tagFetishSaturday Surprise

Saturday Surprise


Chloe’, my lover and soulmate have been consumed by life and the responsibilities it brings for months. Not since an all-too-short week in a North Georgia cabin had we taken the time to truly “hang-out” and indulge ourselves in the randy pleasures that life offers. But this weekend would be different – time for some long awaited and much needed time locked in our own “urban cabin”.

“Go make coffee” she playfully ordered as we gently awoke from a pleasant night’s slumber.

“I love you,” I said, and headed for the kitchen.

“I want you to experience our newly renovated bathroom” she asked as I passed her side of the bed. “Please shower, shave and come back to me with my coffee.”

Curious as to what she had up her sleeve, I did as I was told, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of what used to be an old 50-something bathroom, now transformed into a fresh cozy room with a wonderful view of our backyard gardens from within the shower.

As I returned with her coffee, a shot of Bailey’s added as a special treat, Chloe’ called to me from the bed, “Come in here, Shithead, and see what I’ve got.” I went into the room and to the bed and saw Chloe’ holding a white enema bag and the collection of ‘paraphanalia’ that we’d collected over the years. I felt the beginning of a serious swelling in my crotch, and for a short, shameful moment, thought of all of the ‘chores’ I had planned for the day. Then, my better nature took control, and I realized that it was really OK to play ‘’hooky” for a day and revel in my own good fortune to have such an incredible woman for my wife.

I knew what kind of Saturday I was going to have now, and as I kissed Chloe’ I slid my right hand over her left breast and noticed that her nipple was already hard. That didn’t really surprise me. Chloe’ enjoys this kind of play as much as I do. Hell, we’ve even made movies!

After about a minute and a half, she untangled her tongue from mine and said, “You know, this does bring up one question.”

“Alright, I’ll bite,” I said. “What’s that?”

“Who’s first?” she grinned.

I pondered the question. We both enjoy giving as much as receiving, so it really was a good question. “Let’s cut for it. High card gets it first.”

She grabbed for the pack of cards on the table and I watched her closely just to make sure she didn’t run up a riffle stack and then jog the deck. It wouldn’t really have mattered, I knew we were both going to cum repeatedly before the day was over.

Chloe’ gave the cards a couple of straight shuffles and, just for fun, I gave the pack a one-handed cut before I slid it in front of her. She cut high on the pack, about 15 cards down, and, rather forlornly it seemed, showed the six of clubs. I cut just over halfway down the pack and showed the nine of spades. “Looks like ‘69’ to me, Darlin’,” I said laughing. “But we’ll get to that after the enemas.”

“We may get to it during,” she retorted. “I’ve gone so long without your body that I want it all, right now.”

"Fine by me. Race you to the bathroom,” I said. “Oh, by the way, grab that bottle of Bailey’s on your way in”, she ordered.

I was shedding my robe as I ran down the hall toward the kitchen. Chloe’ was right behind me. She wasn’t wearing anything under her robe, so she blew by me and actually made it to the bathroom first. I took the time to grab the Bailey’s from the fridge.

Damn, that little fox is quick! She already had moved the enema toys to the bathroom and was filling the bag at the tub. “Which nozzle do you want for your clean-out,” she asked, fanning our collection like a hand of cards.

“You choose, Baby,” I grinned. “I trust your judgement.”

She pretended to be giving the matter great consideration as I filled a couple of cordials with the sweet thick liquour. After she took a few sips she said, “OK, lie down on your back and close your eyes while I make up my mind.”

I dumped the Bailey’s down my throat and proceeded to carry out her instructions.

I laid down on the carpeted floor of the bathroom with my eyes closed, my knees up and my ass ready for whatever Chloe’ had in mind. I didn’t have long to wait. “Pull your legs up higher so I can get to that pink ass of yours,” she said. I pulled my knees almost to my shoulders and felt her slender fingers, covered with lube, probing my waiting asshole. First one, then two, and finally three fingers entered my ass, as she slid them in and out of me; relaxing me for what was next.

She removed her fingers and said, “Stay relaxed, Baby. I’ve got a real treat for you.” Then I felt the tip of our double balloon inflatable nozzle at the entrance of my ass. Chloe’ twisted the balloon slightly to ease it in and I felt my cock twitch and start to get hard. Chloe’’s finger slid into my ass behind the inner balloon, just to make sure it was all the way in. “How many pumps do you want, Honey?” she asked.

“Let’s start with five and see where it goes from there,” I responded.

I really enjoy the feeling of fullness and being stretched internally that the inner ballon gives when it’s inflated, so I waited eagerly for her to start pumping. Short wait. She gave the inflation bulb five slow, complete squeezes and I felt my cock reach full erection by the fourth pump. Then the outer balloon inflated and my asshole was sealed and ready for my first enema of the day. I knew there’d be more. I let my legs down and relaxed.

I heard Chloe’ release the clamp and the warm water began to flow into me. Then I felt her step over me and squat with her sweet pussy above my face. She wasn’t kidding about the ‘69’ during the enema! I reached up and found her hips and pulled her cunt down to my mouth as she leaned forward and took my hard cock between her lips. I licked around the lips of her pussy and then stuck my tongue as far into her as I could. I teased and rubbed her clit with my fingers as I tongue-fucked her tasty cunt.

In the meantime, she was deep-throating my shaved cock.

In about a minute, Chloe’’s pussy began to pulse around my probing tongue and I knew she was getting close to cumming. I was too, but I knew she wouldn’t let me, yet. This one was going to be for her. I really wanted to wait and savor the sensations. With my other hand, I pressed my thumb against her ass. Not penetrating yet, just adding pressure to her erotically charged anus. I heard her moan around my cock, and she pressed her cunt harder against my mouth. I found her clit with my tongue and vibrated it as rapidly as I could. It took about 10 seconds, and I tasted the flood of her juices as they flowed into my mouth. She had to take her mouth off my cock so she could scream and gasp for breath.

After she caught her breath, she looked up and noticed that the bag was empty. “Do you want more,” she asked, “or is that enough for the first one?” I decided to expel what I had inside me instead of forcing things. Chloe’ got up and closed the clamp as I moved toward the toilet, then stood in front of me so I could lick her pussy as she released the valves and slid the inner balloon from my ass. I expelled the two quarts of water and asked her how she wanted me for the second one. “Just like the first one,” she replied. “I want your tongue up my pussy again.”

I assumed the position and Chloe’ reinserted the silver bullet nozzle. This time the water was warmer and spiked with 8 ounces of a Damiana concoction that we had made months before. I felt the Damiana immediately, and it had a very stimulating effect on me. “Before you come down here,” I asked. “would you pour me another glass of Bailey’s? After contemplating how I was supposed to drink the Bailey’s while lying flat on my back on the floor, Chloe’ said, “Open your mouth and I’ll pour you a couple of swallows.”

Damned if it didn’t work! I guess all the practice of chugging beers in college paid off.

Chloe’ settled her cunt on my mouth again and took me in her lips. As the Damiana-laced hot water ran into me I came closer and closer to orgasm. She sensed it and backed off, taking her mouth from my cock and sitting up a little straighter. I plunged my tongue as far as I could get it into her cunt as she began to fondle her clit. Almost immediately, she started to moan, and, once again, I sucked her juices from her sweet cunt and swallowed them.

There was only about one quart of water inside me, but blended with a safe mixture of 25% Damiana, I felt like I was being seriously fucked. Chloe’ stopped and removed the nozzle and then quickly replaced it with her middle finger. “Just using my dipstick to check your “oil” my darling” she chuckled as she found my now-swollen prostrate.

God, I was turned on! She decided to tease me by securing a cock ring around my cock and balls. Then she filled my asshole with her finger and explored every inch that she could reach while not allowing even one drop of the erotic liquid to escape. As she explored my ass, she spread her legs in front of me and played with herself.

I was pleasantly full, and beginning to feel mildly intoxicated, when she turned her attention to my swollen cock.

With her finger still buried in my asshole she began stroking me with her free hand. It was more than any man could take, and I erupted like a long-dormant volcano, shooting my hot lava in spurts that were driven by her finger pumping the gland deep in my ass. As the eruption subsided, she ordered me to my knees, and slowly inserted a butt plug into my still throbbing ass. “There, that should hold you for a while.” “Now I believe its my turn.”

Well, Chloe’’s turn at my ass was over. Now it was my turn at hers.

I was going to make her cum so many times that she’d forget who she was.

“How do you want me, Baby.”

“On your hands and knees would be great, my precious’,” I replied.

As my sweet, sexy Chloe’ assumed the position on the bathroom floor, I readied the life-like cock nozzle we had used in our video two years ago. Her puckered anus was presented to me as she placed her butt in the air for my enjoyment. I dipped my fingers into the alboline and slipped my right middle finger deep into Chloe’’s asshole. She moaned and pushed back against me and I knew that she was waiting for more. So I gave it to her. I slid two and then three fingers into her waiting ass as she pressed herself against my hand.

She was relaxed now, and I withdrew my fingers. I had the cock nozzle in my other hand, and while her asshole was still open and relaxed, I pressed it against her waiting anus. She was relaxed enough to accept it and said, “Slide it in slowly, Baby. Fill my ass.”

As her beautiful pucker slowly swallowed the dildo I watched as her pussy began to exude her love juices. Then I held it steady as she began to rock back and forth, her relaxed and stretched ass making love to the thoroughly lubricated cock.

I released the clamp on the enema bag and as the water began to flow into Chloe’, my cock achieved its maximum extension. I couldn’t put it off any longer. On my knees behind Chloe’, I positioned my dick between her pussy lips, and then, in one smooth motion, slid it deep into her.

As my cock thrust to the depths of her cunt, I felt the water flowing into her ass and thickness of the latex cock. I froze for a moment, and felt the tightness of her cunt and the warmth that was emanating from her water filled rectum. Trapped as it was by the thick cock that was buried deep in her womanly asshole, the warm water filled Chloe’ and her cunt became tighter as I loitered in her womanhood.

I thrust my cock as far as I could into my love and as her pussy clamped down on me, she screamed, “Fuck me hard, Baby. I’m going to cum.”

I slid into her with everything I had and felt her juices squirt around my cock and over my balls. The water was still running into her and I thought that if I could stay hard, I could fuck her again. Kind of a two for the price of one type of deal. It didn’t work. I got soft and my cock slipped out of her grasping pussy. So much for positive thinking.

Chloe’’s ass was still up in the air, and she had taken a comfortable amount of liquid. I asked her if she wanted more or if she wanted to expel the load she had inside her. She opted to expel and I helped her to the commode. She moaned as I slid the cock from her ass, then as she began her release she started to cum again. Her hand went to her pussy and she furiously stroked her swollen clit as the water flowed out of her.

The faster the water flowed, the hotter she got. Finally, she had a galaxy-class orgasm that had her tight pussy squirting her love juices all the way down her sexy thighs.

Completely drained, but fully satisfied we embraced so that every square inch of our still pulsing bodies were in contact. I was feeling most pleasantly intoxicated from the Damiana that I was still holding and knew that I would fully recover soon.

“How about a soak in the hot tub?” I offered. She nodded, too spent to talk.

I escorted her outside to the awaiting tub and held her hand as she slowly sunk into the warm waters.

As she began her soak I returned to the bathroom and after cleaning our toys, filled the enema bag with a Damiana and water mixture to administer to her after our soak. My cock was already returning to attention with the thought of her beautiful Damiana-filled ass squeezing my swollen cock.

Returning to the hot-tub, I handed her a plastic tumbler. “Would you like a glass of water?”.

It was not even noon yet.

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