot for you. That's what you want isn't it baby," Terry said into Kim's ear as she bit lightly on her lobe, trailing hot wet kisses on her neck. "You want Courtney to eat that little cunt of yours. You've played hard to get but now you want it. You want her to eat that pussy."

Kim only moaned but Courtney needed no further directions as she moved down and came face to face with her first pussy. She didn't hesitate as she began licking Kim's pussy like a pro.

"Use your fingers. Stick your fingers in her pussy," Terry instructed Courtney as she plunged her tongue deep into her wet twat and then took two, then three fingers and plunged it into Kim's hot box eliciting a deep groan from Kim.

Kim whimpered from all the attention and then began to softly groan, "Oh fuck. I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe I'm doing this...you're doing this" as she spread her legs further and pushed her cunt down on the invading fingers and mouth.

Kim's hands now instead of pushing away her roommate was pulling Courtney's head closer into her twat. Her fingers intertwined in her roommate's hair. "Oh shit, yea, lick me. Eat me. Oh fuck that feels so good. I've never felt like this before, please don't stop."

"Get up on all fours Courtney. Tim, come over here and slide up under Courtney and eat her pussy," Terry shot over to Tim.

Terry was now in full direction mode as she set the stage for the orgy taking place. Tim didn't have to be told twice as he crawled over and slid on his back as Courtney eased her wet pussy down to his lips as he held on to her ass.

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