tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSaturday Night School Ch. 08

Saturday Night School Ch. 08


(This is the eighth chapter of the Saturday Night School series, by Jessica Tang-Von Harper.)

Afterwards, they fled into the gardens.

They raced across the meadow on bare feet, hand in hand, first running under the night sky but swiftly cutting to the left and seeking refuge in the shadows of the trees. In the course of their love-making, Michelle had pulled off Charlie's clothes, and now he walked beside her just as naked as she was, his clothes bundled in the crook of his arm like a football. He peeked at her, and reflected that, for once, he was actually more naked than she was. She, at least, still wore her stockings.

The night air felt cool on his skin. Charlie looked up at the tree branches that stretched above his head, picking out the occasional glint of a star through the ceiling of leaves. He felt a wary vigilance, walking through the garden with no clothes on, concerned that at any moment they would turn the corner and find someone waiting to catch them. Yet he also thought he understood something of the thrill Michelle felt when she walked outside naked.

His gaze lingered on her body, her skin speckled with the moonlight that slipped through the tree cover. He recalled how she had undressed outside in the parking lot, passing him her garments one by one, and afterwards he had locked the stack of clothing in the trunk of his car. Since that point, she had been nude, without any means of getting dressed again, completely trusting in Charlie to return her clothing to her at some undefined point in the future.

She was nude when they walked into Greenholt Gardens. She was nude when she met Ronni's brother Nick for the first time. She was nude while Nick gave them a tour of the gardens, and when Ronni had to leave and asked Charlie to walk her back to her car, Michelle remained behind, chatting with Nick, still nude.

Michelle appeared very comfortable being naked, even while the rest of them wore clothes, but that didn't mean she was unaffected by the experience. Charlie learned just how much it had affected her when he returned from saying goodbye to Ronni and found Michelle spinning in place in the meadow. Michelle had flung herself at him, greedy with desire, and he'd been quickly divested of his own clothing. He and Michelle had made love on a picnic bench just outside the snack bar, in full view of one of the security cameras.

Charlie pointed out that Nick could be watching them on the security camera, and Michelle was not only aware of the possibility, she was excited by it. She wanted to put on a show for Nick, to show him what she looked like with Charlie's cock inside her. She and Charlie had sex in several positions, and Charlie could tell that Michelle was always aware of that watching camera and the view she offered it.

Until they both climaxed. Michelle tried not to cry out when she came, but she couldn't stop herself completely, and her faint shrieks mingled with the distant calls of night birds. Charlie pulled free and painted a streak of cum along the top of her left stocking. They held each other, sweating and breathing hard, and Charlie could tell the spell was broken. Instead of putting on a show for the camera, now Michelle wanted to flee from it. So Charlie quickly gathered his clothes and they ran for the darkness. They only left behind their shoes, his sneakers and Michelle's heels, which still sat side by side under the concrete table.

They found the pathway known as the Brook Path, which followed the trickling brook that fed the garden's lily pond. The path led uphill, a dark and winding trail with occasional stone steps that took them higher and higher. To their left, they could see the shadowy line of the brook, and could hear the trickle of the water. To their right, the trees and ferns of the Tropical Garden grew thick and high, leaning over them. Charlie could hear small creatures hiding in the darkness, scurrying through the carpet of loose leaves, rustling the low branches.

Michelle gazed into the darkness. "It's a little scary, isn't it?" she remarked.

"Yeah," Charlie agreed. "But I don't think we'll get in too much trouble if we get caught. It'll be really embarrassing, definitely, but I'm sure we're not the first couple to sneak into the garden looking to be alone."

"I'm not so worried about getting caught," Michelle said. "I'm more worried about getting eaten by a bear. Or murdered by a serial killer with an axe."

Charlie tried to smile, but as he looked out at the darkness of the garden, it was impossible to completely dismiss those possibilities. "It's kind of a horror movie trope, right? The teenagers have sex, and then the killer gets them... like punishing them for being immoral..."

"Then we're in big trouble," Michelle said gravely. "We've been so immoral tonight."

Charlie chuckled and slipped his arm around her waist. He pulled her close, enjoying the feel of her skin. "If an axe murderer gets me," he said, "my last words will be, 'Completely worth it!'"

She laughed. "That's what your last words will be?" She stretched up to kiss him. Down below, he felt her fingers circling his cock, squeezing it gently. Her breasts gently bumped against his chest. She murmured, "I think my last words will be, 'Help! An axe murderer!'"

"Don't worry," he told her. "I'll make sure it takes him a long time to kill me, so you have time to escape."

"So sweet!" Michelle smiled and kissed him again. Her hand continued to casually clutch his penis, and he could feel it hardening between her fingers. She tugged on it gently for a moment, and when she let go, Charlie could feel his cock pointing at a higher angle than before.

Now if they got caught, he had the added shock bonus of a visible erection.

They reached an intersection where the Brook Path crossed a wider grassy trail. The grassy trail led to a wooden bridge on their right, traversing the brook. A light pole stood next to the bridge, bathing the intersection in a white glow. A wood bench painted dark brown sat under the light pole.

Michelle walked directly towards the far-left corner of the intersection, and at first Charlie couldn't figure out why. She bent over and manipulated some long metal thing that jutted out of the ground, and Charlie realized that it was a faucet just before water sprayed out of the spout onto the grass. Michelle turned the water off and looked up at him. "I'm going to clean off," she said.


Michelle leaned over and caught the top of one of her stockings. She slowly worked it down her leg and finally tugged it off her foot. "Will you keep track of these for me?" She held the rolled-up stocking out towards Charlie. "Do you have someplace you can keep them?"

"Sure." Charlie plucked the stocking out of her hand and stuck it into the front pocket of his jeans. He did the same thing with her other stocking.

Michelle turned on the water and cupped her hands underneath the spray. "It's cold!" she moaned. Nevertheless, she squatted next to the faucet and splashed water onto her legs, cleaning off the sticky evidence of their immorality.

Charlie looked around the dark garden, feeling vulnerable in his state of nakedness. "Maybe I should put my clothes on..."

"Not yet," Michelle said.


"Go sit on that bench. I'll join you in a second."

Charlie thought about mentioning that the bench was positioned right under the light, and he would be clearly visible sitting there. But of course, Michelle already knew that, and didn't care. He walked over and sat down on the bench, placing his bundle of clothes next to him.

Naked in Greenholt Gardens. Charlie looked around, checking carefully to make sure no one was watching them. He didn't see anyone, but couldn't help feeling like he was on display. Maybe someone lurked in the shadows, watching them. The white light from the bulb overhead took away his night vision, and prevented him from penetrating the darkness off the trail.

Michelle turned off the faucet and walked towards him, her body wet and gleaming in the glow of the overhead light. Charlie watched her careful, swaying walk; the contrast of her shining body against the background of dark foliage gave her approach a dreamlike quality. Perhaps that was all this was. Just a dream, and he would wake up any minute to find the whole night had been conjured up by his overactive imagination.

"What now?" he asked.

"Now I want to give you a blow job." She lowered herself to her knees in front of him.

"You do? I mean... do you think this is a safe place?"

She already had his cock in her hand, stroking it as she rested her elbow on his leg. "Imagine walking by this bench, in the daylight when the garden is open and full of people," she murmured. "We'll see this bench and remember that I gave you a blow job here. We'll always remember." She leaned over and kissed the head of his penis.

Charlie felt himself rapidly stiffening under her attentions. He could feel her tongue swirling around his swollen head and he leaned back, his nervousness quickly overcome by the pleasure she was giving him. "We'll call this bench the Blow Job Bench," he whispered.

She lifted her head and made a face. "Eww. No."

"Sorry." He laughed.

"We just need to take advantage of this opportunity," she said. "Who knows when we'll get the chance to do something like this again?" She leaned over and her mouth enveloped his cock.

"Yeah," he sighed, and for the next several minutes, he didn't say a word. He slouched against the back of the bench, watching Michelle's head bob in his lap. Part of him wanted to close his eyes and focus on the sensations she was causing, but he couldn't bring himself to detach completely from the world around them. His eyes continued to scan their surroundings, on the lookout for any unexpected spectators.

As Michelle continued her earnest work, Charlie started to wonder what he would do if he saw someone approaching. He knew realistically that he would probably warn Michelle and they would retreat into the garden to hide, but he also felt aroused by the idea of not doing anything, of letting Michelle continue sliding her lips up and down his cock while he casually waved to the hypothetical approaching stranger. The thought of it excited him tremendously.

He glanced down at Michelle. He expected at any moment that she would abandon her oral manipulations in order to climb into his lap and take advantage of his extremely hard erection, but she seemed determined to make him climax only with her mouth. Her head bobbed tirelessly, rhythmically. His hands tangled in her hair, and they played with the illusion that he was moving her up and down on his shaft, fucking her mouth, although in reality she still retained most of the control.

"We'll remember this bench," he whispered to her. "Whenever I see it, I'll think about how beautiful you look now, naked and on your knees, sucking my dick. I'll think about how you did such a good job that I came in your mouth. I think every time I see this bench from now on, it's going to get me hard again, just remembering how this feels right now, and I'll remember how sexy and beautiful you looked, with my dick in your mouth..."

She made a low groaning sound, and for the first time, he noticed that one of her hands had disappeared down below, and she was almost certainly fingering herself. He continued whispering to her. "Maybe someday, we'll be here in the day, when it's busy, and I'll remember how good this felt, and I'll just have to feel it again. Would you do that for me, Michelle? If I ask for you to do this again, even if it's daylight and people are walking by, will you take off all your clothes so I can watch you naked and on your knees, just like this, sucking my dick? Would you do that in front of all the people?"

She moaned again, clearly turned on by the outrageous scenario he was describing. Her shoulder quivered as her hand moved rapidly between her legs. Charlie felt himself getting very close. He tried to continue his dirty talk, but now he could barely manage a rhythmic patter, "Ahhh... Michelle... ohhh, Michelle... you're so good... ohh, you're so good..."

Finally, he threw back his head, closed his eyes and came. Her hand circled his cock, milking it for every drop, while her mouth waited above to lick it clean.

He opened his eyes, and she climbed onto the bench to press next to him. "Thank you..." he said.

"You're welcome." She leaned her head on his shoulder, her long hair falling down his front as if to clothe him. "Is there any on my face?"

He glanced at her. "No."

"Good." She touched her chin anyway, tracing it with her finger. "I thought about just letting it go on the ground... but then we'd have to figure out how to clean it up anyway, right? We couldn't just leave it. Not when we're guests here."


"There wasn't much, anyway. Not like before."

Charlie put his arm around Michelle and pulled her against him. For the first time that night, he noticed the chill of the night air against his skin, but where Michelle pressed against him, he felt warm. The world around them had become a dream again, the milky light cast by the lamp above their heads making a circle of light around them, like an island floating in a sea of darkness. Their lone bench sat along a piece of grassy path that disappeared into blackness in either direction. They were both naked, which was surreal in itself. Naked under the night sky.

We're not the only island, he thought. In the distance, he could see another lamp, casting its own circle of light, illuminating its own piece of the garden. Why did they bother? Lighting up such tiny bits of the garden and leaving all the rest to the night?

Michelle's breathing felt slow and steady against his side, and her head nestled against his shoulder. He thought for a minute that she had fallen asleep. "I wish we could stay here forever," he murmured, reminding her with those same words that they could do no such thing.

"I know," she sighed. "It's probably so late though."

"You want to head back to the car?"

"Let's go a little bit further."


"Did you want to get dressed?"

He did. As he pulled on his clothes, he felt the strangeness of their relationship, that she would stand there, completely naked, watching him as he dressed, and she would remain naked, as if the practice of wearing clothes was something that only applied to him. He could have offered her his shirt, but he didn't, and he knew she would have said no if he did. She had willingly surrendered her clothes before entering the garden, and he knew she intended to be naked the whole time they were there.

"Okay," he said. "I'm ready."

They followed the brook path further up the hill, until finally the path veered away from the brook, and Charlie could see a fence in the distance delineating the border of Greenholt Gardens. The brook itself continued past the fence, towards the mountains, and Charlie wondered if he could look it up on a map and find out where it went.

Their eyes adapted to the darkness, and they consciously avoided the illuminated areas, choosing instead to retain their night vision. They picked a meandering path back down to the Japanese garden, and skirted wide around it, seeing the glowing red lanterns peeking through the trees.

Michelle held his hand as they walked towards the entrance to the gardens and the concrete table where they had made love earlier. "Charlie," she said. "This was better than the school. I'm so glad you found this place."

"You never did have your freak-out," he observed.


"When I came back from walking Ronni to her car. You said you were on the verge of having a complete freak-out."

"Oh." She shrugged. "I probably still will. Later. I'm trying not to think about all of it right now." She waved at their surroundings. "Why waste this worrying? If I'm dead, I'm dead. Nothing I can do about it now."

"What do you mean, if you're dead?"

"You know... if Ronni tells everyone. Or if her brother tells everyone. My reputation at school. Actually, my reputation everywhere."

"I don't think Ronni will tell anyone," Charlie said quietly.

"Maybe she won't. But I don't know for sure." Michelle paused. "She has pictures of me. Videos."

"She deleted them."

"She did?"

"I watched her. She showed me that she deleted them."


"Just before she left."

"Oh!" Michelle nodded thoughtfully. "Well, that's good, I guess."

The path turned and Charlie could see the courtyard at the entrance of Greenholt Gardens. He could see that unforgettable table, with their shoes still sitting underneath it, and on the slope above the table, the snack bar. He froze. "I think I know what you mean," he said in a low voice. "About having a freak-out."

"Are you about to have one right now?"

He pointed towards the table. "We just had sex on top of that table. Actually, all around that table, in a bunch of different positions. We didn't hold back. And you said that Nick could see us the whole time."

"Uh-huh. On the security monitor."

"That's pretty embarrassing, isn't it? We had sex right where he could see it. And now we have to go talk to him and pretend like nothing's weird."

"I know," Michelle said.

"And he's Ronni's brother. And we just met him tonight."

"I know." Michelle held out her arms. "And I'm still naked."

"That's true." Charlie glanced down at her nude body. When they said goodbye to Nick, would the security guard even be thinking about the sex he had witnessed? Or would he be too distracted by Michelle standing naked right in front of him?

"Do we need to talk to him?" Michelle asked. "We could just go without saying anything."

"Yeah, we could," Charlie said. "Do you want to?"

Michelle's hands touched the top of her legs. "No," she admitted nervously. "We should go tell him we're leaving. He knows what I'm like by now. No point in trying to be modest after everything else that's happened tonight."

Charlie looked at the snack bar. He could see a dim light through the windows. "You think he's in the snack bar?"

"He's probably in the monitor room," Michelle said. "Come on... I'll show you where it is."

Michelle started up the path, and Charlie reluctantly followed. He felt as if someone was watching him as soon as they stepped out into the courtyard, and he looked around for the camera. He immediately noticed a black half-sphere hanging under the edge of one of the buildings. That was almost certainly where the camera was hidden, and he could feel it watching them like a dark eye. He imagined Nick, sitting in his monitor room, tracking Michelle's approach on a screen. Leaning towards the screen, studying the curves of her nude body as she came closer and closer.

They stopped by the table to get their shoes. Michelle carefully stepped into her heels, growing about four inches as she did so. Charlie had to sit and pull on his socks first. Michelle leaned her hip against the edge of the table and watched him. "Almost ready?" she asked as he yanked on his sneakers.

He stood. "Ready. Where to now?"

"Follow me." Michelle led the way up the slope.

They walked past the door to the snack bar and headed towards the locked front gate of the garden, a tall dark wall of metal with wheels bolted to the bottom. A semi-circle indentation in the cement showed the path that the wheels took when the gate was rolled open during business hours. The gate was closed and locked with a thick chain, yet Michelle seemed to be heading right towards it. Just as Charlie was about to ask her where she was going, she turned sharply to the right and stood in front of a closed brown door. She knocked.

After a few seconds, the door opened and Nick stood in the doorway. He held a coffee mug in his hand. "Hey!" he greeted them. "You're done looking around?"

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