tagIncest/TabooSaturday Night Special Ch. 05

Saturday Night Special Ch. 05


(Continued from Saturday Night Special, Chapter 4)

At last I rose. I looked around to see whether anyone had been disturbed or annoyed by our lovemaking, but the few other folks I saw went about their business, paying no mind. I skipped the boxers and pulled on a pair of jeans, buttoning and zipping them. Teri lay, still on her back but raised on her elbows, looking tousled but content. She smiled at me, and there was peace in her smile. I tossed the towel at her, grinned, and told her to cover up.

Teri also picked among her pile of clothes, getting into typical shorts and t-shirt. Still seated, she stretched and twisted, almost a little dance. She came to me outside the tent, pressed lightly against me, and gave me a quick kiss. "Thank you Bobby," she whispered, looking into my eyes with what looked like sincerity. I still sensed a sort of sadness between us -- or perhaps it was more primal, a deep, unsorted anger that we had to subdue, for now at least.

"Let's eat something," I said. I looked around and figured the camp site area would be pretty well picked over for wood. "Let's take a walk down the beach and see what sticks and stuff we can find for a fire." Teri agreed.

I thought about grabbing a beer, then remembered I hadn't brought a cooler or any ice. The old man did have a box with bagged ice up by the office, so I began to walk in that direction, telling Teri to come along.

"What Bobby, you're not going to let me out of your sight?" she said with a little smile. "No indeed, little sis," I said, maybe more firmly than I'd meant. "No baby. You're coming with me until I get your out of harm's way."

Teri didn't argue, and we walked together to the office. The old man was still there, this time with another old fellow. They were playing checkers with the TV still on. "You got any ice," I asked. "Yesssss," the old man said. "That's five dollars for a five-pound bag and ten dollars for ten pounds." I looked at Teri, and she pulled out a ten-dollar bill, handing it to the old man. "Thank you dear," the old man said politely. "Need a receipt?"

We walked outside and pulled a ten-pound sack out of the freezer, then carried it back to the tent. When we got there, I took the old tent bag, tore the end off the beer box, and poured the cans into the bottom of the bag. Then I ripped the sack of ice open and poured the ice into the bag with a great clatter. "Pretty ingenious, Bobby," smart-ass Teri said. "Yeah, that will hold it long enough to get cold," I said. "Now let's go find some sticks."

This time, we headed to the path the old man had indicated, walking on a soft bed of pine straw, on the lookout for sticks and boughs. We found a few little pieces just off the path, scarcely enough to kindle. As I say, I didn't think there would be much this close to the campground.

We followed the sound of waves on the beach, then came out of the pines into a low scrub of juniper and sawgrass. Still nothing much. And finally, we came out onto the beach. Yes, there was the ocean, with the white wake of the waves. Teri and I walked down to the water, to where it lapped the sand, and after a few waves, I figured the tide was going out.

There were a few other people on the beach, and way off in the distance were lights and silhouettes of the resort town. We paused long enough to get our feet wet, then headed back up the beach to look for dry kindling. Teri jogged on ahead, back up to the grass and junipers. She called out when she found a chunk of dry driftwood half-buried in the sand. A few yards farther, we found a couple more, and enough dry sticks to make an armful.

"That ought to be enough," I said. "Let's go back."

"Oh, it's so nice," Teri said, breathing in the pine-scented land breeze that picked up as the sun sank in the west. "I could stand right here. I love the sound and the smell."

I took her by the arm and tugged at her. "Come on little sis. We'll come back later, after we eat, when the sun goes down." There were still a few people on the beach, but most were packing up their gear to go wherever they'd come from. A couple of men swung ten-foot rods with lures into the surf, hoping for a stray big bass. We turned and walked back toward the path, Teri carrying the little pile of wood.

I stopped along the path and cut a couple of green juniper branches with my pocket knife. These I whittled to points as we walked along, to use as spits for the sausages. All said, we now had everything we needed -- firewood, cooking implements, and, chilling at the tent, cold beer.

And a car, and a tent, and each other.

We got back to the tent, and Teri dropped the pile of sticks and chunks on the ground. I pulled one of the iron truck rims over to the tent and began stacking up the sticks inside it. I was able to get some of the smaller chips started with my lighter, and I fed it gradually bigger and bigger. Then a couple of chunks, and the fire began to crackle.

It was still hot, so there was no need for a real fire -- just a quick cook fire. I zipped open the can of beans and set it inside the rim, near the fire. Then Teri impaled four of the brats on the juniper sticks and laid them over the little blaze. I got two beers out of the tent bag, came back, handed one to Teri, and opened my own. "Oh, that's good," I said, not realizing how thirsty I was.

"I wish you'd thought to get a bottle, bourbon or gin," Teri said. "Beer's OK, but it makes me pee too much."

I laughed. "Well, you'll either have to drink and pee, or not drink at all," I said. "Your choice."

"Ha ha Bobby," my sister said. She paused for effect, then said, "Hand me another one." I went and got two more. We sat on the ground and watched the fire. The brats began to sizzle and drip, and Teri gave them a turn. I got the cherries out of the grocery bag, and we ate some of them, spitting out the pits.

In a few minutes, the little fire had dwindled to coals, but the food was cooked. We put the brats on rolls with mustard. I took a towel out of the tent and carefully pulled out the warmed can of beans. Naturally, like a couple of dumb asses, we hadn't gotten spoons or anything, so we took turns with the can, raising it up and using my knife to bring a mouthful at a time out of the can.

By the time we finished eating, the sun had just dipped below the horizon. My phone rang, and I checked the number. It was Karen.

"Hello hot thing, whatcha doing?" Karen said in a low, sexy voice. I winked at Teri, then turned away. "I'm at the beach, honey," I said. "I'm down here with Teri."

"Teri?" Karen said with a little mockery. "Are you sure it's just your sister?"

"Yup. Just me and her."

"Where you staying? It's almost dark."

"Oh, we're camping down by the beach. Nice place. I'll bring you here sometime. Only twenty bucks."

"I want you baby. Why ain't you here for me?" Karen said, scolding playfully.

She carried on. "My pussy is all hot and wet. My pussy wants you real bad honey."

"Oh baby, I'd love to put you and your pussy to bed. But I'm not there, I'm here." I glaced at Teri, who gave me a smirk.

'You sure you won't come and see me,?" Karen said.

"Sorry honey," I answered. "Time I got there, it would be midnight, and I'd just be wore out."

I could hear Karen rustling with her clothes. "I got my hand on it baby. I'm touching it. It's soooo wet for you."

"Save it for me baby," I said, trying to wind down the conversation. "You got plenty of boyfriends. You can get somebody to please you."

"Not like you do," Karen murmured. "Not like you do.

"Hey, call me when you get back. I guess you're not going to work tomorrow?"

Damn, I'd almost forgotten.

"Thanks for reminding me baby. I need to call the boss. It's been a long, long day. I'm feeling kind of scatterbrained."

"Oh, damn you," Karen said. "Well, say hi to Teri for me. I'll stay open all night in case my buddy needs a home."

My dick had begun to swell, so I begged off from Karen and clicked the phone shut. Then I quick-dialed Sam at home.

"Sam, this is Bobby," I said.

"Yeah Bobby, what's up?

"Well, uh, I'm not going to be able to make it to work tomorrow, at least not on time. I had to drive over to Columbia today for some side work, and the car quit just as I was leaving to come back. The red light had been on, and the battery was dead. I think it's the alternator, but I had it towed to a garage. The guy said he couldn't get the part until Monday morning."

There was a long pause. "Ohhh kay Bobby. I guess that's all right. We need to get those fixtures tested at the apartment job; the inspector's coming Monday afternoon. Any way you can get here by, like, noon?"

"I'm not sure Sam. If this guy can get the part and get it on the car early, I'll try to make it back. I'll call you and let you know."

"I guess it's OK, Bobby. I'll need every hand I can get, but we'll try to get it done. Shit happens."

"You're not pissed, are you?" I said.

"No Bobby. Just take the day off. I'll expect to see you Tuesday, though."

"I'll be there Sam. You know I don't like to miss work."

I hung up and lay back on the ground, reclining on my elbows. Teri looked at me.

"Everything OK Bobby?" she asked.

"Oh, about as good as I can make it," I said. I pulled a blade of grass and stuck it between my teeth like a straw.

"Why don't we walk back down to the beach," Teri said, shaking me out of my thoughts of Karen, and of work.

"Sure, little sis. Let's go."

We'd both had three beers, and Teri needed to pee. She walked behind the tent and took one of those weak, female pisses. I pulled six more beers out of the bag and rolled them in a shirt. Teri came back around, naked from the waist down, carrying her shorts. She went into the tent and changed into her yellow swimsuit. I got up, took her hand, and helped her out of the tent. Then we set off barefoot to walk to the beach.

It was almost dark by now, and it was dark when we came out of the pines onto the soft sand. Even with the shore breeze it was hot. We walked slowly down the sand, holding hands, going nowhere in particular. Way down the beach, we could see the glow of the towns and hotels beachside. The resort settlements hadn't yet come quite this far up the beach.

We swerved to the water's edge and felt the waves cool our feet, the sand melting away as each wave retreated. The evening was pleasant and peaceful, and the moon was not yet up. Neither of us said a word. We simply meandered up and down the beach, from wave's edge to beachside. I put an arm around Teri's shoulders.

We were up near the sedge when Teri suddenly stopped and kissed me. I kissed her back, and we held each other close as the waves quietly washed the shore and the breeze ruffled the grass. She broke our clinch and undid the clasp on the top of her suit, letting the strip of cloth fall to the sand.

"Kiss them for me, will you?" she said, giving her shoulders a little shake to show off her breasts. I leaned and put a nipple into my mouth, sucking it gently. I dragged my tongue to her other tit and gave it the same treatment. I could feel her pop the button on my jeans and pull down the zipper. Then she pushed my pants downward so that my hardening dick came free.

Teri stroked my dick lightly with her hand, then put her mouth on the head of it. She put it part-way into her mouth and held it there, no motion, only the warmth. My dick quickly stiffened, and she moved her head slowly on it, back and forth, back and forth.

She pulled back and swept her hair out of her eyes. "Bobby, darling," she began, then stopped. She stood up and quickly peeled off the thong of her suit. "You have to fuck me, Bobby." Naked, she pressed herself against me and wriggled her hips as if trying to capture my dick as we both stood there.

I stripped off my pants and laid them on the sand, to make a little mat for our bodies. "We can't get any sand in it honey," I said to my sister/lover.

"That's OK," she said with a smile. "I wanted on top of you anyway." She pushed at my chest playfully but insistently, and I sat on my pants amid the warm sand. I lay back, my back and head resting on the sand.

Teri began to crawl between my legs, then stopped and covered my dick with her soft lips. She got into her mouth what she could of it, wetting it. Then she pulled her face away and began stroke it hard with her hand, first one, then both at once. I quickly became very much erect again. She continued stroking as my dick became hard as a pipe.

Teri moved to straddle my waist, and raising herself with her knees began to lower her pussy onto my dick. She rocked against it, taking in in bit by bit, being gentle with herself. She finally got it all in her and stopped moving for a full minute, so that I felt only her warmth and she felt only her fullness.

Teri began to rock up and down on me, following the angle of my arousal. She lay down on me, pressing her titties tight against me, and kissed me as we began to pound our parts together. She pinned me to the sand, her elbows on my wrists, running her hands through my hair, working my dick up & down in her tight, hot pussy.

"Oh yes fuck me," I called out to her. I could see between her legs and watch her precise, delightful movements as she bounced up and down on my cock. I tightened my ass to push up into her, to meet her as she pushed her pussy downward.

I pushed at Teri's shoulders to get her upright, and she continue to ride my dick, controllng the speed. She suddenly picked up the pace and rode me hard and hot, her hair tossing back and her breasts wiggling under the faint starshine. I grabbed and squeezed her nipples as she rode; her breath came harder, and she cried and moaned.

She continued to ride at a gallop as I rubbed her breats and crushed them with my hands. I put one hand between her legs and fingered her clit as she fucked me. She continue like this, fucking me hard, and I felt her body stiffen and the muscles in her pussy tighten around me. Teri called out loudly several times, as if in pain, and fell onto my chest, her motions slowing..

I wasn't done. I pulled myself up to a seated position, and with some struggle, crossed my legs, with Teri still in my lap, still with my dick partly inside her. She put her arms across my shoulders and wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling herself to a tight fit with my cock. I put my hands on her ass and did the same, pulling her to me so as to impale her fully.

We began to rock that way, side to side, back and forth, and pushing our parts at each other, me pushing into her, then letting it slide nearly out, again and again and again. I kissed Teri with passion as we slid in and out of each other, off and on, in the closest possible embrace. "My god baby sis, this is so good."

Teri continued to breathe hard and in time with my thrusts, occasionally moaning loudly and letting her head fall back. I kissed her throat, her shoulders, her breasts, and continued pulling her tight to me, gripping her ass tight and holding her pussy tight on my dick. Again I could feel her orgasm building, and she let it go with a long, low moan. I continued to fuck her through it, pushing her up and beyond, to a place of wild dreams. Teri trembled in my arms.

I kept right on fucking, as I was nowhere close yet, and again I felt her begin to cum. "Oh god Bobby don't stop. Don't ever stop," she cried, exhausted. "Oh fuck me, please god fuck me. Ooooohhhhh yessss."

As her orgasm built, I disengaged. I wanted on top of her, pinning her like a wrestler, driving my hard spike into her soft pussy. But, still mindful of the sand, I shifted us around to where I could kneel and take her from behind. I ran my hands up and down her curves, stopping to grip her hips tightly as I rammed it into her from behind, sinking my dick into her with everything I had. Teri groaned, and her face dropped to the sand.

I fucked her hard and fast, fucking her like an animal, and she came again, her moans rising in pitch, then hitting a catch at the top of her orgasm, then groaning deeply as if trying to regain her breath. "Give it to me baby," I yelled at her. "Give me all of it. Give it to me now."

"Oh god yesss Bobby. Yesss yesss yess, oh yesssssss. Oh yeah oh, oh god you got to fuck me, please fuckkk me."

I drove my dick into her deep and fast, giving her every inch on every hard stroke, my nuts slapping against her. Finally I felt the cum building through my ass into my nuts. With a few final, powerful, deep thrusts, I exploded way up inside her, my seed hosing down her hot womb, her tight pussy, her cunt spasming again as she sensed my cum firing off inside her.

With loud groans, we both slid to the sand, weakened and out of breath. We lay that way for a time before Teri turned to spoon against me, my arms around her at breast level, my loins pressed tight against her lovely ass. We lay quiet, trying to regain our senses.

There was no one on the beach. From a way up the beach, though, we heard the faint sounds of passion concluding. Apparently, Teri and I weren't the only ones in the campground who had had this notion. Teri and I heard, and laughed quietly. I kissed the back of her head and played with her breasts and nipples. She twisted to take my kisses on her mouth. "Oh Bobby, oh my god." she said, an idle expression of satisfaction and joy.

We lay thus in starlight, the sound of the breaking waves shimmering on the sand at water's edge. The starlight, from such distance, was cooling and broke through the heat of the night, just for us, it seemed.

As we recovered, we felt around for our clothes. Teri found the two pieces of her suit, shook the sand out of them, and put them on. I picked up my pants, gave them two or three hard shakes, then put them on carefully, trying not to bring in too much sand. I took Teri by both hands and helped her to her feet.

We walked back to the path, then headed back through the dim pines, holding tight to each other as we walked. We stopped twice to kiss, longering, almost as though we could drop to the ground and start copulating again on the spot.

Finally, Teri and I got to the tent, and we sat on the ground in front of it. I opened two beers, and we drank quietly. "God, Bobby," she said. "I don't know about you, but that was the best, ever. The very best." I leaned over to Teri and gave her a long, hard kiss. I smoothed her hair and gently stroke the side of her neck, letting my hand travel to her bikini-clad breast. Then I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her some more.

I broke off and went to the car, opening the door on the side facing us. I turned in the key, then tuned the radio, finding a rock station out of Myrtle Beach. I stretched out on the ground beside the Pontiac, and Teri soon joined me, sitting on the ground near the left-side wheel well, her back against the cool steel of the car. She rubbed my face and neck quietly and gently. We listened to the music. We finished the cherries and drank a couple more beers.

After a time, I stood up and turned off the key and shut the car door. We went into the tent and lay down on the sleeping bags. It was way too hot to get in them. So we just lay there, our shoulders touching. Teri crawled to the tent entrance and again went out to pee. I listened carefully to make sure she was safe.

She came back half-naked, with the thong in her hand, and tossed it aside. She lay on her side and looked at me, and that sense, plus her being so close to me, again caused my dick to swell in the tight jeans. I rolled to face her, looked into her eyes, and smiled. This gorgeous little creature was mine, all mine.

I reached out, pulled her closer to me, and kissed her. I could feel her heat, and the faintest scent of sweat rose from her body like a vapor. I kissed her again, harder, then kissed her eyes and ears, growing more insistent. Teri was tired, but she responded to my touches, reaching to massage my shoulders, then running her hands down to my chest, where they lingered and played.

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