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Satyr Chase


"It's a nymph."

"It's not a nymph."

"Yes, it is."

"Her ears aren't pointed."

"But she's naked. She looks like a nymph."

Driana woke slowly, the rough baying voices above her sounded strange, almost as though they were having trouble speaking the words. They were both male. Shaking with fear - she'd fallen asleep in a clearing after bathing and her clothes were in a pile behind her - she slitted her eyes to try to look at them without letting them know she was awake. All she saw was four hoofed feet with hairy legs. Suddenly a face bent down in front of hers, looking directly at her with frank brown eyes, curly hair and horns sticking out of his head.

She did the same thing any other girl her age would have done, screamed and jumped back, running away as fast as she could. The girls were always told not to run from satyrs, it only encouraged them, but no girl had ever been able to help it. They knew the fate of a girl caught by a satyr... and as Driana heard them crashing through the forest behind her she sobbed.

"SEE! She is a nymph!" The satyrs were laughing, a harsh barking laugh that rankled in her ears. The only hope that she had was to find a village or hope that they got distracted by a real nymph; if the satyrs even touched her she'd be lost. That was part of their magic, to inspire lust in females with their touch... but they were so ugly and gross, almost a parody of what a man should look like with their hairy goat-like features... unfortunately those same features made them very fast runners. One of them popped out from behind a tree in front of her and she screamed and fell backwards - straight into the arms of the second one.

As soon as her body fell against his she was lost, her mind despairing but her body responding to the magic that was part of their very being. The satyr behind her lowered her to the ground as she moaned in lust, his rough hands fondling her breasts - cupping them and making her writhe with desire. His hard long dick pressed into the smooth skin of her back, hairy legs making a soft resting place as the first satyr that had jumped out at her advanced. Even though she still found his appearance repulsive she wanted him, spreading her legs to reveal her pink pussy.

The satyr behind her squeezed her breasts hard as the first pressed his big hairy dick to her pussy, she moaned and bucked her hips as he began to enter her, splitting open what had been a virgin orifice. In one respect she was lucky to be deflowered by a satyr; the lust that his magic inspired in her kept the defloration from being painful, in fact she didn't even notice it she was so hot to have his dick inside her. Thrusting hard, the satyr pushed in and out of her, the one behind her keeping her from moving across the ground. Moaning she reached up to clasp her lover to her, her legs rubbing against the fur on his body as she wrapped them around him. It felt like she was being buried in fur, she was completely surrounded by it.

Although intellectually Driana knew that what was happening wasn't a good thing, her body couldn't care less. She was on fire with the need, loving the way the large cock felt moving inside her body, stretching her out. Moaning and gasping she bucked underneath him, bringing up her hips to meet his... the heavy satyr pumped her like a stallion, watching her face twist in lust and his friend playing with her breasts. Swollen nipples were pinched and tugged, little pleasure spots on her chest that made her shudder with delight.

The satyr moved harder and faster, thrusting wildly into her tight warmth and she spasmed underneath him, her legs tightening around his body as her first orgasm approached. Undulating exultantly she screamed her triumph, the burning pleasure sweeping through her and making her body writhe beneath him, pussy grasping spasmodically. Braying loudly the satyr buried himself in her, his thick fur rubbing against her pussy lips and the inside of her thighs as he vibrated at her aperture, cumming with thick globs of white froth into her pussy.

Because the satyrs were still touching poor Driana she was still deep in their magic, and as the first satyr withdrew she begged, "More... please, more..."

Although her pussy was sore and the little lips dark pink and swollen from the unaccustomed abuse, and although she had just been satisfied, their magic kept the burning desire high in her loins. The second satyr was perfectly happy to acquiesce to her plea and he pushed his friend aside in his hurry to get between her legs; his pre-cum had already left a thin trail on her back. As he pushed into her body the thick cum of the first satyr spilled out around his invading dick, being forced out of her tight pussy by the squeeze. Froth bubbled in her pussy hair and around his crotch as he partook in very sloppy seconds. That didn't matter to either of them though, they were both still enjoying everything immensely.

Driana shuddered underneath him, quickly on her way to another orgasm... but when she came again he wasn't nearly ready to and just kept thrusting away at her convulsing pussy. Sobbing her ecstacy her hands clutched at his shoulders, trying to stop him from thrusting as the pleasure became almost unbearable. Frustrated with her attempts to dislodge him, the satyr pulled out of her pussy and flipped her over so that she was on all fours, her firm ass in the air. Gripping her hips in his rough hands, the satyr pushed his dick back into her pussy; the first satyr's cum started running down her thighs as it was forced out of her juicy hole.

Gasping, Driana tried to keep on her hands as the satyr's rough thrusts pushed her downwards; finally she just went down to her forearms so that her ass was high in the air but she could brace herself against the ground. Breasts swaying underneath her body, she could feel a third orgasm building as muscular thighs slapped against hers, and she couldn't decide if she was hating or loving this. Never had she imagined that such pleasure could be found...

The satyr's pace picked up, slamming against her ass and making her howl with glee as a third orgasm made her shiver and convulse. All the strength in her arms gave out and she fell forward, completely exhausted. Following her down, the satyr fell on top of her which forced his dick deep into her pussy and the breath was knocked out of her. Stiffening, the satyr began to pump his own load of cum into her ready pussy, filling her for the second time that day.

Both of the satyr's stood together, looking down at her quivering body and waiting to see if she would get up and run again. Driana just lay there, completely exhausted and unable to even roll over and look up at them. Shrugging their shoulders they trotted off to wash themselves in the river and then go in search of more nymphs, her sex juices matting down the thick fur on their thighs.

"Maybe she wasn't a nymph." The first satyr said.

The second one shrugged, "Maybe."

About an hour later, Driana stirred, having fallen asleep on the ground. Sticky satyr cum covered her inner thighs and the soft hair on her mound; her pussy was sticky and sore. Getting to her feet she hobbled to the river, washing herself gingerly and sighing as the cool water soothed her flesh. Glancing back at the forest she decided that she didn't want to risk going back and finding her clothes again... instead she waited until it was dark and then snuck back home, sighing happily as she nestled into her own bed.

Life went on as usual, although everything seemed much less interesting - except perhaps the boys in the village... but even they weren't quite the same. A week later, she snuck back out to the woods, undressing and sleeping naked...


Almost a year later Driana gave birth to an ugly little thing that made her mother and sisters scream with horror; he had goat-like horns on his head, a flat-featured face, and hairy legs with hooves instead of feet. They swaddled him and quickly handed him over to his mother, who sighed unhappily as she knew she couldn't keep him - he would never be accepted by the people in the village. Or her family.

That night she left and went into the woods alone, leaving him at the base of a dryad's tree. Just before she left, she whispered in his ear, "Your name is Pan."

When the human was gone, the dryads and nymphs gathered round the little, sleeping bundle, cooing sweetly and watching over him.

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That was sweet. I like the touch of Pan 💕

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which story is Pan's?

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