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Saturday's Child


***Monday's Child is fair of face, Tuesday's Child is full of grace, Wednesday's Child is full of woe, Thursday's Child has far to go, Friday's Child is loving and giving, Saturday's Child works hard for a living but the Child born on the Sabbath Day is fair and wise and good and gay.***

Darryl hefted the Pentax and focused on the window with the open blinds. Against the blue velvet of night, creamy white light spilled out into the snow, dancing with the ice crystals. The woman inside didn't notice the beauty of frigid nature just outside the window. She was sitting at her vanity, briskly combing her curls and admiring her beauty. It was obvious to Darryl that she was going to have a visitor because she didn't bother to dress; she just threw a robe over her fancy negligee and prepared a bucket for the champagne she bought and two glasses.

The woman whirled suddenly. Someone must have arrived at the door and she rushed to answer it. Moments later, she came back in the bedroom, a man feverishly kissing her while peeling the robe off of her. Darryl squinted through the lens and dialed the focus in, concentrating on the man. It was Jerry Saunders, a man that was not the husband of Jaclyn Browning, the woman in the sheer nightgown. Jaclyn's husband, Hubert, was the one that had hired him to spy on his cheating wife and snap some incriminating photos.

He moved a little closer, clinging to the shadows of the house and sighed happily as the frolicking couple settled perfectly within his line of view. He could immediately see why Jaclyn was cheating on her husband and sleeping with Jerry Saunders. The prick on the guy could put someone's eye out and at the moment, he was trying his best to deprive Jaclyn of breath, ramming that huge rod down her throat. She seemed to like it, though, using her free hands to caress his abdomen and hips.

"Jesus." Darryl whispered, snapping off several pictures in succession, his cock fattening in his pants. The erotic scene continued to unfold before him and his body was on automatic pilot as he watched and took pictures. Jaclyn undressed for him, sliding the spaghetti straps off her thin shoulders and letting the silk sheath flutter to her feet. She was skinny but her jugs were more than a mouthful and Saunders attached his mouth to them like a baby to a bottle. Her back arched as he worked oral magic on her nipples, then moved down and used that same magic on her pussy.

Through the camera's lens, he could see that she was clearly enjoying his work. Her hips lifted towards Saunders' face and her hands pressed his face into her crotch as she reached an obvious orgasm. He lifted and Darryl caught a perfect shot of Saunders' face, shiny with her juices and she pulled him to her, partially licking his cheeks dry before again locking lips with him. Saunders then sat back on his heels, gave his huge cock a couple of loving strokes while looking down on her and then moved into position.

Darryl would have given any amount of money to have a candid shot of Saunders' prick stabbing into Jaclyn. Her face mirrored the lust in Saunders' face, mouths hanging open as great groans of pleasure issued from them. He dropped down, plastering his body to hers and moving against her, his mouth plundering hers. He took the opportunity to stand, perfectly capturing the ardent passion and the violence of their coupling. Jaclyn broke the kiss to scream in her release and Saunders followed close behind, the muscles of his trim ass clenching as he delivered his load into her pussy. He stiffened a few more times, then his body went limp on top of hers, his torso rising rapidly as he panted for breath. They remained like that for a few long minutes, then he arose and poured them both a glass of champagne. Darryl then watched as Jaclyn fell asleep, nearly dropping her glass and Saunders withdrew, setting both glasses on the side table.

Darryl lifted the camera again and froze, unable to believe what he was seeing. Jerry Saunders was standing in the window, seeming to stare directly at him and was gesturing for him to come to him. Holy Shit! The usually articulate Darryl Murphy was at a loss for words. Should he come out of hiding and find out what Saunders wanted? What if Saunders wanted to beat him up? What the hell do I do? Darryl decided to hide his camera in the brush and answer Saunders' invitation. He couldn't resist the danger.

Saunders met him at the door, jerking him in and pressing him against the back of the door. Before Darryl could react, the man's mouth was on his, tongues warring together as each man fought for control. "I thought you'd never get here."

"Took you long enough." Darryl breathed, his heart pounding and his hard, clothed cock rubbing against his lover's. "I hate it when you fuck her."

"I know, baby, but you know it's necessary. Did Hubert pay you?"

"Yep." Darryl patted the fat wad of C notes in his pocket. "Cashed the check already."

"Good. Well, let's have a look around and get out of here. What time is Hubert coming back?"

"Morning. He should arrive just in time for her to awaken. She won't be able to explain away your messy pussy."

Darryl's face crumpled at the thought of his lover's cum in someone else's body and Jerry noticed, leaning in and giving him a deep kiss. "You're too sensitive to be a crook, you know."

"Don't you feel funny?"

"What, fucking her? No. I just imagine that she's you so I can get the job done." Jerry smiled, running his hand over Darryl's cock. "We have time. Want to make me forget?" Jerry led his lover into the bedroom where the unconscious lady of the house lay naked on the bed. A sufficient amount of rohypnol in the champagne had taken care of that and Jerry smiled at Darryl. "Don't mind the audience. Come here." Darryl ambled over and melted as Jerry gave him a deep kiss. "Fuck me, lover."

Darryl forgot about the unconscious woman next to them and crawled onto the bed behind Jerry, stroking his own cock and rubbing the slick pre-cum over the bulbous head. He bent down and spread Jerry's ass cheeks, loving the smell of his lover's musk and leaned in, delicately rimming his pucker. Jerry moaned and Darryl buried his face into his crack, laving and sucking on the sensitive skin until Jerry begged him to stop. Only then did Darryl line his prick up with his hole and press into his lover's asshole.

Jerry moaned and sat up, throwing his arm around Darryl to keep their skins touching. Darryl found a rhythm and they settled into it, slamming into his lover's ass, grunting each time his balls slapped against Jerry's ass. "Oh, yeah. Fuck me, baby. You know how I like it." Darryl did know Jerry liked it and he tilted his hips slightly, brushing his lover's prostate and sending him into a frenzy of shudders. "Oh, Jesus!"

Darryl pushed Jerry back down, gripping his hips and banging his ass with all the frustration that he felt. They ran these scams all the time with Jerry seducing the wife, then Darryl providing detective consultation services but seeing his lover fucking a woman always grated on him, to the point where jealousy started to overtake his heart. But Jerry always calmed him and reminded him of where his heart really was. With that in mind, it didn't take long for Darryl to fill her lover's anal cavity with a big load of semen.

Detective Hubert Browning took the last picture in the series, his own cock dribbling the last of his orgasm and smiled, zipping his pants back up. In two minutes, the rest of his crew would arrive and arrest the men with the incriminating evidence and the case would be closed. And just to think … he paused to pick up Darryl's camera … if he didn't like to watch, he would never have discovered this case …

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