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Saucy Valentine


It's four o' clock on a Thursday, Valentine's Day. I ask my boss if I can leave work an hour early, to shop for the romantic dinner I planned at home for my Sweetie.

My first stop, the neighborhood market, it's always well stocked and the staff is friendly, courteous and accommodating. I search for the finest ingredients for my Special Pasta Sauce, firm vibrant Sweet Peppers, Perfectly round Red Onions and Fresh Dark Green Parsley to name a few.

I chose a sweet red wine; we both love in hopes that we will find ourselves naked before we finish the bottle. After all, there's nothing like a decadent meal, great wine and thee anticipation of making love.

My first order of business is to establish a romantic ambiance throughout the home, starting with the bedroom.

I light the white unscented votive candles in the chandelier which hang over the bed. I place two on each side of the bed stands, and several across dresser. I spray your favorite perfume on the bed sheets, pillows, comforter, curtains and the room itself.... the room feels so sexy, it's turning me on.

I light two candles in the bathroom and spray my perfume on the decorative hand towels, for a continuous scent.

I proceed to light every candle throughout the living room, starting with the three tall standing rod iron candle holders, that sat by the window. The large candle on the coffee table, and one on each side of the bar, that separates the kitchen from the living room.

I sprayed perfume on the couch, throw pillows and twice in the air. The aroma was sensual and sexy

The illuminating candles created a warm ambiance throughout the dimly lit house.

I took a quick shower, lathered my body with his favorite scented lotion, and sprayed perfume on the back of my neck, my stomach, between my thighs and my inner wrist.

I put on an oversized white beach wear top that hits my body a couple inches past the nice round ass that he loves.... Underneath that; a white halter bikini top that barely contains my nipples, and white lace panties. Barefoot, l look an angel....

I'm at the stove, making a special pasta sauce, listening to soft jazz, sipping wine, and missing you.

The door opens and my heart is racing from excitement, knowing that it's you. You come up behind me, gently wrap your arms around my waist and give me soft butterfly kisses, on the back of my neck and shoulders. You pull me closer as I feel your hard dick against my ass.

You whisper in my ear, "Happy Valentine's Day Baby," as you graze my breast with your fingertips, you notice my hard nipples. There are no words between us, just deep sensual breathing....

I reach behind me and grab your dick in a very seductive manner, just holding it makes me wet....

All along I am still trying to stir this damn sauce, its fricking impossible. I start to turn off the stove, but you ask me not to. I'm intrigued by your request for me to keep cooking, while we make love. I have never been more aroused or excited than I am in this moment.

You touch the crotch of my panties and I'm so wet. Then you begin to rub on my pussy, it feels like I'm not wearing any panties. As you kiss my neck, you whisper, "check your sauce baby, don't let it burn." You are teasing me, and I love it!

I push my ass out against you; damn near bent over, begging to give you this sweet pussy, but our foreplay has just begun.

You pull the crotch of my panties over to the side, as you begin to caress and kiss every inch of my pussy.

I'm begging you, "baby, Please.....put it in," and you softly respond, "check your sauce, don't let it burn."

I kiss you frantically as my clit dances around in my panties.

You pick me up and sit me on the edge of the kitchen sink counter, placing my left leg over your arm pulling me closer to you.

Taking matters into my own hands, I glide your dick inside me. You give me long...., strong...., steady, slow strokes of dick, while kissing me ever so softly.

It's so fucking hot!

You slowly pull out of me, fix my clothing like you do...., leaving me breathless and wanting more.

You whisper, "Baby... Happy Valentine's Day, "now, check the sauce!"

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by Anonymous

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by bonalisa02/12/19

Thank you❤

This was my first time posting a story anywhere!
I would like to thank everyone, for taking the time to give me both negative & positive feedback.

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by Anonymous02/11/19

Very nice. Romantic, sexy and just enough sauce for ❤ day

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by Anonymous02/10/19


Man that kitchen was hot and steamy 😅

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by Anonymous02/09/19

Great Story

Would love to see more.

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by Anonymous02/08/19

I like that your story isn’t long long and dragged out. You get right to the good stuff. I ike it

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