Michelle wandered into the kitchen and clicked on the power to the kettle. She prepared two cups of tea whilst wondering how she had gotten herself into this position.

Earlier that evening she had answered a distress text from Karen, requesting that she descend to their favourite bar 'asap' and help her out. Michelle wasn't about to turn a friend down -- and arrived at the bar to find Karen being chatted up by some scruffy bloke. Michelle set about manoeuvring him out of scene. Only to get the 'all clear' signal from Karen -- apparently this guy was her date!

Boy, Michelle thought to herself, he had better be very rich for Karen to lower herself to this scruffy looking nerf herder. But then, perhaps he's a popstar, or someone famous.

Nope. He was neither rich, nor famous, nor had any connections that Michelle could discern in the half hour conversation she caught. In fact, he was vaguely rude and too laid back for Michelle's liking.

His nickname was Baboon. Michelle didn't catch his first name, but the image stuck well with her. The guy was shaggy haired and lounged in his chair like an ape playing at being human. He picked at himself, scratched where it itched, and often leered at the barstaff and waitress, even in front of Karen.

After half an hour Karen leapt from her stool, grabbed the blokes hand and they all piled into a cab back to Karen's penthouse suite. Michelle made for the kitchen and here she stood, watching for the kettle to boil whilst Karen showed the scruff-bucket around her place.

'Nnnngh, nnnngh, nnnngh.' The faint sounds of shagging drifted from the main living-room into the kitchen. Michelle shook her head. Soon be over, she thought. She poured out two mugs of tea, stirred slowly and took them into the other room.

Karen passed Michelle in the hallway. Her hair was messed up and her skirt pulled halfway up her legs in that 'just been used' look.

'I'll be back in a moment.' Karen said, taking a sip of her tea and darting into her bedroom. Michelle sighed and prepared herself for a couple of minute's conversation with Baboon.

'Hi,' Michelle said as she sat down on the chair next to the window. The view from the apartment was spectacular day and night, and tonight the city lights reflected in the river to sparkle like a diamond necklace.

'Uh,' Baboon grunted. Michelle wasn't surprised at his lack of eloquence, and she looked him up and down in the shadowy half-light. Michelle had a double-take moment as she looked again at the guy on the sofa. He was naked. He relaxed against the cushions, one leg propped up on the sofa, and stretched noisily. The moonlight caught his pale skin and she saw his flaccid member roll against his leg. It was an enormous cock, reaching half-way down his thigh and thick like a sock filled with sand. A genuine 'baby's arm clutching an orange'.

So, Michelle considered, he's a big boy then. But Karen has had a few 'hung jury' candidates in her time. So what makes this guy so special?

Karen came walking back into the room, dressed in a white dressing robe, and knelt beside Michelle, taking her cup of tea and holding it close.

'Thanks for coming Shellie, I think I may have my hands full here.' Karen said, sipping at her tea. 'What do you mean?' Michelle asked.

Karen nodded over at the guy lounging on the sofa. He was staring at the two girls, grinning like a caveman, and idly playing with his cock. As the girls looked on, he became semi rigid, the thing in his hand lolling around like a drunken sailor. A drunken, horny sailor!

'I got myself into some silly 'Truth of Dare' game with the online Hellfire Club. I couldn't reveal one of the Truth's so opted for a Dare. And this is him. He's a Satyr.'

'A what?' Michelle asked, wrinkling her brow as she kept glancing over to the randy lad. The Hellfire Club was a secretive society that Karen had been involved with for a few years. Seemed like fun as she went away on a couple of holidays a year -- but didn't like to discuss any details about the Club or its members.

'A Satyr,' Baboon said, leering at the two girls. 'A man born to rut.'

'Apparently,' Karen said, 'This guy has the stamina of a champion stallion. My dare was to ensure he was 'sated' by daybreak. And by 'sated', I mean . . .'

The two girls turned to stare at Baboon, a fully engorged cock now waivered in his hand. He held it as if clinging to the body of a snake.

Karen leant close to Michelle and whispered in a mock French accent 'Cover me, I'm going in!'

Karen crawled along the floor on all fours, hypnotised by the swaying member. It swung about like the head of a cobra ready to strike, and Karen felt a shiver of excitement tingle up her spine.

She knelt in front of Baboon, who shifted himself round on the sofa to face her. Karen let her robe slip open, her taut stomach and the swell of each breast barely visible. She reached up and gripped the monster cock, sliding her fingers over the head, riffing the sensitive glans in and out of her fingertips, teasing and coaxing and sensing the reactions from the hard flesh.

She moved closer and kissed the tip of the cock, her soft lips sucking the velvet head tenderly. She pushed her tongue against the end, gauging the length of the slit, and poked the tip of her tongue against it.

She watched Baboon from under her long lashes. He remained motionless, obviously not impressed so far. But Karen knew that this was a marathon, not a sprint, and she was going to build on his anticipation and ensure he gave all he had. He had already cum once. The initial, lust-fuelled quickie over the back of the chair whilst Michelle was in the kitchen. The next, she hoped, would be his last.

She moved her head forward, slowly, her mouth encompassing the cockhead and sliding partway down his shaft. She lapped at the head inside her mouth with her tongue, ensuring the wetness dribbled between her lips, creating a wonderfully slippery surface. She held his thighs apart with each hand, her nails digging into his tender flesh, then she began to bob her head up and down on his cock, moving down until the cock came to rest at the back of her throat, then lifting up so that she could breathe, all the while lapping the tip of her tongue against the ridge and glans.

Michelle sat amazed. She knew of Satyr's from mythology, the half-man half-goat beings that were legendary fornicators and shaggers of anything that moved. Playing pan pipes and dancing in secluded groves was all well and good, but her friend took the 'Hellfire Club' very seriously and if this bloke was her dare, then Michelle would help out any way she could.

Watching the blonde head in the guys lap was very horny and Michelle loosened a button on her shirt. Karen's robe spread out like the wings of a swan and although she didn't have a great view of events, the half hidden motion and the slurping sounds were such a turn on. Even the baboon had broken a sweat, initially he sat like a statue, but now he watched the top of Karen's head with great concentration, his fingers curling around the edges of the cushion.

Karen shifted position and brought a hand to the cock, gripping it fiercely. She moaned loudly, adding to the atmosphere as she increased the motion of her sucking, grazing her teeth along the ridge and pulling the skin taught with her hand.

She was taming this snake now, her hand sliding up the lubricated stem, squeezing the tip momentarily and pulling back down. Each stroke caused a ripple of tension, building upon themselves higher and higher, stoking the fire that she knew built within his loins. Her mouth followed her hand down his shaft, the suction creating its own tension, heightening the sensitivity and driving him insane.

Baboon grunted, shifting his body and arching his back. He was getting ready to cum. Karen relaxed her stroking slightly, playing the tease a little longer as she lifted her head up and flung the robe back from her shoulders.

She cupped his hairy balls with one hand and pumped his cock with the other. She watched him tense up, his muscles tightening and his legs shaking at her side. His eyes were half closed and he was mumbling to himself. Karen positioned herself higher and called out to him.

'Hey, Mr Baboon.'

His eyes looked down into hers.

'I want you to come all over my tits,' she pouted.

There was nothing Baboon could do. Karen felt his balls lurch in her hand, the scrotum tightening. She plunged her hand down hard and timed her pull with the first gush of semen. The hot white jism erupted from his cock and blasted against Karen's pert, tanned breasts, causing them to shudder on impact. He came again, thick yoghurt hosing onto Karen, running down her cleavage and onto her flat stomach. He came again, the ropey liquid splashing across her tits and causing Karen to gasp with the shock of it. He came again, and again, and again, creating a Jackson Pollack piece of art in sperm, strings of pearly cum draping over Karen's body.

'Jeez,' Michelle walked over to Karen, kneeling down beside her friend and trailing a finger over her chest, 'That man cums in buckets.' She popped the slimy finger into her mouth and grinned.

Karen collapsed to the floor, curling her hands into her robe and enjoying the sensation of cum dribbling over her. 'He's a Satyr alright,' Karen said, 'Let me just get cleaned up'. She rose from the floor padded to her bedroom again.

Michelle watched with admiration at Baboon. He had collapsed back onto the sofa, exhausted and spent. His cock lay to one side, shrivelled to a third of the erect size, looking forlorn and but still powerful.

'I guess Karen has sorted you out?' Michelle said, sitting back in her chair.

Baboon looked up and caught the smug look of satisfaction on Michelle's face. Her friend had taken care of the Satyr and would satisfy the Truth or Dare wager with the Hellfire Club. She curled up on the chair and watched the city lights play out their merry dance when she was distracted by a strange noise.

A drum was being beaten, softly, as if from far away.

Michelle peered through the window at the streets below, but couldn't see any activity. The percussion was still audible, and there was a wet slap effect, as if the drumstick was wrapped in a soggy cloth. Perplexed, Michelle turned around and saw Baboon lying on the sofa, his cock at half-mast. He was thumping his fist up and down his rod, urging his erection back to life. That was the source of the beating!

'You horny little fucker,' Michelle said. She glanced at the bedroom door. No sign of Karen, so she stood up and walked over to the bloke on the sofa. He glared up at her, his face matted with damp hair, his skinny frame laced with sweat.

Michelle leant down and kissed him full on the lips. Her tongue darted around his mouth as she propped herself on all fours over him. She continued kissing him passionately while she undulated her body against his, lowering her voluptuous breasts down to his naked chest, her silk shirt grazing his skin, and then rising up and lowering her bottom half against him, her skirt riding up her thighs as she ground against his pelvis.

She continued this wave motion, crushing her lips against his as his hands roamed over her body, pulling at her top and skirt. Then she sat up, taking hold of his hands and placing them firmly on her large breasts, letting him feel the weight and size of them. In one fluid motion, she pulled her top off and bounced around in front of him. He was awestruck. Her tits were the size and shape of melons, but twice as juicy. He reached up and groped at them, and Michelle groaned as the fingers dug hard into her flesh.

She started to writhe on top of baboon, her hands brushing through her hair as he fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples erect. Her panties were sodden wet now, and she manoeuvred around until she could feel his rigid cock nestled under her thighs. Slowly, she moved her hips back and forth, riding the length of his cock, her French knickers rubbing against the both of them.

Soft, feminine hands caressed her back and arse and Michelle sighed.

'Thanks,' Karen whispered in her ear.

'No problem,' Shellie said. 'Now, let's give this guy the ride of his life.'

Michelle rose up on her knees and Karen slipped a finger between the lacy knickers and pulled them aside. Then she guided the renewed cock between Michelle's thighs and nestled it against her pussy lips.

With tantalising slowness, Michelle lowered herself down onto Baboon's girder. She gripped hold of Karen's hand at one point, her pussy stretching to accommodate his girth, and she yelped, half in pain, half in surprise, as she slid over the cockhead and inched down the veiny shaft.

Karen held her hand tightly, watching Baboon's member disappear from sight until Michelle was nestled against his balls, sitting down on him, legs either side.

Baboon was grunting now, the slick heat of Michelle's pussy engulfing him. Like shoving his dick inside a volcano, he mused, as Michelle rose up to almost the height of his length and then plunged herself down, screaming as she did so.

The sudden movement surprised Baboon, and he tensed as Michelle rose up on him again and crashed down on his cock, crushing his balls and flooding his thighs with her juices. She was using him like a roller-coaster ride, rising up to the peak and then careering down to bang against him. Her yells were like that of a fairground ride too, and she squealed and cried out with every hump and lurch.

The feelings were incredible. The intense heat of being inside her paralleled with the brief draft as she rose up. Her hair thrashed around wildly as she fucked him with gleeful abandon, riding his mammoth cock with all the fun of the fair.

Baboon felt his loins tighten and his belly quiver. Another orgasm was building -- and so soon after the other two. This had never happened before and he fought to control it.

But then a soft, white robe brushed his face and Karen climbed on top of him, reversed, so that she faced Michelle. She lowered her pussy directly onto his face, offering up her intimate centre to him to feast upon.

And feast he did.

He sucked at her pussy, lapping a tongue around her lips and plunging it into the tangy centre, wriggling the tip around and around. He fought for breath as he pleasured her, hearing her soft moans vibrate through her body, feeling her thighs tense around his ears.

His cock was vibrating, the familiar onset of an orgasm making his stomach hollow and his balls heavy and leaden and - -

'Uh, uh, uh,' Baboon groaned as he thrust his hips high, pounding against Michelle as he came inside her, his cock pulsating as he filled her with cum. He yelped, his whole body clenched as he pumped his jism into her hot cunt. Unable to breathe or think in that moment of sweet release, his mouth full of hot, musty, tangy, pussy juice.

Karen pulled herself off from his face and he dragged in a ragged breath of fresh air. His cock was shrivelling inside Michelle, recoiling after the exhaustion, and Baboon was ready to doze for the next umpteen hours.

But the girls had a different idea. Michelle slithered away from Baboon and both girls knelt on the floor, side by side, inspecting his member with their hands. It was bruised raw but still had some life in it, flopping around in their hands like an uncooked hot dog.

Karen took the soft cock in one hand, teasing a semi-life back into its length, then both girls dipped their heads to his scrotum and ran their tongues around his hairy sack. They puckered their lips and sucked into their mouths a testicle each, swirling it around their mouths, close enough to each other so that they could kiss intermittently, hot and wet kisses that tasted of peach.

When he was rigid both girls slobbered over his member, drenching it with their saliva, ensuring it was slick with lubricant. Karen knelt ontop of Baboon in reverse cowboy position and carefully hovered over his swollen shaft. Michelle leant forward and flicked her tongue around Karen's puckered anus, which twitched in response, then she guided the huge cock so it rested against Karen's ass.

'Oh Michelle,' Karen stammered, 'He's just so big. Not only his length, but the girth as well, I . . . I don't know how I'm going to manage.'

Michelle pulled Karen's ass-cheeks apart and Karen wiggled down the knobbly shaft, grunting as she did so. Baboon was quaking now, the tight anal ringpiece sucking at him until he started to buck and flex, his balls heaving as the hot fluid bubbled within his sack.

I'm cumming . . .' he panted, the red raw cock buried deep within the blonde's ass. Karen bobbed down once more along his length and lifted up, his cock springing clear with an audible smack, a sprinkler of white cum spraying her ass cheeks and into the air. Michelle sprang at the cock, flicking it from Karen's ass and popping it into her own mouth. She pounded the shaft as Baboon jerked more cum into her mouth, then she aimed it back at Karen's ass, watching the jerks subside into a dribble.

'Yummy,' Michelle said, pulling Karen round to her and kissing her hard on the lips, her tongue snaking around each mouth, mixing the sperm with saliva.

Baboon slumped back into the couch. His member was painful to the touch and he looked around for his clothes. But Karen sat on his legs and smiled wickedly as she took his flaccid member once more into her hands and tickled the dead flesh until, inevitably, it responded with signs of life.

Karen's hand urged the strength back into Baboon's cock and he whimpered. He was exhausted, and sore, his member had a raw tinge that felt like a scraped carrot. But he was also a Satyr, and sex was in his nature. He felt his cock stiffen and his balls swell, oh-so-familiar urges rising as the two girls played tonsil hockey with his loins, the blonde caressing his erection that suddenly spurted cum all over her hand, leaking out onto their hair and faces, lacking the power of the previous blasts, but still enough to spray about like a mini water fountain.

Baboon sobbed as his body was drained of energy. He needed rest, and his loins needed reprieve. But the girls were not so kind. His member was being sucked, rolled around a mouth like a boiled sweet. Both girls used their nails to rake around his belly, his thighs, his arse and his chest, clawing up anticipation and desire and he felt a familiar flex within his groin. His cock responded once more to the expert coaxing of the two girls. He was just an object to them now, so intent were they on breathing life back into his member and drawing forth his seed.

The two girls played his member like an instrument. From flaccid to painfully erect within minutes. They used techniques even he had never seen before -- and he was both thrilled and appalled at the way he was used to bring his member to attention. He was semi-rigid, hands and mouths played along the length so that, like a flute, a wet tune could be played.

Michelle sucked him hard, her teeth grazing his shaft whilst she pulled at his cock. Karen joined in when Michelle tired, alternating the suction through her lips and shoving the meat down her throat. She gargled with his cock, the vibrations caused by her neck muscles rippling along Baboon's member until it began to twitch and spasm.

Baboon cried out. To a saviour. To his mummy. To the damned Hellfire Club. To anyone who would save his ravaged cock from these two women -- both intent on punishing him for crimes past, present and future. He glanced down, eyes blurry with tears, as the two girls both gripped his dick and were pumping in unison, watching the swollen orb as intent as kittens watching a ball of string.

Baboon clenched his thighs, raising his arse up as the painful orgasm ripped through his testes, surged along his cock and meekly spurted from the slit. Michelle squealed in delight and poked her tongue at the edge, lapping any residue cum that dribbled her way. Karen continued to stroke the member, ensuring every last drop was drained from his swollen balls.

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