tagErotic CouplingsSauce for the Goose

Sauce for the Goose


Susan was sitting on her backyard patio sipping wine with her friend Alison. They had been close friends for years and there were very few subjects, intimate or otherwise, that they could not discuss.

Alison said, "Are you alright Susan? You have looked down these past few weeks and not your normal self."

Susan said, "Oh, I am okay but I have not been sleeping all that well lately. I am a little worried about Tim and I. He seems quite distant lately and I am not sure why."

Alison appeared to be a little uncomfortable but said, "I am sure it is your imagination. How is he acting? Has he been miserable towards you?"

Susan, "No, he has been pleasant enough, but he shows very little affection or tenderness towards me. He is just not acting normally, and seems quite a different man in some way. I am starting to wonder if he is having an affair."

Alison had a strained look as she said, "Oh Susan."

Susan looked closely at her, "Alison, what is it? If you know something tell me, I don't want to be the last one to find out."

Alison took a deep breath. "Well, I am not sure what it means but I was visiting my sister last week. We were chatting on her front porch when a car pulled into the driveway across the street. Tim got out and entered the house. My sister noticed my reaction and told me that this particular man visited the lady of the house every Wednesday. I asked her about the woman and she told me that her name was Lynn, she lived alone and she was divorced."

Susan said, "My God, what do you mean you are not sure what it means? You know damn well what it means. Tim is an engineer, not a salesman, there can only be one reason why he visits there."

Tim pulled into the driveway of the little bungalow. He always felt uncomfortable before entering the house. How can one be nonchalant about entering a house for the sole purpose of fucking a woman? But all that uncertainty melted away as he received a warm embrace from Lynn.

As always, she looked and smelled divine. He ran his hands from her waist to her breasts, feeling the full naked body beneath the light robe. He followed her, mesmerized by the movement of her ass and breasts jiggling as she led him towards her bedroom.

They had missed very few Wednesday encounters over the past year. There was affection between them but their primary focus was pure sex uncluttered by other emotions. Lynn had been divorced for several years and was not seeking anything permanent in a relationship.

They came to a stop beside the bed and began their weekly ritual. Tim opened Lynn's robe and peered down her naked body at her full dangling breasts, big brown aureoles, trimmed V-shaped bush and naked legs.

Lynn undressed him as they kissed. She fondled his cock through his shorts and then pushed them down. Her robe dropped off of her shoulders and their bodies engaged. He loved that first feel of her bare tits and nipples against his chest.

Lynn settled back on the bed and spread her legs, lifting her knees to expose her pussy, reaching out to him in invitation. He crawled in over top of her, pausing to nestle his nose and mouth in her pussy, rubbing and kissing it as she groaned in pleasure.

He worked his mouth up her body licking and kissing her warm silky skin, sucking each nipple in turn, tugging at them with his lips and teasing and grazing with his teeth. Lynn was almost vibrating by the time his mouth found hers. He cupped her pussy in his hand, sliding two fingers down along each side of her slit, grinding her bush and mound with the heel of his hand.

Lynn could sense his desperation and closed her eyes to enjoy the ride. She arched upwards as a finger slipped inside her pussy, grinding herself against the hand still clutching her mound. She spread wider, ready to take him, aching to feel his cock split her lips and sink into her.

She raised her hips as he moved between her legs and guided his cock to her waiting cunt. He sensed her impatience with his tease and was not surprised when she drove her hips up at him while her fingers dug into his butt.

"Ah fuck," he groaned as she writhed around his cock. Their frantic beginning eased as their bodies worked in unison.

"Ah god, I love your hot pussy. Can feel those big tits squashed against me. Squeeze my cock, squeeze my cock. You are the best fuck in the world." And so it went, his words tumbling out the closer they got to orgasm.

It was always the same once his cock was in her; it became a rush to get off. That was her choice, as Tim would have preferred to stretch the foreplay endlessly.

He rolled off of her and they lay quietly for a few minutes. He turned to his side and touched and caressed her while applying light kisses on her neck and face. "God, that was beautiful Lynn. My afternoons with you make my life worthwhile."

They showered and dried off. She followed him to the door and they kissed before he left.

The feeling of uneasiness and guilt descended on him as soon as he left her. He told himself that this was the last time and he would call and tell her so. He also knew that within a few days he would be calling her again to confirm next Wednesday. It was the same drill every week.

Susan had watched her husband emerge from the home and noticed the robed woman in the shadows as the door closed behind him. She waited a few minutes and then crossed the street and knocked on the door. Susan always faced issues head on.

The same woman, who had let her husband out a few minutes prior, opened the door. She appeared to be about 45 years old and of pleasant appearance.

Susan looked directly into the woman's eyes and said, "My name is Susan. I am the wife of the man you have been fucking every Wednesday. I would like you to stop it."

Lynn's eyes expressed the shock she felt within. She clutched the robe more tightly to her as if covering her offending body. Her other hand went to her mouth in dismay. "Oh, I am so sorry, I did not know."

Susan did not wait to find out what the woman did not know but turned and walked firmly back to her car.

Tim was barely in the office when his phone rang.

It was Lynn, but she did not talk long, simply telling him that she had just experienced a very unfriendly meeting with his wife and that future meetings were cancelled.

Tim found it very difficult to go home after work. He considered waiting it out a bit, maybe take a hotel room for a day or so, but finally decided to face the situation head-on. There was no doubt in his mind that Susan would not run and would be there to greet him.

Accusations and counter accusations were tossed back and forth. Tim was full of apologies and disclaimers about why he had been fucking around. But as Susan continued to disparage and ridicule everything about him, he became defensive and then counter attacked.

He suggested that their sex life had practically evaporated and that all he had received for the past several years were 'mercy fucks'. Susan countered that if that were the case then the "mercy fuck bucket' was now empty.

There was no indication from either of them that they were ready to split and the only immediate result was that Tim moved into a spare bedroom. They endured a miserable life for several months. Susan prepared his evening meals but did not eat with him. Their social life dried up completely. Conversation between them was restricted to household needs or family matters.

One evening Tim mentioned that an old friend was back in town on business. Mark Bailey and his family had left town some time before Tim and Susan had married. Tim had met him several times over the years at business meetings and conventions. Mark had called and invited him and his wife out for dinner.

Susan tried mightily to control her emotions. Mark had been her first lover and a man she had believed that she could easily have married. Tim had known that she had dated several men before they had hooked up, but only vaguely recalled Mark as being one of them.

Susan did not respond to the invitation for several minutes. Finally she said, "Yes, let's do that. If nothing else it might serve to relieve some of the unpleasantness in our lives."

Mark was completely unaware that Tim had married one of his early girl friends. He recognized her immediately and extended his hand in greeting. Susan slipped right into his arms and kissed him warmly.

"How nice to see you again Mark," she breathed.

Mark looked sharply at Tim who appeared surprised at her boldness. Susan was completely at ease and hooked her arm in Marks' as they entered the dining room. Conversation during the dinner was relaxed as they discussed old times and former friends.

Susan's knee rubbed on Mark on several occasions during the evening. He had the feeling that she wanted to do more than just remember old times. It was a very pleasant evening all around. Even Tim enjoyed the night, happy to see Susan in such good spirits.

Later that night, Tim was reading in his bed. Susan entered wearing a negligee that he had not seen for months. She normally wore it when she was horny and ready for sex. She stood beside the bed, her eyes boring into his. The dark patches of her aureoles and bush were visible, her nipples poked through the material.

She said, "Do you want some or not."

Tim, who had been staring at her, jerked out of his semi coma and threw back the sheet.

She said, "Lay back and let me do it."

He was only too happy to accept and slid down on his back with his head on the pillow. She pulled his pajama bottoms down and his starving cock slowly straightened. She dropped the negligee to the floor and climbed over top of him, her knees planted each side of his hips.

She braced herself with her hands each side of his head and lowered her tits to his face. He began to lick and suck her nipples while she nestled his cock between her legs. She pressed back until the shaft lay along her slit, the knob teasing her butt hole.

Tim felt the hot wet slit caressing the top of his stiff shaft. He attempted to work the knob into her cunt but she resisted, seemingly content to feel the shaft slide back and forth along her slit. She began to slide up his body, rubbing her wet pussy on his belly and chest. He slipped his hands between her legs and grabbed her ass and pulled his face under her gaping slit.

Susan straightened up holding her tits, then settled down until his tongue and mouth found her cunt. He squeezed and spread her cheeks and licked and sucked her pussy until she could stand no more. She dragged her pussy down his body and reached down to guide his cock directly into her wet cunt.

Susan pressed her tits down on him, her arms slid under his shoulders. Her ass bounced up and down as if it were she that had the cock. Tim got off first and Susan followed quickly. She trembled and screamed out a name before collapsing on him.

It took a few seconds before Tim realized that she had screamed Mark's name but Susan seemed unaware of what she had said.

Tim smiled up at her and said, "Wow, where did that come from baby. I have not seen you this hot for years. Not complaining, I loved it."

Susan did not respond and was content to enjoy the sensation of her pussy milking his cock.

Tim could not let it alone however. "It was meeting Mark that got you so hot wasn't it. I recalled that you had dated him for a while, but you have never said much about him before."

Susan pushed herself up and looked down at her husband. God it had felt good to enjoy this session. It was a relief to have found a way out of their last few angry months. She toyed with the idea of confessing about her old affair with Mark. Would it be cruel to tell him all? She hesitated despite wanting to hurt him the way he had hurt her.

She had decided not to tell him until he said, "You cried out his name when you come just now."

She settled down beside him, propped on her elbow and looked directly into his eyes.

"Mark and I met at a house party one weekend. I had seen him around town but really did not know anything about him. He had never hit on me. At the time, although I had some experience with men, I was still a virgin. I had not made a deliberate attempt to remain so and quite frankly and wanted to get laid.

The party was smoking hot. Couples were dancing in this dark room, necking and rubbing on each other. Some would disappear into other rooms and you could almost smell sex. I had been to many house parties but I had never experienced anything as wild as this one.

Mark moved right in on me and had my panties in his pocket in minutes. He removed them on the dance floor and people were so engrossed in themselves I do not recall anyone even looking over at us. He was so bold and sure of himself that I just let him do anything to me and enjoyed it all. I was ready for my first all out sex. He practically carried me out to the back porch and he fucked me up against the railing. It took a while to get his cock in me but that is all I remember."

Tim's cock was rock hard and his eyes were closed in concentration. He murmured, "Keep going babe and tell me all."

Susan was feeling triumphant as she related a story that she had never divulged to anyone. It was payback for the anger and grief that his infidelity had caused her. She decided that she would tell all in full detail in an attempt to gain some degree of retribution.

"He and his family moved out just a month or so following the party. But he fucked me every time we could possibly meet, and I never said no. I could come without even touching myself thinking about him in me. He wore a condom the first few times, but then we both agreed to go bare back and let matters fall where they may. I will never understand why I did not get pregnant during that month."

Tim intervened at this point by saying, "He may have been sterile; he told me that he has never fathered a child."

She continued, "We fucked every chance we were alone. Back seat of a car, behind a garage, back row in a movie theatre, on a beach at night, just anywhere.

One day his parents were away and he asked me to come over. We started making out on his bed. He shouted downstairs to his sister to go out on the porch to keep watch.

He stood me up and bent me over with my hands braced on the footboard of the bed. There was a full-length mirror to one side and he stood behind and began to fuck me.

We were watching ourselves in the mirror as his cock swooped in and out of me. It was crazy hot. He held me by the hips and just as I could feel him start to throb and cum, we heard the front door slam and footsteps coming up the stairs.

He was coming as he pulled his cock out of me and some of it shot up my back and another belt landed on the mirror as he turned away."

Tim forced her to her back and mounted her, slamming his cock into her and fucking like mad. He did not stop until he unloaded. He collapsed on her, crushing her body under his own, and they lay there for minutes.

Tim rolled off of her and groaned, "Christ baby; that was hot. I can see why meeting Mark has turned you on so much. And I am glad we met him for dinner."

The next day Tim moved back into bed with her and their life resumed in a more normal fashion. They started exchanging stories about erotic encounters with others. Their sex life rebounded to a new intensity.

A few days later Tim said, "I talked to Mark again today. Tomorrow is his last day here and he returns home the day after. Why not invite him over for dinner and maybe ask him to stay the night. I have an early morning appointment the day he leaves so you might want to drive him to the airport."

Susan stood immediately in front of him and said softly, "What exactly do you mean Tim? Are you sure about this? You know what could happen if I get alone with him."

Tim said, "I don't know if I am sure, it would be your call, I am very confused about my own reactions at the thought of you and he together. But look at me for God's sake, I am hard just thinking about you with him."

Susan rubbed his cock through his pants, "Ah Tim, not sure that I could go through with it. No promises either way but let's play it out. You do like to excite me don't you."

He pulled her slacks and panties down, turned her to face the kitchen counter, and they fucked madly once more. The thought crossed both of their minds that he owed her one, but that thought remained unspoken.

Mark had been sexually active in the years since he and Susan had enjoyed their affair, but the memory of those high testosterone meetings with her were number one in his memory bank. He had thought of little else since their dinner together.

He would have loved to spend some time alone with her to see if those wild fires could be rekindled. He was surprised when Tim called and invited him to spend his last night at their home. He accepted very quickly and in fact felt a little embarrassed at his haste.

Susan was dressed provocatively in a sheer blouse and flared skirt tight at the hips. Her smile permeated the room. Her pussy was tingling and wet and she could sense the erotic vibes emanating from both men.

Tim excused himself just before they were to sit down for dinner. When he left the room Susan bent down over Mark and kissed him. Her tongue tip circled his lips. "Have you been thinking about the same things that I have? I have recalled every meeting we had."

Mark slipped his hand up between her legs to her pussy and said, "Oh yeah, my mind has been full of you ever since we met at dinner. You witch, you are not wearing panties."

He rubbed and pulled at her pussy lips, massaging and teasing them as she spread wider.

Susan whispered, "Ah great fingers, maybe we can relive some of those times later." He eased two fingers up her pussy.

Conversation at dinner was smooth and easy. Tim sensed the erotic tension between his wife and Mark; his own thoughts swinging from jealousy to arousal to ambivalence and finally acceptance of the lust they had for each other.

His primary thought however was that he owed his wife for his own indiscretion. He was both aroused and dismayed that she obviously wanted to fuck this guy. This was a gamble of sorts for him, but he wanted a clean slate with Susan, and hoped that allowing her free choice might provide that.

It was getting late and Tim announced that because of his early morning departure, he was going to bed.

"Mark, good seeing you again, please call the next time that you are in town. Susan can drive you to the airport in the morning. You two carry on talking about old times."

He kissed his wife and whispered, "I am going to take a sleeping pill so I can get a good night's sleep. I have a long drive tomorrow."

Susan's heart pounded as her blood coursed through her body. From the feeling in her squishy pussy and hard nipples she knew what was coming. She and Mark were standing as Tim climbed the stairs to his bedroom. They came together as soon as he was out of sight.

Their kiss was long and tongue filled. It was as if they had zoomed back 25 years in time. Mark's hands slid up under the back of her skirt and caressed her ass cheeks. She pressed against his full hard-on, grinding it with her mound.

She stepped back a bit, "Wait a little. I want to make sure that he is sleeping." She pulled Mark into the kitchen and they continued to kiss and fondle.

She whispered, "Oh God, how I have wanted this. These past few weeks have been a torment for me, the memories of what we did and how much I wanted you. My cunt is aching for you. Let me check on Tim first. Wait for me in your room. We never did do it properly in a bed did we?"

She peeked in on Tim. He appeared to be sound asleep. She bent over and kissed his cheek, a surge of affection flooded her body. She undressed quietly and pulled on a light robe. She was trembling.

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