tagLoving WivesSavage af Ch. 01

Savage af Ch. 01


Disclaimer: Like all lit stories this one would fit in multiple categories. This story has sexy tattooed girls, exhibitionism, and lots of light bondage. If those aren't your thing, stop now and find another story. Also, this story is a lot darker than I usually write and the characters will piss you off. They have few redeeming qualities. In fact, if you are upset by the end of the story then I've accomplished what I want as far as the tone I was able to convey.


(Jace) Being a genius sucks.

For the record, I'm a genius.

Not the type of genius that's good in school and gets good grades from childhood on. Or the wheezy, asthmatic type that never sees the light of day. I'm the kind of genius you see on the television shows like "The Big Bang Theory." I graduated high school when most kids were still in elementary.

I had a bachelor's degree by the time I was 18. By the time I'd turned 24 I had my second doctorate. I did consult jobs for computer companies, and the University I'd graduated from allowed me to teach a few courses in software engineering, my specialty.

Since I was 14, I'd spent my spare time contracting out and had invested all my earnings into various emerging giants, Apple, Google, and Amazon to name a few. Now I had a savings account with seven zeros and could generally do whatever I wanted.

All this seems to contradict my original statement, right? My life should be perfect by most people's standards. Except for one thing... women!

I mean let's face it guys, the world revolves around women. We earn more money to attract women, we work out our bodies to attract women, and we will do the absolute dumbest things conceivable in order to what...? Say it with me fellas, attract women.

This is a problem when you have a great big intellectual wall that separates you from the rest of society, let alone the more interesting half.

Here's a myth I want to dispel. Geniuses don't like women, we like to spend our time in intellectual pursuits. That's the biggest load of crap imaginable. I was ahead of the game in every way growing up. Believe me, I noticed the difference between men and women well ahead of my peers. I never went through the stage of thinking girls had cooties. I thought they were wonderful from the get-go. Which makes wooing them even more of a problem when you're a genius.

Let me put it in perspective for you. While growing up, despite my vast intellect I still shared the same problems as the rest of the kids my age acne, puberty, social learning, etc. Imagine as an adult you could only talk to kids in elementary school, and you had to talk to them about politics, education, news, and everything else. How soon would you want to pull your hair out? Yes, I lacked the experience of the adults in my life, however, I did not lack understanding of political climes, newsworthy events, and even the pressures of having a job. In this I could talk to adults as an equal, but who wants to talk to adults when you're a teenager? I wanted to talk to girls, but talking to girls was the mental equivalent to talking to a group of third graders to me. Yeah, the teenage girls were pretty to look at, but then they'd open their mouths and the only thing I could think of was, "Dear god, would you please shut up. Who gives a flying fuck who went to the mall this weekend with so and so's boyfriend," or whatever else they were talking about.

You would think this would dissipate somewhat as I got to college. I mean yeah, I was working on my doctorate when they were starting, but finally, intelligent conversation. Wrong! (singing in tune to church bells) Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, you're wrong, so so wrong!

If anything, it got worse, because now they thought they were adults and knew everything, yet they still talked about "The Voice," or "America's got Talent" and how big a deal it was. God save me and end it now!

Plus, I had my own stigma. While I knew I was considered pretty good looking, and unlike most nerdy geniuses I kept in shape and played sports I found that I was a bit of a social outcast. Not many people wanted to hang out with the weird kid.

So, there were very few women in my life. I'd had a few girlfriends in high school, and I wasn't a virgin, but nothing ever lasted.

Fast forward to present day, I was eating lunch at the school cafeteria when a colleague of mine walked into dining hall. It was a busy day with few open seats but he noticed I was at a table of four by myself. Making a beeline to me he tilted his head in a silent question and I gave a short nod back acknowledging him to sit with me.

Chance was another gifted individual, but not on my level. He graduated at normal times but he was top of his class. He was one of those ridiculously good-looking guys that lived for academic life. He was smart, good looking and very impressive to fresh faced coed girls that were generally experiencing their first time away from home and wanted to show they weren't dumb by hooking up with a professor type.

He also had something of a tough guy image. Despite the fact he was a professor he looked like he belonged in a motorcycle gang. I knew he cultivated the impression. He actually came from old money. He kept his long black hair in a ponytail, and had a close-cropped goatee. He stood a couple inches shorter than me at 5' 10" and was close to two hundred pounds. He tended to wear jeans and work boots with his shirt and jacket. I know I wasn't really a fashion example myself, I tended to dress for comfort versus style, but in my opinion, he looked like an idiot. Kind of like a cross between gang banger and teacher. Which is what I assumed he was going for.

Regardless, I was friends with Chance for a couple of reasons. We'd worked on a couple of projects together, he was smart, and he didn't fill the air with useless chatter. Don't get me wrong, his morality was questionable at best and he was roughly five years older than me but we had the same interests so he was one of the few people I got along with.

We ate in silence but for the drone of the people around us.

After a while Chance looked up, "Hey dude, I need to ask you a favor."

I inwardly groaned. Chance tended to ask me for lots of favors, he knew I was a bit of a social outcast and even though we were friends I always got the feeling that he felt being his friend was a status symbol. That I should be honored or something.

His favors tended to orient around girls and covering for him in some way or another.

He explained that he wanted me to be his wife's study partner this weekend before finals. She was finishing her degree and if she got good grades on her finals she'd graduate with honors.

I was actually impressed for once. That feeling evaporated with his next sentence.

"And I need you to make sure and keep her busy all weekend. I've got some coeds coming in from an out-of-state school," he said with a wink and an exaggerated leer.

And there it was, "You've got to be kidding me," I said.

"I'm serious."

I stared at my friend for a while as he gave me his best pleading expression. It didn't help, it actually made me want to punch him in the face. Chance was a fellow professor and a friend, but what he was asking for was close to crossing the bounds of our relationship on both levels. It was one thing to cover if somebody asked for you, an entirely different thing to take part in the subterfuge.

"I need a weekend with her not asking any questions."

I shook my head, "Man, you're an idiot. Kiera is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen and you're messing around on her. Are you stupid?"

"Kiera is cool and all but she's kind of boring in bed, you know what I mean? I need you to study with her this weekend. I promise that's all."

"Yeah, until the next time. I don't want to get in the middle of your drama."

"I promise there'll be no drama. Kiera knows you, she thinks you're cool. Just cover me so I can get a little free time. You know what I mean."

He gave me a lecherous grin and nudged my arm with his elbow. The urge to punch him in the face doubled.

I try not to judge other people, not out of any religious morality or anything but simply because I know how I am and I don't like anybody judging me. I'm condescending as hell and generally believe most people have the intelligence of a toaster oven, which, compared to me is true, so I certainly don't feel the right to judge others on their transgressions.

The problem I had with him over this was I didn't want to be dragged into his drama. I hated other people's sordid affairs. Kiera was his wife and if he wanted to cheat on her I didn't care. If he wanted to date a new girl every week, more power to him, just leave me out of it.

I personally didn't understand cheating. Like most regular emotions it was a concept that seemed weird to me. If you wanted to mess around with multiple women why would you marry one? I knew I didn't understand people most of the time but this behavior really baffled me. He kept looking and asking me to do him this favor. I knew he was using me because Kiera was my age and since I didn't have a girlfriend, he felt that my getting to hang with his hot wife would be a win for me.

Rolling my eyes, "Fine, I'll do it."

"Fuck yeah," Chance said, he jumped up and high-fived me which I only halfheartedly returned.

"I owe you," he said, slapping me on the back.


And that's how I found myself standing in front of their small apartment complex on a Saturday afternoon. I'd dressed casual in simple sweats, black Batman t-shirt, and sneakers. Clouds dotted the sky on a warm and sunny late-May spring day. Earlier, I'd texted Kiera what time I'd be there so I knew she'd be expecting me as I rang her doorbell. When she opened the door, I looked up and smiled. Kiera was a vision, she was exceptionally beautiful Latina of medium height with curly ringlets of raven-black hair framing an oval face with lightly tanned skin. Her cheekbones were sharp and high, her features near perfect, she looked a little like Emily Ratajkowski. Most extraordinary were her eyes, almond shaped and brilliantly blue. She wore black spandex gym shorts that showed most of her tanned sculpted legs and a tight-fitting pink sport bra that that was being strained by her large D sized tits.

She'd played for the college soccer team for four years so her body was the perfect combination of youth and muscle. But what really did it for me, were her tattoos. She wasn't a goth girl, but she did have multiple sexy tattoos. One arm had black and white geometric patterns from her elbow to wrist. Her opposite leg had two Koi fish and the center of her chest below her tits had roses.

"Hey," she said.

I was momentarily breathless. I'd known her for more than a year now and she still took my breath away every time I saw her. Looking into her eyes, I was spellbound. They were the most vibrant blue eyes I'd ever seen. The term "liquid sapphire" always popped into my head when I looked into her eyes, and with her long dark lashes and light brown skin she was captivating. A flash of annoyance at Chance rushed through me as I remembered my purpose today was to distract her.

"Hey Kiera," I said while giving her a heads up. "How are you?"

"Fine. You?"

"Good, just doing my thing, ya know."

She nodded.

She seemed a little cool toward me. It's not like we were great friends but I figured since I was helping her out, she'd be a little friendlier.


(Kiera) Fuck this shit.

I hated this fucking nerd. I knew Chance was getting Jace to help me in order to cover for him cheating on me. It infuriated me that Chance thought I was too stupid to know.

And to use this fucking geek to cover for him, it was galling.

He'd showed up in his usual nerd attire. About six foot with a lean body he had a clean-cut face and kept his dark hair close cropped on the sides with slightly longer on top that he left in a semi-attractive tousled way. He had warm brown eyes with flecks of gold, but I liked the bad boy types and he definitely was not that.

Still, I will admit he looked cute as hell.

Everybody knew him, he was the college poster boy for gifted people. I'd seen him interact with people and awkward was about as polite a term as I could think of. I knew he didn't date much and every time we'd been around each other I would see him trying to be cool around me but he was always watching me when he thought I didn't notice. I was used to guys staring so I knew all the tricks. He tried not being as obvious as most, but I made a habit of checking reflections and watching people from the corner of my eyes, and he was always looking. Fucking repressed geek.

I'd made sure to dress in as distracting clothes as I could possibly wear. I had an appointment and I couldn't be late, I needed to speed this shit up and be out of here in an hour.

I had to stifle a laugh when I opened the door. I'd held a cold beer to my chest so my nipples were nice and hard when I greeted him. His eyes almost popped out of his head as he stared at my tits.

When he finally managed to stop looking at my body, he looked me in the eyes and greeted me. After that every time he talked to me, he looked into my eyes. Grudgingly that was a little notable, most men never stopped looking at my chest or ass depending on which way I was facing.

"Let's get started," I said abruptly. I took him back to the dining room where my books were and took a seat.

He followed and reached over to the stack of notes I had on the table. He took a quick look at what I was studying and immediately began to point out ideas that I needed to remember and tips for the test.

As a mini-test and just to put him in his place I dropped a pen and bent over to pick it up, making sure to take my time. Sure enough, his eyes were glued to my ass. I knew when I bent over the spandex stretched and became somewhat sheer. I had no doubt he could see my bright red thong right now. When I looked up, I caught him staring and red-faced he quickly averted his eyes. I held the pose a split second before I moved back up.

Now I knew I had him.

After that, I kept my face bland and gave one-word answers, "Uh huh," "Yeah," "Okay," were pretty much my responses to everything. I had to keep the smile off my face when I saw my impertinence getting to him. My plan today had been to get him flustered with my outfit and then ignore/ disrespect him until he got frustrated and left.

Very surprisingly he put up with my attitude for less than 15 minutes. I'd given another grunt as an answer to his remarks on my notations when he snapped the book closed and looked up at me.

His face got a hard look that I'd never really seen on him.

"Am I boring you?"

"What?" I stammered. My heart beat in my chest, this was more confrontational than I expected.

"You seem to have no interest in studying, you're not paying the slightest attention to anything I'm saying," he said.

"Uhmm, yes I am," I said. It sounded lame even to my own ears.

He stared at me for a full minute.

"Yeah, we're done."

Stunned, I watched as he stood up and walked to the door without another word.

I opened my mouth to say something and bring him back but remembered I needed to go anyway. I felt strange, a weird mixture of emotions passed through me. Relief that I'd be able to make my appointment, guilt that I'd treated Jace badly, annoyance that he ignored my attitude and walked out, and impressed by his strength of will.

Guys never talked to me like that, they usually killed themselves trying to make me happy.

"Hey, don't forget your pen," I said, bending over the table to make sure he saw my ass one last time.

He looked back, "I didn't bring a pen."

Then without even glancing he turned and walked out the door.

Who the fuck did that little geek think he was? Nobody ignored me like that. I stood there fuming as I realized he had somehow gained an emotional victory.

I didn't like it. I'd gotten what I wanted but I was going to make him pay one way or another.


(Jace) And that was a perfect example of why I had problems with girls. I'm not quite sure what was going on there but I didn't want to have anything to do with it.

It was obvious Kiera had no interest in studying. I'd be damned if I was going to waste my time helping somebody that didn't want help. Maybe other guys would talk to her, try to figure out what was going on. Whenever I noticed a woman was playing games, I quit. I refused to play. I'd been told by females before that it had a tendency to piss them off. That's probably while I'll die alone.

Besides, something was going on there. That had been too calculated. It was like her actions and outfit were designed to throw me off. Her makeup had been perfect, and she smelled incredible, like cherries and almonds. That is not how a person normally dresses for a study session.

It's funny, I didn't understand people. I saw their actions and certain things baffled me. However, for some reason I was remarkably astute when I didn't have any interplay with the individuals. Like one of those movie detectives, I could easily spot incongruencies and falsities in others when I was watching.

I got into my car and headed home. A block down the street I passed a Coldstone Creamery and decided I wanted some ice cream. I pulled in, parked and went inside to get a cup of banana caramel crunch. Standing at the window eating it I was watching cars go by when she passed me.

I frowned. That was weird. It was only for a split second but she was dressed like she was about to go party. Even from a distance I saw a minidress that showed an awful lot of skin.

Making a quick decision, I got out and hopped in my truck. I owned a black Nissan Titan truck that kind of stood out but hopefully she wouldn't notice me. I'd bought it less than two weeks ago so it was doubtful anybody would be used to seeing me in it.

I pulled out and hurried to catch up. She'd been stopped by traffic lights so it was easier than I thought to catch her. I kept far enough back that she shouldn't notice me and followed her to a pricey neighborhood. She parked on the street and got out of her car.

Wow! Now I could see all of her. The white dress she wore was just shy of indecently short. If she were to sit down, I couldn't imagine not being able to see her panties. The front had a plunging V between her chest and was held up with spaghetti straps. She wasn't wearing a bra and I could see almost all of her boobs to her nipples. I was sure one wrong move would show those too. I looked closer, her shoes were black sandals with three-inch heels. No way was she going anywhere far in those things.

I looked at my car stereo, it was one o'clock in the afternoon. What the hell was she doing?

I watched her walk into a large beautiful home three houses down from where she parked. I sat there drumming my fingers for a few minutes when another car pulled up. A man got out and locked his car.

My head jerked up, I knew this person. He was the coach of the university basketball team. He was actually pretty famous for a college coach. Frowning I watched him walk into the same house. Now I was really intrigued. I hadn't made any plans for the afternoon other than tutoring Kiera so I was free. I decided to stay a while and see what I could learn.

Over the next hour I saw another two girls come by. They were dressed the same way. Sexy as hell and both were beautiful. Soon another man came. I didn't recognize him but he looked like a businessman. He was dressed in a charcoal suit and red tie. Clean cut he wore sunglasses and walked straight to the house after he parked.

After two hours Kiera walked out looking much more disheveled than she did when she went in. I'd been thinking about this. I wanted to confront someone to find out what was going on but I doubted she'd be the best one for answers. I watched her get into her car and leave. Part of me wanted to follow her but I had a different player in mind. One I knew I could get answers from. Thirty minutes later the coach walked out. He shared the same unkempt look and it wasn't hard to imagine why. I followed him as he got into his car and drove away.

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