Sauna Visit


Carla was feeling reasonably happy with life. She had a new house, a new job, a new gym and, hopefully, it wouldn't be too long before she had a new boyfriend. In her opinion, dumping the old boyfriend (or being dumped, as it was pretty much a mutual decision) was one of her better decisions.

She'd settled into her new house and job and was finally trying out the new gym, which was much classier and far more modern than the old one she used to go to.

Carla had had a good workout and checked out the local talent while she was doing so. Not much joy there, she'd thought. The gym-rats she'd dismissed instantly, too much in love with themselves to be good boyfriend material. The various instructors seemed a little too old for her taste and the other people exercising were an unlikely bunch.

Fortunately, Carla was in no hurry. She was young and attractive and had no concerns about her ability to pull in a likely partner. She'd arrange to go out with some of the girls from work and she would see what developed.

Before she got cleaned up and went home Carla decided to visit the sauna. She quite enjoyed them, always leaving them feeling relaxed and fit. She entered, liking the initial warmth, settled onto a seat and tossed her towel onto the bench next to her.

Then she relaxed, closing her eyes, letting the heat soak into her. Leaning back she heard the sauna door open and looked to see who had joined her. As soon as she saw, Carla squealed and grabbed her towel.

A man had entered the sauna. Not your average gym-rat or casual gym user but a big man. A very large man and from what Carla could see, and she could see a lot, it was all fat. The man was a veritable blimp. What the hell was a man like that doing in a gym? Trying to scare the customers into working harder?

The man laughed at the look on her face.

"Hi. I'm Jim," he said, smiling. "I take it you didn't know that this gym runs a mixed sauna, all sexes welcome. Custom is that we keep our towels on when in mixed company but can feel free to shed them if not mixed. It's just a custom though, not a rule. Feel free to shed yours again if it makes you happy."

Jim sat down opposite her, leaning back and loosening his towel so that it draped over his waist.

Carla stared at him, fascinated and appalled, and slightly fearful. She was effectively naked in the sauna with an equally naked man. She wanted to leave but felt defiant. If I leave, Carla reasoned, he'll think I'm embarrassed and scared and I'm damned if I'll run.

She couldn't help wondering, however, just how much had Jim seen before she snatched up her towel.

She snatched her gaze away, determined not to look at Jim. He was just gross. She didn't even know how he could walk properly, he was that fat. Despite herself, she kept on flicking little glances across at him.

Jim was amused at first. It had been a pleasant surprise when he'd entered the sauna, catching her in the altogether. He'd had a nice eyeful before she'd covered up. Jim was surprised that she hadn't got up and bolted. She'd seemed to accept the situation, but now she kept flicking those funny little looks his way. It was getting irritating.

"Listen, girl, why don't you just take a good look instead of sneaking all those surreptitious little glances? I'm just a normal man, a bit bigger than most. See?"

Jim stood up, letting his towel drop away.

"See? Look at me. Nothing out of the ordinary."

Carla stared, scarcely able to believe that he was doing that. Her eyes automatically dropped to his equipment and she bit her lip, trying not to laugh. Jim had, from what Carla could see, the smallest cock ever.

Jim scowled at Carla and sat down again, flicking his towel back over himself. Maybe now the silly woman would settle down and ignore him.

It was not to be. Carla kept flicking glances his way, but they were amused glances now. How, she was wondering, does a man that big come to have a cock that small?

Jim felt his irritation rising again. What was her problem?

"What is your problem?" he asked. "If you're scared I'm going to molest you, go away."

Now it was Carla's turn to get irritated. She'd been here first. Why didn't he just go away? As for molesting her. . .

"I'm not scared of anything you might do," she said, a belligerent tone in her voice. "I was just wondering if you're an eunuch. Your equipment seemed the right size to qualify you." She gave a nasty little snigger.

Jim fumed. Rotten little bitch, he thought. No equipment? He'd show her no equipment.

Jim rose again, letting his towel drop, and crossed the sauna to stand in front of a defiant Carla. He could move faster than she could react, it turned out, and his hand had grabbed her towel and tossed it aside before she could get a proper grip on it.

"Very nice," purred Jim. "Just the way I remember from when I came in."

Bending down, Jim grabbed Carla's ankles and lifted, hoisting them high and wide. A shocked Carla suddenly found herself staring at her own pussy and just beyond it. . .

"Oh, My, God," thought Carla, unwanted heat surging through her.

She had, she realised, made two mistakes. Number one was forgetting that a cock flaccid was nowhere near the size of a cock erect, and Jim was now erect. Mistake number two was relative proportions. Jim was huge, making his cock look small compared to his overall size. Hovering erect, scant inches from her pussy, it gave her a better appreciation of his true size, and small he wasn't.

"Now let's see if I have enough equipment to molest you," Jim murmured, moving closer to Carla.

"Don't you dare. Don't you bloody dare," yelled Carla.

Carla's ankles were pressing against his shoulders and she was wide open to Jim. She couldn't even struggle as there was just too much of him. All she could do was watch as his erection moved toward her and then started drilling in.

Carla squealed as she felt his initial entry. She was finally realising just how big his equipment really was, but it was far too late.

Carla squirmed a little as Jim slowly penetrated her. Apart from her legs pressing against him the only contact he had with her was his cock as it determinedly pushed into her. She could feel herself stretching and knew that she was going to need extra width and length to accommodate him. She couldn't help feeling a little hard done by. That first glance at his cock had been totally deceptive.

Finding Jim fully inside her, all Carla could now do was wait to see what he was going to do. He was still only touching her with his cock. Apart from that he was strictly hands off.

Jim started moving, pushing and relaxing and pushing again. Carla was slightly shocked. She didn't know just how he was doing it but somehow he was totally stimulating her. She could already feel herself pushing back against him when he thrust into her.

"This may take a while," Jim told her. "People my size don't like to move fast. I do hope no-one else wants a sauna while we're here."

Carla felt slightly giddy at the thought. Fancy someone entering the sauna and finding her being ravished by the blob. What was worse, they would find her not resisting, though for the life of her she didn't know why not. Was his cock an aphrodisiac of some kind?

Jim sauntered along, his love making slow but captivating. Carla was breathing hard, moving in unison and wondering if there was a way to make him hurry it up a little. He was driving her out of her mind the way he was going.

Slowly but surely Jim was pushing Carla towards her climax. The trouble was she wanted it now. Jim was not to be hurried she found. She wasn't in a position to hasten things along and pleas regarding this were grandly ignored.

"Patience, my pet," Jim crooned as Carla twisted under him, urging him to try harder. "You'll find you get there my way and you'll enjoy the journey. No need for any hurry."

Carla squirmed as Jim continued his long slow movements, holding her hovering on the brink and desperate for a release. Who'd have thought a fat man like Jim could do this to her? Certainly she'd had no idea.

"Please," she gasped. "What if someone comes? Finish it."

"Let's not spoil it by rushing," came the bland answer. "I'm sure if anyone comes they'll do the decent thing and go away again. Now be quiet and enjoy yourself."

Enjoy herself? Carla though she was more likely to have a nervous breakdown if something didn't happen soon. Those teasing thrusts were just getting too much for her to bear.

Carla felt immense relief when she eventually heard Jim gasp and start hitting her harder. He was finally reaching the point of action.

"And about time, too," she thought, feeling things starting to spin around her. She gasped herself, swallowing a scream as she felt Jim release inside her and drive her that one last step, tumbling her over the edge into a whirl of feeling and ecstasy.

Opening her eyes after a while, Carla found herself sitting on the bench, her towel tucked around her. Jim was back on his own bench, towel draped across his waist.

Carla didn't know what to say and so said nothing. Jim didn't have that problem.

"You really should let me know your name," he told her. "I consider it only polite to know the names of any women who seduce me."

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